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Milf Shemale With a Big Fat Cock Online
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I was in Hailey's truck. She was bouncing on my lap again. I was grabbing her ass cheeks making her bounce quicker. She was moaning my name and swearing like a sailor.

Then I heard my alarm sound. How odd? As my vision blurred into the insides of my eyelids, I tried to hold on to the last bit of sleep left. I didn't want it to leave, but it was inevitable. I was awake, one day after I lost my virginity to one of the most beautiful women i've ever met. My cock was oozing inside my boxers. I swore as I got up to get a towel out of my closet.

As i cleaned myself, I heard the text tone of my phone on my nightstand.

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I turned and leaped onto my bed reaching for my phone. On screen I saw Hailey: Hey, I had a great time talking to you last night. Do you want to go to the mall after school today?

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Me: No, I have my sister's dance recital tonight, I'll keep in touch, maybe this weekend. Outside my window I saw the orange haze of the sunlight rising before the sun. I walked back to my closet, and grabbed my Jeans, a T-shirt, and a pair of boxers from my drawer. I walked down the hall to the shower. After setting my clothes for the day on the sink, I stripped nude, then climbed into the shower.

The cool water felt good cascading down my body. I was hot and sweaty after my wet dream. I closed my eyes and there she was, on my lap swallowing my cock. My cock started swelling, so I opened my eyes, wanting to save my energy.

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Fast forward two days. I was home after school, on my laptop.

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I got a text from Abbey. Abbey: Hey, Why don't you come down to my house for a swim? The temperature is perfect and I'm really lonely. Me: Why don't you have Baily come over? I meant for it to sound just a little bitter. Abbey: Well&hellip. We broke up. Turns out I was his sidechick. Suddenly i felt like an ass-hole. I agreed to go to swim with her. She lived only a block down the street from me.

I was walking down the street in my swim trunks, and sandals with a towel over my shoulder. I walked through her front fence up to her door. I trotted up the steps and rang the doorbell.


After a few seconds Abbey appeared at the door. She wore spaghetti straps and yoga pants. ", sorry about Bailey" I said. She was smiling but hiding behind it i could see her pain. She said with glassy eyes "It's okay, I have you" she said. She grabbed my neck and drew me into a hug.

I held her close until I felt her pull away. She walked through her house, and I followed, closing the door behind me. She escorted me too her back yard. The Yard had a large pool that looked decently deep, it also had a grill, and shrubs that ran the perimeter of the yard.

It was very secluded and private. She told me i could jump in she was going to go change.


I walked to the side and used the ladder to climb in. The water was perfect in terms of temperature. I went under to get my hair wet, and acclimated to the water. I heard the screen door open and shut. I turned and saw Abbey. She wore a sailor blue and white bikini. It really made her breast pop.

She looked so beautiful with her long, dark hair all on one side of her head, which was her custom. She reminded him of Lorde. "What?" she asked grinning. I just shook my head in awe. "nothing just&hellip.

Bailey was so dumb to leave you" She blushed and held her hands in front of her pelvis, smiling shyly. She turned around to come down the ladder, so I grabbed her around he waist and yanked her in.

She surfaced laughing. "You asshole" she said, removing the hair from her eyes. We swam around for awhile. I got a few discrete peaks at her chest and ass. She was so beautiful. One time she caught me staring in a daze. "Whats wrong?" I snapped out of it. I blushed, "Oh, sorry, I was thinking" She waded over to me. She grabbed me and drew me into a hug.

She started weeping into my shoulder. I held her close letting her finish. "I miss him Jeremiah, I really do. Even if he was a jerk, and he did cheat on me, I want him back" she said. "No, you can do a lot better, that guy is an asshole." She pulled back, but then suddenly drew her face closer to mine. She kissed me gingerly. Once again, I was surprised to be kissing such a beautiful girl. She pulled away from me and looked into my eyes.

"I love you" she said. She had said that before, but never like this. "I love you too, Abbey" She smiled. "I've always had a crush on you, but, I felt like you didnt care, because when ever i would flirt with you, you wouldn't talk" I felt my ears burning.

"Thats because im shy, I've had a crush on you since i met you" i said slowly. "Then shut the fuck up and kiss me" She said coming closely.

I stopped her. "Are your parents home?" I asked. She nodded no, the dove down on me. I felt her tongue wriggle past my lips. As they danced in our mouths, I felt my erection growing in my trunks.

I felt her small hand linger past my boner. "You excited Jeremiah?" She said, breaking the kiss. I moaned "I can't help it, I was just making out with one of the sexiest girls I know.

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"Oh yeah?" She said, reaching behind her back. "Ive always wanted to go skinny dipping, especially with you" Her top dropped, and from under the water she brought up her Bottom. She threw them on the side. "Your turn" She said excitedly.


I tore my trunks off, and put them with her swimsuit. Under the water I saw her hand reach for my cock.

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She gently moved the foreskin over my cock head. I groaned. "Oh my god Abbey" I gasped. Her small hand felt so good on my cock, going back in forth. Her head disappeared under the water, and suddenly I felt her mouth on my cock. It was so much warmer than the water. She bobbed back and forth with great speed. She surfaced for air. "Come here" she said, leading me to the stairs on the other side of the pool. She sat me on the steps and started going back to dive down on me.

"Hang on Abbey. If we are doing this we are doing it right." She looked at me puzzled. I grabbed her by her hips and sat her on the side of the pool. "Spread your legs" I demanded. She did as I told her, and there it was. her ripe snatch was small, but glistened in the sunlight. I sucked my fingers, and reached forward. I stuck my middle finger into her, and started going in and out. She began moaning my name, callin me baby.

Lets stop here. I've known Abbey since 8th grade, I've always wanted her, and never dreamed it would come true. yet her I was, fingering her like no tomorrow.

I tried my luck. Leaning forward, I open my mouth and began lapping and licking her cunt, while I fingered her at the same time. "Mmmmm, Baby keep going.

You tongue feels so good going in and out of me. Dont stop. Oh my fucking god, Jeremiah you sexy bastard, i'm going to cum." Her speech made me bolder. I began finger fucking her. pretty soon, her hips started bucking and her pussy began oozing. I lapped up her sweet cum. "Oh wow, Jeremiah. That was the hardest i've cum in a long time" I smiled proudly up at her. She slid back into the water. She started jerking my cock under the water again, and she wrapped her legs around my waist, and soon sank down onto my cock.

She felt. different from Hailey. Not worse, just different. "Oh shit, you so big. nnngg, it hurts." She moaned. Then I realized, she was a virgin. I stopped, showing concern on my face.

"Dont worry Jeremiah, It's okay, unng, your just so big" she said. "Just give me a second" soon she started moving up and down on me by herself. I could the blood floating in the water. She said "it's starting to feel good… mmm, fuck me baby" I started thrusting up into her, every time she went up.

I pushed a little more in every time, until i was completely inside her. She kissed me, and as her tongue swept past my lips, I started pinching her hard nipples.

I decided to do i different position. I made her bend over on the stairs near the edge of the pool, and I entered her from behind. As I started thrusting into her, She started screaming my name.

I grabbed her hair, pulling her head back so I could fuck her harder. The water made erotic sloshing sounds as it was forced through the cavities between our bodies. Pretty soon I felt the cum rise in my balls, so I told her. "Oh shit, Abbey, I'm going to, Oh shit… Im gunna" She got off my cock, spun around, and opened her mouth.

She reached up and started jerking me, until I came all over her pretty face. She caught most of it in her mouth. "Swallow that shit girl" I commanded. She closed her mouth, and opened again, my cum was gone.

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She cleaned up, wiping the cum off of her face, and tits, licking her fingers and swallowing the rest. It was the hottest thing I've ever seen. she stood up, and kissed me.

"Thank you Jeremiah, Ive wanted you for so long" I just smiled. We got dressed and swam around some more. Pretty soon, it was twilight, and I decided to go home.

she kissed me goodbye, and as I walked off her porch she called my name. When I turned around, she flashed me her gorgeous titties for a split second. Then disappeared into her house. I walked home thinking "wow, I have fucked two of the hottest girls I know… What's next?" Part 3 coming soon