Wacky sweetie is taken in anal asylum for harsh therapy

Wacky sweetie is taken in anal asylum for harsh therapy
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Chapter 3 Juan pounded Debbie's unconscious body with three or four more thrusts ever deeper and deeper and then stopped perplexed.

Everyone stopped and looked at him. He tried to pull his large cock from Debbie's pussy but he couldn't. He had spread open her cervix and it had snapped shut tightly around his dick. He turned towards Cree and Debbie followed along as he turned around like a popsicle. "What should I do Cree?" Cree turned to Sanchez, "Toss Jennifer in the closet and then help Juan free his cock".

Juan had slipped Debbie down on a desk top and his muscles bulged as he tried to free himself but to no avail. Debbie drooled onto the desk and wined a bit but for the most part was lost in a dream about having her first baby and how long the labor lasted. Down stairs, Wayne was having a very bad day.

He hit his head on the wall enough as Carlos savaged his ass that he remained quiet and confused. Only dimly aware of the red hot pain as Carlos pulled his dick completely out and his asshole slammed shut.

Then Carlos would drive in again to the hilt. Carlos said, "I know a better way" and took a step back pulling Wayne with him. He grabbed Wayne's head and thrust it into the toilet water, while making little circles with his dick in Wayne's ass.

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Wayne didn't have a chance to get much air and the water had brought him to complete consciousness. He could see his own turds floating around. Carlos brought his back up gasping for air. Carlos whispered in his ear, "You are going to become my little fuck puppy now I'm gona put you back in the water and I want you to grab a turd.

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If you don't next time down I drowned you. I've never done no necro in progress before". Without pause he forced Wayne's head back into the bowl and without thinking Wayne grabbed one of his turds with his mouth. It was a big one and it kinda hung out when Carlos dragged him up.

"OK Carlos whispered either you start fucking me or you eat that turd of yours", he whispered in Wayne's ear as he licked inside it. "Squeeze on my dick hard." Wayne tightened up. "Now when I pull out I want you to let go and open up for me my little pussy", and he slid his dick back.


and Wayne complied. In and out in and out went Carlos' dick and Wayne kept with him. "OK Whispered Carlos spit the turd out my little fuck puppy", and Wayne promptly did.

It made a huge splash in the toilet. Carlos reached over and grabbed Wayne's nuts and squeeze hard. So hard it was difficult for Wayne to keep squeezing his asshole and opening it up as Carlos sawed into him.

Carlos held him real close and whispered again, "Everytime you see me I want you to spread your legs because I may want us to have alittle quality time together." He french kissed Wayne's shit lined mouth. Hard. Upstairs, Sanchez had tossed Jennifer into the closet and was trying to pry Juan out of Debbie but it was proving difficult.

Cree turned his attention back to Dick. "Why don't you fuck Lisa NOW", and he pushed him towards Lisa. "This is your one chance to get a hard on and get fucked or you are just going to be a plaything of mine". He threw him down on his knees and said, "Lick her pussy, get a hard on and fuck her". He pulled up her slut styled dress and dropped it over Dick's head, kicked him in the butt and said, "lick". Lisa still had a trickle of blood flowing from her time with the barrel of a gun and during her best hygiene had a slight odor that one boyfriend had commented on, but now it was pretty strong.

Dick thought he was going to gag but he bent forward and started licking. Needless to say he wasn't getting a hard on anytime soon. Sanchez put both feet up against Juan and they both pushed as hard as they could.

Finally Debbie popped free. Juan fell on his ass. Sanchez fell on the desk top and poor Debbie hit the ground. Suddenly some wild grunting and banging can wafting up the stairs and Cree smiled. "Oh OH OH my Gadddd!!", hollered Carlos as he clearly became orgasmic.

Wayne was taking it all very difficultly. He bent forward and threw up as Carlos pumped hot semen in his ass. Juan complained "I haven't come yet. I ended up with this worthless snapping cunt." Cree said, "Throw her in the closet with the others and then will do something about that." He snapped Dick in the back of the head with the flat of his hand.

"Are you hard yet or are you really just a faggot. Good for nothing except licking people's asses, and sucking dicks, eh, Dick?" Lisa didn't really have much danger of getting fucked by Dick. His penis had shriveled up with fear and wasn't coming out anytime soon. But when Juan and Sanchez came out of the closet after dumping Debbie she suddenly realized as they walked towards her that she was confronted with 3 Hispanic's that had just had sexual appetizers.

Man oh Man. From the stairwell came sobbing sounds as Carlos lead Wayne up the stairs. "What should I do with him Cree?" "Toss him in the supply closet with the others.

Look if anybody has to go to the bathroom. No Wait, take him in the bathroom and put him in the tub. If anybody has to go tell them they have to go on him. Hah hah".

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Carlos led Wayne to the tub and laid him down. He patted him gently on the stomach and said, "I'll be back my little fuck puppy". Wayne was white and probably in shock.

Carlos opened the stock room door blinding everyone. Does anybody here have to go to the bathroom? Could be awhile. He could see that they had found some paper towels and sopped up most of the blood from Debbie and Jennifer and were using rubbing alcohol to try to rouse Debbie.

Jennifer's pussy and ass were backed in papers towels. Shelia said I do, and I think everyone else does too. Through the door way she could see Cree throw Dick to the floor as Juan swept everything off Lisa's desk.

Sanchez lifted Lisa onto that Desk. Shelia walked to the bathroom with Carlos next to her pulling on his rod.

When she saw Wayne in the tub she stopped and started as Wayne spread his legs at the sight of Carlos and rested them on the top of the tub. Carlos said good pussy and pointed at the tub. He is your toilet. She never had liked Wayne and she had to go to the bathroom badly so without hesitation she stepped into the tub, squatted and shit on Wayne's chest and peed in his face. Through the door she could see Juan picking up Lisa as Sanchez slid under her.

Cree said something to Dick and too her surprise he got up, stuck his head under Lisa's ass pushing Sanchez's dick out of the road and licked Lisa's ass.

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He stuck a finger in her and moved it around. Once she was done she grabbed some toilet paper wiped and walked back to the store room. Diane was next she came out of the room as they were lowering Lisa to Sanchez's cocked she let out a low wail as he penetrated her. She walked into the bathroom, and said Oh it stinks in here. But there was Wayne in the tub and Carlos gestured.

Here's your toilet. As with Shelia, Diana did not hesitate. Wayne had fondled her and made passes at her.

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She stepped into the tub, squatted and shit on Wayne's stomach and peed on Shelia's previous droppings spreading them towards Wayne's Chin.

She could see Cree step between Lisa's legs as he drove his cock into her pussy. Again she wailed. Diana wiped off and walked back to the closet. Arlene was next. By now Debbie was sitting up and had stopped drooling.

Arlene walked to the bathroom with him as both Juan stepped to Lisa's face with his huge dick. Dick was on his knees behind Cree licking his asshole as he punch Lisa.

Arlene was shocked by the smell and the sight of Wayne but she had to pee badly so she said on the edge of the tub and tried not to think about it as she peed on his thighs.

She tried to look out the door but there was Juan slapping Lisa's mouth with his dick. When she looked away there was Carlos' cock, hard and not centimeters from her nose.

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Oddly it smelled like shit too. She did her business and then ran back to the storeroom. OK you two let's go I want to join the fun. Jennifer helped Debbie to her wobbly feet.


While Debbie stood above Wayne and peed on his face Jennifer took a lot of the towels out of her orifices and threw them in the toilet. Then, she stood behind Debbie and peed on Wayne's genital area. He was soaked from head to foot. Over Debbie's shoulder she could see Juan forcing his huge cock in Lisa's mouth. She was stuffed from beginning to end and being pummeled mercilessly.

Debbie wondered why Dick was licking Cree's asshole and massaging his ball but Carlos left no time for speculation. Come on lets go. They wiped off and Carlos put them back in the storage room. As he closed the door the room went dark.