Real teen group in pov

Real teen group in pov
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Hi, everyone! This is the second story to "Don't Stop" because it was so wanted lol. I hope you all enjoy and let me know what you think below (; ***PLEASE READ THE ENDING AUTHOR'S NOTE THAT I ALWAYS HAVE AT THE END OF MY STORIES- THANK YOU!*** ******************** "Hey Kate, is Lillian in yet?" I ask the redhead.

Kelly turns around and smiles. "No, she's a little late. How are you two?" Kelly asks with a devious smirk, knowing fully well how Lillian and I are. The woman had caught us making out a few (or more) times. I bite my lip softly to hold back my smile but it's useless.

"Good.Great actually. How are you and Emma?" I ask in return. Kelly blushes deeply and plays uncomfortably with the pen in her hand. "Um.we're good- very, very good." Kelly says and tucks a piece of hair behind her ear. I smile and laugh lightly. "I'm gonna wait for Ms. Fairbanks in her office." I say with a smirk and walk away into Lillian's office. Mischievously, I walk around her desk and slide my panties from my hips. I've been fantasizing about her hand shoved underneath my skirt since I left her place last night.

And it's kind of an unspoken rule that there is no sex in the office, only kissing. I hope she's willing to bend her rules. I take a seat in her chair and nervously bite my lip. In, what feels like hours but is truly only a few minutes, Lilian opens her door. My heart skips a beat at the image of the stunning woman and I smile softly.

Lilian smiles curiously and shuts the door. "What are you doing in here?" Lillian asks as she saunters my way with a smirk that makes my spine shiver. I lick my lips and skillfully use the toe of my shoes to scoop up my panties and cross my legs to show them off to her. It's hard to miss the dark wet spot in the middle of the gusset of the light gray panties. Lilian stops smirking and leans against the desk in front of me. "Oh." Lilian whispers and grips the edge of the desk tightly.

I smile and let my panties drop back to the floor. "I've been thinking about you." I husk and roll the chair forward before spreading my legs to trap her between myself and the desk. Lilian swallows roughly and stares down at me. "I've been thinking about you too, Ally." Lilian whispers with dark lustful eyes. I smirk and lick my lips, knowing she loves to watch my lips.

My hands move to trail my fingers just behind her knees. My touch makes her jump in surprise at first but then her body relaxes against the desk. I've got her. "We should wait until after work." Lilian finally denies having sex in her office. I chuckle lightly and trail my fingers higher underneath her dress.

Her breaths get heavier and her eyelids drop lower in a hooded gaze. "I can't wait that long." I husk and move only one hand to her button up blouse. With a swift movement of my hand, the shirt is free from the waistband of her torturous skirt.

Lilian grips the desk with white knuckles and tightens her thighs. "Ally, I-I don't think this is a good idea." Lilian stumbles. The cool, composed, cold-hearted female lawyer of the year stumbles from me, Allison Tanner, a lowly, yet successful lawyer. I smirk even wider and lean forward to press a teasing kiss to the newly exposed skin of her toned stomach, just left of her belly button. Her muscles tense.

I look up at her through my eyelashes and move the hand on the back of her leg upwards to tease my nails over the curve of her ass. Lilian lets out a soft breathy moan.

I slowly push her skirt up to her waist while simultaneously, and skillfully, unbuttoning the blouse. "But I want you so bad, Lil." I whisper against her skin and swipe my tongue just above the waistband of the skirt. Lilian rolls her head back slightly and as much as I want to stand and nip at her delicate neck I keep my lips where they are. My fingers finally release the final button from its hole and I part the two halves of the shirt to gaze at her gorgeous chest.

There is a soft pink blush that rises from the top of her breasts up towards her neck that I relish on making. My hand underneath her skirt moves to the hem of her panties, a lacy black thong. "May I?" I ask politely but the devious smirk on my face shows that I love to tease her.

Lilian seems to contemplate her answer for a few seconds before letting out a breath and squeezing her eyes tight. "Yes." She chokes out and sinks her teeth into her bottom lip. I smile victoriously and pull down her panties so they fall around her ankles. In seconds I have her sitting on her desk with the heels of her shoe snug against the armrests to spread her legs open. Lillian breathes anxiously, waiting for me to make a move.

I send her a small smile before I bury my face between her thighs. I hear a muffled gasp above me and then a quiet moan. She must be covering her mouth. A shiver rolls down my back at the image of us. She leans back farther onto her other hand and I'm able to look at her. She's quite the mess considering her usual image. Her shirt is unbuttoned and parted to accentuate her blushing chest and erect nipples, her stomach is tense, and her eyes are shut.

I moan at the first taste of her and flick her clit to see her jump in surprise at the rough swipe. I had initially wanted to tease her slowly but considering we're in her office with the door unlocked and only the mindful redhead outside to stop anyone coming in I choose to give it to her fast.

My fingers tease around her entrance and she moans softly in lust, wanting me inside of her. I let out a deep moan and push my fingers inside of her wet heat with ease.

Another muffled moan vibrates against Lillian's hand and she drops down to one elbow on the desk. I suck and flick her clit, hard and fast. Her moans and groans are constant, I even think she whimpers at one point but I can't be sure.

In under a minute she is shaking, breathing harshly against her hand, and starting to clamp her thighs around my head. I suck her clit while flicking it and it drives her crazy. The hand covering her mouth flies down to slam against the table.

"Oh, yes! GOD, YES!" Lilian groans out loudly. I quickly push myself into a standing position but awkwardly lean over her so my mouth can still reach her cunt.

She falls onto her back sending multiple items to the floor. My finger work harder and deeper inside of her as my free hand reaches up to cover her mouth to stop the continuing moans.

I rock my body against hers to make sure she is getting the utmost pleasure. One hand finds home in my hair and pushes me down deeper into her pussy. I start to feel my jaw ache and my arm cramp with effort but I don't need to worry. In the next few seconds, her body curls into a rigid c-shape as her moan reverberates against my palm.

I eagerly lick up the sweet juices that gush around my fingers to drip down my hand then to the polished oak desk. Lilian eventually releases my hair and collapses back against the desk taking deep breaths. I remove my fingers and take them into my mouth as I look down at her body.

Beautiful and Ravaged. Lillian opens her eyes to then smile at me in amazement. I smile back. "I think I'm satisfied until, um.lunch." I tease and her soft chuckle rings through my ears like a melody. I help her sit up but instead of getting dressed again she grabs me by the hips to pull me flush against her. "You are amazing." Lilian emphasizes each word with a kiss to my lips.

Her hands drop lower to grab the hem of my skirt and starts tugging upwards "So amazing that you should have an orgasm." She husks and kisses my neck lightly peppered with beads of sweat. I smile but stop her hands and lean back. "Lil, you were loud enough to get the whole office's attention. I should go." I whisper against her lips before stealing a quick but soft kiss that will definitely lift my spirits for the rest of the day.

Lilian groans and releases my skirt reluctantly to start buttoning her shirt. "Fine. Meet me at our place for lunch?" Lilian asks as she moves from the desk to grab her panties off the chair. She busies herself with looking presentable as I sneakily put my own wet panties in plain view on her desk. I clean up the mess she had pushed off the desk in our tangle of limbs and tongues. "Of course. I'll bring lunch." I stand back up and set the things onto her desk.

Lilian leans over the desk with a smile. "Ally?" I look up and instinctively smile because of her beautiful smile. Her hand comes up to cup my cheek and pull me in closer. "Thank you." Lilian whispers and kisses me softly. I smile against her lips and she pulls away. Her palm moves back to the desk but I stay where I am. "My pleasure." I husk and steal another kiss, forcing myself back after a few seconds so not to deepen the kiss.

I take a deep breath and smile when Lillian does the same. "I'm looking forward to lunch." Lilian says after me. I send her a wink over my shoulder before leaving her office. The second I step from the office Kelly rolls her chair out of her cubicle to fix me with a smug smirk.

"Working hard in there huh, Ally?" Kelly asks then Emma's head pops out as well. The blonde's smirk makes me realize that they had been listening to us the whole time.

I walk over to them with a glare of amusement. "Firstly, I don't appreciate you listening in on us. Secondly, I always give 101% ladies." I smirk and walk away with Emma laughing and Kelly with her mouth gaping in surprise at my blunt reaction. I walk into my office with a smile and try my best to work but I find it difficult when all I can think about is the taste of Lilian on my tongue.

A few minutes later Lilian calls my phone. "I can't believe you Ally! Your panties were left on my desk- intentionally I presume! And Kelly came into my office! SHE noticed them- not me! I hope you're happy!" Lilian growls over the phone. She's angry but I hear amusement and lust present in her voice so I'm not all that worried. I smirk and lean back in my chair. "Did you turn red when you realized they were there? Did you think about taking them off of me? Most importantly, did you want to fuck me?" I husk into the phone.

Lilian's breath catches and I know I've won. "Maybe." Lilian answers with a strong tone of voice. I smile and sit back up to grab my pen again. "Then, yes, I am happy. Do me a favor and bring them with you to lunch?" I ask with an innocent voice. Lilian's deep chuckle sounds through the phone.

"Oh no, Ally. These are mine now." ******************** It's nearly time for my lunch break when I have to rush out of the building to get take-out from the Thai restaurant we both love.

Luckily they know me well and have my order done in under 5 minutes. I rush back to my building but instead of going to the law firm's floor I go one above. A few weeks ago Lilian and I realized we couldn't have public lunch dates so we found out little place upstairs.

The floor above was gutted out and off limits for new ownership from massive water damage. Except there is a couch and a coffee table left behind in one of the offices. And how we found it is because we had both been without each other's touch for two days and it drove us to run out of the office and upstairs to where Lilian knew they were cleaning out. Let me just say being taken up against a wall by Lilian Fairbanks is the hottest person EVER.

I walk around the corner to see her waiting in the room with an impatient look on her face. I sigh and set the bag of food onto the coffee table.

"I'm sorry, I know I'm late. I got caught up in the Rowland case. I got a call from the mom saying Jamie wants to pull his testimony. I had to call and-" I moan softly in surprise when Lilian cuts me off with a kiss. She pulls away a few seconds later with a smirk.

"You're adorable, now, shut up." Lilian whispers before digging into the bag of food for her lunch. I sit down with her and grab my own food. We eat and talk for most of the time.

I'm just finishing my rice when her hand slides onto my thigh. "We have less time than usual but I'm positive I can get you off in under 10 minutes." Her free hand grabs my container and sets it down on the table. I smirk and study the predatory look on her face with anxiousness. "You think so?" I ask and her smiling lips press against mine. "I know so." Lilian whispers back and pushes me back against the armrest.

She climbs on top of me with one hand holding herself up beside my head and a thigh snug between my own. I'm underneath her willing and throbbing to be touched by her however she wishes. God knows I'm dripping wet from earlier. Her eyes look deep into mine and her other hand lifts from my thigh to cup my cheek. Her lips drop down to kiss me softly. "Are you wet?" Lilian whispers so softly in my ear it sends a shiver down my spine. I bite my lip and nod my head.

Her hand drops from my cheek to my button down shirt, her nimble fingers swiftly unbuttoning my shirt. "You are so hot." She husks and finishes with my shirt, parting it to look at my chest. I lick my lips and raise one of my legs to rest on her hip.

Her hand slides down my thigh to push up my skirt to tease me. Our lips connect again and she swirls her teasing fingers around my clit. I moan into her mouth and run my hands all over her body, as much as I can reach.

Everything turns frantic. Her fingers delve deep inside of me with a groan and moan from both of us and her tongue tangles with mine for dominance. And being the hot crazy powerful woman she is, she wins without a true fight, her hand is between my legs giving me pleasure after all. Needlessly to say she dominates the hell out of me.

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Her lips lead mine, her hand spreads me wider, and her fingers fuck me so good. I lace my fingers in her hair to keep her lips against mine so my moans are muffled. But I have to pull away for air. "Lil." I breathe out and with my one word she knows I'm close. Her fingers curl to find that perfect spot inside me that makes me scream in pleasure. "FUCK." I groan and arch my back, the warm tingling feeling starting to spread throughout my body.

I gasp against her lips and my body tenses in orgasm. Lilian moans and pushes deeper and faster into me. I curl around her and pull her down flush against me.

Her hand eventually stops, my body relaxes, and our lips graze against one another but barely make contact as our breaths mingle together between us. Lilian pulls her fingers from inside of me and moves off to my side. "Alright. We should.We should get back." Lilian says softly and brushes some hair from my eyes. I smile and nod my head. "I know." I whisper back but then I look at her and wished we had ditched work to go to her house for the rest of the day.

I just want to look at her. Lilian smiles and closes her eyes taking a breath. "I never want our lunches to end." Lilian husks and I swiftly lean over to kiss her. Soft but long, our feelings of wanting to stay here mutual. She sighs and I stand from my spot, straightening my clothes and makeup. She helps me look presentable before cleaning up our mess.

With one last kiss, she goes downstairs back to work. I follow a few minutes later. ******************** "Ally?" I look up to see Lilian in my doorway. I smile and grab my purse.

I was just about to leave for home and didn't expect her to still be here. She loves to go home early on Friday's. "Hey, what's up? I didn't think you'd still be here." I say and walk towards her.

She has an exhausted look on her face that concerns me. One of her hands finds purchase on my wrist then pulls me closer. "I have had a horrible day- I don't want to talk about it but.I do want you in my bed tonight." Lilian says with an unusual hint of vulnerability in her voice and damn near pleading in her eyes.


My gaze softens and I wrap an arm around her waist so she is slightly pressed against me. Today was her high profile case. A struggle of privacy between two neighbors. She must've gotten clobbered. "I'll get some things from my place then be over.

Is that okay?" I ask gently. Her eyes close and her forehead presses to mine. Besides kissing this is so very intimate for us. I can practically feel the relief and exhaustion seeping from her pores. "It's perfect. Thank you." Lilian whispers and places a chaste kiss to my lips before pulling away and walking out the door. I close my eyes for a few seconds to bask in the warm feeling. I'm not sure what that feeling is but I know it feels good and I want more of it.

We've only had a few of these moments that are just perfect like that one. I'm sure we'll have much more. I walk from my office out to my car.

In under 30 minutes, I am knocking at the blonde's door to be let in. Lilian opens the door with a gentle smile and silently pulls me inside. "Do you want to talk about what happened today?" I ask softly as she leads us upstairs into her bedroom. She had already gotten into her pajamas and I'm assuming finished getting ready for bed so I set down my things and start to undress to change clothes. She climbs under the covers with a sad face. "Not yet." Lilian mumbles. I concede and finish getting dressed before using the bathroom.

I turn off the light and slide between the cold sheets. Naturally, I move over to her and kiss her shoulder. Suddenly she grabs my hand and rolls around to face me. I can only faintly see the outline of her jaw and the bridge of her nose from the moonlight shining in but I can simply tell that she is upset.

I don't say anything so she can speak. "The case took a wrong turn today. The defense really wrecked us, that's all." Lilian whispers and kisses my knuckles. I furrow my eyebrows in concern. I lean forward and kiss her lips.

"I'm sorry to hear that, Lil." Her lips move back to mine. In seconds the heat between is toxic. She rolls on top of me and takes off her shirt in one fell swoop. My hungry eyes roam her chest and my tongue wets my lips. Lilian smiles in the dark and her hands cup her breasts just to tease me. I sit up quickly and take her nipple into my mouth with a deep moan. Her gasps sound loud in the quiet room and her hands find purchase in the brown locks of my hair.

Her hips eventually move to grind herself with no avail. I switch breasts every so often until her fist in my hair pulls my head back. "Tease." Lilian whispers before crushing our lips together in a passionate kiss. I chuckle lightly and drop my hands down to cup her ass through the cotton pajama pants. I had no intention of teasing her, I just really love her boobs. Her hands move down to bunch my tank top in her hands then pulls upwards.

We break apart so she can pull the cloth off my body and toss is aside. Our lips connect once more but not for long. She pushes me back against the bed with her lips trailing down my throat. My fingers slide down into her pants, finding myself smiling at the lack of panties.

"Naughty girl." I husk and jerk down her pants to lightly smack her ass. Lilian nips at my neck in response and I feel her smirk against my skin. With my insistent hands pushing her pants down she moves off to the side to strip them off. I easily roll on top of her and pin her hands to the pillows. Lilian arches up to try and capture my lips with her own but now I decide to tease her. With a groan of frustration, she breaks free from my grasp and grabs the back of my neck to pull me down into a kiss.

I smirk into the kiss and spread her legs with my hands. I lean back and caress her thighs with an idea in mind. "Have you ever watched lesbian porn?" I ask softly and take off my own panties and pants.

The older woman raises her eyebrows in surprise by the question. "Occasionally." Lilian admits. I smile and gently lead her leg to rest her ankle on my shoulder. Her teeth bite into her bottom lip as I move to straddle her other thigh.

"Then you know what I'm about to do?" I ask slyly and move my other hand down to her thigh. Lilian nods her head and grips both of my legs just behind my knees. The heat between our cunts is scorching hot.

I bring my hips down and we both moan in pleasure. I grind slowly, trying to set a rhythm wanting to cherish the pleasure coursing through my body with Lilian's soft skin under my palms. I close Myrtle's to focus. I want to take my time so I know what she likes and what I like. I've only done this with one other woman but it was ages ago in my first year of college. Her moans reach my ears as do my own but I can only think of the heat between us, the sweat, the passion.

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This is the most I've ever trusted and wanted someone in a long time. I love it. She eventually brings me out of my thoughts with louder moans and desperate hands grabbing at my hips for more. I look down at the gorgeous woman underneath me as a wave of desire washes through me, a desire to make her come undone. "Can you cum like this?" I pant out, my voice sounding loud in the quiet of the room. Lilian nods her head.

My hands lower her leg from my shoulder to then grab her curvy hip. A particularly hard thrust lets me know she loves the feeling. I bite my lip and breathe through my nose as I grind against her. Lilian grabs the sheets beneath us with an iron grip and arches towards me. I pant and moan with her, pulling her harder and faster against me. Just when it feels like my muscles are about to cramp and my fingers digging into her skin might bruise her she cries out my name so deliciously.

It's a melody to my ears, a stark contrast to the darkness surrounding us. From the moonlight seeping through the blinds, I see her sweat glistening face contorted in pleasure as her hips buck erratically against mine in her throes of orgasm. Suddenly my own orgasm is washing over me harshly. I moan her name and end up dropping down to one elbow in exhaustion and an overload of pleasure.

I vaguely register the soft hands gliding up and down my back to soothe me and the tender kiss pressed to my cheek. "You're like no one I have ever met before, Allison." Lilian whispers into my ear.

I find myself smiling and roll off of her body to my side. "Then my goal has been met." I tease and she wraps her arm around mine before interlocking our fingers.

"Your goal?" Lilian asks and that husky voice in my ear makes my eyes flutter closed for a few seconds. "Blow your mind in the sack." I whisper crassly and smirk when she pauses. Lilian bursts out laughing which of course makes my heart beat twice it's normal rate. I smile and fight back a yawn only to lose to it. Lilian yawns in return then pulls the blanket back over us to get comfortable.

"Goodnight." Lilian mumbles as my eyes slip shut and sleep starts to take me. ******************** A rustling of sheets and a vacant bed pulls me from my sleep.

I groan and blink my eyes of sleep. The warm inviting bed threatens to pull me back to sleep but I raise my head to fight it off. "Lil?" I question and she stops walking to come back to me. I smile at the soft kiss she leaves on my forehead. "I have to go to the office early. Stay and sleep." Lilian says shortly. I hum in acknowledgment before lowering my head to go back to sleep. In what feels like minutes I wake again to see sunlight coming through the blinds. I yawn and check the time to see that I have enough time for a quick shower.

After my shower, I drive to my apartment in the clothes from yesterday then change my clothes before going to work. I step off the elevator with a smile to Lilian who looks at me as if I'm late for something. I raise an eyebrow in silent question but she simply turns and walks to her office. With one look to Julia, who returns my look of confusion, I follow Lillian into her office.

"What's wrong Lil?" I ask right off the bat because she looks upset, angry, sad, and worried all at the same time. She's pacing, which I've never seen her do. Thankfully, because it's intimidating. "Jaylen Summers. She is an old girlfriend of mine." Lilian says shortly.

I set my bags down and prepare for the worst but hope for the best. That's what you're supposed to do when your current girlfriend starts a conversation about her ex, right? She doesn't look at me. "When I broke it off with her because juggling our relationship and work was becoming too much- this is around when I first started the business. She wasn't happy and tried taking the company down. After a few disputes in court, she has stayed out of my life." Lilian continues and I fight back the words to get her to explain quicker.

"Jaylen is a freelance contractor and she was hired by the people who want to fix up the place upstairs." She doesn't have to say any more for me to understand. I take a deep breath and sit down in a chair. "And she saw us together." I say and look at Lilian to confirm it. She stops pacing and folds her arms over her chest. "She set up security cameras so she has everything we did yesterday on tape." Lilian says, which is much worse than actually seeing us together. Anyone can deny a rumor, no one can deny a video.

And we can't go to court to defend ourselves because Lilian and I were trespassing. I close my eyes and cradle my head in my hands. "And what does she want exactly?" I ask when I look back up to the older woman. Lilian stays silent and continues to look away from me. So I make an assumption and pray that I'm wrong. "She wants you to decide between your love life and your you did with her." I say and tilt my head slightly to try and look her in the eyes.

She doesn't make a sound. I sigh and stand. I hate this but fuck if don't fight for her. "Listen, Lilian, I know that we have something here. You know that too. I want to be with you." I say softly and come up to her. Lilian backs away. I stop and take a step back. "You're picking the firm." I mumble quietly and Lilian looks up at me in genuine distress. Her eyes are wide and desperate.

"I-I don't know, Ally." Lilian stumbles and furrows her brows in confusion. Not even she knows what she's going to do. I clench my jaw and walk for the door. "I'll make it easy for you then." I grumble and fling the door open. I hear her follow me but I don't stop. Lilian is seriously going to dump me over the firm. It hurts, more than I thought it might.

"Ally.Ally, stop!" Lilian hisses softly and grabs my arm to turn me towards her. "Don't make me chose, please." Lilian whispers softly. She looks scared and angry. Her grip tightens on my wrist but I jerk away. "I'm not. I'm choosing and I chose to no longer be in a relationship where I'm not wanted." I hiss back before turning away again. Emma is walking down the hallway so Lilian doesn't follow right away. When Emma starts to talk to me I blow her off and storm into my office, collecting my things.

Both blondes follow me. "Ally? You okay?" Emma asks as Lilian talks as well. "Ally, can you just stop for a minute so we can talk? Please!" Lilian insists and grabs my wrist again.

Emma furrows her eyebrows and shuts my office door. "Okay, work is not the time to have a lovers quarrel." Emma says and sets her folder down on my desk. I glare at Lilian and rip my hand from her grasp. "Not a problem. I'm gone and we're done." I say angrily and put my things into a box. Emma's eyes widen and Lilian takes a deeply frustrated breath.

"Woah, hold on a second. You can't leave Ally. No way. What the hell Lilian?" Emma growls at our boss. Well, my former boss. Lilian narrows her eyes at the other woman before looking back to me.

"Ally, don't do this. Please just give me some time to think about this." Lilian begs which is something she really rarely ever does. Unless they are having sex of course. I get in her face. "You want your precious firm more than you want me. It's clear. So don't make the mistake of thinking I want you either." I say angrily.

Lilian's eyes soften, something I didn't expect, and she sighs in disbelief. Shit. I'm so caught. "I strongly doubt that." Lilian whispers softly while keeping our eyes connected.

I look away and back to the box on my desk. Her hand is on my chin in a second turning my head back to her. Her eyes are vulnerable and blueish green as ever. My heart throbs. "Tell me that again." She whispers with a heaving chest and eyes searching mine.

I clench my jaw and breathe deeply through my nose. "I. Don't. Want. You." I say softly while looking her in the eyes. But I can already tell that the older woman doesn't think it's believable. I sure as hell don't. Lilian's smirk makes me pull away from her. "You want me to want you but you don't want me.

Do you get how much that hurts?" I say and grab a few more things for my box. Lilian sighs and surprisingly looks to Emma.

"Can you wait outside?" She asks. Emma furrows her eyebrows in confusion but reluctantly steps outside. In seconds Lilian catches me off guard by pushing me against the wall. I gasp and try to move away but her strong hands hold mine next to my head. She doesn't say a thing, simply leans forward to tease her lips against mine. "If I choose this firm I can never be happy. Jaylen will keep doing this to me but.if I don't choose this place then my whole life has been a waste.

But you make me happy- which is something I've never had you understand? I'm choosing between the things I want most in life and that is something no one should have to do." Lilian whispers to me and releases my hands but doesn't step away. I reach up to cup her cheeks and her eyes close.

I understand. Even if she didn't say it I know she meant that she can't choose between the things she loves equally. I place a soft kiss on her lips before pulling away and grabbing my box. "Ally." I hear her whisper one last time. I look at her and give her a smile.

She's sad and worried. "I understand. You shouldn't have to make that decision.don't worry about me." I tell her before walking out the door. Emma pushes off the wall she was leaning on and looks at me with her eyebrows raised. I take a deep breath and walk down the hall to the human resources department. "Ally, what are you doing? Are you.don't even think about saying anything against me.

I-I am very highly respected and no one will believe-" I spin around and stop Lilian from continuing to speak. "Lilian." I draw and step closer. I look around for other people before gently resting a hand lightly on her chest. "When they ask why I'm here I am going to tell them that I've been having doubts about my abilities to handle the workload of my position. I am regretfully but respectfully resigning from my position as an associate.Walk away." I whisper to her.

Our eyes connect and surprise is shown clearly in her eyes. I smile softly and back away. "I'll call you when I'm ready." I tell her before turning around to walk down the hall. ******************** I'm walking out of the building with my things when I hear a voice that I don't recognize. "She chose the business." I turn around with furrowed eyebrows to see a beautiful, leggy brunette smirking at me. "Excuse me?" I question and heft the box onto my hip. The woman comes closer with the smuggest smile I've ever seen in my life.

"Lilian. She chose her business over you." The woman states it as a fact and it all clicks together. She's Jaylen. I scoff and look her up and down. Lilian could have done so much better. I suppose she did now that she's with me. This time I move closer to her. "She was going to choose me actually but I wouldn't let her. I quit so we could have a relationship and she wouldn't worry about losing her business.

Your plan backfired Jaylen." I hiss and narrow my eyes at the surprised woman. She starts to say something else when I cut her off. "No, I don't want to hear it.

If you EVER threaten her again of come within 50 yards of either of us then you are done for, do you hear me? I don't like to be fucked with Jaylen so take my threat seriously." I growl and give her a hard glare before leaving her to stand by herself. ******************** "You're the best secret girlfriend I have ever had." Lilian greets me when she meets me at her house. I smile and lean against the stair railing as she opens the door. It's been two days since I quit my job which means two days since I've talked with Lilian.

I just needed some time to clear my head and make sure I didn't fuck up. Which I didn't and after talking on the phone we both missed each other. "It felt right.besides there are many firms that will take me, I'm sure." I tell her as she leads me inside. I'm in jeans and a button down with a sweater on top. Lilian, however, is dressed in her work wear which consists of a teasing pencil skirt, a blouse, and blazer. I love a woman in a skirt. I'm so busy staring that it takes me a second to realize she is talking to me.

".amazing. I could give you a reference if you'd like?" Lilian asks and sheds her blazer, her breasts pressing tightly against the silky material of the blouse. I walk towards her. "Yeah, that would be great. Lil.can you maybe just.uh.unbutton your shirt a tad bit?" I ask softly as I stop in front of her. A smirk crosses her features before fighting it back and shooting me a playful glare. She brings one hand up to her buttons and the other to rest on her hip with a sassy pose.

"I should've known you wanted sex when you called to tell me you were here." Lilian says and teasingly only unbuttons three damn buttons. I eye her delicious body with ignited heat between my thighs as I pull off my sweater. Lilian looks at me as well. It's like a standoff, both of us waiting for the other to make a move.

Finally, Lilian walks away toward the stairs with a smirk and continuing to take off her blouse. I follow with a smile of my own and my hand's fumble to take off my shirt. We're both naked by the time we reach the bedroom. Lilian still has her back to me so I swiftly come right up behind her and wrap my arm around her, pressing our bodies together. She gasps in surprise at being intercepted on her way to the bed. My free hand reaches around to grip her chin tightly.

I turn her head towards me. Our lips meet in a soft kiss. "You're gonna be the tease tonight, aren't you?" I husk and release her chin to tangle my fingers in her hair. I pull her head back so I can have access to her neck. I can feel her beating pulse against my lips. I trail them up to her ear, sucking on her ear lobe.

Her lips part with a breathy moan. "I don't know. You're doing the teasing fairly well." Lilian whispers back. I smile and lead her over to the bed.

"You nearly bit my head off today when I went to HR." I husk and release her which she eagerly gets onto the bed. She starts to lay down but I stop her by the hips. "Don't lay down. I want you on your hands and knees." I say and run my hands over her ass. Lilian Fairbanks works out and you can tell she works out.

That ass does not quit.I smile and start at her ankles (because we both agreed feet is not our thing). I lick, kiss, nibble at her skin. I pay special attention to the back of her knees, loving the way she tries to subtly lean forward on her hands so she can give me more access to the back of her knees. I swiftly pull her back into position then part her legs wider.

I smell the intoxicating scent of her arousal and feel a twitch of desire between my thighs. Lilian arches her back and moans. I smirk and grope her ass as my lips trail up and down her thighs, closing in on her wet cunt but never touching her.

Not yet. My lips move higher to her ass then the small of her back. There is a hint of sweat starting there that I smugly point out to her. "You're starting to sweat, Lil.

Am I teasing you too much?" I husk and press a kiss to her side, my nails scratching up to her hips from the front of her thighs. Lilian lets her head drop down with heaving breaths. "No." Lilian breathes out. I smirk and balance on my knees just behind the older woman. "Good." I answer and grab her hips to pull her back against my groin.

Despite not truly touching her Lilian moans deeply and pushes back against me. I drag my nails down her spine and watch her shiver. My fingers move to her thigh.

"Spread a little wider. I want you to feel yourself dripping for me." My fingers dig in as she whimpers and allow me to spread her legs even farther apart. I know what she's feeling right now. Being teased then spread apart is erotic as hell because feeling your own wetness drip down toward your clit and thighs is amazing.

She drops down to her elbows with a groan and clutches the sheets. "What the fuck are you doing to me, Ally?" Lilian moans out. I smirk and spread her delicious pussy lips to make it have more effect. She drops her head with another moan. I finally move one hand to cup her hot pussy, her juices coating my fingers.

She moans even louder and grinds on my hand. I focus on her clit for now. My fingers ground and circle the small bud slowly until building up to a faster pace, Lilian crying out in pleasure the whole time.

It's a high for me to watch her. The way her head rises and falls as if she can't keep it up because of the pleasure; how her hair is plastered to her forehead and neck because she is sweating so much from my teasing; and her muscles that strain and contract when she moves for more contact from me.

I move my other hand around her hip to reach between her legs as my hand that is already down there moves upwards to slowly slide two fingers into her. Lilian drops all the way down until her face is pressed against the mattress. A kneeing moan escaping her.

Lilian shakes her head. "I won't last long.I-I can't." Lilian pants out between moans and breath. I smirk and lean down over her to kiss her sweat-slicked back. "Good." I whisper and thrust harder into her, deeper, quicker. Lilian crumbles beneath my fingers within a minute. Her back arches, her hips buck and grind, her toes curl and she nearly rips the sheets from the bed.

Her moan sounds loudly in her throes of orgasm. I make her ride them out, not stopping my fingers even when she collapses fully against the bed. I put all my weight on my knees and manage to continue rubbing her clit even with her weight on my arm.

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I believe she has another orgasm from the sudden and new intensity of her moan. Her muscles also clench around my fingers so hard it feels like she's trying to push me out of her. "Stop.I can't t-take anymore." Lilian breathes out. I stop my fingers and pull out of her. One last soft moan escapes her before she lets out a sigh. I lay down next to her on my back and put my hands behind my head smugly. Lilian opens her eyes a few minutes later to then throw an arm over my stomach. "I swear I didn't know what good sex was until I met you." She whispers.

I smile and feel the exhaustion start to hit me hard. "Good thing you hired me then." I say softly and feel her chuckle of laughter against my chest. He breathing evens out and eventually so does mine when I start to fall asleep. ******************** I shiver as warmth suddenly moves off my body. I groan when warm lips press against my shoulder blade. I lazily lift my head to look over my shoulder at Lilian who is slowly making her way down my body with kisses.

I bite my lip and moan softly, closing my eyes at her soft touch. "Lil.I'm tired." I whine and lay my head back onto the pillows. She moves back up my body and covers me with the blanket. "You're so beautiful." Lilian whispers in my ear. I hum appreciatively and tiredly wrap an arm around her smooth skin. "You too long have you been up?" I say with a hoarse sleepy voice. Her hand runs up and down my spine with a gentle touch.

"An hour, maybe. Long enough to realize that you have the smallest birthmark on the outside of your hip." Lilian teases with a smirk, something I can just sense instead of see. I smile and open my eyes. She smiles back and places a kiss on my lips. "I have a horrid meeting with my management department about some new protocols with clients today so I have to leave soon.

Sadly, it should take all day." Lilian sighs and brushes the hair out of my eyes. I lean in and kiss her longer until her undoubted lust takes over her and she rolls on top of me. I eagerly run my hands over her body and kiss her soft skin and lips.

Her harsh breaths in my ear let me know that I'm turning her on and the way her fingernails dig into my skin makes me shiver in excitement. Hot morning sex. Score. A loud shrill fills the quiet room and Lilian groans in frustration while I am left confused. She reaches over me to the nightstand to grab her phone. It clicks together. I groan and wrap my arms around her. "No, no, no.

Don't answer. Please, Lilian, just put it back." I whisper in her ear and gently cup her ass. Lilian moans and looks at her phone. "I'm sorry. I have to it's J-Jack from management." Lilian answers and tries to push my hands away but I keep them glued to her skin.

She groans and sits back on her knees to put some space between us. Well, she falters anyway because when she pulled away she also exposed my body to her eyes. After the brief hesitation, she answers the phone. "Hello?" Lilian asks into the phone as a mischievous plan comes to mind. I bring my hands up to cup my breasts while I look her in the eyes. Lilian glares her famous daggers toward me but I smirk.

My hands pinch my tight nipples before one moves lower to play with my pussy, already becoming wet. "Jack, I will be there. Give me 15 minutes." Lilian says swiftly before ending the call.

I smile and bite my lip. She tosses her phone aside then the blankets still around her. "You can be such a bitch sometimes." Lilian hisses.


I raise my eyebrows and prop myself up onto my elbows. "I'll take that as a compliment." I sass and teasingly bite my lip. Lilian groans and hovers over me again before kissing me roughly.

One hand comes up to grip my chin. "Stay as long as you want." Lilian whispers and kisses me gently before leaving me alone in bed. I sigh and lay back against the bed as she gets into the shower. Not my plan. I was hoping she would fuck me. I wrap the blankets around myself and groan into the pillows. In a few minutes, I decide to get out of bed and make some breakfast.

She walks downstairs just as I finish our eggs and coffee. "Hey, do you want coffee?" I ask. She smiles and gratefully takes the travel mug. Lilian moans at the taste of coffee on her tongue. "You're the best Ally. Thank you. I'm going to be late if I don't leave now. I'm sorry, those eggs look really good. I'll call you." Lilian says with her usual bright charming smile that makes my heart flutter.

I smile back and watch her leave. After eating my breakfast I get dressed and look around her house. I'm not the type of person that digs through other people's lives but in this insistence of falling so hard for Lilian, I'm curious. I see a few family photos that catch my eye. It looks like Lilian has a younger brother in college and her parents look like they live in Florida. Around noon Lilian calls me.

"Hey, are you still at my house?" Lilian asks and I smile at her voice. "Yeah. Lil, why didn't you tell me you have a younger brother?" I ask curiously and sit down in one of her amazingly comfy chairs with my legs underneath me.

Lilian chuckles lightly. "I don't know. It never came to my mind. You probably wouldn't like him anyway. He's an immature brat who gets through college on an athletic scholarship in football." Lilian says with amusement and a hint of sibling irritation in her voice. I mock an offended gasp. "Hey! I got through college on an athletic scholarship!" I tease, just picturing her eyebrows shooting upwards in surprise. "You did? What sport?" Lilian asks curiously. I smile softly and roll my eyes.

She hired me and didn't even know I got through college on an athletic scholarship. "Soccer. I played since I was in 7th grade." I tell her and mindlessly play with a loose string on my shirt. Lilian hums and I just know she is smirking. "Oh, so that's why you have an amazing ass and gorgeously toned legs." Lilian husks and a shiver goes down my spine. I bite my lip gently and drop my hand down to my calves. "Yes.where are you right now?" I ask curiously because the plan I have in my head right now calls for Lilian to be alone.or at least semi alone.

"In the conference room with Kelly, Jack, Adam, and Georgia. The others went out to get food for lunch." Lilian says casually. Good enough. I lick my lips and shimmy my shorts down my legs.

"I'm not wearing any pants." I whisper and I hear her breath catch. Smirking, I part my legs and close my eyes. "Do you want to know what else I'm not wearing?" I ask her and pull my shirt over my head.

She doesn't respond so I tell her anyway. "A shirt.a bra.but I still have my panties on. Do you want me to take them off, Lil? One word and they're off." I tell her and slide my thumb into the waistband of my thong. For a few seconds, I don't think she's going to say anything but she clears her throat very professionally then utters the simplest word. "Okay." Lilian says strongly.

She's putting on an act for everyone else in the room but I know she is struggling to keep her composure. Smirking in victory, I push down my panties and stand up from the chair. "They're off. One second, I'm going upstairs to the be-" I try to say but she swiftly interrupts me. Her voice is soft but strict, leaving no room for argument.

"No, stay there.continue." Lilian says casually. I sit back down and spread my legs. "Your wish is my command, Lilian." I husk into my phone and cup my breast roughly. I have to be quick and the rough approach to my body will definitely get me there. "I'm grabbing my breasts- real rough like you do feels so good." I whisper and close my eyes. My hand trails down my stomach to cup my hot sex.

There is already a hint of wetness dripping from me. I circle my finger around my clit with a moan. "Fuck, Lil.I wish you were here. I wish you were between my legs right now. If I concentrate enough I can almost feel your hot tongue moving up and down my slit, just teasing me." I breathe out and trace the same pattern I know Lilian would with her tongue. I'm about to start talking again when I hear Kelly's voice asking my blonde lover if she's okay.

I smile when Lilian sounds like she hesitates and stands. "Give me one second then we can start again." Lilian says but it sounds muffled so she probably has her hand over the speaker of the phone. I keep touching myself as I wait for her to move where she needs to. I arch my back softly at a twinge of pleasure that shoots through my body. "Ally, I can't keep talking with you- as much as I want to. We have to start the meeting again.

I.I will definitely continue this in person so you CAN feel my tongue. Okay?" Lilian whispers into the phone.

I groan and clamp my thighs together. "Lilian, I am dying for an orgasm. I expect one soon. Please, don't disappoint." I say nicely and relax back against the soft chair. I'm not really asking nor am I demanding, I just know that I want release. Badly. I can sense her smile over the phone. "Do I ever disappoint, my dear little minx?" Lilian husks and it sends an anxious tingle to my clit. She's called me a minx before and I think it's so old school sexy.

"No, I suppose not." I say back with an eye roll. Lilian chuckles softly and I hear her shuffle around before responding. "I have to go. I'll talk with you later." Lilian says before talking with someone else then hastily ending the call. I sigh and stand up from the chair, grabbing my clothes before walking back upstairs. I would usually finish myself off but in this case, Lilian's company is desired as much as my orgasm. ******************** I groan and lift the weights back onto the rack.

I'm back at my place working out with the weights. I have a spare bedroom in my apartment that I double as a workout room since the only guest I get is my older sister when she needs to crash after a night out. I hear a knock at my door and walk out to the living room. I open the door and smile when I see Lilian on the other side.

"Hey, I didn't expect you to come here." I say and brush back a sweaty lock of hair from my face. Lilian looks me up and down with wide eyes.

I raise an eyebrow at her silence. "Are you okay?" I ask slowly and curiously. Lilian nods her head a seems to swallow roughly. I let out a light laugh when I realize how dark her eyes are and how they scan my body like she's about to eat me.which she very well might.


I raise my arm to slyly lean against the door jam and smirk at her. "If you want to come inside I'm afraid you might have to say hello to me first." I tease. I am in tight yoga/workout pants and a sports bra. I guess she has a right to be a little wooed by my body. Lilian licks her lips and steps forward.

"Hi." She whispers then cups the back of my neck to pull me into a kiss. I moan against her and part my lips to push my tongue past her her own. I grab her by the waist and tug her inside before closing the door. Her hands find my waist to steady herself as I lead us through the living room to my bedroom.

Lilian's lips break from mine and she pushes me down onto the bed. Her hands eagerly jerk down my pants to expose my thin black thong. Our eyes connect briefly and she moans. The look in her eyes is feral. Suddenly she's down on her knees in front of me and pulling off my panties.

I lift my hips enough for her to take the garment off then raise myself onto my elbows. Warm soft lips encircle my throbbing clit before I can tell her how hot she is. I groan loudly and my head drops back in pleasure.

She hums against me sending a fresh wave of arousal to my pussy and grips the inside of my thighs before spreading me wider apart. My hands find my breasts and I pinch my nipples roughly through the material of my sports bra.

I soon become annoyed with the barrier and push the bra up past my breasts, too lazy to bother taking it all the way off. I lift my head again as my legs twitch in pleasure.

Lilian is stroking my clit with her tongue, slowly but hard, really pressing down on the little bundle of nerves. I watch her head move between my thighs and her fingers dig deeper into my skin.

I gasp when her teeth just barely graze my clit. "Shit- Lilian." I breathe out and tangle my fingers of one hand in her hair. Those blue-green eyes look up at me and my pussy clenches for more. God. This woman is amazing.

My eye flutter closed and my head falls back again. For the first few seconds, she seems to take her time to suck, lick, and even nibble my cunt. But after those first few seconds, she is moaning against me with a ravenous tongue and lips.

My fingers clench and un-clench in her hair every time she moves to my clit, then away from it. My toes drag over her clothed back when she pulls one thigh onto her shoulder. I'm so close to the edge when she decides to pull away.

I gasp for breath. "No, no, no. Don't stop- Lil, I need this. I n-need you to make me cum. Please." I beg with a quiet sob breaking my voice. I have been dying for an orgasm all morning.

And not just any orgasm. An earth shattering, back arching, toe curling orgasm from the one and only Lilian Fairbanks. I NEED HER. There is no doubt about it. Her smile radiates up at me and her hands grip my hips hard. "So, so beautiful." Lilian husks before delving back into my wet folds.

My breath catches and my back arches. A groan pushes past my lips and my fingers produce an iron grip in her hair. Her head bobs between my thighs, teasing and pleasuring my clit just the way I like. Then suddenly her hands are on my breast as well.

I cry out softly at the gentle twists and squeezes on my erect nipples. I feel my orgasm coming closer and fall back against the bed.

Her tongue expertly swirls around my clit as her fingers twist my nipples even harder. I cry out again and pull her mouth harder against me. I'm going to cum. "L-Lil, I'm- Oh!

Fuck! I'm going to cum! Yes! Yes! Yes!" I scream and curl into myself as my orgasm hits. It hits hard. I don't hear anything, only white noise as everything goes black and my body convulses in the waves of climax. I vaguely recognize Lilian's hands running up and down my body in a soothing way and her lips kissing my thighs.

I eventually open my eyes looking up at the ceiling and pant for breath. A kiss pressed to my thigh and I look down at Lilian who is smiling sweetly at me. "Are you okay?" Lilian asks softly and I nod my head just barely. She stands up from her knees and takes off her shirt and pants before laying down with me. She places a soft kiss on my shoulder. "Let's get this off." Lilian whispers and tugs at my sports bra that I had completely forgotten about. I lift myself up enough to take off the bra.

Her lips trail across my chest and her hand rests against my stomach. I link our fingers together and smile.

"Thank you.that was.I needed that.I needed you." I whisper and turn onto my side so I can look into her eyes. Lilian smiles and kisses me softly. I move on top of her giving the blonde slow deep kisses that Lilian eagerly returns. My hand snakes underneath her to unfasten her bra.

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I pull one of the bra cups down to expose her turgid nipple and take the pointed peak into my mouth. Lilian let's out a sigh and closes her eyes. I flick my tongue over her nipple before switching to her other breast. The hand not holding myself up pulls down the bra around her to toss it to the floor.

I glance up at her then kiss down her taut stomach and graze my tongue over her skin. Her thighs pull up toward herself and I nibble at her through her panties. A whimper makes me smile just slightly and I tease her throbbing bud with my tongue.

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A moan replies. Her hand slides into my hair and pulls gently, just enough to get my attention. I look up at her and she leads me back up her body. Her lips crash against mine and her other hand pushes down her panties. "Touch me." Lilian whispers against my lips. I do as she says. My hand slides between her thighs and my lips lead hers in a passionate kiss. Everything feels like we're in slow motion. Her hands run up and down my back as I push two fingers inside of her pussy. She's oddly quiet tonight.

Soft whimpers and sighs sound next to my ear. Suddenly she is clawing at my back whispering how she loves my fingers, my lips, my pussy. It spurs me on. I fuck her deeper, harder, faster. Anything and everything to give her pleasure.

Her breath catches when I crush my heel against her clit. I push up onto my elbow so I'm not suffocating her and look down into her eyes. "Lilian." I breathe out and her eyes open in that sexy droop of pleasure. My heart flutters in my chest at the desperate look in her eyes. Then her eyes shut tight and her back arches high. I kiss her chest and neck as my fingers continue to drill into her. That's when she gets loud. Her beautiful voice cries out my name multiple times as she writhes underneath me.

I only stop when I see a tear slip from the corner of her eye toward the end of her second orgasm. I take my fingers away and brush back sweaty hair matted to her forehead. "Are you okay?" I breathe out in concern that I was hurting her. Lilian, still panting for breath, nods her head. "Yes.I.I just feel so much for you Ally." Lilian whispers and opens her eyes. She searches my face for a reaction with vulnerable eyes. I smile softly and kiss her lips.

"I feel the same.could we talk in the morning?" I ask, already feeling the exhaustion hitting me from all of our actions. Lilian smiles and nods her head. She leads me down next to her and I curl into her side.

Within minutes we are both fast asleep. ******************** I probably won't do a third story unless it is really asked for but I hope everyone enjoyed this story! Stay tuned for more and don't forget to vote and comment below! Thank you!