Wife Mary Kalisy and lover Angel Rush fight for big cock

Wife Mary Kalisy and lover Angel Rush fight for big cock
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I woke up slowly feeling something unusual. Usually I woke up feeling still groggy, but today something was different. I lay there a moment, head swirling, and realized what it was: a tickling sensation running up my thigh. It reached the leg of my boxer-briefs and paused only a moment before I felt them be pulled up and something slide in underneath. The sensation slid over the last bit of thigh and started running up and down my slowly growing dick.

More awake now, I opened my eyes and saw my sister Abby standing over me. "Time to wake up," she said. "Its Saturday. Mom wants to talk to us about my room." She ran her finger along my dick one last time, then pulled her hand out and left. Three nights ago a storm had smashed a window in my sister's room, forcing me to share my room with her until the damage was repaired.

Having trouble making friends at school, she'd turned to me for comfort. She had convinced be to share the bed with her, leading to the three hottest nights of my life. Though we'd both wanted it, our mutual nervousness and fear had nearly stopped us. Just last night, Abby had been set up on a date by her former friend. The guy had tried to push her too far and her friend had called her a prude. When we got home and into my room, she'd shown me how wrong they were.

Outside my room, we had to pretend to be something else, but while we were alone in there, we could let loose with each other. Mom told us that in order to try to save some money on repairs, that she and I would have to do some of the work.

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After breakfast we moved her furniture and other stuff out to the garage. As we cleaned up, Abby discovered that her computer wasn't working anymore. "The water must have shorted it out. Should have had a surge protected on it," I told her. "I need my computer to work on homework," she said. "I'm sorry, dear. You'll have to share your brother's computer until we can get you a knew one." A week before, the very idea of anyone else getting on my computer would have terrified me. No one, not even Abby and Mom, used to come into my room very often and no one else ever used my computer.

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I, therefore, hadn't gone to much effort to hide the porn I regularly viewed on it. If Abby so much as looked through the folders in my bookmarks, she'd run across links to my favorite sites. After the last couple of nights, the thought was somewhat exciting now. Even so, some of those sites had some pretty nasty stuff on there, and I worried if it would be too much for Abby. I'd have to try to clear some of it off today when she wasn't around. As I set about starting on pulling the carpet out, the laundry service came by to drop off Abby's clothes, newly cleaned after being soaked.

She grabbed them and headed into my room to sort through them. I worked alone in her room for several hours pulling off the baseboards, definitely in to hurry to get her room back together. Abby came in through the bathroom connecting our rooms wearing some of her returned clothes. Even though it was a little chilly in her room from the broken window, she wore a tank top and some shorts, her usual sleep wear but not around-the-house garb.

"Its so nice to have my clothes back," she said, turning in a pose in front of me. The shorts were very short, and just a bit of the curve of her ass cheeks peeked out at the bottom. Her tank top was white without a bra underneath. The bumps of her nipples were clearly visible through it. "I moved stuff out of some of your drawers into the closet to make room for my clothes." I nodded, trying not to stare too much. She smiled at me and casually dropped both of her thumbs inside the front of her waistband, pushing it down slightly.

As I half-heartedly pulled at a baseboard, she sunk the waistband lower until her I could see just a bit of her short, curly, fire-red pubes sticking out the top. Holding it there a moment, she said, "I was surfing the web for my English homework and saw you had some interesting bookmarks on there." She turned and walked through the bathroom back into my room. I got up and followed. "Uh, what exactly were you looking at?" I asked, trying to hide the embarrassment that was swelling within me, despite my excitement.

"Just some Literature study group forums," she said. I slowly came into the room and cautiously peeked around until I could see the screen. It looked to be an analysis of Hamlet. "This stuff here is pretty boring.

Anyway, you'd better get back in there. We'd hate for Mom to have to come looking for you." She pushed me back toward the bathroom and shut the door behind me. I headed back in a pulled weakly at baseboards, wondering what Abby was up to.

After a couple more hours it was late afternoon, and I decided to quit for the day. I headed back into my room and found Abby lying on my bed, the computer monitor switched off. "Find what you needed online?" I asked her. "Yep," she replied. She lay back on the bed and stretched her arms behind her.

She opened her legs wide and pressed the bottom of her feet together. The fabric of her shorts was pulled tightly across her pussy, barely covering her hole. On either side, the gentle curve and fuzz of the outside of her pussy lips stuck out. Before I could think to do something, she stood up and headed for the door. "I'm going to go watch some TV for a while," she said. I breathed out in frustrated disbelief, and she smiled slyly as she went.

I sat down at my computer desk and clicked on the monitor to find that my sister had left some browsers open. It was clear from the page titles that she had been surfing from my porn bookmarks. The first page showed a series of pics of a guy fingering a girl's pussy. The thought of my sister looking at this turned me on, and alone in my room, I slid my dick from my pants and pushed them to the floor.

After going through the pics, I clicked to the next window. In another series, a blonde was giving a handjob. By now I was stroking my dick in a steady pace. A movement in the corner of my eye made me glance up at the bathroom door, which I saw was standing partway open. On the other side stood my sister, her hands behind her back leaning in to get a view of me. Seeing that I saw her, she pushed the door open and stepped in, closing it behind her.

"Don't stop on my account. There's nothing good on TV so I decided to chill here for a bit." She sat down on the bed behind me and stretched to look over my shoulder. "Oh, I liked that one, too.

After looking at that site for a while, that one was one of my favorites." She reached around me and grabbed the mouse, clicking on the next window. This series showed a brunette sitting next to a guy, leaning over giving him a blowjob. I realized that it was almost the exact same position that we'd been in the night before.

She clicked one of the images. It was a close-up of the blowjob. The girl gripped his dick in her hand and had it deep inside her mouth. "Maybe that one will help you out." I looked up at her standing over me, then focused back on the computer and started stroking again.

She clicked back and selected another image.

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While the girl was still sucking, the guy had reached around to touch her pussy, much as I had done to her. She slid her left hand up my shirt and pulled it up above my stomach, wrapping arm around my chest.

She clicked through a few more images. I looked up at her again and saw her eyes gazing at my dick in my hand.

"Enjoying the show?" I asked. "Definitely. You're having such a good time, I don't want to interfere too much." I stroked a little faster, my eyes now locked on her face instead of the screen. I remembered the sight of my cum splattered across her cheeks and hair. "There's one more page I left for you," she said. It was a video. She hit play and let go of the mouse, wrapping her other arm around my chest as well, still looking over my shoulder.

In the video was a redhead. She had long hair and her skin looked nearly as pale and soft as Abby's. She stripped off her clothes, leaving on only a pair of black stockings. After a few poses, she sat on a bed and spread her legs apart. She ran her fingers over her shaved pussy, playing with herself. Abby reached her right hand down and ran her fingers along my thigh as I kept masturbating. She traced up until her finger just barely brushed my balls, then moved up and caressed the back of my hand as it moved.

Beads of pre-cum began sliding down the tip of my dick. Abby took her finger and wiped it up, then brought it up to her lips. She closed her eyes and slowly and sensually licked it up. She put her fingertip in her mouth and sucked off what was left, moaning slightly to tease me.

I could hardly believe that it. For years I had known her as my shy little sister who always seemed uncomfortable. Around everyone else, she would hardly say two words. But now in this room with me another part of her entirely seemed to be awakening.


Still watching her face, I noticed her eyes were back on the computer. I looked at it and saw that now the guy had come in and was licking around the lips of her pussy. Abby's hand reached back down to my thigh and quickly traced their way to my balls.

We both watched the video, and with me stroking had high speed she took two fingers and lightly caressed around my balls. Her fingers rubbed a little circle around my sack, then traced around the outside, stopping underneath to tickle the a little more. In the video, the guy had started flicking his tongue across her clit.

Knowing I didn't have long, I took my free hand and placed it on hers. I guided her thumb to the base of my dick near my stomach, and then pulled her fingers on the skin right underneath my balls.

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I squeezed her hand, causing her to tighten a grip in just the way I often did when I jerked off. I released her hand and she held me, squeezing firmly but not too tightly.

I reached my free arm around behind me and grabbed onto her bare shoulder. Barely even aware of the woman cumming on the movie, I came hard myself, splattering across my stomach. With each shot that spurted I felt myself pulsing under my balls against the firm squeeze of Abby's fingers.

She kissed my neck, then ran her tongue along my ear. With her hand she cupped my balls and squeezed them slightly. "Looks like you're totally spent. That's ok, my turn can wait until tonight." She kissed my neck. "Maybe there's something on TV now. You should come with me, we can find a movie." As she released my balls, she ran her fingers gently across them and then up the length of my shaft before turning away and leaving the room.

After dinner we sat in the living room and watched a movie with Mom. Half way through, Abby left to take a shower and get ready for bed. My aided masturbation took enough edge off that I managed to sit and watch the rest of the movie until Mom went to bed.

Entering my room, I found Abby standing in the closet facing away from me looking through her clothes. She was wrapped in her bath towel. Her red hair was still damp and hung along her back. She'd heard me come in but had remained where she was, only turning her head slightly to see me in the corner of my eye. When she was sure I'd seen her, a soft smile came on her face. She closed her eyes and tilted her turned head away from me, seeming to beckon me to her neck.

I walked up behind her and placed my hands on her bare shoulders. I leaned my head down and started placing kisses along her neck, working my way from near her shoulder to just behind her ear. She tugged the towel open in the front and let it fall to the floor, leaving her naked next to me. She turned towards me slightly more, stretched towards me and kissed me. For a few moments we stood there, and I enjoyed her soft lips melting into mine. Then she turned and pushed me gently out of the closet.

I stood for a moment and just looked at her standing directly under the single light bulb of my closet, much as I had seen her naked for the first time days before, but without the same reservations. Her legs were long and slender. Though still young and skinny, her body was tantalizingly round in her soft face, firm tits and ass. Her skin was a pale, creamy white all over her body except for the freckles sprinkled across her cheeks, shoulders, and arms.

The white skin naturally drew attention to the bright red color of her long hair and wispy pubes, which tapered neatly into the fuzz covering her barely visible pussy lips. She gave me a moment to stare. "Excuse me," she said, and then slid past me out of the closet.

She got onto the bed at the foot, then slowly crawled on all fours up it, giving me a perfect view of her ass and pussy. Once at the head of the bed, she reached over to the computer desk and started pulling up another website.

As she navigated the pages, clearly knowing where she wanted to go, she wiggled her butt playfully in the air. She started playing a video and turned over onto her back, her eyes never so much as glancing at me. Her hand went down between her legs and started to pet her own pussy. Her finger traced around her hole a few seconds as she stared at the computer, then began wiggling its way between her moist lips and finally slowly plunged deep into her pussy.

In the video, a girl sat back in a chair with her legs spread. A guy kneeled down in front of her and started to flick his tongue into her pussy. As his tongue touched her, Abby's hips raised up slightly against her hand. I got the hint, and didn't need to be told twice. I climbed onto the bed and rested myself between her knees. As she continued staring at the computer and fingering herself I took my hand and began caressing the inside of her thigh, quickly making my way to the top.

Much like she had lightly caressed my balls earlier while I masturbated, I lightly ran my finger along the outside of one lip, almost tickling. I stretched up farther and began placing kisses along her thigh, retracing my fingers. When I reached about an inch from her pussy, I paused.


Though I'd fingered her several times already, I'd never seen a real pussy this close before. Most of the girls I'd seen online had shaved pussies with stretched out parts that seemed to practically fall open. Between Abby's legs was something quite different.

Her flesh looked soft yet tight, lightly covered with the red fuzz that he'd come to adore. Instead of falling open, her lips seemed to be pulling themselves apart, revealing soft pink inside.

I felt my breath warming the air between it and his mouth. The part that drove me the most wild was the sweet smell, unlike anything I'd imagined before.

Cautiously, I leaned in and lightly kissed her right lip. I paused just a second then kissed the left one, then again, more deeply. I ran my tongue through her fuzz against her flesh, again switching sides.

After a few passes, my traced the inside of one lip, and then I finally and deeply delved into the middle. The taste of her juices was even better than the smell. She moaned lightly, then released herself and moved both hands to my head, running her fingers into my hair and pressing me into her slowly thrusting hips.

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I slurped across her, more slowly than the guy in the video. After a minute, I turned my head a bit and started deeply kissing her pussy as I would her mouth, with my lips pressing against hers and my tongue delved as deeply into her pussy as I could get it.

She had clearly lost interest in the video. She pulled me by my hair and repositioned my mouth over the top of her pussy. "Lick my clit," she moaned to me between deep breathes. I flicked my tongue across her and, finding its place, gently circled around it, occasionally flicking across. Her hips rose up more and her back arched to meet my mouth. I brought one hand up and grabbed her ass. I brought up my other hand to her pussy as I kept licking around her clit and slid a finger inside her.

I stroked against the texture of the inside of her vagina. Her breathing again quickened along with her gentle moans, and I closed my lips around her clit, sucking lightly.

As I quickened my pace, I felt her ass clench in my grip and, pressing my head more with her hands, grinded against my mouth. I kept building the pace to a furious pitch, until finally she came.

With each pulse, her back arched, her ass clenched hard and her pussy squeezed my finger tight. I kept sucking and stroking to meet each pulse and felt her juices flowing freely down my finger onto my hand. She finally relaxed and slowly released my head. Holding my finger inside her a bit longer, I took my tongue and gently lapped her pussy around it, pulling in all of her sweetness I could.