Big boobs evil queen romi rain anal pounded by john doe

Big boobs evil queen romi rain anal pounded by john doe
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This is a story I wrote back in 2004. I hope you enjoy it. Wickedtea. Feel free to comment to me in person at wickedteax at My name is Mitchell, but most people call me Mitch.

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I lived in a small town 40 miles from civilization, with a population of only about 250 or so. It is one of those towns where everybody knows each other. In this town you were either a miner or a miners wife. I was 17, and because of the day I was born, as well as being left back a year, I was the oldest in my 10th grade class. School was kind of nice, because most of our teachers were women.

For the most part, I think all of them were very pretty. But these women had it rough. They had to put up with the same old sweaty men coming home from the bar every night after a long day at the mine.

Most of the miners were alcoholics, for sure. I was in Ms. Campbell's class. Ms. Campbell had just got back from college, and for a 25 year old, she still looked my age.

Most of us boys talked about what it would be like to be in bed with her. Her long blonde hair and skinny figure are just what I liked in a woman.

As far as we knew, Ms. Campbell didn't belong to any miner, or any other man for that matter. Sitting next to me was my younger sister, Milla. She is such an airhead that Ms. Campbell had to talk our parents into after-hours tutoring.

So my sister got to go to Ms. Campbell's house every night until her grades got back up. Must have been two months, and six days a week to catch her up. They didn't always go over lessons either. Milla always came home talking about how Ms. Campbell let her watch educational videos all night, and sometimes Ms. Campbell would braid her hair for her. But that is all over now, as Milla is doing better in class than I am.

BODY: Just as I thought that, a funny thought ran through my mind. What if I would become an airhead. I mean, would Ms. Campbell tutor me.alone? In her house? The thought kept running through my head. Would my parents buy it? I have been doing good in school all year.

Algebra 2, Ms Campbell's class, is one of my best grades. I then came to a conclusion. It was worth the try. Being so good in the class just meant that I could get my grades back at the pace I wanted.

The bell rang. I hadn't been paying attention but a lick of drool ad ran out my lip. As the class ended I watched everyone walk out of the class. Milla said goodbye to Ms Campbell, and looked back at me.

"Coming?" "Be right there." It was the last class of the day and we all had to catch the bus or wait until our parents came to pick us up hours from now. I walked bravely over to Ms. Campbell.

"Yes Mitchell?" I hated that name. Mitchell. Hated it until just then, when she said it. "I think I am having trouble understanding the lesson we are going over." I lied out my teeth, I hadn't even been paying attention to the lesson. "Well I was watching you back there, and it didn't seem like you were concentrating on the whiteboard at all.

You were just staring at the wall. Something bothering you?" she smiled. God I wanted her. Brains and beauty all wrapped up in one skinny blonde package. "I actually have been looking ahead in out Algebra book, and the coming lessons seem very hard to me.

I usually am pretty natural with math, but this looks plain hard," I said to her hoping I could get her to say those magical words. Her lips opened with a smile, "Maybe you need tutoring?" "BINGO!" I thought. "In like Flynn." "Tutoring?

Well. you did such a great job with Milla, shes even getting better grades now than I am." It was the only true thing I have said yet. "Alright, I'll call your mother, and you can drive home with me. Get your backpack." I couldn't believe this was actually happening. She left the classroom, and I waited. Two minutes passed by, and Ms.

Campbell came back into the room. "Its good with your mom, come on Mitchell." She curled her finger at me. I was intoxicated by her body, and I could not wait to see her house, where she gets dressed, sleeps, takes baths, and whatever else women do. We got into her Toyota, and she started driving. As she worked the peddles, her skirt, which I was noticing now was above her knees, kept crawling higher as her seat kept her butt lower than her thighs.

All I could think about was how nice it would be if they went all the way up. I wondered what type of underwear she wore. I thought "It sure would be great if she did not wear underwear!" "Something wrong?" She caught me off guard.

I tried to think up a good lie about why I was staring at her thighs, but all I could murmur was "Nope." I noticed her smile at me. Then I realized. A bulge had started to form in my pants.

What could I do? Thinking about it didn't help.and it started to become more noticeable. I quickly took my backpack off of the floor and put it on my lap and started looking through the pouch. "Here we are, welcome to my humble abode," she said as we pulled into a driveway with a two story house on it, "just me and my dog, Fido.

Don't let him harass you. And don't look him in the eyes." She smiled and I figured she was joking. "OK," I replied. Her house had a complete six foot privacy fence with plants and bushes all about. I noticed it was a nice spring day. "Nice place," I added. "Can you help me with this?" Ms Campbell opened trunk and pulled out box from it. "Its heavy, and its been in there for days. Not often I get a strong man around here to help me with things at all." My mental jaw dropped.

She thought I was strong. Well I came over and grabbed this box that had black marker all over its labels and writing. "What is it?" She came back quickly with, "Here, I'll open the door for you, just take it and put it in my room on the first floor. Its a new vacuum my mother sent me." "Oh." Heavy vacuum I thought.

I muscled this box all the way up to her door, and as I got there she opened the door. Standing in the door was none other than this monstrous rottweiler. I look at him and said "Hey there pup.ahhhhh!" The monster jumped up at me and I dropped the box, and then started to run. I ran all over the yard, all the meanwhile Ms. Campbell was shouting things like "Fido!" and "Don't run Mitchell, hell just chase you more!" She yelled something that I could not understand, and the dog stopped and ran back for the front door.

He lost all interest in me. I even followed him back to the door, and he didn't seem to care. In her hand was a jar of peanut butter.

"He loves this more than anything." She took a wad out of the jar with her finger and held it at the dog. Fido started uncontrollably licking her fingers.

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"You try, he'll love you for it." "Anything rather than being bitten." I grabbed the jar and put my hand inside to find it almost empty. "There is not a lot left." I grabbed what I could and started to help feed Fido. It was pretty creamy and it took the dog a while to get it all off of me. "I have a bunch of jars," she paused, "It was on sale so I bought a bunch.

You know Milla and I had to go through almost the same thing when I was tutoring her." "Really, heh." I laughed thinking about Milla getting a big dog bite out of her little round butt. I finished putting the box into the room that she wanted. "So which room are we going to study in?" "You, Mitch, will start in the kitchen reading the current lesson.

I am going to go upstairs real quick to get out of this monkey suit. Come on Fido." She walked upstairs and Fido followed right behind. "OK," I walked into the kitchen and almost tripped over a full dog food bowl, sitting next to an empty water bowl. "How much peanut butter does that dog get?" I thought to myself. After washing my hands, I went over to the table and opened up a book, and started to read it like I was studying.

About 20 long minutes later Ms. Campbell walked in wearing baggy grey sweats, "Much better. Hey Mitch, I was wondering if you could do me a favor." She walked over and sat down in the chair next to me. She called me Mitch. "Yeah?" I wondered. "Call me Sue, but only here.

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Its awkward having you calling me Ms. Campbell all of the time in my own house. I could get fired for you calling me Sue at work, so please try to be mature about the situation. Same rule goes for Milla. OK?" She smiled when she talked, and was very good at both.

I nodded "OK, Sue. Short for Susan?" She stood up and went for the fridge. Her sweats were large, and her sweatpants barely stayed on her waist. "Yes, but I hate that name. Almost as much as you hate being called Mitchell, at least that's what Milla says." She closed the door to the fridge and began wrestling with her sweatpants elastic cord. "Damn cord, Ergh!" She said as she fought with it, picking at it.

"Whats wrong?" I asked. "My nails are too long to get this knot in the elastic." "I can get it, my sweatpants always do that, and I'm pretty good at undoing tight knots." Truth be told. She walked over to noticeably very close to me, and I was still sitting down. "Go for it." She held in her sweatpants and I grabbed the dangling cord. This is something I was actually good at, and as I messed with the cord, I could only think about how close I was to her, and actually how close I was to her sweet sex.

I was almost done and the phone rang. She let go of one hand to grab the nearby phone. Her sweatpants opened up on one side and all I saw was hip flesh and a thin black line wrapping around her waist. I took another glance at it and finished undoing the knot. "Uh-huh, yes, thank you, wrong number," she hung up the phone and said, "Oh, great! Your really useful you know." She tightened the elastic band and tied her sweatpants tight, then sat down next to me again.

For the next hour we went over the next lesson, and then Sue grabbed my pen and laid it down on the table. "Break time." "Cool, my brain is becoming mush." Which was also true, because I had been thinking about her the whole time while she was teaching me the lesson. "Thanks for this help Sue. I need it." "Sure you do, Mitch. Come on out back for a minute." She got up and started walking through her house.

We walked through a sliding glass door into an enormous backyard complete with a small flowing waterfall. She looked at me straight faced and said. "I need to ask you something." "Yeah Sue?" I was really curious what this was all about. "You know your Algebra, Mitch. You aced algebra last year.

Your the smartest kid in my class next to your sister." She was right, but I had really no idea what to say. "Maybe I should leave, if something is bothering you Sue." "No. don't leave. I am sorry, but nothing in the world can convince me you really need tutoring, so I am wondering why you are here." Feeling bad, I had to tell her, before I dug a hole too deep. "Sue, I, well, most of us guys, think, w-w-well, your very pretty, and, and I have a crush on you.

I think you are the most beautiful woman ever. " She walked right up to me, pointing a finger in my face and smiled and said, "Gotcha." She fell onto her knees right in front of me on her backyard grass.

I gasped as she put her hand right on my crotch. "Pull it out.," she ordered as she felt me. I immediately complied with her order and unzipped my pants and pulled them and my underwear down to expose my growing member.

It was about to three inches now and growing.

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"Wow. nice dick, Mitch. Are you still a virgin?" "Yes." I felt a little embarrassed. I really hadn't done anything with a girl. "Pull em up" She stood up and started walking away. "What?" I was very confused. "Your not losing your virginity on the grass, Mitch.

Lets go." I followed her into the house and upstairs. I was so erect I had trouble closing my pants so I just left them open. We went into her bedroom, which was pretty big with a giant bed.

I noticed on the nightstand was a jar of peanut butter, and Fido was sitting on the floor next to the nightstand. "He loves peanut butter. I fed him some more while I was changing into these sweats. Want to help me feed him again?" This was weird.

How did we get from her taking my virginity to us feeding the dog. I was too excited to say no, so I said "Sure." "Help me take this knot off of my sweats again." She held up the elastic cord which was all the way up near her waist. I helped her untie it again, this time I feeling so confident I placed a hand on her crotch when I was done and rubbed upward, hoping we could skip the dog feeding. Her crotch was very warm. "Are you horny for me Mitch?" "Oh god yes, you have no idea.

this is a dream," I rambled. She pulled her pants down and took her sweatshirt off. She had no bra! Her beautiful breasts just bounced there while I looked over her body. God it was so nice. She turned around and bent over, exposing her beautiful round ass. Her G-string ran right down the middle, but then she started taking off her underwear.

She pulled it off enough to where it would just fall down around her ankles. From behind, I could now see her vagina, and I instinctively went to her and pushed my crotch against her mound from behind. She moaned and motioned for me to get her the peanut butter. I noticed Fido get up as I grabbed the peanut butter and Sue turned around and sat on the bed with her legs closed.

"This is one my favorite things to do, Mitch. I put this on my pussy and let the dog lick me to orgasm. It really keeps me wet and hot, would you like to see?" "Hell yes," curiosity killed the cat.

She opened up her long slender legs to reveal her most prized artwork. A blonde haired vagina, with wet bright pink flesh. "Come put some on me." I grabbed the peanut butter and opened it. As I took a wad out. Fido came over to me and tried to get it, but I evaded him long enough to get some on Sue's pussy.

She opened her legs and Fido began to lick her like there was no tomorrow. She sat there squirming on the bed. "Masturbate for me Mitch." "Um, I don't masturbate," I said, lying. "Oh.," she moaned"listen kiddo, there are two types of people. Those who masturbate and those who lie about not doing it." "Sorry, your right, I masturbate everyday, three times a day or more!" I realized she was much more experienced with men.

I started pulling out my dick and started playing with it. Fido was doing a great job on Sue, and I was already hard as a rock. Sue stared at me bulging throbbing cock, and then looked up at me and licked her lips. "You sister told me you masturbate anyway, shes seen you before. Come kneel down next to my head." Sue leaned back on her elbows.

I jumped up on the bed, kicked off my pants, and got on my knees with my cock next to her head. Milla has watched me masturbate? I was curious about how much Milla ans Sue talked about me. She took me in her mouth. I couldn't help it, I was about to come already and all I knew that is what I wanted to. So came I did, and she rolled over and grabbed my shaft and started banging it into her mouth and swallowing repeatedly.

My body was jumping to convulsions of pleasure as she swallowed every last drop of my cum. My cock fell out of her mouth and I noticed Fido on the bed licking her from behind. She looked up at me and moaned, "I'm cumming!!!!!Ohhhhhhhhhhhh!God Mitch!" She jumped into little spasms then fell flat on the bed. After a second, while I was still recuperating, she got up, turned around and sat down. "Go lay down Fido, thanks but your turn is over. Its Mitch's turn." My Cock sprang to life.

"Your sister and I are very close Mitch. What do you think about her? " Interesting question at a time like this I thought. My sister. well shes almost two years younger than I am, and shes blonde like Sue, and skinny, a nice rounded ass, small perky tits, "Shes pretty cool." "Her and I regularly have sex together." I gasped again.

Actually, I about had a heart attack. "Really? Your a lesbian?" I realized the stupidity of that question after it had left my lips. Her and my sister? How fucking hot that is to hear. "Bi. Otherwise I wouldn't have drank your cum all up, Mitch." She started playing with my regrowing penis. "How was that for you?" "Words cannot describe how good that was. Thank you, Sue." "Oh I'm not through with you yet, Mitch.

I have to get you all caught up on our class." The doorbell rang. "Its Milla." Sue smiled. I heard the front door open. My heart jumped. I was naked on the bed, with Sue playing with my dick, and my sister was about to walk in on us. I heard the steps up the stairs and I started getting harder.

Would I fuck my sister tonight? My dick burst out to full length as the bedroom door opened. "Holy shit," Milla smiled and said, "That's a nice one, bro. Hi Sue-baby." "Hey my little love-slut, his virginity is still in place, ready for you." Sue looked at me to see my expression.

"I'm confused." I looked around as my cock grew even more hard and my curiosity went out the roof. My sister wants my virginity?


"I want you to be my first man, Mitch," said Milla. "I sneak in on you all the time while your in the shower and in your room at night and I am fascinated with you.

I want to lose my virginity with you. Tonight." I hadn't realized it but most of Milla clothes were off, except her shirt and bra. Sue stood up and walked over to Milla, and started helping her take off the rest of her clothes. I started playing with myself. Milla kept staring at my dick while I played with it, and Sue went behind Milla and pulled her underwear down.

Milla was bald down below, and just the thought of her and Sue licking each others pussies made my whole body shudder. Milla walked to me undoing her bra from the front, and opened up her small perky tits right in front of me. Instincts took over again, and I leaned forward and started sucking on one of her nipples.

She moaned. "Are you going to be OK fucking your little sister?" Milla asked. "I know someone once told me it was wrong, " I said "but I forgot who that was. I'm good with it." I smiled and Milla reached down and grabbed my cock from the front. Sue had walked around to the nightstand and opened it, pulling out and setting on top a dildo of a big penis, a vibrator, a bottle of lubricant, and another smaller dildo with a wire attached to it and a little plastic remote on the end.

Milla leaned over and kissed me. I kissed her back and we flew onto the bed with her lying on her back. "I want you to see my hymen before you tare it. I want you to know that your sister who will always love you wanted you to tare her virginity from her." Milla looked solemnly at me.

I looked down at her vagina and saw a small flesh shield blocking her passage. Milla held it open nicely so I could see it. "You like?" I nodded, smiled, and then went to mount her and Sue spoke up. "Hey there. your going to need this, Mitch." she threw the bottle of lubricant over to me. I opened it and doused my dick with it, careful to not get any on the bed.

I looked over at sue and she took that small dildo and started shoving it up her ass. Then she sat down and took the big dildo and started pumping her pussy with it, watching us. We smiled at each other. "I want you to hold my legs up over your shoulders Mitch, because it will be easier for you to penetrate me then." Milla started bringing her legs up into the air and I helped her lift them over my shoulders. I saw my fleshy target.

I leaned forward and was about to insert my dick into my little 15 year old sister. " me first, will ya?

She said like the little girl she was. "Rushing, are we Mitch?" Sue smiled as she impaled herself with the large dildo.


"Eat her pussy good. Act like Fido, hehe. Ohh.mmmmm." she continued fucking herself. I thought about taking my time in my sisters pussy but wen I leaned down all I could do was just eat her like it was my last day on earth. She squirmed and moaned, and her juices began flowing onto my face, it tasted so good in my mouth.

All I could think about was fucking her. Then I heard Sue cum again. "Ohhhh.god.oh god oh god oh god.yeahhhhhhhhhhh!" She screamed. I stopped to look but Milla grabbed my head and pushed it back in her pussy. She started talking to Sue "Sue baby, he's really good, you have to try this. You seem well trained at eating pussy Mitch.

Remember to thank Fido for the lesson.ha.Oh! Oh god. I'm getting close.I want you to fuck me Mitch. Take my virginity now!" Without a pause I grabbed my cock and slammed it home in my sisters pussy. She screamed out loud and I started to pull out, but she held me and kept pushing me deep. She was even crying at this point, and I looked down to see how it looked and noticed blood. I gasped and jumped and Milla noticed and whispered to me it would be alright.

I started to pull out and push back in her, but she was so very tight. "Oh my god Mitch I am about to cum, fuck me as hard as you can!" Milla screamed. I started fucking her hard, hard as could fuck without breaking her fragile body. "I'm cummmmmminnnnnggggoooooooohhhhhhhgodddddddd" Milla came and I could feel all of her juices flow at once into her fuck hole. I started to cum again. "Ohhhh godddddd." I moaned and felt my dick pulled out of Milla and placed into the mouth of the Sues head, which was somehow in between my legs now.

I came in her mouth again, this time I fucked her lips as I came, and she took all of my cum in like a champion. however this time I could tell she did not swallow. "Watch out!" Milla said. She pushed my aside as Sue rolled over on her hands and knees. Milla positioned herself under Sues mouth and Sue opened her mouth to spill cum into Milla's awaiting mouth. Milla swallowed every last bit of that cum, and then they began to kiss.

"I want my red wings, " said Sue as she lied on her back on the bed, "Eat me Mitch while your sister sits on my face." I did as commanded.

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This fuck fest was incredible. I smiled knowing this was not the end of the afternoon. I had made two new lovers, my math teacher Sue, and my sister Milla. I bore my tongue deep into Sue while Milla squatted over sues face and placed her pussy into Sues mouth. This looked fucking hot from my view. I crammed some fingers up in Sues loose wet hole and started fucking her with them.

After two or three minutes both of the women let out groans as they were both having orgasms. "Oh god, Mitch, your awesome." Sue said to me. I agreed that I never thought I would be as good the first time. "Can we fuck at home now Mitch?" Milla asked. I was about to reply when Sue said, "Awww.what fun am I going to have without you two?" "Sue is right, Milla, we should not keep each other apart.

We have something special now," I was talking out of my ass, I just did not want the fun and pleasure to stop. "Yeah, your right. Sue. want to sixty-nine?" Milla asked. "Baby I'm spent for tonight. If you two want to go on you have about another hour before you should be on your way home." Sue seemed sleepy, "I'll be on the couch if you want to eat me out like that again, Mitchy." After she left the room, Milla and I continued to fuck for another hour.

I came, well just a little bit each time, in her mouth twice more and I brought her to orgasm four or five more times with my cock and once with my tongue. This day had been the perfect day for any man. Fucking your teacher and sister in the same day?

Both fine skinny blondes? On my way out I stopped by Sue and brought her to orgasm once more with my tongue. Milla watched, not saying a word. Milla and I were walking home and I just had to ask, "Hey, how did you ever find time to study and become better at Algebra? Did you know I would ever ask Sue to tutor me? And how long have you been watching me masturbate?" She replied, "Well we played learn-math-for-oral-sex games, and I have had lots of oral from Sue," she smiled, "Sue and I got to talking about you one day and we thought it would be a great idea to bring you into our relationship, especially because we both wanted to fuck you.

I really wanted to lose my virginity to you ever since I saw you masturbate about 6 months ago. I have been trying to catch you at every time I can. Now I have something much, much better. I get to fuck my brother." We walked for another hour until we got home. That night when Mom was sleeping, Milla sneaked into my room.

"Hey brother. Look what I brought!" she whispered excitingly. She pulled a bottle of lubrication out of her clothes. "Whip it out I am going to masturbate you good." I did as she asked. My cock had already become hard. She put some of this lube on it and clenched both of her hands together squeezed tight and began pounding me.

"Oh god Milla, that feels so good. Fuck me with your hands." It felt like I was being fucked by the tightest pussy ever. She squeezed on it so hard I could see the veins bulge out. "I'm already close to cumming." she leaned over and put her mouth under my cock and told me to cum in her mouth. I let out a mighty blast of cum that not only got in her mouth, it got in her hair also.

"Shit Mitch, now I have to take a shower," she seemed pissed, "Come with me, you can do me doggy in the shower." I haven't done doggy yet, I thought, and agreed to go with her. "Alright, lets hurry and be as quiet as we can, so we do not wake everyone up." We sneaked into the bathroom and turned on the shower.

The instant the room filled with noise Milla jumped on me, kissing me passionately. I bent her over the kitchen sink and wet my hand with some shower water.

I used the water to wet my dick enough to re-enter Milla. I began fucking her hard over the bathroom sink, looking at myself fucking my kid sister in the mirror. She felt so good, so tight, so wet. She even made me gasp by reaching between her legs and rubbing my balls while I fucked her wet hole. Then she motioned she had enough in her vagina. She reached her hand around her back and pulled my dick out, and poked it at her other hole.

We tried to get it in, but to no avail. We climbed in the shower and washed up a little then I fucked her pussy again until we both came. I made sure not to cum in her but to pull out and cum on her back.

======================================================================= The next day in Sues class Milla, Sue and I kept exchanging glances and smiles.

After school, we didn't ride the bus home, but we drove with Sue to her house. On the way there we were exchanging playful touches, getting ready for the afternoon together. "I have a surprise for you two today," Sue said. We tried the rest of the ride to get exactly what it was out of her but she would not budge.

As we pulled up her driveway we stopped behind another truck parked in the driveway. It was a big truck with bull-horns mounted on front. As we were getting out of the car a man about 35 years old, at my first guess, walked out of the house and greeted us. "Hello, my name is Antonio," he said.

I introduced Milla and myself. He was a big man, probably 6 foot 3, 230 or so pounds. All muscle. "It is all set up Sue." Antonio smiled.

"What is?" both Milla and I asked simultaneously. "You will see you two, come look."Sue led us into the bedroom where I had dumped that box off on the first floor just the last day. The box was ripped open and on the bed was some sort of sex machine.

"I couldn't figure out how to get it together, so I called my old friend Antonio to help me. He would like to join us tonight. This machine is going to fuck us girls really good tonight." "Well lets get nekid!." I spoke with a certain tone, and all four of us began to get naked.

I glanced over at Antonio and he swelled up to a massive eight inches! I looked down at my almost 6 inches and felt small. Whack! My ass was swapped by Milla, who had been standing to my side.

She turned around to pull off her underwear so I turned around and went to swat her back. She reached down and grabbed her ankles and looked at me, then smiled. I looked over at Sue who sat on the edge of the bed and was waiting for Antonio to bring his cock to her mouth. Sue grabbed it as it came close and started jacking it.

I got down on my knees and took advantage of this nice position my sister was in. I started eating her pussy out, while she reached one arm up and started to play with my cock and balls. It felt so good I had to stop eating her for a minute, and when I did I noticed all of Antonio's eight inches in Sues mouth! I buried my face back into Milla's warm, juicy cunt.

Her pussy tasted so sweet. "Now its time to be machine fucked," Milla said as she got up and left my tongue in the wind. Her pussy was well lubricated with her juices, and she lied on the bed and tried to snuggle up to the machines massive dildo end. Sue stopped sucking Antonio, who then picked up the pace by himself. "One minute babe, I have to make sure she does this right," Sue said as she turned around and moved to Milla's side on the bed.

"Hey baby-slut, this dildo is too big, use this one." Sue reached over on the nightstand and grabbed a small dildo, which was even smaller then me. It must have been 4 inches. "Lets get that ass fucked, OK?" My heart jumped as Milla acknowledged the anal penetration she was about to receive. Sue grabbed some lubrication and placed it on my sisters tight asshole, and rubbed it in with her finger. My whole body tremored when I saw her little finger poke inside Milla.

I often shoved my finger in myself to make me cum faster, but I never really thought about anyone else doing it to me. Milla went to all fours and fit the new end of the machine against her hole.

Sue exclaimed to Milla that if she did not relax, her hole would not accept the dildo even with the amount of lube it had on it. Sue moved to where Milla's head was facing down and then positioned her beautiful body so where Milla could eat her twat. Milla knelt forward and began to play hard-to-give to Sue. "I hate it when you do that, you little slut, eat my pussy or I'll put the machine away." Sue smiled as she told Milla, and Milla replied with burying her face in Sue.

She was a sight to see, my little sister was. I bet she ate pussy with the best of them. "Mitch babe will you turn it on?" "Yeah sure thing." I went over to the machine and flicked the switch on it. The dildo started to push into Milla, and she bore her head into Sue. Sue even had to back up because Milla was going to hard on her pussy.

Now Sue was on the headboard. Antonio crawled up onto the bed and stuck his cock into Sues accepting mouth. I just watched this machine penetrate my little sisters asshole and found it very sexy. I reached down and flicked another switch which made the machine speed up. I thought I heard Milla cry when I did this, so I turned it back down real quick.


"Leave it on high!" Milla pulled her mouth out of Sue just long enough to speak. I turned the speed back up and started jacking off to the spectacular sight of sex on the bed in front of me.

Antonio let out a cry and started cumming in Sues mouth. He let out so much that it spilled onto Sues belly. "Are we late?" My vision shot to the open door behind me where there stood two skinny brunette women. Everyone stopped, except Milla, to look at the two. They were in their 30's and fine as hell. Then it hit me that I have seen these women before. "Mrs. Smith and Ms. St. Paul?" I asked, seeing the shadow of two middle school teachers I use to know. "Wow look at your fine growing cock, stud," said Mrs.

Smith, "Towns too damn small for it to be anyone else who looks like us." They were awesome looking and sparsely dressed. They looked alike for the most part, except Mrs Smith had huge dick sucking lips and Ms. St. Paul had gigantic breasts. "Thanks, well are you going to stand in the door or are you going to come in?" I said. "I'm Ronda," said Mrs. Smith. "Please call me Kate," said Ms. St Paul. Ronda and Kate turned to each other and started kissing!!

I walked over to them and grabbed each of their asses at the same time, just as Ronda reached down and gave my cock a good tug. "I would like some of this by the end of the night, you little fucking stud, you." "Me first," Said Sue as she pulled me out of the brunettes arms. "Time for you to fuck my pussy, Mitch. Since I am on birth control, I want you to be the first tonight to spurt cum in my pussy." She bent over on the bed and I pushed my cock right into her blonde snatch.

Antonio walked around me and went to my old middle school teachers. I grabbed Sues hips and started fucking her nice wet pussy as hard as I could. Milla pulled off of the little dildo, unhooked it and started assembling the large dildo so it would fuck her. Sue moaned as I fucked her hard and begun playing with herself. Sue wanted to cum bad. I picked up the pace and started getting close to orgasm also. "Oh my god!" Sue started cumming as I spurt my load into her.

"Oh I can feel it. your warm cum deep in my pussy!" Cumming in a mouth was one thing, but cumming in pussy was much more pleasurable! "Yaah!" said Kate as she knelt down next to Sue. Antonio was fucking her the same way as I was fucking Sue. I looked back and was astonished to see Ronda's face buried in his Ass! How hot! She was licking and kissing his ass. I was still hard and still inside Sue, so I started fucking her again, which I could tell she wanted.

Milla was going at it on the machine, and started to orgasm. "Oh my fucking god this machine is.aweeeesssooommmeee!" Milla came and the machine kept fucking her. It looked like Milla was having a seizure. She pulled off the machine and knelt forward to turn it off. Once off she rolled off te bed on the side as everybody else.

I looked over to Antonio, who nodded at me, and saw how his huge dick was pounding Kate real good. I looked back at Ronda and started fantasizing about her doing it to me. "Holy!" I yelled as I felt something wet touch my ass cheek.

I looked back to see Milla watching and learning from Ronda! Milla, my sister was going to lick my ass! I pushed into Sue about two more times then I pulled out so I could get sue where I wanted her. I turned her over and pushed her shoulders down so her face was lined up with my cock. I grabbed the back or her head by her hair and she smiled and then opened her mouth. I started humping her face as she swallowed our cum off of my cock.

"This is fun!" Milla said, "But I want my ass fucked by Mitch's cock!" She pulled me back and walked me to an open part of the bed. She crawled up and put her knees on the edge of the bed and crawled up just a little. He asshole was still open from the machine. I grabbed the lube on the nightstand and put a spill in her open hole and on my hard cock. I rubbed it in real good and then, grabbing the head of my cock and pushing it in, entered Milla's beautiful asshole!

It was so tight. I was nowhere near close to cumming, and Milla was in for a good ass fucking. Antonio brought Kate to orgasm and she shuddered. Antonio let out a growl and pulled out and turned around to Ronda's open mouth and jacked off in it.

He backed off and Kate turned around and knelt on the ground to play cum-swap with Ronda. Sue had crawled up on the bed by now and was lubing up the machine so she would get another nice fucking. I saw her reach in the nightstand top drawer and pull out a monster dildo attachment. Milla was flailing as I fucked her. She seemed to really dig anal, and I really dug giving it to her. She reached down and started masturbating her pussy while I slammed home from behind.

"Oh my god Mitch, this feels so good I want you to cum in my ass!." I went from not close to pumping what little cum I had left into my sisters ass with a shuddering orgasm.

Inside Me Inside You Lucia B And Samantha Bentley

I thought I was about to collapse and pulled out of Milla and stood back, taking in the scene. Ronda and Kate were now on the floor in a 69, and Antonio just turned on the machine and Sue was impaled on 'the monster dildo', ready for it to start going. Milla in front of me was spilling out semen from her gaping asshole. Milla turned around and we kissed passionately.

That afternoon was wonderful, but it was time to go. "We have to get going, guys, sorry." We jumped in our clothes.

"Thanks Mitch and Milla" "Yeah thanks babe" "Bye young cock-stud" We said our goodbyes and we walked home. I noticed something different about this walk home. Milla had grabbed my hand and we were holding hands walking. She stopped me, and looked at me with the cutest face. I could almost fuck her right there. "Fuck me right here." Milla said seriously. "I want that cock in my ass again." "We have no lube, and besides we have to get home for dinner," I said.

We walked home, and when we got here there was a truck in the driveway. It was our fathers truck. My mother had been divorced for some time, and our father came by regularly to get 'some of that ol time love' from our mom. We walked in the door and immediately heard them humping in the back room. My moms bed was crappy, and it squeaked a lot when she fucked on it.

Sometimes I'd hear it squeaking when no man was around to 'squeak' it. Against my will I imagined my mother masturbating in bed. She was a pretty brown haired woman with nice round breasts. I never thought about my mom too much like that, but after fucking my little sister, maybe I should expand my lovemaking to my mother?

Nahhhh. Our group sexual relationship continued for the rest of the week, and then it started to slow down to once a week. A month later Kate married Antonio and they moved to Boston. Ronda transferred to another school on the other side of the state. One more month later and we heard the worst news we would hear for a long time.

"I'm moving to Florida," Sue told us while Milla and I were fucking her. We slowed down and asked why. "I got a job with a school out there and it pays a lot more then here. I'm barely making it. I'm sorry." Next month, Sue left. Milla and I had no good place to fuck anymore. We would sneak it when we could around the house, and had a lot of close calls. The school year ended, and summer break finally arrived.

Our mother kept working in the summer, so we had the mornings to fuck. We never did use condoms, I just pulled out and came on her belly, back, or in her mouth. One day while Milla and I were in my room getting ready to play, Milla said, "Hey whats with Mom? She hasn't had a lover over for months.

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Ever since dad came over last." "I don't know. Why do you ask?" I was curious where this was going. "She masturbates every night. I see her in the mornings sometimes crying. She works really hard and keeps us fed, and she had no friends or lovers, maybe its getting hard for her." Milla had a good point. Our mother did everything for us, and all we did was hang out in the house and consume food and have sex. "Lets get jobs." I said. "I have an interesting idea, it actually came to me in a dream.

Actually never mind." Milla bent over and started sucking me. I pulled her back up. "Whats your idea?" "Well I am 16 now, and that's the legal age for consent in this state. In my dream I was in the mines getting paid for stripping for all of the miners. You were there collecting all of the money." She seemed embarrassed, but I had to admit it, the idea was good.

Milla was hot to trot for any old man. Most of these men would blow their whole paycheck for a young girl to strip for them. "OK." "What?" "Well start tomorrow." I pushed her back on my cock and she started to suck me hard.

Milla was in to deep throating now. I enjoyed when the head of my penis touched the back of her incestuous throat. She would use one hand and milk my cock into her mouth. This always made my orgasm really powerful. I thought about my sister being fucked by many miners, and the thought drove me crazy.

For some reason I wondered if my mom gave good head and I began to shudder in an intense orgasm. The next day we left for the mines. Milla wore skimpy clothing, showing most of her beautiful blonde body. The men could not take their eyes off of her. "My brother and I would like a tour of the mines, and I think it would be a great idea for you to take us." Milla pressed her hip out towards the 45 year old man, who momentarily sprung a boner and led us to the mine.

The mine was dark and very creepy. As we walked in I held a flashlight on Milla so all of the men leaving would not leave and follow us. We walked for about 5 minutes and developed a small band of miners behind us.

Milla stopped near one dead end and turned around. "10 dollars to see my tits," she offered. The men went nuts. They gathered 10 dollars together and passed it to me. Milla shook her head. "I want 10 dollars from each of you to show you my little 16 year old tits." The men gathered all the money they could. From 10 men Milla received 94 dollars. "This will be good for today, but tomorrow you had better bring more money then that, because I want to show you my bald pussy too." She took off her top revealing her bra that left not much to the imagination.

I looked out and saw some of the guys rubbing their crotches. Then she reached behind her back and undid her bra. The men hooted and hollered when she revealed her perky beautiful titties. On the way home Milla told me that all of those dirty men made her hot. We went home and had anal sex, which was what Milla liked when she was hot. I loved cumming in her anus. I could actually cum in a tight flesh hole of hers.

I liked cumming in her mouth, but it wasn't the same. I still had not cum in er pussy, but the thought of it is amazing. The next week Milla and I went to our mom. "Hey mom," I said. "Yes dear??" she replied. I looked at my mother like I had not looked at her in a long time. She was in her night gown, and she looked good! "Milla and I have been earning money on the side.

We have been doing work for old man McCoy near the mines. This is what we have earned so for." I handed her 5 one hundred dollar bills. "Oh my!" she yelled, "He pays you this much?" "He has the money, mom." Old man McCoy was a rich son of a bitch. "Well thanks, this will really help out." She reached out and hugged me tight. I felt her breast rub against me and one of nipples against my arm. I started to become aroused, but she did not let go of me soon enough.

"Oh my!" she let go of me and looked down. "Little excited are we?" "Sorry." "Don't be, it makes me feel good to know I turn someone on, even if its my son." She smiled and then said, "Now run along." That night Milla and I could really hear Moms bed squeaking. Milla came into my room and stated something that I will remember for the rest of my life, "Moms door is cracked open, and I can see her inside playing!" Milla and I went out into the hallway and saw that the door was indeed cracked open.

We crept over to the door and I hovered over Milla as we peeked in. As I was leaning over her, I must have leaned to far but I fell into Milla and we both came crashing through the door.

"Get out!" Mom yelled, "What are you two doing out there?! Get back in here now!" "But you just told us to get out!" Milla yelled back from my room, where we ran too. "Now!" she demanded. We walked back into her room and to both our surprise she was still naked on the bed! "Come see your Momma." she had a smile on her face and that's when I noticed a bottle of Jack Daniels on her nightstand.

"You Momma loves both of you very much and wants to thank you for what you both did to help." I tried to play dumb, "Mom, your naked. Shouldn't you put some clothes on?" "Mitchell, Milla, I know." She smiled at us. "Know what?" Milla asked.

"I do the household laundry, and I see you both have interestingly dirty clothes. I put most of your clothes and towels together it smells like someone jizzed all over the place. You two have been having sex with each other." Damn we forgot about the laundry. Milla played dumb, "What? Ewww. hes my brother! I wouldn't do a thing like that." Mom reached behind her and pulled out a tape recorder.

She hit play and Milla and I heard one of our sex sessions. "Mom, were lovers. We have been for months." I said bravely. "Your momma needs loving too, Mitch." I was starting to see my mothers goal. She wanted us to fuck her. I walked over to her and grabbed her hair behind her head and kissed her passionately. Milla came across the other way and threw all of the bed sheets off of the bed, and started undressing.

I stopped kissing her and moved back to take off my clothes. I was getting very turned on by the fact that my mother, the one who gave birth to me, anted my cock. Now we were all three naked and glancing at each other. Mother laid back and patted her pussy. I went to lick it, but Milla beat me to it!

I crawled up to her pillow and mounted her tits. I placed my cock right in the middle of her great jugs and started rubbing it in between them. My mother just looked and smiled. I could smell barely any alcohol on her, as a matter of fact. She had been planning this. "Oh god! Mitch, Milla, you both make Momma feel so good!" And so it was, MIlla, Momma and I lived our next years running strip shows and sex shows and prostitution in the mines of our small town.

When we gathered enough money, we went to Florida and Mom met Sue. Mom and Sue would then become very good friends. The End