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Chinese Amateur Couple Private Sex
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My mother stood beside the chair dad was in with eyes bulging from her brown face tented red with anger. She was pissed to say the least.

My little brother, Justin was barely outside of the glass doors. He was also shocked but remained silent by the sliding doors. "What the fuck, Joseph!

You're naked and so are our children! What's going on??" My mom,Tamela or Tammy for short, is stunning. She is five foot seven inches, light brown skin with hazel eyes and long, thick shoulder length dark brown hair. She was shaped with small B cup tits, a small waist, and a rounded hips with a big ass. My mom has never really gotten over the body she gained from being pregnant. She always said that she was a small woman until she had my eldest brother, Jamal. That's when her hips spread and her ass grew.

My mom now wore a black blazer over a white tank top and tight fitted dark washed jeans. Her feet were bare.

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Dar rose from his chair to confront my mom. James also stood from the recliner we were sharing and walked over to help dad. Jamal followed behind his brother but walked over to Justin to talk quietly to him for a minute.

My mom and dad were screaming incoherently at each other. I looked over to see Justin and Jamal still talking, and surprisingly, Justin was openly staring at Jamal's big dick. Jamal noticed this and smiled a bit but still ushered Justin inside the house. Jamal closed the door and walked over to stand behind mom. I tuned back in to mom and dad just as my dad yelled, "Well why are your nipples hard Tamela?" Everything stopped as my mom gasped and reached down to try to cover her hard nipples with the sides of her blazer.

"Nothing to say?" my dad teased. I saw that James had folded his arms across his chest and smiled at Jamal over mom's head. I layed back in my recliner to watch the scene unfold. Jamal reached up and tugged the blazer from her body. Mom was too shocked to register Jamal's hands cupping her tits. "No bra, Ma?" he asked as he pulled on her nipples. Dad laughed and moved in closer to press his lips against hers.

She was rigid at first but soon allowed her husband to tongue kiss her. Deeply. Mom was turned on. Jamal had lowered the straps of her tank top to caress them more freely without barriers.

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James reached between my dad's naked body and mom's clothed body to try and undo her jeans. Dad held onto mom's head with both hand in her hair as they passionately kissed. Jamal had licked his fingers on both hands and tweaked her nipples as he licked and sucked on mom's neck.

James worked her jeans down her hips and revealed a black thong. He knelt to kiss her thighs before he lowered the thong and tank top to the ground. James obviously loved to eat pussy because it looked as if that was what he was about to do.

Dad stepped back a little and spread his legs to make room for James.

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James lifted a leg to put on his shoulder when mom started to struggle. She raised her hands to push dad by off of her. When he held on to her and tried to keep kissing her, she tried harder, pushing against his chest until he had to back off.

"What are we doing Joseph? We could go to jail for this." Dad smiled at her and covered her hands with his on his chest. "Who's gonna tell?" he asked her. Jamal let go of her nipples and knelt to spread kisses on her ass. "Yea ma, who gone say anything?" This came from James as we worked to get mom to spread her legs. "I don't know you guys." she said, still unsure. James opened her pussy lips with one hand and stroked her thigh with another. He ducked his head and chuckled a little, "your pussy is soaking wet." Before mom could respond, James stuck out his tongue and licked the juices out of her pussy.

Mom moaned and grabbed onto dad by the arms to help keep her balance as Jamal stuck his head between mom's ass cheeks. Mom was lost as she began to move against them.

James was fingering her pussy and sucking on her clit.


Jamal was shaking his head back and forth, growling as he ate mom's ass. I was so turned on, I spread my legs and began to touch myself.

Mom took her hands off of dad's arms and placed one on James's head and one on Jamal's. "Ohh yea boys. Eat momma good.

Mmmmm that's eat right there." Her eyes were closed and she rocked herself on their faces. Dad looked over to see me stroking my pussy and smiled smiled at me as he started to walk over towards me. "You like seeing yo momma like that, baby girl," he asked me as he came to sit down in front of me on the recliner I was on.

I nodded my head and licked my lips at his hard dick. Dad reached over and flicked my clit. I bucked my hips in response and he removed my hand. He leaned down to lick my juices off of my finger. He closed his eyes and groaned. "Damn girl. I can't get over how sweet this pussy is." He leaned down and grabbed my hips with both hand bringing my hips up to meet his mouth. I wrapped my legs around his neck and moaned as Dad stroked my pussy with his tongue.

My dad pulled me closer to him and started to fuck me with his wet tongue. He fucked me nice and slow with his long tongue as he rubbed my ass with his large hands.

I grabbed his head with both of my hands, trying to get more of his tongue into me. As I rocked my hips, I heard my mom scream her orgasm. I panted as dad licked and sucked at my pussy. I was so close. Without warning, dad pulled away from me and unwrapped my legs from around his neck.

He rose up and looked over towards mom and my brothers. Jamal walked to sit down in a recliner beside me. He spread his legs with one on each side of the recliner. Mom and James both walked over to Jamal. When mom reached the recliner, she turned so that her back was to Jamal's chest. Jamal held his hard dick straight up so that mom could sit down on his dick. Jamal pointed his dick at her asshole. Mom placed her hands on his thighs as she closed her eyes and worked herself on Jamal.

"Ohh. This dick is big baby," mom said.

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She licked her thick lips and moaned as she kept grinding her big ass on Jamal. Dad was staring at them while stroking his dick. I took his dick in my hand and urged him to enter my pussy. He never took his eyes off of the scene as he fed me his dick. I reached around with my hands and grabbed his ass as I rocked my hips. I rubbed my clit against him and my pussy quivered around his dick. "Ahhhh yea baby girl. This pussy is so good," he moaned as he started to move against me.

Mom was now riding Jamal's dick and moaning loudly. Her moans were muffled and I turned my head to see why. Mom had James's dick head in her mouth while she stroked his shaft. James had the shortest dick out of all three. It was 8 inches and really thick. Mom seemed to deep troat his dick without much of a problem.

James was stroking mom's head while Jamal fucked her ass with his 10 inch dick and fingered her pussy. She was so wet, you could here her pussy juices as Jamal played with her. Dad was fucking me slowly and kissing on my neck while I watched mom. She took James's dick from her mouth and told him to fuck her pussy.

James cames around to straddle the recliner and lift mom's legs to his waist. He teased her with his dick head, coating it with mom's leaking juices. "Damn Ma. This pussy is so fucking wet." He slid his dick in slowly, relishing in her pussy. Jamal wrapped one arm around mom and ground her ass against his dick while James established a rhythm. Jamal reached one hand around to tilt her head towards his for a kiss.

My pussy clenched around my dad as Jamal stuck his tongue down mom's throat. James pounded into mom's pussy, "Ahhhh yea. This pussy is good." I watched as James's cum covered dick fuck my mom. Mom and Jamal kissed as Jamal started to move with James, fucking mom's holes. My snatched her head away and moaned loudly. Dad grabbed my ass and matched James's rhythm. He pumped into me and bent to suck my nipple into his mouth.

I came hard. Grinding my hips against his my dad also came in my pussy. He kept pumping until his dick jerked inside me one final time. I opened my eyes to see my mom completely lost in pleasure while her sons fucked her. "Fuck yesssss. Ahhh yea. Fuck momma good boys. That's it." Dad leaned down and whispered into my ear, "your brother's been staring at you." I couldn't believe him because James had his eyes closed with his head thrown back as he fucked mom's pussy hard. Jamal was staring at mom's ass as she bounced on his dick.

Dad rose up off the recliner and walked over to the glass doors. I was lying back fingering myself as dad walked out with a naked Justin following him. Justin was hard and his dick was leaking pre cum. Unknown to mom, James and Jamal, dad and Justin walk over to me. Dad stopped and nudged Justin towards me. When he is close enough, I reach out to stroke him while looking up at his face. Mom was starting to cum. She yelled her release, quickly followed my Jamal.

"Ahhhh yea Ma, I'm gone cream this asshole good," he said through gritted teeth. "Yea baby cum in my ass. That's it baby." James leaned over his mom's shoulder and kissed his brother as his body started to jerk.

I watched James and Jamal tongue kiss while I placed Justin's dick into my mouth. He was standing in between the two recliners my mom and I were on. Mom opened her eyes to see me sucking Justin's dick.


As James climbed off of my mom, she stood so that Jamal could stand as well. Dad was stroking his dick while standing at the end of the recliner I was sitting on. James walked around behind my dad and stroked his chest. Jamal sat down between my legs facing dad and sucked his dick into his mouth. James reached down to stroke dad's balls with one hand as dad opened his legs to allow him better access. Mom sat down on her recliner and leaned in to lick Justin's shaft while I sucked hard on his head.

Justin's body shook and he came into my mouth. Mom grabbed his dick and he turned towards her. I saw James and dad kiss while Jamal sucked dad's dick. Dad reached around and stroked James with on hand and placed another hand on Jamal's bobbing head.

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I could hear Jamal and mom slurp and suck. Before dad cums, Jamal gets on hands and knees facing me. "Fuck my ass dad," he says. Then he looks at me and says, "spread those pretty legs and let me fuck that sweet pussy." I slide down a little and he pushes that big dick into me.

"Fuck yes Jazz. This pussy is so tight." After a few strokes, Jamal stops so that dad could work his dick into Jamal's ass.

Once he was all the way in, he smacked Jamal hard on the ass before grabbing his hips and fucking him good. Jamal grunted in my ear as dad fucked his ass. Jamal started to move against dad, fucking himself on dad's dick while fucking my pussy good at the same time. I heard Justin moan loudly,"I'm gonna cum in your mouth James.

Ahhhh yea." I looked over to see James and mom licking Justin's cum from each other's faces. Mom lies back and grabs Justin by the dick. "Fuck me Justin." Justin straddled the recliner and let mom guide his dick into her. "Ohh yea baby. You're just as big as your brother." James put his dick against mom's lips and she immediately opened to him. Jamal kissed my neck and I closed my eyes to let myself feel him work his dick inside my pussy.

"Ohhh Jamal, you feel so damn good," I moaned. He licked the spot below my ear and then sucked my earlobe into his mouth. "Yea Jamal. Fuck this dick good boy," dad said as he smacked Jamal on the ass again. I hear mom moaning loudly around James's dick as Justin fucks her wet pussy.

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Justin threw his head back and his mouth falls open as he picks up his pace. I reach up and stroke James's ass. He spreads his legs and I stick in a finger. James moans and starts to fuck mom's face. Jamal comes into my pussy first. "Fuck yea!! Fuck this ass good dad," Jamal said as he came in me. That triggered my orgasm and I came on Jamal's dick.

Dad keeps fucking Jamal in the ass, grunting hard. Justin comes next. He grabs my mom's legs and puts them on his shoulders to get in deep into mom's pussy. "Ohhh yessss," Justin moans loudly as he came into mom's pussy. I worked two fingers into James's ass and he cums into mom's throat. Dad thrusts one last time into Jamal and yelled his release. "Ahhhh FUCK." Mom came last while Justin stroked her clit.

After she came, mom stroked Justin's chest. "That was good baby," she said. Dad pulled out of Jamal and leaned down to kiss his ass good. Sucking and slurping at his hole. "FUCK yea. That was good boy," dad said. He stood up and smacked Jamal on the ass one last time. James sat down behind Justin and Jamal collapsed unto me. I wrapped my arms and legs around him, welcoming his weight.

"I know y'all better not be going to sleep. Family dinner is here tonight and we got a lot to do," my mom said. "Shit," dad said,"I forgot all about that." "Yea I bet. You were kind of busy," mom said smiling at her husband of 28 years. We all laughed at that. After a minute we all raised up to walk inside the house.

Mom gathered her clothes from the ground and started giving orders once we were inside. We had an hour and a half to bathe ourselves and cook a dinner large enough to feed at least 20 people. The boys were sent to shower first while mom and I started the meal.

We moved around the kitchen while singing and humming a new R&B song. We had started to belt out the high notes when the garage door opened and closed. We were standing in the kitchen naked as my Uncle Jim walked around the corner.

My dad's brother whistled loudly between his teeth to get our attention. Mom and I jumped at his surprising entrance. "Well well well," he said with a smile on his face,"y'all look good enough to eat." He smiled sexily and I hoped he meant that literally.

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I looked over at my mom as she smiled at him. "Why don't you come get a taste then Jim." My jaw falls open as my mom walked towards him. Hot damn!! This day will never end!!! I thought happily.