FUCK Party Feat Vanessa Smiles amp_ Booty Cakes

FUCK Party Feat Vanessa Smiles amp_ Booty Cakes
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Second story, I'm trying to improve my writing so ant tips or advice will be very helpful. Thanks. This story is entirely fiction. The MILF next door pt. 1 My relationship with my neighbors started when I was ten. Their two sons, Chris who was 8 and Ben who was 6, had lost their dog and I graciously offered to help them look.

We were able to locate the dog, buddy as he was named, and quickly made friends with my neighbors. The mother, Karen Taylor, and father, Jonathan Taylor had personally thanked me for my help. So, for the next 5 years I frequently went over to their house, played and video games, football and just hung out with my two friends. In these 5 years I had started to notice Mrs.Taylor. A light brunette, 5'6'' maybe 110lbs with amazing curves and beautiful natural d cup tits.

By the time I was 15 I had jacked off many times to the thought of getting the chance to fuck Mrs. Taylor or Karen that she insisted I call. her thought I was never comfortable with it and stuck with Mrs.

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the summer of my 15th birthday was a long and boring one with almost nothing to do. Karen had gone on a business trip while the rest of their family and other friends had all gone on vacation.

I found it curious that the Taylor's would leave on vacation while Mrs. Taylor was on business but I still found myself having the responsibility of collecting their mail and feeding their cats. I was given complete access to their house and had hours of privacy, most of it wasted watching TV or playing video games.

But I also spent time looking at porn on their computer and sometimes jacking off in Mrs.


Taylors. bedroom, giving me a more realistic view of my fantasies. On the last week of my job of taking care of the neighbors house, I was in the bedroom, completely naked and going crazy on my 7 inch cock, I was in no mood to stop. It was then that I heard the front door and I immediately sat up, I was in shock, someone was coming and I had no where to go.

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I heard footsteps on the stairs and approach closer to the closed door that separated my naked body from them. I couldn't move, I was doomed and I knew and i was sat there, staring at door. Suddenly the doorknob started to turn, slowly. This was it, I was caught and there was nothing i could do about it. The door opened and there stood Mrs. Taylor, in her business suit, obviously home early since she was expected to be home after Mr. Taylor and the kids came back.

It only took her a second to adjust to what she was seeing and she just asked calmly but very sternly "what the fuck do you think you're doing" I stammered "uh, I'm so sorry, I.I'm sorry, I'm so so sorry, I.uh" and grabbed my clothes and started to leave "stop' she said I obeyed, there I stood covering myself with my loose clothes the best I could.

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"drop them' she commanded Once again I was helpless to resist, revealing my cock to her, I was way too scared to even think differently She then took a step forward, "I haven't been fucked in weeks" she said "I, uh." I started to say but she cut me off "sit down' she ordered, and I did.

Still hard as a rock and unable to go down, even with my fears. She then started to walk towards me, unbuttoning her jacket as she did and threw it to the ground. I stared at her with my eyes still wide with fear and confusion. She suddenly dropped to her knees, took my cock in her hand and started to stroke slowly. I still didn't know what to do, there was this beautiful MILF giving me a hand job but I had no idea what was going on. "Your cock is bigger than my husbands" she said, "I'm going to enjoy riding it hard" She then took my cock into her mouth, and i was in heaven.

My head leaned back and my eyes rolled into my head and I let out a loud groan. Her tongue swirled and swooped around my cock, while she bobbed her head and started to unbutton her blouse. She was just in a skirt and bra now, still going at my cock. I instinctively grabbed her head, running my fingers through her hair while my cock was pleasured. once her blouse was off her hands went to work on my balls, massaging them while she deepthroted my entire cock, not hesitating a second.

I then felt myself approaching orgasm. "fuck, I'm going to cum" I I moaned She continued to deepthroat, slowing down and letting her tongue work it's magic. my cock twitched and shot load after load into her throat. She stopped bobbing to swallow it all, licking her her lips when she was done. I fell back onto the bed, worn out from the most powerful orgasm I've ever had. "Oh, you're not down yet" she laughed, unhooking and unbuttoning her skirt and as she did.

I just watched her as she pulled her skirt and panties down, my mouth was watering with thirst for her. Her pussy was beautiful, completely shaved, tight, and ready for the taking. She climbed up on the bed, She got on her knees above me, grabbed my cock and directed it towards her sweet pussy.

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She unhooked her bra and there she was. Naked and riding my cock, my dream come true. It's only then that I really realized what was going on and finally took my role.

I grabbed her waist and helped her ride my cock, up and down. all the while shoving my cock into her as I pulled her down.

"fuck.fuck.fuck" she moaned every time I plowed into her tight pussy. "Ah, yes, Fuck me! Fuck my tight little pussy!

Ah, god, Yes!!" She screamed out.

She then leaned down to kiss me, our tongues intertwined while I fucked her. We made out while we fucked for almost an hour until finally, I was ready to cum again. She had already climaxed twice already and I could tell she was coming again. Then, as if we were connected, we both came. I shoved my cock into her as her pussy milked all the cum out of my cock.

I shot even more cum than the first time and almost screamed in pleasure, just as she did. She then collapsed on top of me, but she was just laughing. "I haven't had a fuck like that in years" she said She slid off my deflating cock and started to lick me clean, swallowing all the left over cum on my cock.

She stroked my soft cock as we both relaxed and calmed ourselves down, but I was already getting hard again. I had just gotten a blowjob AND a fuck in the last hour but I was still getting it up.

She just smiled and laughed. "You're a horny little fella, aren't ya?" she said.


"Well then, I have a little surprise for you" she said as she got up off the bed and helped me up as well. She then, took a box from out under the bed and opened it to show a half dozen dildos and and vibrators and some lube, I couldn't believe I didn't discover it earlier. Then, she grabbed the lube and I suddenly realized what she was doing, she was going to let me fuck her ass.

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She applied the lube to her ass crack and my now completely hard cock and bent over the the bed. She waved her finger in the "come here" sort of way and I approached.

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"Fuck my ass" she stated I grabbed her and and guided my cock to her ass hole. I slowly slid the head of my cock into her ass, stopping once it was then. I then plunged my entire cock into her ass, hard and quickly.

"Shit!" She screamed out in pain and pleasure I started to pull back slowly and push back in slowly, increasing my speed as I went. before I knew it, I was pounding her harder than before, she was holding onto the bed to prevent from moving, slamming into her ass like there was no tomorrow.

"FUCK! FUCK! OH, GOD YES!!! FUCK MY ASS HARD!! FUCK ME!!" She screamed, almost deafening. Her ass was so tight and since I had cum two times earlier, I was fucking her for hours, with adrenaline keeping me going until finally, one last thrust released my third load of cum.

My legs felt weak, and I felt all my energy was drained. But I suddenly got another boost of adrenaline, for as I looked back, and just my luck, there stood Mr. Taylor, home early AS WELL, looking like he was going to kill somebody.

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