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Beautiful European Lesbians With Toys
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Brenda knew she was in trouble. As she walked to her car, her fingers trembled as she reached for her car keys. As she pressed the button to unlock the power locks to her car, she wondered how bad it would be. Brenda felt an uneasy feeling deep within her stomach. She had been a terribly naughty girl and knew she was going to have to pay a heavy price. As she put her car in reverse and backed out of the narrow parking spot, Brenda felt a small stream of cum trickle from her pussy.

Not more than 20 minutes earlier, Brenda had been in absolute ecstasy. Mixed emotions flooded her mind. Pleasure, contentment, fulfillment, fear, guilt, shame: all intense emotions that made her mind spin with uncertainty. Brenda knew there was no way to hide this indiscretion and she wondered how she had gotten herself into this ordeal. She knew&hellip.

Brenda had met Jeff three weeks ago Friday when her and her friends had gone clubbing. The four of them loved to get dressed up and hit one of several hot spots in town. They would laugh and joke with each other about never having to spend money when they went out; without trying, guys would always offer to buy their drinks. That Saturday night started out uneventfully. The girls were sitting at a table next to the dance floor when Brenda noticed him.

She certainly wasn't one who usually initiated conversations with guys. Brenda remembers him standing against the wall and she was unable to stop staring at him. He stood about 5' 10" and she guessed he weighed around 200lbs.

His black hair was cut short, almost a flat-top. He was dressed in a pair of baggy jeans and a skin-tight black shirt. His arms&hellip.she could not stop staring at his arms as his biceps were outlined by a thick bulging vein down the outside of his arms. Brenda was mesmerized by his long fingers and muscular forearms.

As she gazed at this handsome stranger, Brenda sat in disbelief as she looked up at his face and realized he was looking directly at her. She immediately began to blush and giggled to herself. Without thinking, her eyes immediately fell to the drink in front of her as she found herself trying to re-engage in the conversation with her friends.

Although she had not been paying attention, she tried to play it off and shook her head in agreement.


"How long had he seen me staring at him?" she wondered to herself. Brenda fought the urge to look back in his direction although every part of her being wanted her to. This man had made her heart race and she felt like a little school girl as the butterflies fluttered in her stomach.

Even more odd, she felt a twinge of excitement course through her thighs as she gazed at his fingers. Brenda had allowed several minutes to pass before she glanced back towards him but felt disappointed when she had. He was gone. Brenda grew angry at herself for not making a move. Had she waited to long? Did he leave? Did he think she wasn't interested? Brenda snapped back to reality when the cocktail waitress nearly spilled the margarita in her lap.

As she moved back, anticipating being covered in tequila, she felt a strong yet gentle hand on her shoulder. Turning around to see who was touching her, she felt the hand slide down her arm to her wrist then to her delicate, slender fingers.

Whoever it was, his touch was electric…a warm sensation flooded her body. Without saying a word, Brenda complied. She followed her requestor to the dance floor without question. As they worked their way to the dance floor, she felt his strong arms around her waist. He was much taller; her head only came up to his upper chest. Only then did Brenda realize a slow song was playing. Whoever this man was, he had a power over her she had never felt. She could feel his muscular chest pressed against her soft cheek as they slowly moved back and forth to the music.

Several minutes passed before either spoke a word. "I'm Jeff" he said. "Ummm…I'm Brenda" she replied. "I'm guessing you saw me staring at you?" she asked. Jeff laughed for a second then replied, "Yes, but don't worry because I was too!" After slow dancing to several songs and getting beyond the normal 'introductory' information, the two found a table in the back of the club. She felt so comfortable around him; almost as if she had known him forever.

She learned they attended the same school and even knew some of the same friends. As much as she wanted to yield to the intense passion she felt, Brenda had never been the type of girl to hook up with someone on the first night. It wasn't her style although parts of her body were screaming for her to break the rules tonight. Before she left, Brenda got Jeff's phone number and they agreed to talk on Sunday.

Over the course of the next couple weeks, Brenda secretly talked to Jeff every day. Although she liked Jeff, she knew a relationship was impossible. Brenda belonged to someone else. In fact, Brenda wasn't looking for a relationship and prior to that Saturday night, wasn't "looking" for anything. However, since meeting Jeff, Brenda found herself overwhelmed with a deep desire to have this man fuck her.

She couldn't recount how many times she found her own fingers exploring her body when she closed her eyes and thought about Jeff. Every time she did, her fingers always ended up deep inside herself and always resulted in intense orgasm. Day after day, Brenda fought back the forbidden desires that consumed her…until that Friday. Unable to keep fighting, Brenda called Jeff at lunch and told him to rent a suite at the Plaza Grand.

The two arranged to meet at the bar at 7:00 PM for drinks. Getting caught was not an option although she did not know how she could hide this. As she showered and applied make-up to her stunningly beautiful face, she found herself convincing herself she was willing to pay the price. She had to have this man inside her. It would be worth the cost if she was caught. Brenda arrived five minutes early and found Jeff sitting at a small table in the bar.

He had already taken the liberty of ordering her drink. She was so nervous her hands trembled as she sat down. Sensing her apprehension, Jeff placed his hand on hers to reassure her. Although Brenda had not fully explained her current situation, she had told Jeff she was involved with another man. Brenda refused to divulge too much information.

In fact, not even her closest friends knew everything about her secret life. "Come on" she said taking Jeff's hand, "let's go. I can't wait!" Brenda stood and followed Jeff to the elevator. As the elevator doors closed, she caught her reflection in the highly polished brass that decorated the walls. Dressed in a short denim skirt, high heels and a tight white shirt, she wondered if she had dressed to "slutty" for the occasion. No matter, she thought. Her clothes would not be on long enough for it to be of concern to anyone.

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As the elevator doors closed, Brenda stepped towards Jeff and placed her lips against his. The two embraced in a passionate kiss. As emotional as she felt, Brenda knew she had to keep her feelings in check. Tonight was not about passion; it was solely sexual lust.

Brenda took Jeff's strong hand and placed it under her short skirt to allow him to see she was not wearing panties. Jeff knew exactly what to do. His middle finger slid softly between Brenda's pouting pussy lips and caressed her tiny clit. She felt his finger slide past her silky softness and enter her tight hole. Jeff continued to kiss her soft lips as his long finger inched deeper and deeper into her. As he did, he rubbed the palm of his hand against her wet clit.

Brenda felt her knees weaken as he skillfully assaulted her young pussy. Moments later, the two found themselves standing at the edge of the bed in this luxurious suite. Neither spoke a word. Brenda stepped back and seductively removed her shirt exposing her perfect breasts. Her nipples protruded into the air and her perky breasts hung beautifully. Brenda reached forward and began to unbuckle Jeff's belt.

As she did, she felt his strong hand exploring her chest. Firmly yet gently, he cupped each breast in his hands and as he massaged her. As Brenda unzipped his pants, she helped Jeff step out of them. Brenda again stepped back and slid out of her skirt. Left clad in only her heels, Jeff had removed his shirt and was sliding out of his boxers as she looked back at him.

Brenda smiled as she saw him. His body was perfectly chiseled. Large pectorals, six-pack stomach, bulging arms, thick muscular legs and the longest penis she had ever seen. Jeff's cock must have been 10 or 11 inches in length and it sagged low under its' own weight. Brenda reached outward and wrapped her tiny hand around his manhood. As she did, she felt the huge vein bulging from the top of his beautiful cock. Brenda dropped to her knees and moved her mouth towards him.

Sticking her tongue out, she slowly licked the sweet drop of pre-cum on the tip of his cock. Brenda looked up at Jeff as she opened her mouth. As she did, she felt his large hand on the back of her head guiding her mouth forward. Brenda began by slowly licking the tip of his cock then up and down his long shaft. She felt him breath heavy as her warm tongue teased his large cock. After a few moments, Brenda slowly began taking as much of his huge dick into her mouth as she could.

Slowly at first, she began to work his cock in and out of her mouth, feeling his hips move back and forth as she did. As she did, she could see his muscular stomach flex with pleasure. Although she could only get 8 or 9 inches into her mouth, she knew it was enough to drive him wild. After a few minutes, she pushed him onto the bed.

As he sat down, Brenda crawled between his legs and began to assault his cock with her lips and tongue. Her head moved up and down as she sucked his massive cock. Brenda felt Jeff nearing orgasm. Not wanting this forbidden interlude to end to quickly, she removed her mouth and lay down beside Jeff. Knowing exactly what she wanted, Jeff knelt at the edge of the bed and pulled Brenda towards him.

She felt his strong hands around her legs as he effortlessly pulled her petite body towards him. Brenda willing placed her legs in top of his massive shoulders. Jeff had wanted to do this since the moment he saw her. He stared at her gorgeous pussy for a moment before moving his hand to her tiny lips.

Brenda felt a jolt of electric excitement throughout her body as his long fingers parted her pussy lips. Jeff leaned forward and slowly licked her now-swollen clit. As he continued to keep her spread apart with his fingers, he slowly and expertly slid his tongue up and down her sleek pussy, tasting her wetness and feeling her warmth.

Brenda's breathing increased as her secret-lover caressed her young pussy with his mouth. She felt his facial stubble on her firm thighs as his face moved back and forth to savor her taste. Jeff then gently clinched her sensitive clitoris between his teeth and began to run his tongue back and forth across the swollen tip.

This sent an erotic chill deep inside her. As he did, Brenda felt him slide a long finger deep inside her. Deeper and deeper, she felt his finger gently probing her insides. As he did, he softly curled his finger upward and began to stroke in and out of her. The combination of his assault on her clit and his probing finger, Brenda felt the excitement building within. She began to buck her hips in eager anticipation to meet each of his finger-strokes.

Pressing her hips down then allowing them to spring upward with a sensual rhythm, she felt her climax building. "Stick another finger inside me" she begged. Compliantly, he did. His large fingers were barely able to get inside and the thought of how she would be able to accept his large cock was more than she could take.

She felt a shocking wave race through her body as she came and felt as if every bit of the sensation was culminating in her tiny clit still clenched between his teeth. Jeff maintained his oral assault on Brenda's pussy through the orgasm.

Brenda tried to pull away but Jeff instantly put both hands around her hips, his long fingers against her lower stomach. He pulled her body tightly into his face and slid his tongue deep inside her. The taste of her feminine moisture was intoxicating. Jeff began to fuck her tiny pussy with his talented tongue sending Brenda into wave after wave of orgasm. Louder and louder Brenda began to scream with intense pleasure.

This seemed to only arouse her lover more as he lifted her hips off the bed and began to attack her pussy from a different angle. Every so often, Jeff would remove his tongue and place it against her tiny ass hole, pressing just enough to allow the tip to break into her tiny hole. Brenda would press her hips into his face. Jeff knew what she wanted and worked his tongue deeper into her ass.

This was the first time she had ever felt a tongue this deep in her ass and the sensation was overpowering. Brenda screamed as she came.

She felt her hands on Jeff's head as she pulled him forcefully into her thighs. Jeff had reached over the top of her thighs as was rubbing her clit back and forth as his tongue continued to violate her tiny ass. Brenda threw her head back and forth as she felt him at least an inch deep in her.

She could take no more. Brenda grabbed Jeff under the arms as if trying to lift his massive body upright. She didn't need to speak. Jeff knew it was time. It was time to take what he had longed for.

Jeff stood and Brenda watched in amazement as Jeff spread the pre-cum from the tip of his cock, ensuring he full erection was lubricated.

The moisture glistened in the light. Jeff stepped forward and placed the tip of his massive cock at Brenda's tiny opening. He slowly ran it up and down her pussy, parting her soft lips and easily gliding along her silky lips. Jeff then placed his head against her opening and gently eased into her. Brenda felt her tiny walls begin to stretch and the lustful hunger within her grew.


Jeff began to slide into her&hellip.two inches, then three, then four, then five. As he did, he slowly withdrew to allow their wetness to fully cover his massive cock before he slid back in, five inches, then six, then seven, before repeating the process.

As the eighth inch entered her, Brenda felt her tiny pussy nearly stretched to its' limit. Her muscles flexed around his long, thick shaft as Jeff gave her a moment to get used to him being that deep. Slowly, he began to stroke his cock in and out, each stroke effortless with their natural lubrication. Each time he dove his cock inside her, she felt her lips stretch around his thickness.

Brenda loved the feeling of his massive cock pushing deeper and deeper into her. Her hips moved with his strokes and she felt the animalistic desire almost choking her throat. "Fuck me hard Jeff. Hurt my pussy with your cock!" she commanded. Jeff began to pound his massive cock harder and deeper into her. Brenda felt his balls smacking her in the ass as he fucked her tiny pussy.

Brenda could feel his massive legs slamming into the back of her thighs as he fucked her. She felt her pussy wrapped tightly around his dick as he fucked her. Sweat began to drip from his chest and fell onto hers. Brenda massaged her breasts as her lover fucked her. After a few minutes, Jeff withdrew his member from inside her and rolled her onto her stomach.

He then pulled her back until her feet touched the floor. As she turned around to look t him, she felt a large hand on her back. He pushed forward on Brenda until she her chest was flat against the bed, her legs straight and her smooth ass sticking up. She felt Jeff press his cock into her and he placed his strong hands on her tiny waist.

Jeff wasted no time. He began to fuck Brenda feverishly, his hand wrapped around her hips pulling her into him as each stroke slammed into her. Brenda shrieked aloud with each stroke, moaning over and over "Yes, yes, yes, oh my god, yes." She heard Jeff grunt as he pounded her. "Your pussy feels so good" he moaned. The two veiled lovers continued their torrid sexual ravishing of one another.

As Jeff fucked Brenda, she felt him plunge his thumb into her tiny ass. The naughtiness of his probing was tremendous and it sent Brenda into an intense orgasm. A wave of female ejaculation gushed from her pussy and ran down her muscular legs. Brenda felt herself go weak. If not for Jeff's hands and his massive cock inside her, she might have fallen down.

Jeff stopped long enough to turn her around and lift her up. Brenda's arms were wrapped around his neck and Jeff reached down to lift her legs. Brenda instinctively wrapped her legs around his hips and she felt his cock slowly enter her once again.

Jeff then walked to the door; Brenda wrapped around him, his cock deep inside. Jeff pressed her back against the wall and began to viciously fuck Brenda. Jeff was fucking her so hard she wasn't sure if she felt pain or just intense pleasure. In either case, her pussy begged for more and she did her best to move her hips with his. Within minutes she heard Jeff, "I'm gonna cum, I gotta pull out." "NO! Cum inside me" she commanded. Jeff did not ask her if she was sure.

Hearing this sent him over the top. Brenda felt him swell inside her. Her fingernails dug into his flesh. He was stretching her pussy to it's' limit. Within another stroke, she felt him explode. His cock pulsed as the first load of cum coated her insides. She could feel the warmth of his cum. Jeff continued to pound her, pulse after pulse his cum filled her insides. Jeff finally stopped and the two held each other for a moment, their sweat glistening in the light. As he removed his cock, Brenda felt his cum running down her inner thigh.

Brenda did her best to clean herself up. Knowing she could stay no longer, she quickly dressed without saying much. As she left, she simply thanked Jeff and gave him a kiss. "We can't do this again.

If he finds out, it will be too dangerous!" Pulling onto the highway, Brenda knew what had gotten her into this situation. Lust; Uncontrollable lust: an uncontrollable lust that she would pay for. Brenda knew her thighs were sticky from his cum. She knew she smelled of sex. She knew her pussy would smell of her lover's cock and would be red and swollen from the pounding it had just received.

"Fuck him" Brenda thought. "My Master will have to accept it!" *************** As Brenda pulled into her driveway, the reality of her actions began to sink in.

It was now 11:30 PM and she was supposed to be home by 9:00 PM. She was also supposed to have called him at 8:00 PM to check in as she was required. This would have been difficult for her to do since she knew she had a cock buried deep inside her at that moment. Brenda trembled with fear as she walked through her front door. As she did, she saw her Master sitting on the couch.

Brenda did not speak. "Where have you been?" He asked. "Me and Tiff had a drink and were talking. I lost track of time!" she replied. "Okay" her Master replied. "May I please take a shower Sir? I smell like cigarette smoke." She asked. "Yes you may. First, come gimme a kiss." Hesitantly, she complied trying not to let Him sense her hesitation. Brenda walked towards him and stopped as she reached the couch. Bending down, she pressed her lips against His. With lightning speed he was upon her.

His muscularly calloused right hand was around her throat and he was standing ominously over her. Fear paralyzed her as he spoke. "I spoke to Tiff about 45 minutes ago. She has been home all evening. Why do you find it necessary to lie to me?" he asked. Brenda could not speak. Her wind was being cut off from the enormous pressure around her tiny throat. As she tried to gasp for air, she felt her Master's fingers slide up her skirt to her pantiless crotch.

She felt as her Master slid a finger into her sticky cunt and quickly remove it. He then raised his hand and commanded her to open her mouth. "Taste this!' he ordered. Brenda opened her mouth and gently wrapped her lips around his fingers.

"What is that?" he asked angrily. As he awaited an answer, Brenda felt his grip release. Brenda gasped to inhale a few breaths as she answered. "It's cum Sir!" she answered shamefully. "I don't remember giving you permission to fuck. Am I mistaken?" he asked.

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"No Sir. I am a dirty slut and I fucked without Your permission" she answered. "You know what happens to naughty girls who disobey the rules, don't you?" he asked.

"Yes Sir. I must be punished and I should be punished harshly." Brenda answered. "Go shower and wait for me in the bedroom" he directed. "Yes Sir" she replied as she got up to walk down the hallway. As she turned from her Master and took her first step, Brenda felt his arm wrap around her neck from behind. Her Master tightened his grip and drove her body towards the arm of the large leather couch.

Brenda soon found herself bent over the arm of the couch, her abdomen pressed down hard into the soft leather. She felt her Master drawing her skirt over her smooth, firm, tanned ass and over her curvy hips. Brenda felt the rush of cold air as it made contact with her wet pussy; a pussy still wet from her lover not an hour earlier. As she felt herself being pushed down, her Master grabbed a handful of her silky brown hair and wrapped it in his hand.

Within another second, she felt her head being pulled backwards. Focusing on her head, Brenda was oblivious to his next move. Without warning, his cupped right hand struck her exposed ass letting out a loud crack.

Searing hot pain coursed through her ass cheeks and immediately reddened. Strike after strike, her Master spanked her tiny ass with his strong hand. As quickly as the spanking began, it stopped. "Go wash yourself!" he ordered. As she walked away, she felt the stinging pain on her tiny ass cheeks. ************* After Brenda dried herself off, she walked to her Master's king sized bed. Brenda took her place at the end of the bed and awaited her Master.

Within moments, she heard the door open as her Master entered. "Naughty Brenda! Why did you betray my trust? You little slut…why'd you fuck this man?" he asked. "Because I am weak and I could not resist. In my weakness, I wanted to feel his cock inside me Sir." Brenda answered. "Did he fuck you good?" her Master asked. "Yes Sir…but not as good as You do!" Brenda said confidently. Brenda stood before Him, totally naked.

Her body shivered from a combination of fear, anxiety, and her wet hair from the shower moments ago. Her nipples stood erect as she eagerly anticipated the very long night ahead of her. Brenda wanted to smile but knew she could not. Her eager anticipation quickly turned to fear when she saw what her Master had in his hands. Of all his devices, the leather binding straps he held in hands were the most formidable. Her Master stepped forward and grabbed Brenda by the wrist.

As he began to place the strap over her hand, Brenda yanked her arm away forcefully. If her Master was going to bind her, He was going to have to fight her for it. Once again, He grabbed her wrist and again, Brenda pulled away. Brenda saw the frustration in His eyes as she stepped backwards. Within a split second, he was on her. He stepped forward and lowered his shoulder. Skillfully, he placed his shoulder in her abdomen and lifted her off the ground. His strong arm was wrapped around her tiny waist as he drove her onto the bed.

As she landed, she felt his weight crash down on her. Releasing his hold on her waist, her Master grabbed both wrists and effortlessly pinned her arms above her head. By this point, He was straddling her, his nude body against hers. Brenda knew the struggle was exciting him. She felt his burly grip tightly holding her wrists together. With his free hand, he gently caressed her chest.

Brenda relaxed for a moment and looked up at his muscular chest. His strength and power was tremendous and Brenda remained mesmerized by the control He had over her. As he reached for the leather binds, Brenda again struggled. She was able to free a hand and tried to push Him off of her. As she did, He placed his right hand around her throat again and squeezed. Brenda felt herself unable to breath. It did not take long before she felt she might lose consciousness but she was coherent enough to notice his fully erect cock as it lay against her tight stomach.

Second after second, she lay motionless waiting for Him to release his grip but that moment did not some. Brenda began to fear he may not release her.

As she struggled to breath, Brenda saw thousands of tiny flashes, almost star-like images in her vision. Brenda tried to wiggle free of his grip but could not. Her free hand grasped his massive forearm in a last attempt to free herself but she could not move his arm. The next thing she knew, she was choking in air as her oxygen-deprived lungs struggled to fill.

Gasping in precious air, fear swept through her as she realized her hands were bound tightly by the leather straps. Opening her eyes, she felt her Master gently kiss her lips. Brenda knew what was coming and she trembled all over. Her Master gently lifted her from the bed and carried her to the large wall across from the bed.

The wall was bare except for a few large iron hooks and loops bolted to the wall. Reaching the wall, He let her down and allowed her to regain her balance. As Brenda stood before Him, He took hold of the leather straps and began to raise her arms above her head. Brenda resisted by balling both hands into fists and began to club her Master's chest.

Brenda was striking Him so hard she saw red welts appear on his tanned chest. Although she struck Him as hard as she could, it had little effect. He reached down and blocked her next strike. Grabbing the bindings, he yanked her arms above her head and wrapped his arm around her waist, lifting her up slightly.

As he did, he placed the loop of her binds over the sturdy iron hook on the wall. As he released his grip on her waist, Brenda was left hanging from the metal hook, the balls of her feet barely able to touch the ground. Brenda knew how vulnerable she was at this point.

Her Master stepped back and looked at his little Brenda. She was so beautiful. Her toned and muscular arms stretched above her head, her tight abdominal muscles flexing as she breathed.

He noticed her perfectly curved hips, her neatly trimmed pubic hair and her muscular legs as they strained to support her weight. Physically, she was perfect. Brenda watched as her Master knelt before her and placed a wide leather ankle collar around her right leg, then her left.

Each ankle collar provided about 8 inches of slack but not enough for her to mount any kind of offensive attack. Brenda stood helpless before him. In the time she had served her Master, she had only been subjected to this punishment once. The memory of that indiscretion brought back many memories. Pain, discomfort, humiliation, pleasure, orgasms; all intense and all vivid in her imagination. Her Master stepped forward. Brenda felt her heart race. As he did, she felt his erect cock press into her stomach and felt the moisture of his excitement.

Her Master slowly ran his hand down her stomach, caressing her. He saw the tiny hairs raised from her fear, from her excitement. Lower his led his hand until it brushed the closely trimmed strip of dark pubic hair. Brenda felt his finger as it parted her tiny lips.

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Her Master began to rub her softly, gently, lovingly. She felt her womanhood stir to life as he slid his finger up and down. Brenda felt Him slide his two middle fingers inside her. Although she was already soaking wet, the cum from her lover earlier had been washed away during her shower.

As he slowly inserted his fingers into her, she felt him begin to rub her clit with his thumb. Soon, she felt his fingers fucking her tiny pussy as he rubbed her clit.

Brenda tried to fight the excitement; an excitement she knew would weaken her legs and cause her arms to bear the weight of her tiny frame.

As hard a she tried, she could not fight her arousal. Her Master knew how to touch her. He knew what she liked. He knew what made her wet and what made her weak. Brenda slowly rocked her hips back and forth as he teased her tiny pussy. Brenda could not contain her orgasm. Her body tensed as the powerful wave encompassed her.

Her Master continued finger-fuck her but this time, there was a twist. He stepped into her and grabbed her throat once again. His fingers continued to plunge in and out of her, his thumb continued to ravage her swollen clit. Brenda was nearing orgasm as she felt herself unable to breathe once again. His hand felt like a vice as it constricted around her neck.

He had completely shut-off her supply of air. Brenda felt a lustful burning building deep inside her tight pussy. The intense orgasm-in-waiting was coupled with oxygen deprivation. Just as she came, he released his grip and allowed oxygen to flood into her lungs.

She felt his strong fingers fucking her as she came again. Her head was dizzy from the lack of oxygen and his work inside her. She struggled to hold her weight upright as she screamed in ecstasy.

Brenda felt him remove his fingers. As he did, he placed them inside her mouth. "Taste that! What does it taste like?" He asked. "It tastes like a bad girl Sir!" "Tell me what happened today!" he ordered.

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"No sir! I cannot. I am too ashamed" she replied. Obviously, she had not learned her lesson. Her Master lifted her up and released her from the hook. As he did, he walked her to the bed and sat down. She felt her Master place her across his muscular legs with her round ass exposed to him.

He pulled her farther across his lap until her breasts dangled free. He looked down on her and soaked in the beautiful contours of her muscular back. Her Master maintained His grip on her straps, her hands still bound. He traced his finger down her spine and gently along the crack of her small ass. Without warning, he once again began to spank her. His hand was cupped as her struck her equally on both tiny cheeks.

The stinging sensation was overwhelming. She felt the searing pain as he struck her ass again and again. Her ass was red from the discipline. She soon felt her Master's hands exploring her pussy once again, strong fingers probing in and out. The same hands that had just inflicted the stinging pain were now softly caressing her, soothing her. Brenda felt his hands gently massaging her ass and her back, firmly moving upwards to her shoulders. Her hands remained bound as he stood and lifted her onto the bed.

She lay still as he walked to the other side and fastened her hand bindings to the bed frame. He then walked back to her and fastened her ankles to pre-attached straps on the bed. Brenda was once again at his mercy. She was bent forward over the bed, her legs standing upright and her torso flat against the ground. She sensed him behind her. "You're going to tell me every detail Brenda!" he ordered. "Yes Sir I will!" she answered. Brenda felt him kneel behind her ass he buried his face into her pussy.

Brenda could not contain her excitement. She felt him insert his tongue into her slit and begin to lick her silky soft lips. "Tell me!" he said. Brenda began to explain in detail her evening with Jeff. How she had sucked his cock. How he had fucked her. How he had stretched her pussy to it's limit. How he filled her with his cum. How she felt his cum running down her thigh and how her pussy ached as she drove home.

All the while she continued to talk, her Master continued to taste her young pussy. His tongue darted in and out as she felt his excitement build. Brenda found it hard to speak as her breathing was getting more and more heavy. She writhed her hips back and forth as her Master darted his tongue deep inside her. Despite her shower, he could still smell the musty aroma of sex in her pussy.

Brenda came in an intense explosion of lust, passion, and sheer sexual pleasure. She knew he could smell and taste Jeff inside her. She knew how turned on her Master was by his naughty Brenda's action.

As her orgasm continued, Brenda sensed her Master standing up. She turned around to see him squeeze some lubricant from a bottle onto his cock.

He body tensed as the thought of her next punishment flashed through her mind. Brenda was unable to free herself from her binds. She felt him squeeze the lubricant onto her tiny asshole and work it inside with his finger. She felt his cock as it pressed against her tiny ass. She tensed as her Master pushed his cock deeper and deeper into her tight ass. Brenda winced at the painful pleasure. She felt his cock enter deeper and deeper. As soon as he was inside her, she felt him begin to fuck her in her tiny ass, harder and harder.

As He did, He reached around and put both hands around her throat. Although he did not cut off her airway completely, he was squeezing her throat. Harder and harder he banged his hips into her.

Tighter and tighter he held her throat. Brenda sensed his orgasm nearing. Knowing she needed to breath soon and knowing the only way she could breathe was for her Master to cum, Brenda tighten her muscles around his cock and drove her hips into his. She rocked back and forth, meeting each stroke.


Soon Brenda felt him explode inside her. His cock throbbed as he emptied himself inside her. As he did, he collapsed on her, his cock still pulsing inside her. "Did you learn your lesson?" he asked. "Yes sir" she answered. "But I'm gonna fuck him again…" -end-