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To my readers - the stories of Charity take place in a world based on Dungeons and Dragons style of magic and creatures; come and see the ongoing struggles of the cat-gril called Charity and the suprising twists and turns her love for a human magician continues to take. ************************************************************** ************************************************************** Three weeks remain until the Academy ball commences.

The last preparations are being made with frantic speed to make sure everything goes right. The Great Hall where it is to happen is the scene of chaos somehow made manageable. Orders are shouted only to meet with rapid counter orders and changes back again; chefs and their staffs go over the final menus for any last minute problems, as wine and spirits are brought in from across all points of the known cosmos.

At the heart of all this is the mix of rumors, gossip, innuendo, and outright vicious slander focused upon one in particular the new headmistress Charity. Paid agents in the employ of Master Fox-glove and others who seek to cause chaos and pressure spread the most vicious and slanderous possible. In addition, these agents spread the story of the one seeking revenge on Charity and the Chancellor, while holding up Fox-glove as an innocent victim for the building wrath of the Chancellors faction.

Many fear there will be a short and vicious war within the Academy; as to who will emerge victorious from it only the Fates can honestly declare. Even the most anxious to see a full-scale spell battle are reminded of the power the Chancellor commands; and how entire mountain ranges perish when he is brought to a normal and controlled rage…the only time he is believed to have unleashed his full wrath the continent of Atlantis fell into the sea.

****************************************** ****************************************** Walking along with the Chancellor Charity just shakes her head in bemusement at so many changes coming in her life; she feels lost and now at the mercy of events greater than she can deal with. Patches, his scales an ever shifting flow of colors and patterns is discussing with the little field mouse of the Chancellor just called Mouse on the ethical implications of Mouse using charmed cats as riding mounts; curious as in this case they are discussing such while on the back of a massive Bengal Tiger.

She understands each and every part of their discussion, as clearly as if speaking to her beloved or anyone else. One more gift among so many yet to be explored from the transformation she has undergone; solving the last of the nine mysteries has, among other things, gifted her with the ability to assume many shapes and to understand any language spoken, written, signed, or pantomimed.

The nine mysteries a hidden series of tests on the academy grounds; crack all of them while avoiding over a thousand or so horrendous deaths and you are acknowledged a Headmaster, (or Headmistress in her case due to being female) of the school. Curiosity got the better of this cat-girl alright; now I have responsibilities I honestly doubt I can handle. So much stress has she been under the last week, learning the new duties of her position, meeting more people than she can name, the trivial little cliques demanding she support 'their ideal way of how things must be done' over this or that rival band.

Her stomach has been the clearest sign of this stress; for the last few days she cannot keep anything down, even a random smell makes her want to heave.

Now though, her beloved Chancellor is taking her to meet with the first set of students she will have to train and be responsible for. "Honestly do I need to go through with this meeting?' she asked. "Charity, please listen to me" the Chancellor says to her "You are an asset we need here at the Academy.

You and you alone among all of us command the skill and knowledge of both the magical arts and the psyche arts known as Psionic's. This combination is a field we need to explore and develop, even if the total students you have actually will be few. Besides it turns out your first three students have already advanced in the magical studies; it is in the mental areas again, those you alone are a master of, that need to be honed." He continues on about the Fox brothers, the three beings so identical in mannerism and habit, even to the point of speaking in unison, monotone voice when addressing anyone.

Right now the only thing on Charities mind is to decide a simple question how can she get her stomach to settle down from this queasy feeling. She realizes the Chancellor has been speaking for some time about who knows what she is unsure. He seems not to have noticed her lack of attention; a true professor and teacher to the end, oblivious to all else when he is expounding his hard earned wisdom onto ears deserving it. Momentarily she retreats into her mind, channeling her mental energy into her abdomen to settle down the nerves and churning for a time.

Returning back to the world around her, a look of impish humor crosses her face. "…now then my girl," drones on the Chancellor, "As you are my second in command at the school, you alone, as with Pele, answer to me.

I realized long ago many of my own blind spots and thus have Pele and many others as the 'hidden aces' who act independently when the need arises. So it is that I envision this new group of the masters of psionic's and magic a group able to respond to unique situations and deal with them as needed…OUCH!" The abrupt pinch on his posterior causes his sudden silence as he looks about for the offending insect.

Looking around he sees nothing that could have bitten him. Even Mouse, Patches and their tiger mount look at him in a manner of 'what happened' due to his sudden outburst. Rolling his eyes upward and shaking his head he turns to Charity, the obvious source of his discomfort. Oh what a vision she is presenting for him: her lips encompass one finger which she slowly sucks upon. Those wonderful eyes have become half-covered pools of sensuality.

Looking up to her ears, arched forward and down, he knows this means she wants something else than a meeting just now and he cannot agree more.

The two come together in a crushing embrace, kisses rapid and burning with unbridled passion for each other; they honestly do not care if anyone sees them together. "To blazes with the meeting for a bit," he said to her as his hand slipped under her blouse and vest. "Let them wait for once&hellip." With a quick spell the Chancellor causes the tips of his fingers to become slightly chilled; causing Charity to give a shudder and girlish peal of delight as he finds her breast.

He feels the nipple swelling to its firm and full potential; gently his hand caresses it along the top, side and beneath, taking delight in the firm, soft, and heated textures and feelings. As they deepen into the dance of seduction, he feels her press cheek-to-cheek nuzzling and stroking in a manner that leaves him wondering if steam is coming out of his ears; such is the heady desire she inspires, that scent of the cinnamon lotus, her own scents and soft breath flowing together and pushing his brain into libido driven overdrive.

Fast work exposes her one breast to the air, and he bends down, enfolding the nipple with his mouth and tongue. Swirling and teasing it, he feels her soft shudders, arms sweeping about his head to hold him in place and her breath becoming quickened. Working his way upward he encompasses the kisses to her neck as both hands go to her lower back, touching just so the tender centers of pleasure he knows.

He feels in his own mind the psychic link, a form of telepathy, she wants to establish; this link allows the two to share in the emotions, sensations, and passions of one another. As he allows her in, her head comes to rest upon his shoulder, body conforming to his own, arms embracing him in a crushing bear hug. Her body shudders in a building cycle of erotic bliss; as happens at times like this he feels her psychic link mind to mind telepathy swirl into his brain.

Swirling patterns of emotions come through as flashes of light, colors and patterns; to one now understanding it he is able to move just a bit here and there, bringing he to more and more levels of bliss.

Oh how wonderful his life is since she came fully into it, and he into hers. He reaches up with lips pressing to her one ear, nibbling on it lightly and once again driving her wild in a completely new direction.

"Don't you dare stop!" Her words echo in his thoughts; feelings of burning, yearning passion boil to his mind from her own.


He feels her hand slide away from the embrace and down his back to his thigh, then gently ease into his pants. A moment later he also feels the burning, white hot forge fires of his own passion as she goes to work; each movement, each tease, each touch sending one feeling building on top of the next, until he feels as if his eyes will glow with flames as smoke comes out of his ears.

When she raises one leg to rub against his thigh, he abandons all rational thought and plunges in head first to the wildest feelings of rapturous bliss a being can know. Running one hand up her leg and under her flowing skirt, he feels the silky fabric of her undergarments. He feels her fires reaching a culmination point as his fingers slip under them, seeking that most gentle, tender and bliss inducing spot.

"Don't stop, for anything don't stop!" Her wild roar of animalistic passion fills each part of his mind, a echo as in a large canyon, dancing here and there long after the cry is released. Then there is the momentary confusion as he ceases all action; his own rage building up as, once again, they are interrupted. Her head pounds softly in frustration on his shoulder at this latest intrusion.

====== Charity looks over at the newest of distractions, wondering what has again interrupted their chances for passion. This time though, the Chancellor has every right to have his rage brewing, alert as ever for any new danger that is around them. Mouse and his tiger hold deathly still, while Patches rears, forepaws glowing with icy blue mist magic that is capable of harming the incorporeal undead such as ghosts and specters.

His eyes glow like molten metal about to be cast, ice blue sweeps over his body, shifting in patterns and swirls as he readies to protect his lifelong companion Charity. Six ghostly warriors come into view about them, guardian spirits of the Academy who defend it according to rules not even the Chancellor understands.

Often the appearance of one means stark danger, now six are here at once. "Change is at hand" they declare in one voice, the whispering echoes of the grave mixing with the infinite cold of doom and despair "The one who seeks to be king will move soon to eliminate the Queen, and the one who is to be Queen as well.

The standing King is to be taken at the ball, where many shall take their final fall. One who is a master soon will be he who is not, prepares the whispers of the darkness for the lot." Their message delivered, they slowly fade away from sight, leaving both Charity and the Chancellor wondering what else is going to happen and how soon?

"Charity," he says while taking her hand in his and heading down the hall again, "you need to meet with the Fox brothers your new students. Somehow I fear you and they will face challenges we other mages cannot defeat on our own. Our enemy, the one Pele calls Dominique, appears to have not heeded her warning after all." ******************************************* Master Aden stands next to a complex pattern of designs etched into the classroom floor.

Each is a magical set of symbols to hold and confine beings of enormous power and danger set in gold, silver and powdered gems. Eight sets of eight is the total count connected together by a series of vines and flower patterns around them. He explains again the necessity for each symbol to be perfect by describing the "list of 1200 most common demises the failed conjurer will encounter." One Journeymen assisting today prepares his mind and body for the difficult calling today's demonstration will demand of him.

Ruthlessly he shoves all thoughts and concerns out of his mind, severing each and all that may distract him for a lethal moment when dealing with the entity he means to call from the depths of the netherworld.

He waits for the signal of his teacher to commence; then it will come down to a contest of iron will against the inhumane evil of the entity. "Class this set of symbols has already been tested by many today so we can be reasonably assured that if there is an accident only our esteemed college here will be the one devoured or eradicated." Mater Aden's smile and pat on the shoulder lets the Journeyman know the statement is to relieve the building tension among the students.

As directed he commences casting the spell; his call ringing out across the cosmos to the desired creature demanding its attention and appearance. One by one the symbols flare in blue, red, white and green fires, until all radiate the same. All feel the pulsation as a door between here and there opens, allowing the creature to step through into their classroom culminating in a dark and wicked cloud of smoke hiding from the entire creature… A creature of such malevolence that the very presence in this world causes reality to groan and moan; yet the Journeyman looks to the Master with clear and present alarm.

Something has gone wrong as he has no control over the entity conjured. Master Aden just shakes his head with a fist clenched upon it in disbelief. He simply states to everyone between chuckles, "As you can see there is always a chance of things going wrong." There in the dissipating smoke is TWO beings, one a clearly human lady topless and having her well endowed boson being so aroused by her companions loving mouth upon it; hands encompass the back of his head to keep him in place while her eyes are fluttering and dreamy with the exquisite sensations flooding her brain.

The class watches as her head leans downward, lips puckering and tongue licking along them as her breath comes in tight gasps. One arm of her companion encircles her lower back, supporting her upright as she sways in heavenly bliss as his other is down inside her flowing skirt, tickling that one spot all women have that gives the most sensuous of erotic sensations like lightning blazing across the sky!!!

When she becomes aware slightly of her surroundings the blush of heat on her cheeks becomes the red of clear and absolute embarrassment. Yet so into the moment is her companion he will not acknowledge her calls to get him back to the here and now. It takes a moment of her tapping his head with a fist to make him look up at her face and then follow her pointing finger to everyone about.

Swiftly he covers up her bared form with his cloak. "My most precious love," he states with a Cheshire grin on his face, "if you so desired an audience for our intimate encounters you only needed to say so; now this I will admit is a first, normally we go to such shows, yet once again the sheer bliss you experience carries us to a place again where we can offer proper instruction in the erotic arts of love to these gentlemen here." Cheers and wolf whistles erupt as even Aden cannot help but laugh with a rueful expression at this ones mirth in the face of embarrassment.

"ANOTHER cat-folk present in the community; this is getting better and better." In his case, the gentleman with the young lady simply asks of Aden, "Good sir, can you either send us back or show us to a location where we honeymooners may finally at long last consummate our union?" His eyes look so forlorn and filled with mischief at the same time, "It has been twelve long years of courting her, ten more after to get her fathers approval…" His tale of long suffering spun well and for fun continues the amusement of all.

Even Sassa, the young lady and companion of Dancing Tiger joins in. She tells him teasingly that her payback will be spectacular. ====== Finally the day's long, unending, unyielding stream of meetings has come to an end. Meetings with the trio of Fox brothers, her new students; with Pele, Aden, Sheo the true leaders of the school under he Chancellor to discuss the new dire warning given and how it connects with their enemy Dominique. Meeting and more meetings with other Masters, Journeymen, researchers and staff than before; more and more the school appears to be a level of confusion and chaos she just cannot comprehend.

"How do you deal with this utter level of madness and chaos?" she asks Storm Dragon. "Same way as I do Charity, I thought you would have understood by now," he exclaimed.

His warm hands encompass hers gently, the loving expression on his face filled with understanding, concern and comprehension.

How do you deal with this madness? As anyone else does, you take one set of problems at a time, and learn to deal with those that have to be priority first" he chuckles at the look of doubt on her face "without blasting them into another dimension, reducing them to ashes or the usual 1000 or more manners my rather overgrown reputation would have you assume I do on a regular basis." "Charity I do understand, from my own perspective just how maddening this place can be; if you had seen me in my younger days on assuming the Chancellorship over two centuries ago" now that did send her into a peal of laughter, his 'younger' days was when he was only 800 years old "I had an assistant to aid me with these matters until I got a grip, relatively speaking, on the way to deal with them." He taps his lips with one finger while pondering the matter, "Hmm…would you mind an assistant to aid with some of the matters until you are more comfortable in the situation?" "Just one thing though," the iron in his voice makes him cringe, as does the glowing white hot fires contained in her eyes "I know how most 'assistants' have to be dealt with in Academies like this one.

I will bed no man except for you," her finger thumps him in the chest. "Now a woman though…" I will not bed any other man than you; none for you're the only one I want and will have.especially now of all times…" teasingly her finger strokes his cheek, 'a woman though…" Gathering her up into his arms he just looks into those eyes of hers, so deep do they draw him in once again.

Pretending to grunt with the effort of hers, his mischievous grin comes forth on his face. "My dear girl, did you not say you are expecting?

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How many will our family expand to two, four or six? And what shall there names be?" Too late realizing the whole end of their conversation is heard by a gathering of students and staff. Within the hour they know the entire school will be blazing with speculation and rumors. "Well my lady, so long as we are in the area how about we find somewhere more comfortable nearby and practice our skills of lovemaking? Who knows maybe you might become a mother yet again…" He stops upon recalling the daughter she lost so long ago.

"My love it's alright." She pulls herself closer ever so very carefully, so the shift of weight does not drop her to the ground, she kisses him on the cheek affectionately and his desires erupt again as a volcano exploding. She just returns a coy little smile, "Lets go find this location we both so desire.

Besides who says I am not already pregnant? After all I may have been mistaken the other night…" To the end of their days those who remained and heard her last statement will never forget the look of profound consternation on the Chancellors face; unsure if she is serious or just joking once again with Charity no one can ever be sure.

********************************************* ********************************************* In the Great Hall the staff, scholars and students get to see one of the schools rarest of wonders; Headmistress Pele actually dancing and laughing with some visiting courtiers. A trio of Genii Nobles (the kind who can grant wishes for people, under the right conditions) are learning from her the finer art of human dancing; as they will be at the Academy ball along with their liege lord who they have to teach, the scowls on their faces clearly show how much they look forward to that prospect.

If anyone though had the capability to look deeper into the mind of Pele, they would sense the troubles she is now dealing with.

Her thoughts flow from having discovered Dominique in the community, to Charity and the Chancellor, then unto her most recent meeting with Master Sheo the teacher of diplomacy and etiquette here at the Academy. The meeting had not gone well at all, even though she confided such a secret to him; he wanted to know more and thus has paid a high price for his curiosity. As she and the Genii begin a slow waltz, she wonders if he will keep his mind from shattering with what he has seen.

====== From a balcony overlooking the Great Hall, a lone figure watches Pele dance. Unable to see her via any form of magical scrying her heritage grants her near immunity to magic of any kind he has come to eliminate this problem before anything else happens. One hand taps the hand crossbow concealed under his loose vest, where he is keeping it and the ammo that will slay with but a scratch. Normally he would send one of his hired assassins, or even some monster summoned against her; yet as it did happen with the one sent after Charity and the Chancellor, Pele would just defeat them easily as Mystique fell with such ease as to be worthy only of contempt.

No, this time Pele and Charity will fall by his own hand; but first thing is first, he thinks, I need to pay that self pompous flop Fox-glove a visit and see how his "great army" is growing. Not to mention to see how his set of pets that whisper in the night are faring.

********************************************* ********************************************* Sitting alone in his favorite reading room, Master Sheo listens to the crackling and popping of the flames in the fireplace; deep in thought, he recounts each and every moment of this evenings meeting with Headmistress Pele. For one time he wishes his curiosity and natural suspicions of people would have been restrained, that he would not have pressed as far as he did.

Yet with the revelation of the enemy Dominique, and the secret entrusted to him one Pele has not even shared with the Chancellor concerning Charity, he had to be sure. His clenched fists slam repeatedly on the padded arms of his chair, frustration and rage at war with one another. So stunning was this revelation he challenged her veracity of the tale.

Suspicions swept up out of the deepest of recesses from his mind; for one moment he was sure this was actually Dominique before him, using some form of magic to assume the guise of Pele, for the purpose of assassinating him.

Shaking his head in disbelief, he now fully understands just how little chance he, one of the greatest magicians in the Academy, would stand against Dominique let alone Pele if spell battle commenced. He demanded that she let him probe her mind, using a spell of divination that allows him to see and examine each memory to literally walk her life from present on back to the earliest; she had warned him of the price he could wind up paying literally the snapping of his sanity.

"So be it then, I will have these answers one way or another Pele," he said. Casting his spell, one of the most powerful known among the cosmos one that reveals all truths, piercing lies, illusions and disguises at the most basic; nothing is hidden from it, nothing he commenced his probing when her defenses against magic were lowered.

Oh what he discovered! His head drops down into both of his hands, body shaking from the revelations he has seen and understood… How she and Dancing Tiger had teamed up to hunt down Mystique; finally bringing her to bay in a house to the south of the Academy. Each detail of the 'interrogation' of Mystique, of Pele sifting the mind of her one part at a time as one peels and onion; every bit of information gained and the links to the main enemy of the Academy the one called Dominique.

The sheer skill and command of magic Pele has; the utter ruthless manner she uses it when called upon to do so, as with the execution of Mystique the vengeance enacted by the summoned souls of all her victims enacted, and each feeling of Pele who actually enjoyed the spectacle! Her confrontation with Dominique; the images imparted allow Sheo to see and understand the true nature not only of the enemy, but also of Pele and Charity! The family relationship of Pele and Dominique, and thus of Charity as well one fact Pele will not tell the Chancellor or Charity until this is all over.

Figuring the chance that her brother will ignore the warning given, to leave or face his death; she chooses to entrust this secret to one she does trust as much as Storm Dragon. Pele's loyalty to the Chancellor is beyond doubt; he sees and hears the field of battle they engaged upon over 200 years ago, she assuming him to be just another weak willed human an easy target and not worth too much attention or effort only to understand as she lay on the ground, his cane glowing with magical forces all too capable of destroying her, just how bad of a mistake she has made.

"One mistake is all your kind get," the Chancellor said to her, "I should just up and destroy you here and now, yet there is a destiny for you, a chance to find redemption from the darkness you have walked if you so choose." He listens in on the discussions of such topics of morality, ethics, honor, love, justice, peace and the ideals of what is termed 'good.' For years she railed against the oath he got from her; one of service, yet not of a slave or captive, a oath of conduct one that set her on the path to redemption, acceptance and finally the greatest of gifts she treasures peace of mind and conscience.

Despite being warned by Pele he pushed on further, wanting to understand all he could of a being such as she is. He found out her lifespan encompasses not the few decades of most humans, or the centuries elves live. It has encompassed millennia beyond count, from almost the earliest days of existence of the cosmos; for she is a being of super natural origins, not born but having come into existence she was the embodiment of an ideal, given flesh and life to become its champion.

And she was not alone, for with her arose other champions of darkness, ones dedicated to the forces of evil and of law through strength of arms and cunning. One she teamed up with, a brother of sorts called Dominique in the mortal languages, and these two launched wars of epic proportions across time and space, whole worlds fell to their armies of fiends devils and beings of such power even the Chancellor would not be able to stop. One day though she found romance with a ordinary fellow, a male of the cat-folk species; their relationship lasted only one night she executed him the next day on general principles.

A few weeks later she confirmed the fact of her pregnancy and sudden thrill of becoming a mother regarded as impossible for a being such as her. Dominique though was not pleased in the least, becoming more and more confrontational; finally Pele had to flee for the sake of her life and that of her unborn child. Scenes flowed one into another the sudden pains of birth commencing as she fled; subsequently the aid of a midwife helping her deliver a little girl, at that time Pele was in the form of a cat-girl, and the naming of her as Charity.

Soon after are the confusing images of battle being waged, the separation of her from her daughter as she ordered the midwife to flee as Pele held off the forces sent by Dominique to kill her once and for all. After that was the century long search for her daughter, each time coming close and yet only to find she has once again been swept away; such is what led her to the encounter with Storm Dragon. Trembling with utter horror he severed the connection; saved from madness beyond the worst of the worst nightmares capable of being dreamed.

Thus he saves himself from being consumed; by these very images and concepts that he searched through. Such is the being here before him now, she Pele one who is of supernatural origins; a being who once was a champion for darkness, what is termed by most "evil"; until defeated by the Chancellor and struggling into the redemption of what is held to be "good." He looks into the mirror next to his chair, unable to completely fathom the changes that have occurred.

Looking back in the reflection is not the one that he seen this morning, no not by far. His eyes have become pools of absolute black, absorbing all light they encounter. Black windows into eternity, such is the price for knowledge as he has gained. ****************************************** ****************************************** Heading into a little traversed area of the school, the young couple comes to an end of their trip with a series of giggles, whispers, and promises of sweet desires mixed with loving care and concern.

Officially this area has been closed off for over a century, yet most know that it is actually used for romantic trysts among those who desire some privacy in a quiet location. After doing the customary quick looking around to ensure the 'secrecy' of the place, Sassa pushes just so on the wall, opening a sliding panel quietly.


Her companion looks at the entry and then back to her, sheepish grin on his face. "Ah yes, so my young beloved actually has been here many a time; oh and to think I had hoped this would be the first such romance for you" feigning shock and mortification he continues "now I can truly see that I am the innocent one, oh the despair and the…" Clunk.

A quick rap to the top of her head and her stream of giggles shows she is not going to fall for his act in the least.

She does silently concede one fact though; this will be her first time for her to be with a man if her plans come to fulfillment in this room beyond the doorway. Until she had met Dancing Tiger, all hopes for love seemed to be as lost as her failings at using magic.

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Seeing her blushing and hesitation he gently takes her hands into his. "Sassa I do understand, you have not been to bed with anyone before. So this is the way it is: we will do only what you wish to do. Both agree or nothing goes further in the way of making love" his feline hand strokes her cheek "Your first time is infinitely precious and will be when you chose." "My Tiger…" she said abashed.

"You know how we were the other day in the bell tower; you were…you were down on me…" Her head shakes at the remembrance of that thrill he gave to her, aside from the storm, chaos, destruction of the bell tower and the lightning trying to kill them both. Extending his hand as one would to help a royal lady down from a carriage, he proclaims with a slight bow, "As my most precious lady wishes…we will rock the school to its very foundations with the pleasures you shall see today." ====== Oh how much she is coming to love the way he works on her body.

Hands locked behind her arched head, eyes closed and fluttering while lips purse and quiver. Little gasps and squeals accompany shudders and twitches of her body as the back arches and muscles tense then release as passions fire grow and grow.

Her ears lay flat on each side of her cheeks, twitching as well in sequence. Strands of her honey amber hair set with white highlights (she changed it again), flow down past her face to tease him as she feels each peck and impassioned kiss on her neck.

One hand is behind her lower back to give extra support while the second caresses in turn each of her breasts, nipples and pleasurable spots about them.

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He knows just where and how soft of firm to do each one so fast has he learned. And still his magic allows him to use a dozen feathers to tickle and tease her… Each of these animated feathers do their work; ones on abdomen and her sides swirling or stroking in soft rhythm of her bodies motions, others touching or tickling her arms, shoulders, and cheeks.

The occasional brief giggle, chuckle or laughter of delight breaks out especially when one finally… "HMPhhhh-o-o-o-m-m-f-h-h!" She proclaims.

How he got one to pass underneath her remaining garments she does not now know or care, just that it touches her in that special way and place on her womanhood. And it DRIVES HER NUTS with delight. His soft and slightly chill breath on her skin combines with all other sensations to send three massive shuddering spasms of lightning like intensity pleasure roaring unto her brain.

Forward she partially collapses with arms flung across his shoulders, gasps of air coming faster and faster as the shuttering and swaying of body build greater and greater. Her psychic link with him a type of telepathy lets him know completely how successful his efforts are, as he feels and senses the passions peaks and ebbs, flows and currents as she experiences each.

For as long as he can his focus is on pleasuring her until she is ready to go further in their intimacy. Both register faint noises coming from behind a set of shelves filled with junk to serve as a partial blind for the ones in this room having a tryst with a lover.

No warning or concern comes from their companions Patches or Mouse who stand watch by the doorway. Besides which if someone actually watches maybe they can learn a few new things… ====== Dancing Tiger and Sassa quietly take up position on their side of the shelves to observe indeed.

It does not take long for him to correctly establish whom they are watching.

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His look over at where Patches and Mouse stand guard shows them as observant yet non-threatening; so long as he does not start anything stupid. Quickly he puts on his best rakish, Casanova style of expression and extends a hand indicating his lady love. Shortly he and Sassa are watching the song of love being played out between the Chancellor and Charity. Her eyes are wide with wonder, curiosity and anticipation again it is clear this is the first true lovemaking she has ever seen first hand.

Down on her hands and knees she just watches, lips being nibbled on between her teeth and those firm breasts of hers, just large enough for a hand to encompass so gently, hanging down with nipples that are hardened and flush with passionate coloration. Even more euphoric to him he can smell among the mixed scents of the two other lovers body, sweat, and the raw sexuality that of her very own rising to mix in as well. Watching with her for a bit more, he whispers into her ear softly; and receives a nod in return.

Oh how this lady of his fills him with wonder each time they are so close together. In a moment his hand encompasses her inner thigh, raising a fine series of twitches and smothered giggles as hands clasp over her mouth. Easing over to her womanhood the soft whispers of feathery fingertips he uses does their work well…twitching and slight rocking begin; her own breathing turns raspy and shallow. This is how she wants it, so he will do his best…at that thought though he covers her up with his cloak designed to make the wearer impervious to lightning.

Just in case another storm shows up. Down on her elbows now, body swaying to a timing of its own her heat increases in rising waves like tides of a ocean; swift, savage and relentless they take command and commit her onto a course with only one goal…the total satisfaction of a massive release of wondrous erotic sensations. Assuming she survives the upcoming event of her body she longs to find out how it will feel to make love with her Dancing Tiger.

====== Oblivious to the world about them and caught up in each others gaze, the Chancellor sees her dreamy blue green eyes. Off comes his shirt and vest, to be casually dropped by their side; she keeping rhythm with the cycle of feathers teasing her here and there as he tries to undo his britches his own manhood roaring with fire and craving a union with her!

He has waited too long pushing her over the limit yet again…her shuddering form climbing skyward in time to her crushing embrace around his body. Through the shared mind-link he senses her body as one complete being of savage, wild, raw white hot heat and desire; hotter than white glowing molten iron.

All she is able to perceive at this point is the surge to fulfillment and Nirvana to come. So wild, primal and animalistic is her scream he wonders if she has been hurt by his actions.

Twice, thrice, four and five times she hits her climax! Oh such is the excitement he feels the growing electricity in the air, clouds swirling about the little room her orgasmic joy made reality all about them! Back into touch with reality again, smiling like only she can, her forehead taps against his. Giggles of delight and joy titter about the room; save for three things that happen one is the warning cry of Patches and Mouse; second is a raw and primal scream of passion unleashed; and last - a storms fury striking in the room.

====== The Fox brothers arrive in their usual flashes of light and commence to approach the hidden doorway, having been called by both Patches and Mouse. Even in this relatively disused section of the Academy it did not take long for anything unusual to gather a small crowd, whom parts way for them.

From beyond comes the deep and echoing rumble of thunder the smell of lightning strikes and of rain just past.

In unison hands raise up and by a quick gesture the door flies open…revealing a scene of complete chaos and destruction. Furnishing, boxes, remnants of cloth and clothing, and items unrecognizable now lay shattered and scattered about; quickly though all see no one has been injured and the rooms inhabitants give a collective laugh and a coordinated "Oops!" Yet some of the crowd are not pleased for once again they see the cat-girl Charity mixed up still with their own beloved Chancellor; and of all things a human lady WITH ANOTHER cat-folk.

Keeping his cloak firmly about her, Dancing Tiger stands up and turns to the crowd…"My most sincere apologies everyone," he executes the most formal court bow he knows, "Our companions here Sir Patches and Sir mouse were demonstrating for the Headmistress Charity and Chancellor a rare dance called 'the storm' and unfortunately my sneeze brought about the storm quite literally." Such is that rakish expression and sheepish grin many break out in applause and laughter.

Among them are the Headmistress Pele and Masters Aden and Sheo. Those who see the change in Master Sheo's eyes blanch and pull away in horror from the depths of black eternity within. "Now do we have any calls for the next show?" he asked. ====== From the shadows nearby one carefully lines up a hand crossbow with the silhouette of Pele, determined to take out one dangerous opponent while he can.

The setup is perfect; her guard is down completely. Pressure from his finger slowly builds upon the trigger, just a bit more and…no, not now. That blasted little dragon Patches looks upon his direction and warbles softly while shifting colors to a swirl of blues and reds. Quicker than a mortal should have been capable of reacting, Master Sheo whirls, one arm bracing the other at the wrist as his enchanted armband glows with magical doom.

A single, small sphere alight with the colors of blue, green, orange, yellow and violet flies away; with deadly accuracy in the direction of Dominique.

"NO!!!" Dominique howls as he leaps back into the room, assuming the sphere would detonate outside the door and the walls will absorb and deflect most, if not all, of the blast. A moment later he realizes the error he has made, the one mistake combatants cannot afford to do. His eyes widen in horror as he sees the sphere pass THOUGH the wall just as would a ghost in a haunted house. He has time to activate a final defensive magic a contingency that will teleport him away from the area to a safe house within the community of Stars Rift.

Assuming first of all he survives this encounter, for he now sees what the spell sent his way is, one that he has no defense from even his vaunted resistance to magic will do no good now.


Hell has come calling for him today. A swirling, churning maelstrom of blazing fire, preternatural cold, disrupting sound, shattering lightning and deadly acid tear into his body. Pain beyond anything he has ever experienced flows into his being, crashing into his mind and robbing him of all comprehension or rational thought all his world has become is pain.

As the room caves in about him the forces having shattered its structural integrity the magic of his contingency sweeps him away; to supposed safety and a second chance to deal with the Academies mages. ====== One other was watching this impromptu and brief battle from nearby, disappointed that at least either Charity or the Chancellor did not fall. He sees the Masters and Chancellor organizing the hunt for Dominique, indeed Fox glove clearly recognized the being about to shoot at Headmistress Pele.

Why he was shooting at Pele instead of Charity or the others is beyond his ability to understand right now. All that he cares of he has a chance to be free of the influence of Dominique. Holding a small pendant in his hands, he feels the location of its counterpart; long ago he gave a similar one to Dominique for the reason that he could track the pendant, even though the owner could not be found.

Now Master Fox-glove will continue forth on his own; and the school will become his, he the Chancellor and all who have so wronged him will perish in blood and fire at the coming ball. The whispers in the dark continue their telling of knowledge and secrets for him to claim; to continue his physical transformation into something so much greater…to find power unlimited. "Journeymen attend…we have much to do and very little time left…" ****************************************** ****************************************** Later that evening the gathered leadership of the Academy stands around a somber Master Fox-glove.

Next to him, on a litter born by four of his chosen Journeymen is a still smoldering corpse of a human-sized figure.

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He gives out an exasperated and disgusted sigh all can hear as he prepares to say words he would rather choke on first. All of this was happening out in the open, before the gathered crowds in the Grand Hall; a witness to be seen by the masses, and that the pending power struggle is finally over.

Many take great delight in seeing the impending humiliation and degradation of the impetuous and egotistical Master having to grovel in his own failure. "Chancellor Storm Dragon, I admit that this past few months after the…vacation…I unexpectedly received as a weasel has left us at rather differences of opinion in many things. I will, grudgingly admit, you indeed have been very fair and right in leading this school; I stand here to admit my failings and that the whispers of the one whose corpse lay to my side smoldering influenced me to no small degree." He continues on to recount clear and precise no self aggrandizement or acclaims sought as to how he came to observe the attempt on Headmistress Pele's life; one of his own Journeymen recognized a tarot card similar to one Mystique, the now dead assassin, carried and thus he was able to trace it to a hidden safe house.

"The hard part was keeping track of the card itself; for any time we searched with magic to find the attacker directly, no hold on him could be gained it was as if he did not exist at all. Finally we did locate the safe house, entered as a large band and gave battle to him and his minions foul creatures of the living dead and demons fiercer than anything I have seen before." The Chancellor looks to Charity and the Fox Brothers who have been using their mental abilities of psionic's to probe and verify all his claims.

All is exactly as he claims, though a echo of darkness encompasses him; there are secrets he has found and mastered ones no one yet understands or has seen. While he still loathes Charity and the Chancellor, he understands the deck is stacked against him and desire to keep his life is greater than his risking it to lose everything.

"He speaks with veracity." All four speak in perfect synchronization. Her giggles come a moment later at the utter amusement she is having at the consternation of Master Fox-glove. Patches however, just stares with eyes of iridescent fire. The Chancellor declares that there is to be no punishment on Fox-glove carried out as he has admitted the error of his ways and even stopped a deadly enemy.

"However, understand this much clearly Fox-glove; if you do decide to move again for control of the Academy you will face either Charity or ME!

All that will decide this choice is who of us gets to you first I still feel and smell the evil and darkness about your being so heed well and remember I AM THE STORM DRAGON. Risk my wrath at your peril as did the land of Atlantis so long ago." With that Fox-glove departs, entourage following and taking the corpse with them for examination by others at the Academy.

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Only one other sees the subtle gesture made by Headmistress Pele to a figure off in the shadowy edges of the hall which promptly follows after the departing band. Charity just looks over at her and receives a minor wave of 'don't worry about it' back.

====== Wider and wider does the grin of Master Fox-glove become as he and his entourage head back to their area of the Academies basement depths. His new and hidden home right under the noses of them all; soon there shall be rivers of blood of all those who have offended him in any way. Oh how easily things can be accomplished at times.

The Master who is not a master just chuckles and savors the delicious ironies now at hand. Now he will take the queen in style, and her kin. Then shall the board be swept clean in fire and blood at the Academy ball. Even the fool following him further and further into his new lair will not survive; no soon all of this shall be his.

Yet before that both Pele and Charity mother and daughter will perish in a most spectacular style. And should some of his growing army fail; his pets, those who whisper in the dark await. (fin)