Strap on anal extreme this is our most extraordinary case file to date folks

Strap on anal extreme this is our most extraordinary case file to date folks
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Things really opened up between mom and I after that first encounter. I think one of my most memorable experiences after that first day came pretty much the next time. We were both out in the open now about wanting to fuck each other and at the same time trying like hell to get my drunk sister to either sober up, shut the hell up, or move out.

On my next weekend day mom came home from work and I had slept in, mom didn't say anything she just started reprising our first time. She woke me up by being totally naked and sliding the covers off of me.

Then she mounted me and again sandwiched my cock between my belly and her pussy lips.

Then as she started her hips in that fucking motion while sliding her slit up and down on my cock she began whispering to me. "Do you like what mommy is doing to you right now?" I whispered back "yes" then it was on with "does this make you want to slide your cock back up inside mommy?" so I whispered back "no" mom looked up at me since she had also been watching the motion of my cock slipping back and forth between her swollen pussy lips.

Then I whispered to her "it makes me want to suck on those swollen pussy lips" Mom looked at me with a look of pure lust.

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She began slowly walking on her knees up towards my face keeping her hairy brown slit open, she even reached down to pull back on her lips to open up and expose her clit hanging down. She continued with her whispering asking if this was what I wanted, did I want mommy to open up her slit for me?

Did I want mommies slit in my face so that I could suckle on mommies slit? Do you want mommy to cunt fuck your mouth? She finally got her musky slit up by my face and without hesitation mounted my face, I immediately started probing her hole with my tongue and sucking on her clit.

Mom hunched forward and started thrusting into my mouth. She was so turned on by this that she barely lasted a minute and was twitching and gasping into my mouth. The next big event happened about a month later, we had been trying all sorts of things to force my sister to face up to her problems.

Including coming right out and telling her that we were doing things just to irrate her since she was turning into a worthless alcoholic. My sisters only response was to start demanding that I provide her with money. In proving her point to me she said that she knew mom wasn't charging me rent and I had a job, so that meant that I could afford to pay her. When I told her that mom wasn't charging her rent either so why shouldn't she be paying me that only merited a snort.

I finally had to tell her that she was nothing but a deadbeat bitch and that if she kept it up then the day that she lost her free digs would be coming sooner rather than later. That she obviously believed, not that it stopped her from being a bitter miserable fool.

Well mom told us in the middle of the week that she got a chance to work a double shift and that she'd be going in to work for the afternoon shift as well as nights. I knew from the way my sisters eyes beamed that this was bad news.

She was planning some sort of pre-emptive strike against me. So on the appointed day I really didn't want to go home. I headed for H.R. to talk to the lady in charge. Lady, well actually my age if not a little younger, but none the less she was the one that I had to talk to.

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I gave her a brief rundown of what I was able to talk about. Nursing family, love it here, alcoholic sister, saving money for down payment.


Now, mom is working a double today, that means my sister is planning something nasty for when I get home. Probably going to involve the police, and since she'd already made up fake sex charges that failed to work, I figured whatever she did would be bad.

Well the lady (younger than me) sorta came up with a plan. She forbid me from leaving work, called security down and since we lived so close by she had the head of security check my apartment. I could see from the look in his eyes he was loving every minute of this, it was almost like he had real authority for once.

Well her plan was a godsend, the security guard radioed back that the police were at the house and my sister was all beat up. She was claiming that I had come home from work and beat her, except that I hadn't been home at all.

All the suspicions that I raised at the HR office came out through the security guy at the apartment. The police took a written statement from my sister, then arrested her for filing a false police report. Since she was reporting a felony assault, apparently this meant that she was now charged with a felony. Bottom line, my sister did in fact get released on bail. Mom and I worked it out, we had already talked to the prosecutor and knew my sister was getting time.

My sister demanded that mom put her name on the lease so that mom couldn't throw her out. Mom did put her name on the lease and not mine. That really made her happy, almost enough to get her to leave us alone. She apparently knew she was doing time but at least felt that she had a place to come home to when she was done.

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When Tess went to the county lockup, her big victory consisted of getting convicted of a misdemeanor instead of a felony Well, there's a Dr at work that owns a 4 bedroom house that he is fixing up to use as a rental. Mom and I became the first tenants. I help with some of the renovations, mom cleans some. Rent was wayy cheaper than the other place and free for the first 3 months because of the work we were doing for him. My sister got evicted from moms old apartment before she ever got out of jail Mom and I shared the same bedroom when no one was around but I kept my belongings in a second room for a while.

At work everyone made a big deal out of the lady from HR "saving" me and I went along with it as well, you always look better when holding someone else up to the light.


Anyway, since we were both in administration she oh shit, her name is Shannon Flynn, the HR director. Shannon started showing an interest in me, how she was still single was beyond me. Beautiful little spinner of a girl, not that I told her that though. But anyway Shannon started asking about my "problems" at home.

I laughed and told her that if she wanted my life story she was going to have to take me out to dinner, but that I would be glad to take her out instead just to thank her for "saving" me. I took her out first and she kept asking me about "home" but I stuck to my guns, we had a lot of fun but I didn't tell her anything. I did promise however to tell her about all that had been going on, but she had to buy. She really seemed to like that idea and so the next week we went out again, on her dime.

At the restaurant I knew I wasn't telling her the truth but I got as close as I could. I told her about my sister who had started making incestuous allegations and that she appeared really pissed in general. That to throw it back in her face we led her on to believing that it was happening. I even told her about my mom rubbing my back and the noises I made when it popped causing my sister to call the police on us.

She thought that was hysterical but at the same time I saw her squirming a lot and looking down at herself. I realized that her nipples were sticking out through her bra and blouse and that she was checking herself out to see if she was appearing too turned on by the incest talk.

Remembering how well it worked on mom, as Shannon looked up after briefly checking out her own tits, she knew they were showing through. I looked her straight in the eye and told her that she looked beautiful. She stopped talking and looked down only in embarrassment now. I tried to keep it light and said that if we both kept looking "there" that I wouldn't be able to stand up from the table without her standing in front of me to give me a visual screen.

She looked like she might almost bolt so I grabbed her hand and told her that she was adorable. Now the look on her face changed, lust. She was starting to breath heavier and asked in a quiet voice if I had really told her, everything. I smiled again and said that to tell her that any more than I already had, would take more than just "dinner" We didn't finish the meal.

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She began looking around the restaurant and then quietly said "you need to take me home" I told her that I really was going to need her to stand in front of me and she gave a sly grin. She waived the waiter over, paid with plastic and we got to her car. She then moved her car to a part of the lot with hardly any light.

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Once the car was in position she got more bold and told me that I needed to do something with her, that and "talk to me, tell me more!" I told her that if she wanted the better parts of the story that she was going to have to come in my mouth first. That it would be ok if she took too long but that if she came too soon that I was gonna need her to come in my mouth twice.

She said "twice?" I put on a serious face and said "absolutely, I want some quality time down there" she then asked me if there in fact was "more" to my story about my mom, I said yes.

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She pulled her panties off from under her dress. Thank god her car was an automatic, Shannon spun her legs over towards me putting one foot right over the car seat leaving her shaved slit hanging wide open to my view.

I dove right in and as soon as I had my lips locked on her slit she hissed to me "have you done this with your mother?" I nodded my head yes while giving her a mmm hmmm.

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She reached down grabbing my head while my mouth and face started getting covered with her girl juice. She was rocking her hips and just fucking my face without letting me work on her to any degree with my tongue. It didn't take long like that and she started holding more still while thrusting and twitching and pulling my head in while clenching and unclenching her hands.

She actually pulled hair out of my head while coming in my face like that. When she finished she pulled her hands away and saw my hair in her hands and started to gasp an apology. I told her damm right she'd better be sorry, coming that fast barely gave me time to enjoy what I was doing to her. She'd better get the car started and take me home so that I can finish what we already started.

She started fumbling with the keys, asked me again if what I had said was true. I told her yes and there's more. She stopped all together and said that she was too turned on to drive, that we had to switch places. I told her that, that was fine, but that I was going to give her a night to remember.

And that I needed "reassurance" from her that nothing would happen to me for telling her the whole story. She looked at me and said "anything" I smiled and said good, give me your skirt, now. She looked startled, I told her I was serious. That she was getting out of the car naked from the navel down and running to the passenger side while I slid over on the seat.

That if she did that for me that I promised her a night that she would never forget, and then some. Shannon's eyes seemed to lose their focus, she propped her ass up in the air using her legs and left her skirt to me. I pulled it down over her knees and then she kicked her feet up. I pulled her skirt off and she opened the door and got out. I got out too and met her in front of the car, there was obviously enough light for people to see. I grabbed her and kissed her, then we ran to the opposite doors and I drove her home while she gave me directions.

I only gave her skirt back after we pulled into her parking spot at her apartment complex.


Just before we left the car I told her that I could tell that she was for real now, and that I was going to tell her everything and that there was plenty to tell. She about dragged me into her apartment and stripped naked without being told anything. We kissed our way into the bedroom while she was pulling at my clothing so that we were both naked by the time we got to her room.

Just as we entered her bedroom another bedroom door opened and a beautiful and disheveled looking blond looked out. Mind you we're both naked, Shannon briefly said "roommate" then as we stumbled into the room "Tina, Jason, Jason, Tina" in introduction.

As the door shut I heard "Tina" say "a guy? You brought a guy?" Shannon briefly said "I'm on pill" then mounted me cowgirl style leaving her pert little breasts open to my mouth. I barely got one in my mouth and she pulled my head off telling me no sucking, talking.

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I whispered out the whole story. Shannon was grunting on my cock while rocking back and forth. We heard "Tina" slowly walking through the apartment giving a verbal commentary about all the clothing on the floor. It finally became obvious that Tina was on the phone with someone. She came to the door and said "they're talking" then after a pause "I don't know, its all whispering" the whole time this is going on I was filling Shannon in on how my mom and I had become lovers.

Tina never left the bedroom door, I made a point of grunting and groaning every time I emptied myself into Shannon. Shannon really seemed to be getting off on Tina's commentary, every time I let go of another load in her Tina would immediately relay it to the person on the other end. Finally I heard her say well hurry Brandy, I am hot to trot right now.

This was as my story was ending, I asked Shannon who Brandy was and she quietly told me it was their other friend.