Debbie Johnson BBC Breeding slut Plenty of milk for my black baby

Debbie Johnson BBC Breeding slut Plenty of milk for my black baby
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I'm wide open to criticism, this is semi-based off of actual events that happened in my life. The names are modified but most of this actually happened in the exact description. Catholic High School has always been a place of naughty sex stories, and I'd like to contribute. The years I spent in it were some of the best of my life, because as ironic as it was that I was in Catholic High School, God had blessed me with a 10 inch cock that the girls loved.

I lost my virginity freshman year, and this part of the story will be about that great experience. The girl? Brinley Lynch, the hottest piece of volleyball ass in the freshman class: The beginning of High School was an easy ride for me, I became #1 in my class really quick, and that's how the not-so-smart girls got to notice me. Coincidentally, these girls were also some of the hottest ones that loved to pull those tight khaki shorts up as high as they could without being yelled at.

Back then, I was about 5' 8", 165 pounds, and I had the same hair I have today, curly brown, with green eyes.

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So I wasn't the hottest guy in school of course, but I did what I could. I still hadn't had a real "girlfriend" per say; me and one girl went out on a date in 8th grade but that never amounted to anything.

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I played punter for Varsity Football that year, and I occasionally did kickoffs. Ironically, I made the first touchdown of the season when coach had me do a fake punt run.

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That's what kind of got me more popular, and the girls started to talk to me much more. The first one was Brinley Lynch, also a freshman who got onto Varsity Volleyball that year and was pretty good. She was just a few months younger than I, but she was a total knockout.

She had long brown hair and brown eyes, pretty tall, small A Cup tits, and the best ass I had ever seen. I loved that in most classes I sat behind her, because she always seemed to jut out her ass against the desk bars between the chair and the back; many times I simply asked to go to the bathroom to shoot a huge load thinking about that.

I would go to the volleyball games and sit kind of to the side just to see her bend over in that tight spandex.

One day after school, she came up to me to talk: "Hey Ben, whats up?" "Nothing, you?" "Not much, I was wondering if you could help me with something though." "Yeah sure, what is it?" "Well you know that homework Deschaine gave us about Egypt? I like need to do good on it and I suck at History so could you help me with it today?" "' 'Course." "Oh great! Here you can walk with me my house is only a few blocks away." So we walked over to her house, and it seemed like she was moving her hips quite a lot on purpose, so it really showed off how nice her ass was.

Once we got to her place, we sat down in her living room and I began to explain to her basically what the homework was asking about and how she can find it in the book. I also noticed that her parents weren't home. She sat kind of close to me and I could've sworn she put on perfume that was designed to turn on a guy. After I was done explaining to her what she needed to know, she started to talk: "Thanks for all this, now can I ask you a question?" "Yeah." "When you get up sometimes in McMahon's looks like you're really flustered and are trying to hide something.and it looks big." I was shocked at what she said and I just stuttered.

Then she said something that I would never forget for the rest of my life: "Can I see it?" My jaw dropped, and she giggled a ton, then reached down and took off my belt.

She unbuttoned the button on my shorts and pulled them down.


I couldn't believe what was happening to me. She felt my cock through the fabric and smiled. "Mmmmm, it feels nice." She pulled down my boxers and gasped softly, she could tell my cock wasn't even hard but it was already 5 inches. "How the.That isn't real!!!" I laughed softly and rubbed her head, her hair smelled so nice and was so soft.

She looked up at me and smiled, then got on her feet and took her top off, and I discovered she wasn't wearing a bra. Her A Cups were so perfect its hard to describe, they were so firm she didn't even need a bra. I started to squeeze them as she pulled her shorts and panties down, revealing her small trimmed pussy that look amazingly tight. She took my shirt off, then got down on her knees and started to rub my cock. Soon, it was fully hard at 10 inches and I could tell she was a little scared about it.

"This is so big oh my god. It is not going to fit I swear." I laughed as she started to stroke it softly, I felt like I was in heaven. Suddenly she took it into her mouth and I arched my head back in pure pleasure. Her little mouth only got a bit down, then I pushed her head down and got about 8 inches inside of it.

I could feel it against the back of her throat and just seeing that sexy face with those brown eyes almost sent me over the edge.

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I think she could feel it pulsing in her mouth so she quickly took it out. She ran back to her room and came back with a condom that she put on, then she stood up and slowly sat down on it with her pussy. I felt her hymen break, and for a second she stopped because of the pain, but she then continued and slowly went up and down on it.

Her pussy was so wet and tight I couldn't believe it, but I was looking forward to her ass mostly. As she went up and down I met her hips with mine and soon I hit her G-spot. This made her scream and moan at the top of her lungs in pure pleasure and I tried to thrust into her faster. The image was unreal: my big cock could barely fit in her tight pussy and her tits were so firm that they didn't move an inch as we fucked.

After a while we changed positions and started fucking standing up, and it was amazing. I was going faster than I ever thought I could go and her pussy was still clenching around my cock. Soon, we both had earth shattering orgasms and fell back down onto the couch. She fell on top of me with my cock still inside of her and she gave me a sexy grin. "mmm that was so nice." She then flipped over doggy style onto the and asked me to fuck her ass.

I wanted to make sure I that it didn't hurt, but at the same time my male instincts took over and told me to: "POUND THAT ASS." Her tight and white jailbait bubble butt was thrust up higher towards me, and I shoved my cock deep into her asshole. She screamed and teared up at first in pain, but soon she was moaning so loud I was afraid her neighbors would hear.

She rubbed her pussy at the same time and was giving me the sexiest look I had ever seen. Soon my cock couldn't take the tightness anymore and I shot another load.

After we rested for a minute she took the condom off my cock and started to suck my rod again like a pro. She licked the shaft while it was in her mouth, and I barely lasted 3 minutes, so I pulled it out then shot another massive load all over her face that coated her in cum.

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She wiped her eyes clean and used her fingers to take all of the cum into her mouth, and she ate it up. We fell asleep for a little bit, then I had to go home but promised to be back for more. A few months went by and Brinley and I fucked quite often with her after school at her place because her parents worked late.

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I brought her home to meet my parents and they loved her of course because she was the tall sweet Catholic School girl that you could never hate. One problem we ran into was being horny at school, and until one day freshman year we could deal with it. It was a cold winter day, and of course there was no snow, and just tons of ice and freezing rain. Even though it had only been a few months since we fucked the first time, I had noticed that her boobs had gotten slightly larger, as she was obviously wearing bigger B Cups.

She came up to me after 4th period and told me to follow her instead of going to lunch. She took us to the guys bathroom in the empty new building, saw that it was clear, then pulled me in. Once inside I was shocked to see her best friend Brooke Donovan in there too. Brooke was also extremely hot, and I loved it when her and the dance team performed at school; that flexibility created some of my wildest fantasies.

She was pretty short, about 5' 3", had A Cups, thin, short brown hair and blue eyes. But like almost every Catholic School Girl, her ass was her best feature.

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"Allright Ben, Brooke and I were talking about the fun we have and she doesn't believe that your cock is that big, show her. I was kind of stunned for a second, but then I decided what the hell, so I pulled my shorts down and whipped out my cock, which had already started to get hard and was at 8 inches. She gasped and covered her mouth. "Holy shit you weren't kidding." She stared at it in awe for a minute, having never even seen a cock in person before but knew that not many were that big at our age.Obviously Brooke was a curious virgin, so she got down on her knees and started to rub it.

She seemed to like how long and warm it was. She kept stroking it slowly then took it in her mouth as Brinley got it down on next to her and licked it with her. They really seemed to just want to eat it, and ironically Brooke bit down on it lightly every once and awhile. Meanwhile Brinley had stopped licking it and had taken Brooke's shirt off and had been sucking her nipples perky hard nipples. I really didn't think she was bisexual, she was just really horny.

After a while Brooke stood up, lifted her skirt up and showed me her tight ass. It looked almost as good as Brinleys, and she moved her thong away to reveal a fairly trimmed pussy that looked very good. Brooke was obviously a virgin and trembled a ton as she got down in doggy style, but I assured her it would be fine and slowly I put my cock inside of her. Once I had taken her virginity she had to wait a few minutes to continue but then really started to enjoy it.

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My cock was going very deep inside of her, and I could tell it was basically ripping her apart. Meanwhile Brinley had shoved her pussy in Brooke's face, which she ate out greedily. I felt the cumming sensation going through my cock and I told Brooke, who said she wasn't on the pill, so I pulled out and kept jerking away as she turned around and stuck her tongue out.

My cum shot on her face and I got most in her mouth, which she immediately swallowed. Brinley helped her lick off the rest, and as we got finished dressing the bell rang. "Dang Brinley you are so fucking lucky. I'm going home with you two for sure," said Brooke. Later at Brinley's house we had just finished stripping off and the two girls got down and started to lick my cock really slowly.

Their two tongues went up and down my shaft, then the two of them alternated sucking it and licking it.


The sight of their two hot jailbait faces sucking my cock drove me over the edge and I shot a huge load when Brooke had it in her mouth and she kept it in, then gave Brinley a cum-filled kiss.

After the two had gotten an equal amount of cum in their mouths they swallowed it and then they forced me down onto the bed. Brinley stuck her pussy in my face, which i greedily licked, then Brooke decided to take another round of my cock. I felt Brooke's heat slowly descend on my rod, and suddenly she went down quickly and she fucked like a pro.

She had two orgasms herself while I was still fine, so we decided to try something else. The girls 69ed each other while I took my cock and shoved it up Brooke's ass really hard, she cried in pain at first but soon started screaming in pleasure. Eventually I filled her tight asshole up with my cum then Brinley told me that she WAS on the pill finally, so I wasted no time in getting her in the doggy position and shoving my rod into her pussy.

Meanwhile, Brooke had put her pussy in Brinley's face, who licked it very nicely. Brinley's pussy hadn't changed a bit since we had first fucked, and was still very tight. That, combined with the two girls moaning and the pure passion that was going through the three of us caused me to cum again, this time deep inside Brinley's pussy.

Since we had first fucked she had been trying to get birth control pills without her mother knowing and had finally succeeded.The cum oozed out of her pussy, and she had Brooke come over to get it all in her mouth, then they decided to share another hot cum-kiss, swallowing little amounts at a time.

We all layed down next to each other, occasionaly fingering or fucking for the next couple of hours until Brooke and I left. This hot ordeal continued throughout Freshman Year and the stories about me grew, and soon I had many girls wanting my cock.

But that will have to wait till Sophomore Year.