Busty Brunette Rubs amp_ Toys On Cam

Busty Brunette Rubs amp_ Toys On Cam
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I had been watching Taylor in her bikini all day and it was driving me nuts. I had been so horny and unable to release for days due to interruptions and having to spend a lot of time at work.


Taylor was a small breasted girl next door with frizzy auburn hair and freckles. She had an amazing white bubble ass, probably the most amazing I had ever seen. I had been watching her amazing ass eat her swimsuit all day and her top open enough to give me a downblouse of her tiny breasts and little nipples. She had to have seen the tent I was making with my constant erections.

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I let her know cracking jokes about how she needed to put sunblock on her white ass cheeks before she would have a hard time sitting. Her aunt and Uncle were gone for the night so she was hanging out at our house even though the wife wasn't home. I was Frustrated trying to flash her all day with no acknowledgement. I cooked burgers and changed into a towel knowing she could see my cock while we ate.

I even got a huge erection that I did the opposite of trying to hide. I knew she had to see it as she stood to gather the paper plates and just stood over me even after getting my plate. But she came back looking again as she kissed me on the cheek "Thanks for cooking, it was great." God I was frustrated as I got in bed.

I was just getting ready to relive myself when she knocked at the door. The lights were low and IT was on when I turned on the TV. "Hey, you were right!

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I did get sunburned." she was covering her breasts with a towel and I could see her little panties filled with her young puffy labium "Could I borrow one of your undershirts to sleep in?" I nodded and she walked over pulling one out of the drawer while showing her amazing ass in a thong. Holy shit it was amazing even with the redness and tan lines. She dropped the towel thinking I could not see her breasts, but I got a full view in the mirror as she lifted her arms up to put the shirt on.

stretching to show her flat belly and small breasts with tiny pink hard nipples. She caught me realizing that I had seen it all when she looked in the mirror.

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The bad thing was that I had not concentrated more on her amazing ass as the shirt now covered it. She turned red down to her shoulders and I thought she was angry, but she turned to get the towel bending at the waist showing me that amazing ass again as she picked up her towel.

She came back over. "Do you still have that green aloe vera stuff for sunburn?" I nodded pointing over to the bedside table.


She crawled over me showing me her breasts through the sleeve as she did sitting on her knees with her ass towards me while she searched the drawers. God she was trying to kill me as my erection grew again tenting the covers. Her labium was bursting out the sides and I could make out every crevice as well as her hood pressing against her tiny panties. Most of all was the pink ring around her anus split by the thong.

I had to let her know I was looking "Damn, sorry.but that has got to hurt being that pink." She turned blushing realizing the view she was providing even reaching back between her legs pulling the t-shirt up between her legs and holding it.

"Found it!" as she turned and crawled back over her hand brushing my tent and she froze looking at it for a second. "I hate to ask you to do this, but would you please put this on my back and butt?" I acted like I didn't want to.

"Please?" I nodded and she handed me the bottle laying on her belly and pulling the shirt off. She was trying to kill me! I started to rub some on her back "Did you get a belly button piercing?" she nodded and rolled over with her legs open towards me.

"Yeah, it hurt a bit, but I like it. Do you?" I ran my hand up across her panty feeling her belly and her body shivered. She realized reaching her arm over to cover her tiny breasts.

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My forearm rested against her crotch "I guess it doesn't matter, not like I have anything to cover up." she moved her arm. "I wouldn't say that. Big or small they are always sexy." she slapped my leg seeing my the tent from erection bounce again as she turned back over twisting my arm between her legs. "Could you put the stuff on?" as I slowly pulled my arm across her crotch and out "Oh, sorry about that!" as I started to put the lotion on pulling her leg up on my belly opening her up as I applied it to her amazing ass cheek and upper thigh getting close to her labium as much as possible to test her reaction while continuing to feel her ass.

"I don't think you will be able to get my back laying like that." as I got up and she saw my erection before turning the other way and I could still see her watching in the mirror. I rubbed her back with the lotion and reached back using it on my erection as I did.

"Could you get more on my butt? It really burns!" That's when I got the idea and straddled her thighs rubbing her ass with the lotion letting my erection rub thinking I was being smart making sure not to touch with both hands at the same time my erection did.


She continued letting out little moans as she did with her back and I rubbed my cock until it was ready holding the lotion dripping it placing the bottle next to her with my cock exploding as it rubbed her cheek.

My other hand gripped her ass with every shot and her body seemed to shudder with me.

I looked down seeing the mess i had made up her back and on her ass as her body continued to twitch as I rubbed it in. I leaned forward and my semi erect head rubbed up her crack making her jump.

I looked up in the mirror on the armadio next to the bed realizing she was watching the whole time. I froze as our eyes met and my cock grew hard again pressing between her magnificent cheeks still covered in my cum. She slowly got up rubbing her ass against my erection as she pulled her legs out from under me and slid off of the bed. She was dark red and almost hyperventilating with her hard nipples pointing at me as she looked at the cum dripping from the end of my erection all the way to the floor.


Neither of us saying a word as she reached back scooping a handful off of her ass cheek looking at her hand and looking at me before stepping out.