My stepsister is sleeping but i wanna abuse and fuck her

My stepsister is sleeping but i wanna abuse and fuck her
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Immanuel Calley wandered through the now dimming streets of Southwark (South London) to his destination.

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His young mistress, a 20 year old named Besany, would be waiting for him and he would have to be back at work in one and a half hours. Ten minutes later he arrived at her flat in Bermondsey, near George Row.

He rang the buzzer and waited for half a heartbeat before she buzzed him in and he made his way up the stairs and into her small flat, which was situated above a bookshop.

She opened the door with a sensual grin moments after he knocked. It was the second time he'd been inside since they had met and this time his mind was not hazy with drugs and alcohol.

Looking around, despite its size, her flat was an appealing and reasonably kept one bedroom. The walls and doors were a plain white colour and the furniture was minimalistic, the walls unadorned and without decoration.

Besany herself was looking fantastic. She had put on some black heels and a set of exquisitely classy, sexy lingerie.

Some dark stockings were linked to a silky garter belt and underneath she wore a beautiful open crotch thong, which was a combo of black and a very dark glossy red.

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She instantly took off her bra, which had matched the open crotch thong in colour. Besany leaned over toward him and unbuttoned Immanuel's black shirt, throwing it carelessly to the floor before grabbing his hand and placing it on her moist vagina.


He rubbed her womanhood roughly and then slower and gentler as she moaned quietly. After a minute or two of rubbing her pussy and focusing on her clit he inserted his fingers.

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One at a time they slid in, until two were in her snatch and Immanuel's pinkie was in her ass. This time she moaned louder as he finger-fucked her like there was no tomorrow.

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Im wondered if her neighbours could here or if somebody was working late in the bookshop and was quietly listening to Immanuel and Besany going at it. His thoughts were interrupted by her taking the initiative and yanking off his belt and pulling down his trousers. His underwear choice was a black and white translucent men's thong, revealing and far from the usual trunks that he would wear under his jeans or suit.

Im's penis was already bulging and throbbing, barely contained by the thong. She proceeded to pull his underwear down and began sucking his penis and licking his balls, kissing him passionately as she did.


After a few minutes of deep-throating him and moaning in between every suck Immanuel picked her up with his strong arms. He carried her to the bed. She climbed on eagerly and parted her smooth tanned Puerto Rican legs. They spooned as they made love, Im thrusting with every last bit of energy he could muster. Besany squealed as he finally went balls deep and she placed her fingers and rubbed on her clitoris as they fucked.

As they carried on Besany pulled out and climbed on top of Immanuel's slim yet ultra-muscled body. Although thinner than most men in their 20s and only average height Immanuel was unusually muscular, extremely toned and quite well endowed.

She lowered herself slowly onto his 8 inch penis and began to ride him aggressively. As she rode him she screamed and moaned in sensual ecstatic pleasure. 'Yes, you are my drug' she cried in ecstasy, then proceeding to kiss him. 'Put some of your fingers in my ass' she moaned softly into his ear as she rode him.

Im entered two fingers and Besany screamed with joy. He fingered her harder and whispered how passionately he wanted her, how he wanted to have sex with her every hour of every day, of all the kinky things he might do to her.

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She began to ride him harder and faster even than before, she had so much energy that she was even putting Im to shame. She rode him so hard and so fast that as though he were some kind of captive, completely subjected to Besany's diktats. Now it was his time to moan harder and faster than normal and after several more minutes of this he blew his load. He ejaculated inside her filling her up with his juice and making her squeal again.

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'Lovely girl' he whispered softly. 'Lovely man' she moaned back, her eyes shut, her mind and body in a world of euphoric emotional and physical sensations. One quarter of an hour later he and Besany were tucked up in bed together spooning and talking about the sex they had just had. 'I'm sorry, but you know I'm gonna have to leave now, I've got to try and get some decent work done'. 'Go on then' she whispered, 'go and dig up a story about those crooks who run the country'.

'Well somebody has to lurk around London exposing the bad guys and I guess it'll have to be me'. 'Go have fun, I know you enjoy it' she replied.

'Not as much as I enjoy being inside of you' he winked, then proceeded to get dressed.

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He slid on his black shirt again and handed Besany £30 in cash pressing it onto her hands. She looked slightly irritated by this, she was no hooker. 'I know you could do with a little cash, get some food for the next few days, maybe some wine for when we next meet. I'll phone you in the morning sweetheart'.

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Besany slipped into a silky gown and kissed him, before leading him to the door and on his way. He headed north to meet with Daria and Susan from the editorial board, the pair were a married couple who along with Im were in charge of a small newspaper named the Jacobin Inquirer.


They would be in Westminster outside the Department for Social Security observing the protests against the new stealth cuts to welfare. The current government, the first ever Liberal Democrat majority, had attempted to implement cuts via the backdoor.

Leaving the abode of his sexy little Puerto Rican minx was enough to instantly dampen his spirits.