Enchanting darling delights with her wanton jock riding

Enchanting darling delights with her wanton jock riding
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Prior to meeting him, she had no idea she had a barrier. She had always thought that she was open to almost anything. She did have a few limits that she thought she would not want to step over; but in reality, she really did not know.

Her mind swirled with the new knowledge. how he captured her soul and twisted it, molding it into something that she really was not.

Or perhaps, that she was but she did not want to accept. She looked into herself, wanting to understand where it began. When did she make her first step toward. As all things start, her journey started innocently on a first date. She had initially met him on the internet. A mysterious dark sexual man. They had exchanged many e-mails, and each one was more erotic then the next. She had never been interested in cyber sex, but this guy knew how to create imagery.

Through his words, he propelled her to the mystical places that resided only in his mind. She found herself embracing his world, wanting. needing to be captured full time.

Taking her far away from her sometimes restrictive environment and life. He spoke of allowing her the "privilege" of drinking him.

She questioned this in her mind? Why would this be a privilege? But she found that she grew excited with the thought of not eating a man by swallowing his cum, but instead drinking a man by swallowing his urine.

She had read that drinking very small quantities of urine was actually good for the human body. She spoke to a few of her Asian friends that confirmed that this was actually true.

But they cautioned that it could be habit forming. The very idea made her wet with desire. She felt the familiar throb of her swollen wet lips yearning to be touched. She followed that desire, listening not to her mind, but rather the hot burning yearning of her sexual core screaming to be let free. She accepted the date, and agreed to finally meet him face to face.

She was extremely nervous when she arrived. He was sitting there, next to the table looking dark and foreboding. He reminded her of the Prince of Darkness.

He looked exactly like Hollywood portrayed the devil - well dressed, dark, small eyes, elegant, and scary. His eyes were small and black. They starred right at her and into her. They penetrated her deep and again, she felt the familiar desire spring from within. He rose to greet her and smiled. The smile transformed his face.

he was the most beautiful man she had ever seen. Not just gorgeous, any man can be that if he wanted to be. but beautiful! He reached out his hand and said, "it is time we go." She had no idea where he was taking her or why. and she did not care.

All she cared about was that she was going with him. They drove up to a house. Its windows were all dark and the outside of the house was black.


It looked like any other house, a little run down and in need of a fresh coat of paint. But there was something different about this house.

something strange. Her heart started to beat faster and faster. she was not scared, not yet. But she was very excited. She reached between her legs and confirmed her suspicion. her panties where wet! She wanted to lean back in the car seat and stroke her pink wet lips until she came. The urge was consuming her. She lifted her skirt a bit higher and was reaching for her lips.

A hand stopped her and he was there, next to her. His large hand moved over her clothed body, caressing her through the material. His mouth captured hers, and their lips melted as they kissed. He pushed the car seat down and moved on top of her. She did not feel his body pressing against hers, but instead felt only his warmth. She looked up into his face, and wondered how he was preventing his body from crushing her own.

He seemed to be levitating over her, but his body was next to hers - touching hers. She felt his naked warm skin against hers, but that too was impossible because he was still clothed. She shook her head and was swept away by the sensation. He unzipped his pants and pulled out a wonderful long large cock! It was dark and shiny.

It had a wonderful thick black bush of hair. She ran her fingers through his pubic hair as she pulled his magnificent cock into her mouth. He whispered swallow my love. Warm liquid coursed over her tongue and she eagerly swallowed. It tasted like sweet water. Her tongue moved over his tip, wanting more. She started sucking on his tip urging a few more drops from his spigot.

He pulled his cock from her mouth. She was to have no more. She felt his urine burn through her veins. It was like brandy, as it moved it made her warm. Her body was tingling and being swept away. Her tender wet lips now had a pulse. as his urine moved around her body, she felt her new pulse respond, as if moving it around with the beat of its new heart. It coursed through her and deep into her.

His hand reached hers and pulled her up. He held her for a moment in his arms. He held her close and then released her. She swayed and grabbed the open car door, steadying her swaying form. He looked deep into her face and smiled. "It is time, my darling that you explore your sexual soul.

My urine will be your strength to endure." "Will you be there with me?" "Yes and no. You will see me and feel me. and in your heart I am there. but I will be here waiting for you to return to me. You need to pass a test which has many parts." "Test?" "Yes, my darling. you must pass a test to prove to me you are truly mine. You must pass through 3 phases.

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Damay, Dermay, Sukahanay. Go now, and complete the test!" She approached the black house with trepidation. She was unsure why she wanted to complete a test. She had only met this strange man. But there was something about him, something strong, that was pulling her.

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coaxing her. Perhaps, it was his tasty urine she had just drank, that still warmed her veins. Her trepidation continued to echo in her heart.

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Her feet found the first step and propelled her body up to the door. The door opened on its own and she found blackness. She walked through the door into the blackness, and heard the door swing shut behind her. She was scared. She turned around reaching for the door, but it was no longer there. The air was cold, clammy. like hundreds of dead fingers reaching for her. caressing her. She opened her mouth to scream, but nothing came. She stood there, waiting.

She called out his name. Kamran! She heard her own voice echo with her despair and yet there was something more. Again, she opened her mouth and screamed his name. As if it was magic a small light appeared. She slowly followed the light.

She could not see her feet and didn't know if anything was blocking her path. The light was warm and it flickered, but she followed it as if it was her salvation.

She found herself in a garden. It was warm and felt as if it was spring. There was a large moon hanging among glittering stars that lighted an area near a large rock slab. It looked as if it was natural, untouched by man's hands. She approached the slab of rock and sat down.

She was expecting the hard coldness of rock. But was surprised that when she sat down it was warm and soft. Her body started being absorbed into the rock. She tried to get up. She struggled to be free. She clawed at the rock surface only to have her hands swallowed in its form. She was stuck and scared. She opened her mouth to scream. but as suddenly as the panic had come, it evaporated. She felt safe in the rock.

She laid back and the slab moved over her shoulders. She looked up at the stars. Her clothing melted from her form. Instead of being cold, the air blew on her skin warming her. Maidens, dressed in white, came out of the darkness, forming a circle around her.

Their soft hands touched her and caressed her. She resisted and struggled against their touch. She never considered herself a Lesbian.

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She never craved or desired the touch of another women! Their caresses repelled her. What was holding her, gently released her. her body tumbled down softly on to a cloud of cushions. They were soft and warm. They surrounded her body as did the maidens. They were now all naked like she was. But they were no longer touching her. She heard a voice in her head. it was strong and masculine. "choose one". She looked up and chose one of the maidens.


It was not difficult. They all looked the same. They had no faces, no features. there were eyes, nose and mouth, but they were faceless. They were neither beautiful or ugly. Their bodies were young and petite. Small soft mounds that were their breasts and a hairless region above their tender lips.

She felt large and fat next to the small lithe form. She sighed with relief when she saw him. He was there with her. or was he. Her mind struggled with the contradiction and discovered it did not matter. she felt safe! The word escaped before she could really think about its meaning.

Safe. Did she ever consider her safety when she entered into the house? Safe. He laid down next to her and the maiden on the other side.

She felt a swell of jealousy in her breast. He looked at her and shook his head no. She moved her hand to his breast.

The maiden mirrored her movements - as if she was split into two. She moved her head to his long shaft, wanting to drink more of him. Together, she and the maiden, licked and sucked him to hardness. She was caught up in the moment, and forgot about the other women. She wanted only to please him.

By pleasing him, she was pleasing herself. Her hands moved over his strong chest.

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She found his nipple with her mouth and started nibbling. She looked over and saw that the Maiden was doing the same. He looked down at her. He ordered her to kiss the Maiden. She looked over at the other women. They brought their mouths together and kissed.

The Maiden's tongue entangled hers like a serpent, pulling her tongue deeper into its mouth. Her hands reached out and curiously touched the maidens breast.

It was soft and squeezable like her own - but different. She felt nothing as she kissed the other women. It was simply a tongue. She let herself go. She wanted to see if there was anything, any feeling, any spark.

She was disappointed to discover there was nothing. Kissing the maiden and touching the maiden did nothing for her.

She no longer found it repulsive, but there was nothing. An emptiness where she expected a spark to be. Her mouth left that of the Maiden's and continued sucking his tit.

He pulled her head to his by grasping a handful of her hair. His eyes penetrated hers deeply, "Do you like fucking old men?" It was an odd question to ask, since she was practically fucking another women. "No, I don't think so." "Hmmm, I think you do." The Maiden evaporated from where ever she came. In her place was a man. He was older with white hair.

The folds of skin hung from his tired bones and his limp penis was nestled in a bedding of white hair. She moved over to the old man. Kamran laid close to her back, caressing her buttocks with his long fingers.

She reached out and grasped his old spongy tail. It neither wagged or reared at her touch. It laid flaccid and unmoving. She placed it into her mouth and attempted to resuscitate it. At first nothing happened. It stayed flaccid and unchanged. Then a little spark of life started to move through its shaft. It started to wiggle and it grew in size. She reached up and started caressing the folds of loose skin, but did not find any enjoyment. In her heart, she knew she was not ready to enjoy elderly men.

Again, she felt nothing. She tried. She opened her mind and her heart, yearning for the burning wetness to return with its urgency as she caressed the old man's body. But nothing came. The penis she was holding in her hand started loosing it form. It transitioned and changed. She turned her back to what use to be an old man, and looked deeply into Kamran's eyes. He smiled. She knew the test was not over and there was more to come. Her mind struggled as to what could possibly be next! "Do you like having two men?" Again her mind struggled against the inquiry.

She felt another set of hands on her back. She turned and was looking into the eyes of a gorgeous male. He was young, much younger than she. He was blonde with starlit blue eyes. He smiled and reached out for her. Behind her she felt Kamran. His long hardness struggling to get between her legs. She looked down and the young man's penis was already hard. Its head pulsated and she wanted it deep inside her. She felt her body burning with desire for both men.

She reached out and pulled the young man to her breast. She pulled his mouth to hers and shared a long lasting kiss. His hands traveled over her body, exploring her softness. She felt two penises penetrate her together. Kamran's long large lance penetrated between her tight buttocks. It found a wet home and nestled deep inside. The young man found another hole near Kamran's.

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This one was wet between two soft pink lips. She felt both bodies squeezing next to hers.


The feelings surged inside her strong. She reached one hand behind her and started caressing Kamran's lean body. She turned her head and found his mouth. She enjoyed his tongue as the young man kissed her nipples. She was completely filled and felt instantly an orgasm melt over her body.

It came as they did. swooping down and building, building until the damn burst forth. Her body shook and soared. She wanted more, and more. She felt she could do anything! When she opened her eyes, the young man was gone.

She turned over to face Kamran. He looked deep into her eyes. "Hmmm. I knew you would like that, my whore. You will from now on call me Master, and answer as my whore. Understand?" "Yes." As the word left her mouth, her body started to pulse with desire.

She started caressing his lance, bringing it back to life. Her hands traveled over his body. She knew distinctively that he enjoyed having his nipples sucked as her hands played with his pulsing member. As it grew hard, she straddled her legs over it. She was about to place it inside when he pushed her off. "No, whore. You are to please me. as my whore you will only please me and those I instruct you to please. No others, and that includes yourself!" She had thought that her wet lips were pleasing and was puzzled by his response.

She pulled away from him and looked deep inside his eyes. What she found was surprising. His eyes were mirrors into his soul. She found deception and deceit. It was no longer a game. A sexual game discovering her barriers, but rather a road to change her life.

She searched her heart for her desires. She enjoyed the sexual diversity Kamran provided, but he was selfish, desiring only his pleasure and no cares for hers. She enjoyed sex very much, but was not willing to yield her soul to the devil for his pleasure alone. The quickness of her decision surprised her, for she enjoyed the Master/Whore game. But she knew that it was no longer a game. this was a life decision. She had failed his test, but had won her own.

The room turned back to darkness.

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She turned and found the door. When she exited the house, the sun was shining. Kamran and his car were no longer there. In their place was the young man, who seemed to have aged a bit since their last meeting.


His warm eyes greeted her. The sun was shining through his hair creating a halo effect. She looked deeply into his starlight blue eyes, and knew she had won. He reached out to her and enfolded her into his arms.

"Darling. you won!" "Yes and are you my prize?" "I am what you make of me, human with feelings and beliefs of my own. No human needs to be controlled. No one should be the servant of the other. You are free, my darling." Yes, she knew she was free. She knew she successful passed through the darkness called Kamran and into the light.

The young man's arms held her tightly. She had discovered her sexual boundaries overturning her barriers and understanding. Kamran was the sexual demon in all humans, challenging the soul to its outer limits and in that same realm where the abyss waits, enabling her to realize her direction, her path and meaning to her life. She had fallen in love with the sexual demon, only to realize it meant nothing without the warmth and love of another. Sex needs to be a mutual desire of all parties concerned.

Not forced, not coheresed, and not drugged, but a togetherness of minds, souls and bodies. A minuet performed for mutual satisfaction in a celebration of lust mingled with love. The end.