Slutty horny babe comes in the pawnshop for cash and gets fuck hardcore and blowjob

Slutty horny babe comes in the pawnshop for cash and gets fuck hardcore and blowjob
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Dear Reader: This is one part of another project. It gives information for events that will occur later on in another part of the project. Fall semester was finished and spring break was a month or two off. During spring break, Jeff knew the good looking sexy female population would jump from very few to an abundance. The past summer and 2015 Christmas season had been quite good for Jeff's end of the sex trafficking business with Morris. By himself a total of 16 packages had been delivered to Morris.

At 20,000 a capture he was well on his way to his goal of getting a 1 million dollar purse together before he reached 25. But now it was his time for some relaxation and fun. And for Jeff fun meant booze, drugs, and sex.

Jeff attributed his lack of success at getting a female to have him as a sexual partner willingly to their stupidity. But he was determined that he would get what he wanted any way necessary.

He wasn't what you would call handsome but he wasn't ugly either. The biggest turn off for females was his fidgety nervous behavior. Whether it was because he was used to taking whatever shortcuts he needed to get what he wanted or if he was fearful of rejection, whenever he talked to anyone he would wring his hands before dropping them to his sides over and over and avoid looking others directly in the eye.

It was worse with young sexy females than with any others. Jeff figured that he could use his cab to capture a female as his own sex slave just like he had used it to capture females for Morris's sex trafficking operation. And if Morris had a demand for one like his prize he figured he could move his over to Morris and get another one easy enough. To put his plan into action the first thing he needed to get in place was a place to hold his captive.

The coastal town of Raymond with its secrets had a good number of possibilities and his early days had been spent exploring some of the hidden gems of the area.


On the island side were some old World War II fortifications. On the mainland side there were some decommissioned rusting ships and a no longer functioning lighthouse. Need for the lighthouse ceased when more modern facilities were put in service by the Coast Guard.

The lighthouse and surrounding grounds had been owned by the Carter family for as long as anyone could remember and after the Coast Guard quit using it, the lighthouse and grounds ceased to be used by anyone. The top of the lens room still stood proudly seventy five above the ground overlooking the point where the ocean and channel met ready to do its job if needed.


The lighthouse had fulfilled many different roles over the years. One of the more colorful had been its use as a gun emplacement during the early pirate ship days. The grounds high above the point provided a commanding view of the ocean and channel so that unwelcome vessels could be fired upon. Inside the lighthouse several very strong, weather tight rooms had been built off the tower down a hall behind a strong blast proof door to hold supplies.

Although no longer needed they still were adequate for keeping something hidden from view and safe from the weather. To insure gunpowder could be unloaded during rainy weather protected parking had been built and it allowed someone to come and go without being readily seen.

During his early days the rooms, halls, and passages made for lots of fun games of hide and go seek or mock gun fights with friends.

Sam Carter had been one of Jeff's friends in their early days but over the years their differences in goals, outlook, character, and economic circumstances caused them to lose touch and their friendship had faded. They remained cordial enough but neither continued to call the other a friend. Jeff thought one of the storage rooms would make a great place to hold a female so that he could use her as his own sex slave.

Each room had a heavy door that could be locked. After acquiring some sturdy locks, chains, and shackles he furnished a room with bedding and supplies. He knew Morris used nitrogen to put the females out so that they could be easily handled. Even though Morris had warned him about using the gas to knock someone out, Jeff worried little about the risks and with typical youthful overconfidence in his own abilities thought he could figure it out when needed. To test his idea for the lighthouse he spent a couple of week-ends at the lighthouse.

Practically no vehicles ever came this way. The road to the lighthouse from the main road was over 5 miles long and the high vantage point made spotting vehicles before they got closer than 3 and a half miles a snap.

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After concluding that everything was in place for him to start using the lighthouse he was ready to make a capture. Now he just had to capture a female.

Being after the Christmas season and before spring break he knew that the available population of females wouldn't be the greatest. But he only needed one. The first part of February up to Valentine day often brought a boost in the female population as lovers made their way to the coast for a romantic getaway.

It also brought a number of single females looking to make the acquaintance of a single guy. When the opportunity came up, Jeff planned to capture one of the single females.

Thursday night he didn't have much going on so he decided to grab some beers and dope and spend the evening getting high on the parapet of the lighthouse.

Fred was one of his buddies and might show up to join him. It was a cool, clear night. Even though it was over a mile and a half away with the binoculars, lights from the navigational aids, a full moon, and unusual clearness of the night the parking area overlooking the channel on the island side was very visible.

It wasn't long before the first pair of love birds showed up. He couldn't tell the car model or make. It looked like some old European sports sedan. Maybe English or German. The car stopped at the channel edge and as a woman and guy got out Jeff thought this might be entertaining. It was starting to get cooler and there would be more cooling tonight but for now a long sleeve shirt was plenty.

He focused and zoomed the glasses in on the couple. Jeff could see that the guy was holding a joint in the middle and the bright yellow, orange flame when he struck the match to light the joint.

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He took a couple of hits before passing it to the woman. She took four or five strong pulls before passing it back to him. He took another couple and offered it to her. Shaking her head to show she didn't want any more just then he moistened his fingers, extinguished the burning tip with his fingers, and put the rest back in his pocket.

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With the glasses at maximum zoom Jeff could make out most of the details about the couple. She was wearing a plaid western style shirt, jeans, boots, and a belt with a big, shiny buckle. Even though she didn't appear to have large breasts from the way they moved it looked like she wasn't wearing a bra.

The guy reached into the trunk and got out a beer. It looked like he asked her if she wanted one but she declined. Jeff estimated the woman to be about 5 foot 6 inches and slender. Probably less than 110 pounds.

He could see that her hair was dark and shoulder length. The guy was neither a large nor a small man. He had a moderate build.

Jeff figured him to be about 5 feet 11 inches and maybe 160 or so pounds. It looked like he too was wearing a plaid western style shirt, jeans, and boots. No belt and no buckle.

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As the guy leaned back on the hood of the car, the woman went closer for some of the beer. With the beer finished, he hugged her, pulled her close, and kissed her. They continued to kiss and started touching each other all over.

Jeff could see that the guy had moved one of his hands to her breasts while he kept her pulled tightly against him with his other hand. Jeff thought to himself that this was starting to be quite a show! The sight of all this going on and knowing they weren't aware that they were being observed was having a voyeuristic effect on Jeff.

The guy moved one hand to the small of her back and pulled her tightly against him so that he could feel her stomach and crotch pressed tightly against him. Jeff imagined what it must feel like to have that woman's body pressed against him. It was starting to seem like he was an actual participant. Jeff could see that she had moved even closer to the guy and lowered herself to rest her crotch on his leg.

He thought she must have moved her legs apart to get that close. She began to thrust her pelvis forward and back. Jeff's limited experience prevented him from realizing she was stimulating her clitoris with the top of the man's thigh.

The man placed his hands on her waist and pushed her down harder against him while pulling her forward.

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To Jeff it seemed like he was controlling the movements of a life size doll pressing her down, pulling her forward, rocking her side to side, and then moving her back.

Jeff was already hard and could feel himself getting harder. This was too good an opportunity to pass up. He unbuttoned his pants and pushed everything down to his ankles and started jerking himself off. The woman continued to press down and rub her pussy against his leg as the guy pushed her down even harder and increased the speed at which he was moving her pelvis forward and back against his thigh.

He was moving her so fast that the movement of her body below her waist became a blur. Jeff figured she was getting close to orgasm. He knew he was for sure. He wanted to cum at the same time she did. The guy leaned further back against the car as the woman leaned further toward him.

The woman's movements suddenly changed. Now it looked like she was maintaining constant contact between her crotch and his leg and rocking forward, back, side to side, and rolling her crotch on his thigh without the guy pressing her down against his leg any longer. Jeff hadn't seen a woman orgasm before but it didn't matter.

The woman's movements were sexy enough and turning Jeff on even if he was unaware what was happening. He thought he could feel the passion that she was feeling. From her sudden thrust forward and collapse against the guy it looked like she had just had a really strong orgasm.

Jeff felt his own orgasm starting and stopped watching. The parking area on the other the channel was way too far for the couple to hear as Jeff came hard spraying his own semen off the parapet into the night air.

Once his orgasm finished, Jeff resumed observing the couple. The woman was motionless and resting her head against the guy's chest while he continued softly stroking her cheek and running his fingers through her hair. After 3 minutes the woman tried standing up. Her legs seemed too shaky to hold her. She looked drunk or drugged and resumed leaning against the guy with her head resting against his chest.

Another 5 minutes passed. This time when she tried standing her legs were steadier but still seemed shaky.

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The man continued to gently kiss and caress her. She moved her hand to the guy's crotch, began to stroke the bulge in his pants, and unzipped his fly. Jeff watched her slender hand disappear inside his pants and reappear holding a fully swollen hard penis.

Jeff thought it looked somewhat like a magic show and he laughed. He wondered what else she might pull out if she put her hand back inside the guy's pants. It looked like she was planning to jerk him off. Jeff wondered how long the guy could hold on before he came.

She moved her hand to his waist, unbuttoned his pants, and pushed his pants and underwear down to below his knees. After kneeling down in front of him she started licking and sucking his balls as well as licking the underside of his penis.

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To Jeff, it looked like the guy's erection was as hard as it could get but Jeff was mistaken. She moved her mouth to the tip and kissed it several times all over before she took it in her mouth and started sucking him off. It looked like she decided she wasn't ready for him to cum and returned to licking the penis's underside while gently trailing the fingertips along his testicles before taking as much of him into her mouth as she could.

The guy's thrusts started coming faster and stronger. He put his hands against the back of her head and continued fucking her in the mouth with strong penetrating thrusts.

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From the sudden slight contraction of his butt muscles Jeff figured he had just cum in the woman's mouth. It seemed like the longer he kept his penis pushed into her mouth the harder she was sucking him. At last the woman stopped sucking his dick and kissed the tip before she let go of his penis. Fred had just arrived and climbed to the top of the lighthouse to join Jeff. Raising his own glasses to his eyes he moved his field of vision to the parking area. The guy appeared to be fastening his pants.

Fred wondered what he had missed but there was nothing he could do about it now. Jeff started describing what he had just observed to Fred. "Wow! That sounds like quite a show." "Well, you never know when you might get lucky."