Jugando con el pensando en ti

Jugando con el pensando en ti
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I could hear Ashley's house before I saw it. Loud music and pulsing lights radiated from the house before I turned the corner into her street. I couldn't believe that there were only five of us there. It was our "girl's night", a regular event for me and my friends, held the first Monday of each month at each other's houses.

Ashley had recently moved house so I had to travel a long way to get there. I pulled up into the driveway, gravel crunching underneath my tyres. I got out and slammed the door of my Jeep. I was dreading going inside. I took a deep breath and tottered up onto the porch. I knocked, and Maisie opened the door. "Kat!" She cried, spreading her arms and hugging me. Maisie was showing off her curves in a tight bikini, and I was jealous of her busty figure.

"Come," she said, releasing me and grabbing my hand. "The others are in the hot tub." A hot tub? That explained the bikini. It looked like Ashley had done really well, money wise.

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Maisie led me through a large living room to the back verandah. A large hot tub filled with three giggling girls took up about half the space. "Kat!" Ashley cried, standing up and wading towards me.

"So glad you could make it!" I smiled. Ashley's long blond hair was pulled into a simple ponytail, and her heart-shaped lips were spread in a smile.

"Hey," another blond said, staying where she was. "Jenna! Hey," I said as Maisie hopped into the hot tub. "Kit-Kat!" An Asian girl said teasingly, grinning.

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I rolled my eyes. I HATED that nickname. "Nice to see you to, Miley." Her grin got wider. "So," Ashley said, sitting back down again. "Do you want to join us?" "I can't!" I exclaimed, glancing down at the tight black minidress and silver pumps I had on. "Then just take them off!" Miley suggested, smiling wickedly.

I stared at her. She raised an eyebrow. The girls started stripping. I stared at them. Suddenly something cupped my breasts from behind. I jumped; I hadn't seen Maisie get out of the hot tub and come up behind me. She put her soft mouth on my neck and gently sucked it. Her hands started massaging my breasts.

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I gasped as she pressed her finger into my right nipple. She laughed softly before kissing down to my shoulder and sliding her left hand inside my dress.

I moaned quietly. I have always been submissive. I could feel the others watching me, making me feel self conscious. Miley was playing with her own breasts. Ashley slid over to Jenna and kissed her softly on the lips. The girl started, but then knotted her fingers into Ashley's hair and hungrily kissed her back.

Meanwhile, Maisie had managed to get the straps off my shoulders and started sliding the dress off my body. My nipples were erect in the cool night air. "No bra, huh?" Smirked Miley, sliding one hand down into the water. Maisie moved in front of me and took my left nipple in her mouth while massaging the other with her hand. I groaned louder and started to sink to the ground.

Maisie held me up, despite her tiny size. "Maisie!" called Ashley, who was rocking her hips against Jenna. Maisie looked up.

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"Get my bag," she gasped, "it's on the bench." Maisie rolled her eyes. "Sure, sure, get the black girl to do everything." But she got it. Returning from the kitchen with a large leather bag, Maisie set it on the side of the hot tub near Ashley before leading me into the water. She sat close to me, sliding my panties down and throwing them over her shoulder.

Miley caught it before it went flying into the neighbours' yard. She dropped it on the side of the hot tub as she closed her eyes and stuck her hands back into the water. Maisie slid a hand down my stomach to my pussy. I took a breath as she started rubbing it, tangling her fingers in my pussy hair and licking my nipples.

Slowly she slid a finger in. I gasped, my hands gripping the edge of the ledge that was a seat in the hot tub. When she added another two I shot up, bent over slightly in pleasure. "Hey, hey! We haven't even started yet!" Ashley cried. Jenna nearly had her head on Miley's shoulder, one leg thrown over the side of the hot tub.

Her pussy was above water level, and I could see most of the fingers on Ashley's right hand in it. I was amazed at how she could take it. Ashley grabbed her bag and rummaged through it. She pulled out a pink dildo, which was short but thick, and tossed it to Miley, who caught it without opening her eyes. Ashley slid another pink dildo (which was longer and slightly thinner) into Jenna's mouth, who began sucking on it. Smiling evilly, Ashley withdrew a long black dildo that was about the same as my arm.

She threw it to Maisie before pulling out the dildo in Jenna's mouth and ramming it into her pussy. Jenna bucked her hips, letting out a moan, the first sound I had heard her make since we started this little fuck session. "Lean over the hot tub," said Maisie, holding up the dildo. I obliged. "Hmmm," she said, inspecting my ass hole.

She gave the dildo to me to suck on and spat on my little hole. Maisie sucked on her finger and spanked my ass. She slid the finger she had been sucking on into my ass hole, seemingly happy with my reaction of gasping loudly around the dildo and raising my pale ass high into the air. She smiled and hit my ass. Hard.

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"The dildo," she commanded. I handed it to her. She pushed the tip of it a little way inside of me. I moaned in pleasure, closing my eyes. I opened them when I felt someone kiss me. Miley was in front of me, her hands gripping my head. She pushed her tongue into my mouth. I could feel Maisie slowly sliding the dildo into me. I groaned into Miley's mouth, pussy juices started to run down my legs.

Maisie scraped some of and put it in her mouth. Suddenly Miley broke off the kiss and groaned. I opened my eyes, wondering why she had stopped, and saw Jenna standing behind her, holding the dildo Ashley had just been fucking her with. Jenna lay down between Miley's legs and sliding it into her pussy. Before Miley could moan again, I grabbed her head and crashed my lips against hers.

I didn't even think of Ashley until I felt Maisie's hand tighten on my ass. "Oh God," she groaned.

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Ashley's face was planted between her ass cheeks. She stopped her slow assault of my ass hole and rammed the whole dildo into my ass. I screamed into Miley's mouth. Maisie started hard strokes while I shook and moaned in pleasure.

"I-I'm cumming!" I cried. It had been so long since that had happened.


I felt Maisie stop and clasp her mouth around my pussy. She swallowed and wiped her mouth. "Good girl," said Ashley, breaking me from Miley's kiss and letting me slide into the water.

"We'll reward you later. Sit here." She indicated a spot on the other side of the hot tub. Gingerly I waded over to it. I rubbed my pussy as I watched the orgy. Maisie was now on her back, and Miley was bent over her large breasts. Jenna was fucking Miley's cunt as she rubbed her own pussy. Ashley was fisting Maisie. "Oh God!" Maisie cried, squirting. Ashley caught as much of it as she could in her mouth. She said the same thing she had said to me and then Maisie staggered over. She grabbed my panties and smiled.

She balled them up and stuffed it between my legs. I began humping it, feeling incredibly horny. Maisie took off her bikini top. I hadn't realised she hadn't undressed like the other girls. She put it between my legs as well, along with her bikini bottoms. "Uh, uh, UH!" Miley grunted. I closed my eyes and focused on humping the things between my legs.

When I opened my eyes again, Ashley and Jenna were entwined on the deck, kissing like there was no tomorrow.


Miley and Maisie were riding the same dildo. I smiled. Maybe this girls' night wasn't going to be so bad after all.