Amazing footjob session with a delicious babe

Amazing footjob session with a delicious babe
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The following stories will be various fantasies that my girlfriend and I happen to share and enjoy. I probably won't pay attention to any requests, but by all means feel free to make them.

I know some people love to make futile gestures. If you don't like the content then feel free to hurl all the abuse you want at me, although let's be honest nobody is holding a gun to your head and forcing you to read, now are they? That being said, time for me to begin. ***** Kellin lay on his bed in a perfectly normal, albeit sparsely decorated, suburban bedroom. Running his hands through his thick, dark brown hair a small smile appeared on his rugged yet plain face.

With the exception of his height a full six feet and three inches when he remembered not to slouch - he had no real distinguishing features. He was mildly overweight but not overly so. One of the things he did have going for him, however, was his voice.

Some thought of it as smooth, others rough but one thing that most people were able to agree on was that it was very deep and extremely sexy. Hip-hop music blared from his speakers as he texted his girlfriend Alice. Alice was of Arabic descent, and was known for turning more than her fair share of heads. Her body was arguably comparable to Kim Kardashian a more than ample booty coupled with a slim waist and larger than average breasts.

But the best things about her happened above the neck. Her hair was reminiscent of most shampoo adverts long, bouncy and incredibly shiny while her face was both angular and the very image of perfection. All things considered she was well out of Kellin's league but something about his joie d'vivre had attracted her to him almost from the moment she laid eyes on him.

The topic of discussion was the previous day's fun and revelry at a local water park. As the young couple spent the day hand in hand walking around Wally's Wet Wonderland on the incredibly rare sunny day Kellin's temper slowly rose. Far too many males had been staring at his woman as they walked from ride to ride. Something about the male brain seemed to cause most of the masculine patrons to turn their heads when Alice walked by in a tight bikini sporting a body that would cause even Sir Mix-A-Lot to hold his breath and Kellin's jealousy centre went into overdrive.

A large part of him wanted to take her home and lock her in a dungeon where no other male could ever stare at him again but he knew that he was being unreasonable. It certainly wasn't Alice's fault that she was so eerily reminiscent of a Middle-Eastern Aphrodite; in fact she appeared to not even notice so wrapped up in the amazing time she was having.

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Although she may have looked innocent and meek the 16 year old was far from it she absolutely adored anything even remotely dangerous and the thrill of the tallest kamikaze ride anywhere in the surrounding area was too much for her to handle. After a few hours, however, the constant walks up incredibly high steps was causing her to tire and falter so she turned to her beau and asked to leave.

Kellin would move heaven and earth for his woman and so he naturally agreed, but when they reached the changing rooms as he tried to separate himself and go to the men's changing room he felt a hand tug him, and the next thing he knew Alice had pulled him into the women's one.

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She hurriedly pulled him into the cubicle that he had rented for her at the start of the day and before he was able to open his mouth to enquire as to what was going on he had a finger pressed on his lips the universal symbol for shh.

The quizzical look on his face only deepened when she dropped to her knees and in one fell swoop had his trunks around his ankles. Realisation of what she had planned came to him as he felt a hand become encircled around most of his considerable girth and the look of bemusement quickly became a very eager grin. Alice began to rub his cock to hardness, and as soon as her work began to pay off the hand was removed and replaced with a tongue that worked its way all over his nine inch length, licking every square inch of cock.

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Her deft tongue soon retreated down to his balls and she slipped one in her mouth, sucking softly and then replaced it with the other. After this she kissed her way back up his length and encircled the head of his cock with her mouth, slowly sliding four inches in while using her hand to work the base of his prick. Kellin softly groaned in pleasure, earning a harsh look from his lady love and he realised that nothing less than silence would be expected.

He was tempted to groan again as she pulled her head back and ran her tongue over the head but was just able to keep himself silent as her sucking and licking took him to new heights. In almost no time at all Kellin felt an orgasm approach and as he tried to hold Alice's head in place she slapped his hand away, standing up and whispering in his ear that he was expected to return the favour before he would be permitted to cum. Excited by the order Kellin made her sit down on the cubicle's seat, then peeled her bikini bottoms away from her.

He quickly got onto his knees and spread her legs, then kissed her clitoris softly. Wrapping his lips around it he began to suck, gently licking her clit as he did so. He soon found himself desperate for a better taste though, and so he moved his head down more and began to lick up and down her slit, enjoying the taste of her feminine juices.

He looked up while licking and knew that she was desperate to make a moan, but was forcing herself to stay silent so he kicked it into overdrive. Kellin began to flick his tongue in and out of Alice's delectable pussy at high speed, loving both the taste and the reaction he earned. She grabbed two fistfuls of his thick brown hair and began to softly tug a solid indication of a job well done. Kellin was desperate to make her cum and began to lap at her harder and faster. He then began to flick his tongue rapidly from side to side as he moved his head up and down, effectively zigzagging all over her pussy.

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Alice wrapped her legs around his head and squeezed as her juices flooded from her special place at a high place, causing Kellin to lap as much as possible to keep from being suffocating, although he also adored the taste. Her legs finally stopped applying that incredible pressure and he was able to stand, kissing her passionately on the lips before picking her up and pressing her against the cubicle door.

He wrapped her legs around his waist and then aligned his cock with her pussy before thrusting in slowly. As he entered her he placed his lips on her neck and softly sucked, nibbling gently too.


He began to move his hips a little faster, although by no means could it be considered a hard fucking. Instead they were gently making love, the thrill of being in a location where they could very easily be caught making it all the sweeter. Soon, however, he felt her lips against his ear and the faintly whispered request to go faster, so Kellin picked up the pace and began to thrust in and out of her tight pussy at a faster rate.

This time the pleasure was too much for Alice and she let out a soft squeal so he had to cover her lips with his own to drown out the sound. As his long, hard cock thrust in and out of her incredible pussy he reached his hands up and released her momentous breasts from the cruel confines of her bikini top.

He began to squeeze and caress them, rubbing them softly with his large hands. He then pinched both of her perfect nipples, softly twisting and pulling at them, all the while thrusting his cock harder and faster into her. He felt her moan into his lips, grateful that he was able to effectively mute her with his mouth, continuing to fuck her as if his life depended on it.

Unfortunately his legs soon began to tire, but unwilling to let their time end on such an unsatisfactory note Alice felt that the right thing to do would be to let him sit on the seat and ride him like a stud horse. Alice started slowly, just as he had done, content to just enjoy the ride and let it last as long as possible, but the hard cock inside her soon caused her to forget all about the meaning of the word inhibitions. She rolled her hips around and around in circles on her favourite cock and again felt the temptation to moan so she leaned forward and kissed Kellin, squealing into his mouth.

She absolutely HAD to bounce up and down on his cock and when he rubbed against her g-spot she absolutely loved it, losing even more of her remaining inhibitions. At this point she was desperate to moan his name, but knew that it would be a bad idea. Holding back the moans, she bounced faster and faster, loving the way he filled her. This movement soon began to be too much and as she raked her fingernails across his chest she began to cum, her pussy tightening on his cock as the juices flowed out of her most private of spots.

This increased pressure was also too much for Kellin to bear and he came too, painting the walls of her pussy with his seed. Panting hard, he held her close to his chest and gave her a warm, loving hug, but his minx wasn't done yet.

Standing up and stepping away, Alice got back onto her knees and took his deflating cock into her mouth, slowly licking their mixed juices off him in an attempt to clean her boyfriend up.


Her task finally complete, she licked her lips and got dressed, then when they walked out together waited for him to get changed too. Hand in hand they left the theme park, thoroughly happy and having enjoyed their day together.

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***** Hope you all liked that it is actually my first story, sorry it's a bit too short. I said I wouldn't pay attention to suggestions but the one caveat is that I am always open to comments both good and bad about my technique.

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Please tell me what you like and don't like about my writing style, I'm always open to advice.