Scarlett Pain Hot Redhead Fucked By A Huge Cock On Her Boobs

Scarlett Pain Hot Redhead Fucked By A Huge Cock On Her Boobs
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Just Friends Though it sounds silly, I get excited driving to his house. I can't help but think about how much fun we have as I turn onto his street, eager to give him the book I've been working on. I can't say the plot is really something to brag about, but he enjoyed reading it, so I'm happy to give him a hand-bound copy. As I pull up, I see him standing outside with his brothers and their friends. As if my arrival is their cue, they quickly jump into their respective cars and pull away before I can even say hello.

Confused, I walk up to Xavier and hand him the wrapped book. "Where are your brothers going?" I ask. "I told them to leave," he says, laughing. I laugh as well. "Why'd you do that? Now they're going to think we're fucking!" "Would that be so bad?" he answers, half-joking. "Want to go inside?" "Sure," I answer. I knew his parents had gone on vacation, so his brothers leaving meant an empty house.

I could feel the tension between us.


We had always been flirty with each other, but nothing had gone beyond joking around. We go up to his room to watch a DVD I had brought of a play I was in. Xavier wasn't able to make the performance, so he asked me to bring the DVD so he could see it. He starts the disk, and we sit on his bed to watch it. I can feel the heat radiating off of him. I'm trying to joke around, critiquing my performance, even making half-hearted catty remarks about some of the other performers.

Xavier reaches over and begins to tickle me.

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I fall back onto the bed, giggling as his fingertips tickle me beneath my brown tank top. I can feel his eyes looking at my abs as I writhe beneath his touch. I also know he's looking at my blue thong that has ridden above the waistband of my khaki shorts. I push him off, jokingly chastising him to behave. Xavier complies, and we continue watching the disk. He knows he can get away with touching me if he gives me a back massage, so he reaches back under my shirt to work my lower back.

I try not to moan- his massages are amazingly good, and secretly, make me want to drop my panties every time- and again tease him about behaving. The performance ends, and he convinces me to lay down on my stomach for a massage.

I guess turning and cracking my back didn't support my argument that I didn't need one. I am only half reluctant to lay down on his cream sheets. He pushes up my tank top and undoes the clasp on my bra. Seeing the slightly surprised look on my face, Xavier explains, "You'll be more comfortable if your strap isn't in the way." Despite the voice in my head saying "don't do it!," I lay down and enjoy his hands rubbing on my back.

He grabs a bottle of lotion from beside the bed, and I tease him, "Eeehhh, is that the special lotion? I bet I know what you use that for!" He laughs. "Doesn't matter what else it's used for, as long as it works now." I can feel his fingers begin to work my muscles. Sighing, I relax under his touch. It allows Xavier to get rougher, getting into the deeper tissue of my back.

"MMMmmmmmmm." I groan instinctually as he pushes the stress out of me. The longer he works, the more I feel the wetness gather between my thighs. I feel my hips begin to grind against the bed beneath me. Biting my lip, I feel his hands slide underneath the waistband of my shorts. Xavier begins to knead my ass, and I wiggle at his touch. "Bbbbaaadddd!" I hear him laugh, but he keeps going, saying, "Hey, it's a muscle, too." His fingers are mere inches from my pussy, which is now undeniable wet.

Although I know I should stop him, I can't. It simply feels way too good for me to stop. Xavier leans over and whispers in my ear, "Feels good?" I simply groan in response. He then begins to lightly kiss my back. "Ohh gooddddd damnit!" I think. He slides his fingertips up my sides, gently stroking the sides of my breasts. I feel him slide down the length of my body and begin to lick up my legs.

"Higher, higher, HIGHER DAMNIT FUCKKKK!!" I think as I feel my breath get ragged as I get closer to losing control. He stops. I whimper in protest and put on a dramatic pout.

"Aw, you're so cute," he teases, swatting me on my ass, "My turn." I get up, facing the wall. "Can you redo my bra strap?" I ask. Instead, he pulls me back by my shoulders. I struggle slightly, "Nooo!," and he stops. "Your shirt's covering you, hon." "I don't care, I have to behave. Can you do my strap?" He does the strap, making sure to slide his fingertips across my skin.

After the few minutes of torture, I push him onto the bed. Xavier acts surprised as I pull off his white t-shirt. "What kind of massage can you possibly give with a shirt just pulled up?" I see his muscles ripple beneath his skin as I drag my fingertips down his back.


I feel his ass move between my legs, and I playfully reach for the lotion he used before. Squirting some into my palm, I begin to rub his back slowly, warming him up beneath my touch. I know he loves the fact that I'm straddling his back, and I'm willing to bet he's getting hard.

I begin to get rougher, using my fingertips to knead his muscles. He groans beneath me and confirms my suspicions about him being hard by interrupting the massage to unbutton and unzip his jeans to "relieve the pressure." I return the torturous, teasing favor by sliding my fingertips just barely under his waist band. He wriggles, trying to spur me on further, but I continue torturing him by only being right below his waistband.

He rewards me with a bit of a moan, and I reward him back by sliding my hands down, massaging his ass checks. I feel him grind against the bed, and the motion causes his ass to rub against my aching pussy.


I try not to moan myself, knowing I only have to slide my hand around his waist and grab him. He seems to read my mind and flips me over. Our noses nearly touch as he leans down, almost like he's going to kiss me. I turn my head, knowing I have to fight the urge to fuck him senseless. Xavier doesn't help matter by kissing my neck and then sucking my ear. I groan in frustration and pleasure, feeling his hard dick against my wet pussy. He kisses my collar bone, sucking a bit on the tender skin.


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Don't leave a hickey! How am I going to explain that??" He laughs, and we inexplicably begin to wrestle. It's quite obviously, unevenly matched.

He succeeds in pinning me, but I get my legs free, pushing him off. He flips me over, and I feel his pant-covered erection rub between my ass checks. For the next half hour, we tease each other, wrestling all over the bed, pinning each other down.

At one point, I get on top, and the look in his eyes is priceless. He goes to pin me down, and I succeed in pushing him completely off the bed. As he stands up, Xavier realizes his pants are still undone, and they nearly fall to the floor. He quickly buttons them. "Aw you should leave them undone." To get me back, he flips me over on the bed, grinding into me from behind.

I moan loudly, unable to even think to control myself as I feel my cunt soak my panties. He laughs weakly, barely able to control himself from pulling down my shorts and thong and fucking me right then and there. We try to compose ourselves, but we fail miserably. He half-jokingly asks me to see my breasts, so he has something to jerk off to later, and I hesitate, knowing it's all downhill from there if I do. It only takes me a second of hesitation and I pull both my shirt and bra up briefly over my breasts.

His eyes go wide, and he grabs me to him, gripping my back and tossing me like a rag doll to the bed. Xavier can't keep his hands off me anymore, groping my breast and grinding against me. I'm moaning beneath him, torn between telling him to stop and begging him to keep going. His phone rings suddenly, and I stay laying on the bed while he takes the call.

It's his younger brother. He needs to come home to pick something up, and he's calling to ask if the coast is clear. Laughing, Xavier tells him it's fine, he can come home. I laugh as well and take the phone from him. "We're not doing anything!! You can come home!" "Aw, you're playing hard to get," his brother jokes with me. Meanwhile, Xavier is kissing my stomach and getting very close to the top of my panties.

I get off the phone, and he picks me up. I feel weightless, he's so strong, and I can't help but snuggle against him. Sitting down in his computer chair, he teasingly asks me for a lap dance. I laugh and say, "Sure, play some music and I'll dance," so he gets up to play some music on the computer. I laugh at his choice in music, and say, "Oh no, I'm going to choose the song, then." "Have you ever seen this video?" he argues, but I don't listen.

Instead, I hit Theory of a Deadman's "Bad Girlfriend." His eyes go wide as I begin to shake my hips, and I turn around and grind my ass into his crotch. He moans, and asks, "I guess the rule is I can't touch, right?" "Yep, gotta follow the rules of the club," I joke.

I bend over, swishing my long hair back like a professional. I then drop low, and I hear him groan, "God damnit." I turn around, straddling his leg and jutting my breasts into his face. I see his hands go to grab me, but I dance out of his reach.

"Please. Take your clothes off," he begs. I laugh and keep dancing. He groans and speaks again, "Okay, okay. Do it in your bra and panties, and I'll never ask for you to dance for me again." Again, I laugh, shaking my ass in his face.

Finally, I sit back in his lap, leaning back on his shoulder and grinding into him. I feel him get harder, and his hands begin to play with my breasts again. That's when we heard the front door close. We stop long enough for the brother to get up to his room and then back downstairs. We then end up on the floor, with me in reverse cowgirl position, grinding against his still covered dick.

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Xavier's still teasing me, "Awww, am I being mean?" My last shred of control disappears. I moan, grinding hard against him.

"Nooo I'm being mean to myself." I turn around and crawl up his body. I see the shock in his eyes; he didn't think I'd turn the tables quite so strongly.

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I begin to kiss and suck his neck. "Uhh do you think you should do that?" he says, in a wavering voice. "Shusshhhh," I whisper, nipping his neck. I pull his shirt up, revealing his chest and abs.

My rational mind is completely gone as I kiss down his body. I feel his hands on the back of head as I go lower, reaching his waistband.

I pull down his pants and boxers, formalities lost in lust, and see his beautiful 7 inch dick. It takes everything in me not to cum right then and there, but instead, I take the head into my mouth and begin to suck. Xavier lets out an animalistic moan, his back arching as his hips push his dick further into my mouth.

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I feel his fingers curl against my head, knowing his toes are doing the same. Using my tongue, I swirl the tip around the crown of his dick, parting the slit and savoring his precum. He's shaking beneath me, anticipation clouding his mind and controlling his body. I suck hard on the tip before leaning down and licking his inner thigh. Xavier writhes, his eyes closed, mouth hanging open. I reach the spot behind his balls, and I lick. His hips thrust forward, a gasp escaping his lips.

I then lick up the back of his balls, gently sucking on each one before running the tip of my tongue up his shaft. We had talked before about how long it takes for him to get off, so I had no problem taking my time. I begin to suck up and down his shaft, leaving a trail of moist kisses from the bottom to the tip of his cock. He begins to beg me to suck his dick, pulling my hair to coax me onto it. I whimper, and he groans and begs more, "Please. Goddamnit, Veronica, please." I give into him, sliding my mouth down the entire length of his cock.

He groans loudly, and I massage his balls as I suck and lick, bobbing my head on his dick. His nails dig into the back of my head, and I feel the juice pooling between my legs. I'm so turned on, only the slightest touch with make me cum. I can feel his balls begin to contract, and his fingers curl tighter in my hair.

"Fuck, I'm going to cum. Stop." I stop reluctantly, but he quickly picks me up and tosses me against the wall. Grabbing my face, he kisses me, pulling the shirt and bra off my body, and pushing the shorts and panties off of my hips.

I wrap a leg around him, and I feel his dick slide between my lips. It's my turn to whimper and moan as I feel the hard length get coated with my juices.

Xavier kisses my neck, grinding against my pussy. I'm about to cum when he pushes me onto the nearby bed. "Xavierrrrrr." I moan, as he kneels between my legs. I feel his tongue snake between my pussy lips, and I grab the back of his head in pleasure.

He flicks the tongue against my clit, and then Xavier blew gently against the wet nub. I whimper, begging him to please make me cum. He simply licks my outer lips, teasing me more. My entire body feels like its on fire, "I need to cum NOW!!!!" He appeases me, sliding his tongue deeper into my cunt and rubbing my clit. I begin to buck and writhe on the bed, the most powerful orgasm I've ever experienced quickly building.

His finger dives in and out of my pussy, the muscles clenching the probing digit and coaxing it back into the wet warmth. My toes and fingers curl, and I scream his name.

"XAVIERRRR!!!!" I cum hard, back arched against his mouth. My mouth hangs open, gasping for air, as he slowly brings me down from cumming, gently stroking my pussy. He climbs up the length of my body, kissing me hard on my lips. I can taste my own juice, and I lift my legs to wrap them around his waist. His dick slides between my wet lips, and he, surprisingly, gently pushes in.

I gasp, feeling his dick stretch my cunt. He slowly pushes in, holding back from the tightness surrounding his cock. He gives a few short, shallow thrusts to allow me to stretch to his size.

Thanks to my orgasm, I'm more than wet enough, so I order him, "Don't be so gentle. Fuck me like a man." He gives me an evil smirk, and begins to pound me. My tits bounce at his thrusts, and I can only groan in pleasure. I dig my nails into his back, my feet pushing his ass to push his dick harder and deeper into me. He pulls completely out, earning a whimper of protest before slamming back into me, hard. He fucks me again for a few minutes, then repeats the process- pulling completely out before slamming back into me.

By the third time, he slams into me, and I cum again, my cunt clenching his dick hard. Xavier pulls completely out, flipping me over into doggie style position. He grabs my breasts and slides his dick back into my warm pussy. He then kisses the back of my neck and pinches my nipples as he fucks me from behind.

I tighten my pussy muscles, and I feel his hot breath on my neck as he groans at the feeling. He stops to gain his breath, and I take advantage of him. Flipping him onto the bed, I straddle him and begin to ride his dick. His eyes are wide in surprise and lust as my pussy and tits are on pure lewd display. He grabs my tits and pumps up into me.

I move my hips, rotating his dick like a joystick. As he gets closer to cumming, he pulls me onto the bed next to him. I bury my head against his neck as he thrusts a final time, moaning my name and cumming inside of me. We lay tangled in each others arms. He kisses me softly on the lips, and though I roll over to get out of the bed, Xavier holds me close. "Please stay." I do, falling peacefully asleep, spooned in his arms. We both sleep, knowing tomorrow presents its own challenges; after this, it's going to be even harder for us to be just friends.