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Anal Creampie for redhead slut
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She felt his dick swell like it always does when he is about to cum. "Yea baby," she said, "Blow that big load all in my pussy. Give me your load." Her words sent him completely over the edge. He slammed his cock deep in his wife as wave after wave of cum drained from his dick.

It felt so good he could barely hold himself up. She said, "Now let's do something really dirty. Pull out your cock and I will lick the cum off your dick as you suck the cum out of my pussy." He had never seen this side of his wife before, but they had talked about new experiences.

He wasn't sure he wanted to taste his own cum, but he always wanted to please his wife.


She made him lay down and took his cock in her mouth as she straddled his face. He started licking her pussy and nothing seemed all that different, but he could feel her tensing her above him and it wasn't long before a load of cum poured out of her pussy.

She said, "Do not let any of it get lost. Lick it all up and swallow it." Not that he had much of a choice. The cum flowed out of her pussy hole, funneled down her lips, over her clit and directly into his mouth.

It had been 15 years since he had tasted cum (experimenting in high school). He remembered how much he actually liked it.

It had the consistency of liquid, but was thick and a little sticky. As he swallowed the first load from her pussy more came out and flowed right into his mouth. He knew he had cum a lot and the cum kept draining from his wife's pussy.

His dick began to swell and he swallowed every last drop of his own cum. As his dick hardened, she decided it would be a waste not to take advantage so she rode his dick hard for fifteen minutes before they came together and he begged to lick her dry. As they lay together in sexual bliss, she said, "I think you need to eat more cum out of my pussy and, no offense to you, I want more cock.

I think you should let me fuck some other guys.

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You can even watch. And then you can eat their cum out of my pussy." He was shocked and turned on at the same time. Eating cum in her pussy did turn him on and he knew she knew it. But he was surprised his sweet little wife of 10 years seemed to be turning into slut right before his eyes. He whispered, "Anything for you." They decided to put their plan into action on a trip to Vegas.

But the plan evolved.


They knew some guys would not be up for him being around so they agreed she would fuck some guys and save their cum in her pussy or ass. She even bought butt plugs if there was too much cum and she needed to keep it in. She knew she was hot and dressed in her sluttiest mini skirt outfit that would occasionally show off her ass and her tits would almost fall out. She started the evening out propositioning guys around the casino. A few agreed to come up to her room and she told them different times 5 minutes apart 4 hours from now.

One guy she talked to seemed really excited. He was so good-looking that she started rubbing up against him with her body and feeling his dick through his pants as he played the slots.

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She was surprised as his dick grew. It was longer and much thicker than her husbands dick. The guy would not go up to her room but suggested they meet in a secluded men's bathroom in the casino. Her panties got soaked just thinking of this big cock pounding her. And doing it in a dirty public bathroom excited her even more.

She snuck into the bathroom and went into the stall he told her to go into. She took off her skirt and sat on the toilet and started playing with herself. Her pussy was really wet and she could feel her pussy begin to tingle. She felt so dirty playing with herself in the men's bathroom but it just added to the excitement. As she started to cum, she heard the door open.

She was scared but could not bring herself to stop playing with her clit. She could see feet stand next to the urinal that was next to her stall and it excited her even more as she heard his stream flow. This made her lose all control as she started cumming.

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She tried to be as quiet as possible but a couple of gasps came from her mouth. The feet moved from the urinal and moved to the door to open it. She had not locked the door because she had been told not to.

She only hoped it was the guy she met in the casino. As the door opened, she saw a security guard. She was embarrassed. Her clothes were all disheveled and her hand was still playing with her pussy.

She could only imagine what he was thinking. It didn't take long to find out. The security guard came in the stall, undid his pants and pulled out his cock.

With his other hand he grabbed his radio and said, "We have a hot one in the west bathroom." He walked over to her and said, "What do you want to do with this?" She knew what to do. She grabbed his cock and started sucking it wildly. She alternated between sucking and stroking it and just deep throating his cock. It wasn't long before she felt his hard dick swell like her husband's right before he cums.

She stopped sucking and said, "My husband is in a room waiting for me to come back to him with a cum-filled pussy or ass so he can lick all of it out of me. I would love to swallow your cum, but I need it in other holes. I promised him." As she was saying this, the door opened again. The security guard helped her off the toilet then sat down himself and told her to sit on his dick.

As she straddled him, three more security guards came into the handicap stall where they were. They got an eyeful as she sunk herself on the first guards swollen cock. The other three guards immediately dropped their pants and started stroking their cocks.

The only black guard came up behind her and said, "I am going to fuck your ass." She was about to get up in protest when he pushed her down on the other guys cock and said, "Don't worry. I carry lube for situations like this." She felt him pour lube down the crack of her ass and over her pussy and the dick in her pussy. She could not believe she was going to be double-penetrated for the first time, and in a men's bathroom! As the black guard moved in behind her, she felt this great pressure on her ass.

She had been assfucked many times before and tried to relax her asshole, but the big black dick was bigger than she had experienced and the first guard was starting to pump her pussy. She could feel her ass stretch to its limits as the black guy slowly started to push into her.

She started to scream, "Its not gonna fit. Its not gonna fit." "Shut up slut. It will fit." And his slow push in her ass turned into a quick ram into her ass. "AHHHHHHH. Oh my fucking God. Oh my ass. It burns.

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Stop. Please." The black guy covered her mouth while him and the first guard alternated their strokes. Her slight moment of pain was quickly replaced by ecstasy. Her mind spun as the two dicks worked her pussy and ass. As she started to cum, her moans were muffled by the hand on her mouth.

"MMph. Mmph. Mmph.

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MMMMMMMM." As she started cumming and her pussy muscles contracted on the first guy. He let his load loose in her pussy. She could feel his dick pump his cum in her pussy as her pussy got even wetter. The first guard pushed her up and the black guy in her ass spun around and sat on the toilet while keeping his dick in her ass. He pulled her legs back and up to give the next guy open access. He plunged his cock in without hesitation.

She still could not believe how much her ass was filled and how good it felt to take two cocks at once. As she was getting pounded in both holes, she caught a glimpse of the last guard's cock.

She thought, "That thing must be 12 inches." Just seeing that big cock set her off again. "Fuck me you bastards. Fuck my pussy and ass. Ram it. Make me cum again. OH. Slam me. Fuck meeee. Fuck meeeeee.

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AHHHHH. Oh my God. Oh my God. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH." She collapsed as the guy in her pussy slammed his dick deep and started squirting his load inside her. She said, "That's right. Put all that cum in my pussy. And before you pull out, make sure that big dick motherfucker over there is ready to fill my pussy with his cock." As one guy moved the other was ready to fill her pussy.

No cum was wasted.

As that huge cock slid in her pussy, she could not believe what she was feeling. She took the first half easily but her pussy resisted the monster cock as it went deeper. He worked it in and out, going deeper with each thrust. Two big dicks pumped in and out of her pussy and ass. She felt full and she felt stretched out in both holes.

Within a minute, she was cumming again. As she started to cum the two guard said to each other, "Are you ready?" They both shook their heads and slammed deep in her.

She did not think she could cum anymore but the giant cock in her pussy pushed past her cervix with a little pain and a lot of pleasure and started filling her womb with his cum. Two dicks filling her with cum felt so good she collapsed and just tried to maintain consciousness.

As they started to pull out of her, she stopped them and asked the other guards to get the two butt plugs to plugs the cum in her pussy and ass. A voice said, "Just plug her pussy. I'll take her ass.

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You put on a great show babe." It was the guy who was supposed to meet her in the bathroom. They plugged her pussy with a plug and he put on a condom and bent her over the toilet. He shoved his dick in her ass and started ramming her hard. He was slightly bigger than the black guy so she had to adjust to his size as he slammed into her. He grabbed her hips and slammed into her time after time.

As he got closer to cumming he shoved her head down close to the toilet bowl. "I am going to fuck you dirty like the dirty slut you are. He pounded her ass for another minute then started cumming. "You slut. Take it. Take my cock you slut. UGHHHH." After he came he said, "Give me that butt plug. We wouldn't want her to lose any cum." As soon as he pulled out he filled her ass with the plug.

As she stood up, she said, "Can I have your condom. I will save that for my husband as well. He has a big surprise and this is not all of it."