Skinny brunette sucks huge dick of Rocco Siffredi POV

Skinny brunette sucks huge dick of Rocco Siffredi POV
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My names is Dave, and I'm 16 years old. My parents are both in their mid 40s and I have a 12 year old sister named Beth.

I got to the high school just down the steet. My parents both work, and Beth goes to the middle school on the other side of town. This means I'm always the first one home, and usually take advantage of this time to masturbate. On an ordinary Monday, I came home from school exhausted, and decided to relax myself with some masturbation.

I went up to my room, not bothering to shut the door becuase Beth wouldn't be home for another hour. I dropped my pants to the floor and lay down on my bed stroking my cock up and down.

While I was stroking my cock, I was imagining that I was fucking our new english teach Ms. Thomson. She was in her first year of teaching, and was only 25 years old. She had long blonde hair, with nice sized tits and a perfect ass. I had never seen such a tight ass, and she really liked to show it off.

She would always wear extremely tight pants, and bend over in front of her students. I imagined I was fucking her from behind, having a prefect view of her ass as I pounded in and out.

As I felt myself getting ready to cum, I grabbed some tissues off my dresser. Several seconds later I let out a long groan and blew stream after stream of cum into the handful of tissues. Then I heard a gasp. I looked up and saw my sister Beth standing in the doorway, looking even more shocked than I probably was. There were a few seconds of silence and then I blurted out: "What the fuck?!" I jumped up and slammed the door in her face, and I heard her run to her room. I leaned against the closed door, trying to catch my breath.

My 12 year old little sister had just seen me jerking off, and cum into a handful of tissues. I got dressed and decided to go for a drive to calm myself down. I went downstairs, avoiding my sister's room, grabbed my keys and walked outside to my car. I got home around 6:00, just as my family was sitting down to dinner. I decided to join them beacuase I hadn't eaten anything all day, but avoided making eye contact with Beth.

Dinner was pretty quiet, but I think my parents were both too tired to notice anything strange was going on. After dinner I went upstairs to finish some homework, and then went to bed. The next day I got home from school at the usuall time, but didn't really feel like jacking off because of what happened yesterday.

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So instead I sat down on the couch to relax and watch some TV. Beth got home an hour later, and came and sat down on the couch opposite me. We still hadn't talked since the incident yesterday, and it didn't seem like that would change, until she broke the silence. "Dave. what were you doing yesterday? Are you mad at me?" "Beth I don't think we should talk about it, but no I'm not mad at you.

I just didn't think you would be home so early." "Why can't we talk about it?


You looked like it felt really good. Didn't it?" "Yes.


But thats not the point. You are too young to know about these things Beth." "Please tell me Dave, I won't tell mom or dad if thats what you're worried about" I looked at Beth, and for the first time I noticed that she was pretty attracitve, and she looked much older than 12.

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She had begun going through puberty a few months ago, and was now developing a nice firm pair of tits. She had always had a nice, tight little ass that even some of my friends had joked about, but I had never thought of my sister in any sexual way before. I shook my head for thinking about my sister's body, and in the end I decided to tell her about masturbation.

"Okay Beth, I'll tell you. Yesterday you walked in on me masturbating. It's when you think about sex while stimulating yourself." "Yeah I saw that" Beth joked, "but how do girls do it?" "Well, you can either stick your fingers in your pussy, or rub your clit." "Can you show me how Dave?" Many thoughts crossed my mind, but I knew it was wrong to have any kind of sex with a sibbling.

So I said, "Hmm follow me." We went upstairs, and went on my computer. I searched for some lesbian porno, and my sister watched in facination as the 2 girls on the screen fingered and licked each other's pussy. Just then, my parents walked into the house, so I quickly closed the video and Beth and I went downstairs. Athough it had been somewhat awkward, I was glad things were back to normal with Beth and I, and we were now on talking terms again.

Our parents seemed to notice, and commented how much more energy we had today. Beth and I just smiled. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Several months passesd, and Beth and I would frequently see each other masturbating. We didn't really mind if we saw each other, and eventually we even began masturbating in the same room together. I knew it was wrong, but I loved watching her put her small little fingers into her tight warm pussy while I stroked my cock.

Watching Beth masturbate was much better than any porno I had seen on the internet. One day after completing my homework, I walked into Beth's room for a little fun. She was on her computer watching a porno.

The man was lieing down, with the girl's pussy right in his face, while she sucked on his cock in the 69 position. "Oooo Dave that looks like it feels so good" Beth said as she saw me walk into her room. "Do you think we could try that?" "I don't know Beth. what we have been doing is already pretty bad, I mean you are my sister. And mom and dad should be home any minute" I added. Beth sat there looking disappointed for a minute, and then suddenlt she stood up and pushed me down onto her bed.

She quickly jumped on me, following the postion from the video. She started rubbing her tight little ass right in my face, while her hands worked on my belt. "Beth stop it, we can't do this!" But she didn't listen, and the next thing I knew, her warm mouth was working up and down my limp shaft.

The sensation felt so good, I knew there was no way I could let her stop now, so I had no choice but to follow. I lifted up her skirt, and slid her white panties down her legs. I spread her ass with my two hands, and began to lick her clit back and fourth with my tounge. By now, I was fully erect as my sister continued to take my cock in and our of her mouth, occasionally stopping to spit on it like she had seen in the video.

After working on her clit for a few minutes, I began probing in and out of her tight little cunt with my tounge. Her pussy was so warm and tight, I could barely get my toung inside.

As we both moaned with pleasure, I remembered our parents would soon be home. I picked up my pace, and was soon pounding my toung in and out of her pussy while she continued to suck me off.

As I continued to tounge fuck her, I felt her shudder and squirm, and she let out a scream as she orgasmed on my tounge. Beth got off me, and I grabbed her head with both my hands, and started to throat fuck her.

I rapidly shoved my dick in and out of her mouth. I continued to pump faster and faster as Beth struggled to breath. I felt myself reaching the point of no return, so I pulled out of her and frantically jerked myself off.

I released stream after stream of cum all over my little sister's face as she smiled up at me. Beth continued to suck my dick, making sure she got all of my cum. Then we heard the front door open, so she quickly ran for the shower, and I headed to my room to get changed. After this session of oral sex, Beth was addicted, and wanted to suck me off any chance she got.

Everyday after school we would go home to pleasure each other. The blowjobs were always great, but I always wanted more, and was constantly imagining about fucking my sister. The only thing holding me back was the risk of getting her pregnant. I knew that Beth would want to have sex if I asked her, but she too would probably be worried about getting pregnant.

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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Beth's 13th birthday was comming up in a few days, and this gave me an idea. After school on the day of her birthday, I drove over to the drug store and picked up a box of condoms and gift wrap. I went home and wrapped them before Beth walked in.

When she came into her room, I was lying naked on her bed, with the present in my hand. "Happy Birthday" I said with a grin. She ripped apart the wrapping paper to reval the box of condoms.

She looked at the box for a few minutes and then gave me a big hug. "You wanna try one out now?" she asked me. "You bet" I said. As Beth stripped down, I began to get hard, and pulled the condom down on me easily. I lay on my back on her bed, while she got into position to sit on me. She had he back turned to me, so I had a perfect view of her tight little ass, as I directed my dick to the entrance of her pussy. I was able to get the head of my dick insider her, but then reached a barrier blocking me from entering her any further.

"Beth this will hurt a little bit, but it will feel really good later, I promise." "It's okay Dave, shove your dick inside me right now." I didn't need any further encouragement. I grabbed her hips, and forced her down onto my cock. She wimpered a little, but was able to take all 6 inches of me. Her pussy was so warm and tight, I almost cummed right away, but I slowed myself down. I slowly started rocking Beth up and down on my shaft, while we both moaned in pleasure.

Her pussy was the best and tightest I had ever fucked, and the fact that she was my sister made it even better. We started to pick up our pace, and my sister's ass bounced up and down off of my stomach.


I could feel myself ready to cum again, so I stopped Beth from rocking, and pulled out of her. I put her on her hands and knees, and sat there admiring her ass poking up at me. I rubbed my dick up and down against her warm pussy lips, giving me a chance to calm down. Then I poked my dick at the entrance of her pussy again, and shoved my entire dick back into my sister.

We continued fucking as I pouned in and out of Beth from behind. She let out a squeal as her pussy tensed up, and I felt her orgasm on my dick. The contraction was too much for me and I soon found myself cumming into my sister's virgin pussy.

I pulled out of her, and discarded the condom. Then Beth got up, and dragging me by the dick, walked us to the bathroom so we could take a shower together. In the shower, my dick began to grow again, and soon I was fully erect.

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"Fuck me again Dave. I want your dick in my pussy." Beth bent over giving me a full view of her pussy. I wanted to fuck her again, but the condoms were in the other room, and I didn't want to get out of the shower. I looked back at Beth who was still bending over, and then I got an idea. I grabbed the hand cream on the shower rack, and applied it to my dick, and applied a squirt to Beth's asshole. "What are you doing Dave?" "I don't want to get out of the shower to get the condoms, so I'm gonna fuck you up the ass." She didn't say anything, so I started rubbing my dick against the entrance to her asshole.

After relaxing her asshole for a few minutes, I started to apply some pressure, and was then able to fit the head of my cock into her dark little hole. Her ass was even tighter than her pussy, and I could barely fit half of my cock into her. So I began pumping in and out as Beth groaned in pain. I knew she wasn't liking the feeling my dick entering her ass so I tried not try to prolong it even thought it was the best feeling I had ever experience.

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I continued pumping in and out of the extremley tight ass, and did not slow down to make it last longer. I kept picking up my pace, and was soon cuming deep into her ass. We quickly cleaned up and dried off, knowing that our parents would be home soon.

As we walked out of the bathroom, we heard the front door open, so we bolted to our rooms to get changed.