POVLife After doing carpark nudity skinny Mia Hurley gets fucked

POVLife After doing carpark nudity  skinny Mia Hurley gets fucked
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Chapter 1 I have known the Adam's family for many years as they have been my neighbors and the relationship between our families has been very close. The Adams is fond with my babysitting their kids as they go out on functions a lot. Although I am older than them, we still get along very well and Ryan shares a lot of things with me. The kids are Ryan who is the eldest at 15, 3 years younger than me, and his sister Rachel at 13.

I found out one day while babysitting how submissive and obedient Rachel is towards her brother. I was on my usual assignment of watching both kids as their parents went out for the weekend. I called pizza for dinner which the kids enjoyed and after dinner, I cleared up before going into the den and watching NBA. Sometime later, Ryan came into the den and joined me while Rachel was upstairs.

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We watched the Lakers game for a while before Ryan and I chatted during the game. He went to grab a bag of chips and opened it. We chatted, watched the game and ate the chips. After a while, the conversation became sexual and it became interesting. "Have you played with a girl Tim?" Ryan asked me suddenly.

I was stunned and replies: "Yes. How about you?" I was a little surprise when he replied "Yes, I noticed how you eye Rachel during dinner and would you like a closer look of her? I can make that happen. For a dollar you could see her pussy and for $10 you could play with it." I was even stunned when I heard his response. To be honest, Rachel was growing up to be a beauty even at 12. She was 5'4, blonde with striking blue eyes just like her mother. She has a pair of budding A-cup tits to match with her slim and toned body.

To round it off, she has a lovely bum and lovely legs which she likes to show by wearing mini shorts and skirts. I was indeed staring at her during dinner as I realized how pretty she is going to be. I laughed off his comments and replied: "Rachel is a big girl and she won't do what you say even for that amount." "So do we have a deal, Tim?" I nodded yes and he called for his sister from the den and asked her to come down.

A few minutes later, Rachel came down wearing her nightdress and said: "What's up Ryan? You called me?" Ryan then went and stroke Rachel's face and told her to life her dress up. She hesitated for a while but upon seeing her brother's firm look, she proceeded to lift her dress up exposing her white cartoon panties. "Now Rachel darling, remove your panties and show Tim here your cute pussy." Ryan said.

"Ok" Replied Rachel as her hands slip into her panties and pushed them to her ankles showing me her hairless teen cunt.


My dick went hard instantly and both kids could see the tent forming through my pants. Ryan smiled at asked Rachel to get dress and go back to what she was doing. I handled Ryan the dollar and began to start asking him questions. It started six months ago between the siblings as Ryan got introduced to porn from his friends.

He and his sister were very close and they love to play together. One day while playing doctors, Ryan had his sister strip naked so he could inspect her. Rachel obeyed and got naked. He started off by touching Rachel all over as she welcomed his touch.


As Ryan got his hands on her clit, Rachel began to moan in pleasure. The siblings then started to explore each other's bodies and Ryan showed Rachel his young dick and asked her to suck it.

He then showed Rachel his stash of porn collection and they watched it together. Rachel enjoyed it when Ryan ordered her to strip and fingered her. One night when they were alone for a while, they were watching a bondage film where a lady was handcuffed and fucked, when Rachel asked: "Ryan could we try that please. Could you be the first in me?

I do not want any other guys to be my first except you." Ryan agreed and tied Rachel to the bed and started to strip her. He then went on to take her virginity as Rachel screamed in joy. After the fucking, Rachel commented: "Thank you brother, this was the best so far!

Your sister belongs to you." From then on, Ryan dominated his sister whenever they were alone and tried out a lot of scenes from the shows with Rachel as she was the willing participant. Chapter 2 Over the next few months, Ryan took up basketball in school while Rachel went for cheerleading.


Both of them were successful and were in their school team. Ryan on the other hand wanted to join the senior fraternity house and was told that he would need to have an offering just to get invited.

The offering would be presented to the committee, which consists of 5 seniors, and they would have the power to determine who joins and who doesn't. The fraternity house was only for popular guys and girls and it had a full schedule of parties and sex involve.

Rumors were that the girls there were not only pretty and they were total sluts. Most girls were from the senior cheerleading squad. Ryan thought hard about it and was wondering what his offering could be when he suddenly saw Rachel standing in front of him motioning him to fuck her.

"Rachel honey, I need your help as I want to join this fraternity house and would need to give an offering. Would you be my offering knowing that most likely you will be fucked by the committee and other boys? Please darling?" Rachel thought for a while and said: "Ok Ryan if only you promise me two things.

Firstly, you would always be present when I get fucked and don't let anybody hurt me badly. Secondly, you must still use me when we are alone and not neglect me. " I smiled and agreed and went to embrace her. That night we fucked hard and after I cummed in her, I left and went back to my room as my parents slept. Mom had put Rachel on pill went she started her period so it was safe to cum in her.

The next day I called Andy, the leader of the committee, and told him I was ready with my offering and wonder when they were free. He told me to bring my offering and me to his house the following day after school.

That day, when we got home, I made my sister shower and changed into a cute tank top bikini with a short demine skirt covering her bikini bottoms. She tied her hair into a ponytail and looked stunning.

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I smiled as we made our way to Andy's house. We were let in by Andy's maid and were shown to the basement where Andy and the other 4 boys were waiting. "Good afternoon guys, I am Ryan and this is my offering. I hope you will accept me into your fraternity house and consider me as a member. She will do anything and everything as you command." I said as I pushed Rachel in front of me. She was nervous but I whispered for her to remain calm and everything will be alright.

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The boys were eyeing Rachel and were already stripping her in their minds and they could clearly see her nipples through her top.

Andy motioned for Rachel to go towards him and made her sit on his lap. He then began to let his hands wander around Rachel's young boys and he kissed her. The other boys watched and cheered him on. I saw myself on a couch as Andy unzipped Rachel's shorts and was playing with her panties while his other hand was squeezing her tit through her top.

He molested her for a while and then made her stand up. He then got up and took a collar from a table nearby and attached it around her neck. He attached a leash on the collar and made Rachel get on all fours. Rachel was then made to crawl to each boy starting from Andy and take his dick out and suck him hard.

While she was working on that, the other boys crowded around her and started undressing her. She was naked by the time she sucked and swallowed the second boy. She went round once and once all the boys were naked, Andy had her lay in the middle with her legs spread. He then positioned himself at her pussy and fucked her. The other guys went up as well and one had her sucking him off while the other was fucking her ass. I watched as my little sister was fucked 3 ways and was jerking off two dicks in each of her hands.

I started to take my own dick out and masturbate while they continued to fuck Rachel. The boys' cummed in Rachel and started switching positions. They spend the next 4 hours taking turns fucking Rachel in every hole and cummed all over her. I just sat there and watch as she was used and well fucked.

After they finished, they allowed her to clean up and get dress minus the panties. "Well Ryan you are now a full member and bring this babe along with you at each meeting if you can. She is one fine girl." Chapter 3 When they got back, Ryan snuggled with Rachel and kissed her: "thank you sister, I love you very much." Rachel smiled and replied: "I love you too Ryan and I love fucking those boys." They showered and slept together that night.

The next day after school, Ashley, Andy's sister, came to our house when mom was out. She was 17 and our schools cheerleading captain. We were surprise by her visit and were even surprise when she asked us to strip. She then spent the next few hours before mom got home teaching Rachel how to eat a pussy and how to do a proper strip tease.

Ryan fucked her a few times as Rachel helped out kissing Ashley while Ryan fucked her. Before Ashley left, she told them that there was a party that Friday and both siblings were invited.

Rachel asked and got mom's permission provided that Ryan went as well. That night, when their parents went to bed, Ryan called to confirm their attendance and fucked Rachel once more before sleeping.

Friday came and both kids got dressed. Ryan was wearing a simple shirt and jeans with a cap to top it off. Rachel wore a tube dress which was few inches above her knee and zipped from behind. Inside, she wore a string bikini with covers her tiny tits perfectly. They both packed an overnight bag just in case as they left for the party.

The party was starting when they got there and it was wild as Andy greeted them at the door: "Welcome my friends, welcome to my party. Ryan, enjoy yourself and the girls you see are anybody's game and you're welcome to fuck any. As for you Rachel, you will be fucked by anyone in anyway." Before we got to enter, Andy put a collar around Rachel's neck and kissed her for a while. Rachel smiled and went into the house with me.

The party had already started as people were dancing to the music, chatting and drinking, there were some girls dressed in tight outfits moving around serving drinks and getting felt up.

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Rachel stayed by my side as we negotiated around the house. We walked around the house and were stunned by how huge the house was as it has many rooms and a nice swimming pool. There were about 40odd people half of them girls and all the girls were wearing a collar. They were mostly from the cheerleading and the school's sports teams. 4 other girls were Rachel's age and we found them getting groped and making out with older boys.

After inspecting the house, we went back to the living room, which was turned into a disco, and started dancing. I got Rachel and myself some wine and we drank and danced. A few minutes into the dance, two black teens came up and started to dance with Rachel and I watched as he got in between me and her. We dance for a while as he started to put his hands round Rachel.

Rachel enjoyed his touches and he went further by kissing her. I left them to dance as I spotted some friends and when to chat with them.

Even though I was gone, I still kept an eye on Rachel. She was now dancing in between the boys, as they ran their hands all over her body. Some of the girls were getting undressed on the dance floor. After a while, they took Rachel out of the room and I followed quietly behind.

Rachel was kissing one boy while the other was feeling her butt as they headed for the stairs. They reach the stairs and let Rachel climb first. I noticed as one teen had his hand on the zipper of her dress and started to pull it down when she climb the steps.by the time she got to her third step, her dress was unzipped and the boys both helped pulled it off her.

Rachel was now in her string bikini and getting groped by two black teens as they proceeded upstairs. They headed to an unused room and had Rachel kneel down in front of them. One teen then attached a leash onto her collar while the other stripped. The naked teen then took his huge dick and shoves it into Rachel's waiting mouth while the other teen got naked.

I watched as my dear Rachel sucked both dicks like a whore and swallowed their cum. They then got Rachel to perform a strip tease and as she got naked, they both started to play with her teen body. Rachel was then made to sit on one teen's lap and ride his dick while sucking the other one. Her tits were getting mauled by both boys and they fucked her well. I stood outside watching the scene and was already hard.

One of the girls saw me and came over and removed my shorts and asked if she could suck it. I smiled and let her as I watched the boys switching positions and fucking her. When my girl finished sucking me off, I led her to another room where I fucked her.

I fucked her twice more before leaving her naked on the bed. I went back to find Rachel and found that there were a queue of boys waiting outside. I saw as Rachel was leashed to a bedpost with another girl her age and both were getting double penetrated both in their mouths and their pussy. The party went through the night and I was sure that all the boys had a turn with all the girls. I slept with one girl after watching Rachel get used. The next morning, I woke up and found Rachel sleeping next to a boy and girl and woke her up.

We got dressed and left. Upon hearing Ryan's recount, I took my hard dick out and was stroking it. Epilogue: Over the next few years, both Rachel and Ryan were fucking like rabbits at parties and at home when their parents weren't around. The last I heard was that Ryan was going to marry Rachel and I am given an invitation to their wedding. The End