Doppel Fuß ficken wieder

Doppel Fuß ficken wieder
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My plane landed about 3 hours ago. America the land of opportunity. Lets see how true that statement is. I just got a rental car, now it's time for a road trip to see my aunt. I just realised something that worries me. If aunt Jodi turns me away, I don't have the money to get back home. Its not like I can go home anyway. All the heat that Crossblade caused is gonna put a bullseye on my back.

If things don't work out the way I want I'm gonna be up shits creek. These are the thoughts I have while im driving. I'm cruising down the road in a silver Lexus. Its about 10 at night. It's dark and I'm driving down a back road with trees either side of the road. I've planned out the route and I have 3 hotel stops ahead of me. I'm about 20 minutes from my hotel. As I'm driving I see about 6 sets of headlights in my rearview.

As they get closer I can see they're bikers. They start to surround me and I start getting ready for trouble. One of them gets close on my left side and I can see his patch "Satan's Children" under it is a VP patch.

He's not exactly what you'd expect a biker to look like. For one he's not a fat bearded man. He's pretty thin with a black goatee. He's wearing a set of black sunglasses. I start slowing down when they pass me and continue up the road.

Thank god. I can fight but if one of them pulls on me, I can't dodge bullets. I keep driving wondering where those bikers went, not that I'm hoping to run into them. Eventually I roll into a town called Harmony. This is where im supposed to be, it doesn't take long to find a hotel. I pay cash upfront and put myself down with a fake name. "Max Payne!" My favourite game when I had a ps2. I take my bag up to my room and see its a pretty nice room with a bed a shower in the next room and a tv at the foot of the bed.

I drop my bag and decide to go for a shower. Once I'm showered I dress in jeans, plain white shirt, a leather jacket and decide to go for a drink. I'm walking down the street following the gps on my phone until I find a pub. Wait. America! I mean I find a bar. I stop when I see the bikes parked outside but I really need a drink so I shrug it off and head inside. The lights are dimmed there are around 20 tables all with bikers sat at them talking and laughing.

I sit up at the bar and a heavy set man with a grey beard and a bald he's comes over. "Hey kid, what you doin in here?" I look up and notice he's wearing a cut with a "Satan's children" patch. "I'll have a Jaeger shot!" I say confident but respectful.

"You sure you're old enough?" He asks. "Do you want my ID or my money!" I say. He smiles and nods lightly before going to pour my drink. I look around and see almost everyone in this place has the same patch. A minute later the bartender comes back with drink which I shoot down.

"So what brings you in here kid?" He asks. I shrug my shoulders and answer. "I just needed a drink, I've been driving all night.

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I'm a traveller." Sorta true. "Alotta people don't like comin in here cause o' the company we keep." He says kinda skeptical as to my courage. "No offence mate, but I don't let anybody scare me out of doing what I want." I say.

He smiles again and thrusts his hand in my direction. "Butch!" He says. I take his hand and say "Max! So is that short for butcher!" I ask laughing. "It should be!" He says laughing back. We share a laugh and he tells me a bit about the club. "Does it's service to the community dealing with drug pushers." He tells me trying to make the club sound good.

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It would work if the guy sat behind me wasn't snorting a line of coke. I'm not stupid. "That means the club hides the pushers good enough so that the community thinks the town is drug free. While the club uses them for its own benefits." Butch is stunned at my statement Before his expression hardens and he says "You're smart kid.

That could be dangerous!" I shrug and say "Only if im not smart enough to know when to shut up!" With that he smiles and gets me a glass of whiskey before pouring one for himself. "Let's see if you can handle a man's drink." I smile at his challenge and nod.

We clank our glasses and shoot the drinks. I've had whiskey a few times before. It burns my throat but I keep my expression cold as ice. We're staring dead at each other as we swallow our drinks.

He's waiting for me to break but it's not gonna happen. Eventually he just laughs and pats me on the back. "I like you kid you got balls. Andre will like you!" He says.

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"Who's that?" I ask curiously. "He's the pres of this charter." He says handing me a beer. At that moment I feel someone tap me on the shoulder. I look round to see a skinny guy, probably late 20s he's taller then me by a few inches. He's got a bald chin because all his body hair has gone towards his long ass hair that's been braided. I almost wanna laugh at this guy but I say in a neutral voice "Can I help you?" "Yeah kid this establishment is for members only!" I turn back to butch and see he's looking the skinny guy with a frustrated expression.

I lower my head and say "Funny. I didn't see any sign on the door!" I say taking a swig of my beer. "Well maybe I should have Bonnie and Clyde tell you." He says bawling up his fists.

"Tell me." I say still not facing him. "You call your right hand Bonnie because its the closest thing to a woman you'll ever have?" Once the words leave my mouth, Butch breaks down laughing. I turn round to see skinny guy's face go white. "I swear kid you don't shut your mouth I'll break your jaw." I finish my drink and step down from my seat before turning to face him. "Is your name Andre?" I ask. And he looks at me confused before he shakes his head "No!" "Right.

Do you wanna tell him why your starting a fight with a kid?" His face goes from confused to angry when he realises I've got him in a box. At that point he turns and walks away.


I turn and see that Butch has poured me another drink. I take the glass and raise it to skinny guy as he walks out the bar. "Don't get your hippie locks stuck in the door!" I call out to him. I look around to see everyone staring at me a few have smiles.

Especially the women. I raise my glass to them and turn back to Butch who has calmed down from his laughing fit. "I'm sorry about that Max. That's Owen. He's a little shit. Always tryina prove himself the top dog." I wave it off "and he figures the best way to do this is to pick a fight with a kid?" I say shaking my head.

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Butch chuckles and leaves me to serve the other bikers. That's when I feel a pair of hands rubbing my shoulders. I look round and see am older woman. Blonde, smiling. "Relax baby your too tense." She says in a seductive tone. "Can't have that can we?" I say as I drink. "No. We can't. It was amazing how you stood up to Owen like that!" She says as she comes round to sit beside me.

Now I can get a good look at her. I'd put her age at about late thirties or early forties. She's wearing black jeans, black top, black leather jacket. Blonde curly hair. Big tits, nice legs, yep im going for it.

"I'm Samantha." She says. "Max!" I reply shaking her hand. "So you're not from around here are you?" She asks. "Nope, im from London." I tell her. "Love a Brit!" She says smiling. I had heard that American women loved the English accent but I never knew if it was true. I buy her a drink from Butch who gives me a wink and walks off.

We drink and talk but I tell her nothing of who I am or where I'm going and I think the mystery excites her. "So where are you staying?" She asks. "Hotel up the road. Its only a 10 minute walk if you wanna see it." I say smiling. "Your a little young kid. And im not an easy woman." She says smiling back. I get an idea about the kinda woman she is and that gives me an edge. "How about we make a deal?" I say and she looks at me with a raised eyebrow.

Now she's interested. "Come with me, if you're not having fun I will do anything you want." I say and her eyes go wide. "You mean. Be my slave!?" She says quietly.

"If that's what you want." I tell her. She thinks it over for a second and then regains her composure and asks "So where did you say you were staying." I finish my drink. "Well here let me show you!" I say standing up. I walk out of the bar without looking back but I know she's following. Its 1am when we reach my room. I open the door and walk in dropping my keys in the flower pot. I turn around to face her but she immediately jams her lips on to mine.

My hands go straight to her ass, squeezing them tightly. Samantha moans into my mouth never breaking the kiss. I fumble with her jeans and eventually get them pushed down her legs. My hand goes to her pussy rubbing frantically. My actions cause Samantha to break our kiss and grip me tightly as she moans loudly.

Her pussy is so wet, I push my middle finger into her pussy and finger her furiously. Her arms are wrapped around my neck tightly while she moans as I pump my finger into her pussy. Eventually she nearly screams into my ear and I feel her clamp down onto my finger as she cums all over my hand. She's still holding me and I can feel her legs shaking.

I decide to gently place her on the bed and lay her down. I push her top up past her breasts and pull them out the top of her bra. I go down and start kissing her belly, working my way up until I reach her tits. I take one tit in her mouth and suck it while I grope the other. I feel Samantha pull my head away from her breasts and up to her face for a kiss. We make out for a moment before she rolls us over. She pushes her jeans down and peeks her top off.

I take the chance to get stripped down as well. When we're both naked, she damn near jumps on me. She straddles my lap and starts grinding her pussy against my throbbing cock. I sit up to suck her tits but she pushes me back down and pins my hands above my head.

"Slow down baby, we have all night. I'm going crazy as she continues grinding against me. I want to stick my cock in her so much but this minx is teasing me. Mercifully she lines up my cock and drops herself onto it, making us both moan. She's still got me pinned down as she slowly rocks her hips back and forth. Her eyes are closed and she licks her lips.

Then she starts bouncing on my cock. Fuck this woman knows what she's doing. Eventually she releases my hands and places hers on my chest. I try to reach for her tits but she slaps my hands away with a smile on her face. She shakes her finger at me and calls me "naughty". She goes back to riding my cock hard and fast. Surprisingly I'm not even close to cumming. I think it must be cause im being held back from doing what I want.

The room echoes with the sound of her ass slapping into my lap as she starts grunting like an animal which drives me crazier, but everytime I try to do something she slaps me and says no. I'm starting to get frustrated but I did say whatever she wanted and I keep my word. Her grunting gets heavier and she squeezes her tits together while she bounces. "OOOH FUCKING YES!" She grunts. "Oooh yes! Give me that dick!

My dick!" Its at that point I take matters into my own hands. I quickly reach around and stick a finger into her ass and she fucking screams and explodes all over my cock.

She collapsed on top of me and now I'm stuck. When her breathing returns to normal, she sits up and says "you disobeyed me. That was naughty! Now you need to be punished." Its at that moment she moves up and sits on my face. "Eat my pussy boy! Make me cum again!" I can barely breathe and I tap her leg but she smiles and says "Make me cum, then you can breathe.

C'mon be a man and take your punishment." I frantically start eating her pussy trying to make her cum quickly. I wrap my lips around her clit and suck it while I lick her pussy. She's moaning above me and starts grinding her pussy on my mouth.

I try to finger her while I eat her but again, she slaps my hand away and says "Only your tounge!" I double my efforts and run my tounge up and down her slit. She's moaning loudly now and I know she's close. I'm seriously running out of air and I insert my tounge into her.

Suddenly she drops all her weight on me and moans loudly as she fills my mouth with her juices. After I more or less push her off of me and gasp for air, she moves on all fours in front of me and says "Fuck me big boy!" I waste no time moving behind her and thrusting inside her.

She gasps and I start rocking back and forth slowly. "Be a man and fuck me like you mean it!" She demands now im pissed off. I grip her hair and pull her head back as I hammer into her.

She's grunting loudly and has an animalistic look on her face as I pound her pussy. "Yes!

Fuck me! Yeah Fuck me!" I grab her hips and pulls her into me as my cock slaps back into her. I'm close to cumming.

I'm moaning loudly and she's moaning louder. I pull her into me and hold her as I fill her with my cum. I slap her ass as I dump my load into her and she collapses. I lie next to her and we drift off to sleep together. The next morning I was lying next to Samantha when wet were a awakened by someone banging on the door.

I told them "Just a sec!" But they kept banging on the door. I pulled on my jeans and shirt and went to the door. I opened the door to see a black guy, heavy weight build.

Wearing a Satan's Children cut with a president patch over a black top. I realise this is Andre. He was bald with a goatee, wearing a pair of sunglasses. "Are you the guy I pay to park my car?" I ask trying to be funny but he doesn't even flinch. He just stares at me and says. "We need to talk outside, c'mon." He says turning but I don't move. "No thanks I don't get up before 3.

Come back then and bring pizza." I tell him and he turns back and looks at me with a plain expression. This guy isn't easy to read. "I wasn't asking!" He says plainly. "That's the problem, I didn't hear a please." I say and he just stares at me. I know im fighting a losing battle so I just sigh and tell him to give me a sec. I wake up Samantha and tell her that Andre is waiting outside. It's then that I see her damn near shit herself as she scrambles for her clothes.

She gets dressed and runs out the door past Andre. He watches her leave then turns to face me. I walk out after her and follow Andre down stairs where I see about 8 bikes in the parking lot. I just reach the bottom of the stairs when I hear the worst sound of the morning.

Owen's shouting at me saying he's gonna kill me. "You little shit, I'm gonna cut your throat!" He shouts staring fire at me. "Someone forgot his tampon this morning." I say loud enough for everyone to hear and the only one's not laughing are Owen and Andre. Once we reach the rest of the crew Andre turns to me and says "Kid. Did you know you slept with Owen's ol' lady last night." He asks. It doesn't come as a massive surprise but its not something I thought about last night.

"Look man, I got enough trouble to deal with without having an MC on my back. So I think its safe to assume, no I didn't." Andre nods and turns to Owen who hasn't taken his eyes off me. Andre shrugs his shoulders at Owen and says "He didn't know man. How do ya wanna handle this." "A fight!" Owen says quickly. Andre turns back to me. "What do ya say kid?

You man enough to get your hands dirty." I shrug my shoulders and say "Sure. But he starts crying at any point, im out." Everyone chuckles, even Andre's face changes to something that resembles a smirk. Everyone stands back, giving us space.


Owen pulls his shirt off and has Samantha tape his hands up. Me? I'm just stood next to Andre eating a protein bar. Finally Owen's ready and he starts hopping around like some wannabe Bruce lee. His hands are up by his face. I just walk up and put my fists up. He makes a straight punch with his left hand which is easy to see and easy to dodge, as I lean to the right and his fist goes past me and I plant a punch in his nose.

He staggers backwards but shakes it off and comes back. This time its a haymaker that's way to wide, which I duck under and deliver my own haymaker to the side of his face which makes him go down. Once he's back up I can see a cut on his right cheek bone.

He comes at me with another wide haymaker that I duck under and plant a punch in his ribs. He staggers, his defence is down, i deliver popcorn punches to the left side of his face and kick him to the ground. Everyone is looking at me in disbelief. Andre is just smiling with his arms folded. Stupidly Owen staggers to his feet for one last try.

He comes at me with a punch which I block and in the same second plant a punch in his nose and he goes down unconscious.

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I look to see Samantha staring at me shocked but also flush with excitement. "Ok, who's next?" I ask shrugging my shoulders. Andre steps toward and stares at me. He's about 6'1 making him much taller then me but I keep my face blank and stare back. Eventually he smiles and holds his hand out to me.

"I like you kid! Name's Andre." I shake his hand and say "Max! I heard about you. Your the pres." "That's right and I don't like people startin' shit with my guys." He says with authority.

I look over and see Owen being picked up and moved away. "Look I didn't mean to start any trouble, Samantha didn't say anything about being with hippie locks over there." I say pointing at Owen. "If Owen wasn't such an asshole, maybe she wouldn't go looking for other guys." Andre stands there with his arms folded and nods.

"Well I guess he had to learn his lesson sooner or later. But maybe in future, you ask a question or two before pickin' up a chick at a bar." I have to admit, he has a point. "Fare enough." I say nodding. "So we all good here?" I ask him and he nods. "Yeah we're good. Let me buy you a drink for your trouble." I know it's probably a bad idea but I except anyway.

The mc rides back to the bar and I follow in my car. Once we're inside i follow Andre to the bar where he asks for two beers from Butch. He sees me and smiles before cracking open two bottles and sliding them over to us. "So how is it you failed to mention that I was about to nail someone's Mrs.

Last night?" I ask Butch smiling. He laughs and says "Look around you kid, there ain't a single guy in here that she hasn't slept with at least once. I figured might as well let you have a good night." "Or you wanted an excuse to have me buried." I say smiling. "By Owen!?" He says sarcastically. "Boy can't even bury a bone in the yard. Besides burying people is such a pain in the ass." he says laughing. "That's where your going wrong." I say swigging my beer.

"Whatcha mean kid?" Andre pipes in. "Best way to get rid of a body? Feed em to pigs. They'll eat a body like its a bucket of chicken, in half the time too." I tell him quoting my favourite movie. Butch and Andre look at me stunned at my knowledge while I drink. "Your a dangerous man kid." Says Butch. "No more then you guys." I say smiling. "We ain't dangerous, we're just a club." Andre tells me. "Right, and im just a guy, passing through." We sit in silence until Andre gets us two more beers and leads me to a couple of arm chairs positioned around a table.

He sits in his chair and I sit opposite. "So hows about you tell me your real name?" He says taking off his sunglasses and I see his eyes for the first time. "I dunno what you mean." I say with a straight face and a neutral tone. "C'mon kid, you think I didn't play that game? I remember playing Max Payne. So c'mon, real name." I drink and say. "Dan, Dan Green." He nods and continues "Only one reason I can think of for someone usin' a fake name. You got heat from the cops?" He asks.

"Or maybe I value my privacy." I say keeping my tone neutral. "Kid, I understand why you wouldn't trust me, but be real, I got nothin' to gain from ratting you out. Just so long as that heat don't blow back on me." I smirk and say "but you've never met Daniel Green. You've been having a drink with Max Payne." Andre laughs and we clank our bottles and continue drinking. "So what you do?" He asks.

"I killed someone." I say simply. "You feed him to the pigs?" He says chuckling. "Nope! Not alot of pigs in London." I say and we share a laugh. As fun as this was, I know I need to get going. I'm on a tight schedule, I need to get to woodchip asap. I shake Andre's hand and thanked him for his hospitality. I haven't had that much to drink but I decide not to risk driving.

So I walk back to the hotel and plan to continue my trip tomorrow. Rick the morning before. I'm sat at the kitchen table with Jodi talking while we sip our coffees. "Rick honey I'm really worried about Jake." Says Jodi looking down. "Why what's up?" I ask worried. "He's been spending almost all of his free time finding work, its getting him stressed out!

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I asked him why he wanted a job and he snapped at me about prying into his personal business." She says a little tearful. "I'm slowly losing my baby." She says. I take her hand in mine and say "Jodi your not losing him, he's just having trouble coping with the stress of the big bad world.

He may not admit it but he wants help." Jodi nods and says "But I asked to help and he said no!" "He doesn't need someone to ask him if he wants help, he needs people to help him. Whether he asks for it or not." My words have an impact and she nods lightly. At that moment Katy comes down from her room wrapped in the towel I gave her last night.

She has a cheesy grin on her face as she approaches. Before she sits down she slaps me on the back of the head. "You asshole!" She says smiling. "Do you know how sore I am? I could've used a warning." I smile and say "That defeats the object of a surprise. Did you have fun?" "Oh god yes!" She says loudly as Jodi passes her a cup of coffee.

At that moment Jake comes out to the kitchen and freeze at the sight of Katy in a wrapped towel. "Oh uhh hi Katy." He says drooling.

Katy's breasts are heaving out the top of the towel which only went down past her hips, leaving her legs exposed. "Hi Jake." She says sweetly as she sips her coffee. He stands there staring for a while until I decide to break him out of his trance. "you going somewhere buddy?" I ask noticing his backpack.

"Yeah I um im going into town to look for a job." He says looking at me but still sneaks looks at Katy. Katy's pretending not to notice as she drinks her coffee and flicks through a magazine. "Great! I'll give you a ride." I say standing up. "It's ok I'll get a bus." He says. "No I wanna get out of the house, I don't wanna go alone." I say grabbing my keys.

Jake doesn't look like he wants me to take him but I need to talk to him. I push him out the door and wink at Jodi who smiles at me. Me and Jake are in the car and down the road. Jake's not saying a word so I decide to break the ice. "So d'you wanna tell me what's going on?" I ask him focusing on the road. "What d' you mean?" He says not looking at me. "Jake I know something's up. C'mon man, I'm your brother, if you cant tell me who can you tell." I tell him.

"I just wanna get a job." He says simply. "I get that, but there's something else. You snapped at Jodi when she tried to help you. You only do something like that when your scared." I inform him. "Come on bro, you can tell me. What's going on?" I tell him. Jake sighs and says "ok".

"There's a girl that I like, she works at the club. And I've." "you've been trying to get a job to impress her." I say cutting him off and he nods lightly. "So why are you scared of telling Jodi?" I ask him trying to see the last piece of the puzzle. "It's stupid, I just. I just didn't know how she'd react. I know it sounds dumb." I shake my head and say "No actually, you were trying to protect her feelings.

But your mom's not made of glass. She'll understand. Hell! She'd jump at the chance to give you advice and dress you up for your first date." I can see Jake looks unsure so i decide to put his mind at ease. "I'll tell her about it. But you need to discuss it with her." He thinks on it for a second and nods.

I drop Jake off in town and tell him to relax cause I've got it handled. I watch him head off into the mall. It's at that moment I get a call on my phone. It's David. "Hey man what's up?" I ask. "Not much man, but we got a job I think you're gonna be interested in." Now he has my attention. "Ok what is it?" I ask. "Come to the office on Monday I'll give you the report." I can sense the excitement in David's voice.

I know this is gonna be a good one. I fire up the car and head home. I wonder what trouble David has for me this time.