Corno segurando cacete do amante para esposa chupar

Corno segurando cacete do amante para esposa chupar
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This all happened when I was just 14.

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I was playing videos games at my male friends house for a number of hours now and it was getting late so I decided it was time to head home. I said goodbye and left, About half way to my own home I had the sudden urge to go to the bathroom, luckily I knew of a public one very close by I had never been there and wasn't sure if it was safe but I thought fuck it. So I headed right there. I entered the bathroom and went into the second stall.

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I was just about to do my thing when I noticed a hole in the side of the stall wall around crotch height, I didn't really know what it was until I seen the writing beside it which read "Enter for pleasure" and then it hit me, It was a "glory hole" I couldn't believe it. I stood in a state of shock for a few moments getting kinda uneasy then suddenly I heard a man walk into the bathroom and slowly walk past me and enter the stall at the other side of the hole I started to kind of panic not knowing what to do when suddenly I noticed the mans foot appear under the stall which he began to tap I didn't know what it was at first but he kept doing it so I figured this was some sort of signal so I thought fuck it, why not.

I was a horny boy I couldn't ignore it even if I was straight.

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Being cautious I unzipped my pants and cautiously stuck my cock through the hole. I was not too embarrassed about my cock as I have a average or "normal" sized uncut cock. Suddenly he gripped my cock and stuck it in his mouth which made it spring into its rock hard state, he then began to suck me from tip to balls. I couldn't believe what was happening I had never had a sexual experience before this and thought that this was the best feeling ever.

He nibbled on my tip a little which I loved and licked it up and down as I had never had anything like this it wasnt long untill I felt the urge to come and in just a short few minutes I came and shot my load into his mouth which he moved around my cock still in his mouth and slid down his throat.

He then licked my cock clean and gave it a quick tug. As I was so young my cock was still rock hard, I heard a slight laugh from the man then suddenly he started stroking me again, I twitched at the pleasure and feeling it was giving me. It took me less than 2 minutes to shot for the second time, I was shaking at this point and thought I cant come again.

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He then released my cock and I pulled it from the hole there was just silence for a few moments and I was expecting to see a cock appear on my side of the hole for me to suck which I wasn't totally sure if I would or not but no, He just left.

I went home straight after this still shocked by what had happened and by what I had done.

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I couldnt sleep that night, I just stayed up and thought about it which turned me on alot. A few days went by and I was still thinking about that night.

I had to go back, I wanted to feel that pleasure again, so I did. I waited untill Thursday night after my soccer practice and headed straight there, It was a few hours earlier but I thought it wouldnt be a problem. I eventually reached the bathroom not seeing anybody around I entered slowly and went into the same stall I was in before. I sat and waited for nearly 30 minutes without anyone coming in.

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I was starting to give up when suddenly someone entered. Like last time they went straight into the stall next to me. I thought to myself "this is it" and unzipped my pants again when suddenly a large hard cock appeared on my side of the stall! I didnt know what to do. Surely I wasnt going to suck that thing?


After a few seconds thinking about it again I thought 'fuck it'. I reached my hand out and grabbed the large dick, it instantly twitched in my hand. I began to stroke it up and down just to get used to the way it felt I heard a moan come out from the man and smiled thinking I must be quite good at this.

Then I moved my mouth to a few inches infront of the throbbing cock and touched it on my lips, it didnt feel bad. Then I opened my mouth and took maybe an inch into my young mouth and moved my tongue across the tip, It didnt feel bad at all, in fact it felt great!

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With the new confidence I had I began taking more and more in my mouth and down my throat, spitting on it and nibbling just like the man did to me. He man was moaning loudly at this stage and I thought he must be pretty close. So I started rubbing and sucked deep and hard making myself gag a few times in the process, I did this for around 50 seconds and then he let out a big groan and I felt the huge, hot thick load spurt into my young mouth, I loved it!

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Nearly choking on his huge load I spat some out just to breath which landed onto his cock which I still had gripped tightly. Eventually I was able to swallow all of. After my mouth was empty I licked his cock clean and let it go.


Then it was my turn to get up and leave, which I did I am straight and have had girlfriends but would I turn down the opportunity to go through something like that again?

Certainly not! I guess that makes me bi huh?