Deutsche schwangere Mutter fucked hardcore

Deutsche schwangere Mutter fucked hardcore
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Playing the 'Turn-On' Game &hellip.In my story's the reader&hellip.has the 'freedom' to mentally make the characters any age they wish. No one can stop them. …In this story we find guy meets girl and how they handle the situation they find themselves in. Erick is the step son and Laura is the step mom. Erick's dad brought home a new young bride. After 3 months, he left one day. Unknown to them, he would never return, as he found a new gal that turned him on&hellip.I'll insert some 'story teller' direction…Laura and Erick find themselves thrust into living together.

They were both sexually attracted to each other from day one. Out came all the ploy's and methods of getting the other one to get 'turned on' to them. It became a most interesting game.


Erick called her 'mom' as this pleased her. Let's now take a look at these two&hellip. ------------ .Erick&hellip. &hellip. ……I lay in bed re-living the night before when I had heard a slight moaning from my mom's bedroom last night. I thought my mom was in pain.

I got up and looked in her room. She never closed her door. I stood in the doorway. I saw her with her nightgown wide open and completely naked. No bra…no panties.

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I had never seen her like this and she was beautiful. She was young…black hair, beautiful white skin, nice full tits and a black full bush that gave me a zap in my dick.

I couldn't move as I watched. She was masturbating as she seemed to be having a dream or something. .She never opened her eyes. It was a moon lit night and I could see her real good. She felt her own full tits and had a finger rubbing her big clit. Now and again she would put three fingers in her wet pussy and move them in and out. I got a huge boner with out even realizing it. I didn't dare move as I enjoyed watching her squirm and moan.

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I watched her start fucking her fingers and then moan and raise her pussy up high. She gave out a long moan and then relaxed. &hellip.I backed out of the doorway and quietly went back to bed. The image of her masturbating was burned in my memory now. It was the hottest sex thing I had ever seen.

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Porno videos are hot, but there is nothing like seeing this really happening… 'live'…and by my beautiful mom. …Laura thought… …I hope my little display of masturbating got him real turned on. I saw him peaking in the doorway, so I know he saw me.

Did he think I was thinking about him as I fingered myself?…I'm dying to find out. I get it out of him when the time is right. He sure got a big boner on, that's for sure. I loved seeing it tenting out of his pajama bottoms. I just love turning him on. All is fair in love and war, and I plan to win this war of turn on's.

He's so hot and sexy. I'll let him make a move on me and not feel guilty. That way I'll say: "Oh, I guess he just couldn't help himself and just had to fondle me." Anyone will take my side, if it ever came to that. … My husband has been gone for a long time now and I need some sex. Erick is right here for the taking.


No one will know, and I'll get him in my bed, right where I want him&hellip.I can't stop thinking about his boner sticking out… caused by me&hellip. Erick&hellip. &hellip. The next day… nothing was said much between us at first, but&hellip.she seemed very happy and kept putting her arm around me and giving me long hugs.

It made me wonder more who she was dreaming about last night. She was alone now. I had to avoid getting an instant hardon around her now. That picture of her masturbating was so vivid in my mind I couldn't stop thinking about it. I was a guy and being horny all time was always on mine and my buddy's minds. Now every time I looked at, or thought about my mom, it was fuel for a hardon. &hellip.It was a warm day that Saturday and mom only had on a thin house dress.

All her curves and no bra/no panties showed real good. All day she had to just rub her hands on me as we would pass in the house.

More long hugs from her…but now she began to rub my back and shoulders. A lot of little kisses also. By evening she just had to sit by me and rub my leg.

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. She leaned her head on me and I felt her breathing heavy. I kept having this feeling she was getting aroused. Then she laid the back of her head in my lap and started rubbing my chest under my shirt.

There was no way I could stop a hardon as her head was right on my dick. She had to have felt it as she smiled and moved her head back and forth on it. Then she closed her eyes and pulled my head down to whisper in my ear. &hellip.("…Erick, could I talk you into a back rub tonight sweetie, I could sure use one.") she said: I said "Sure mom, anytime for you." Then I got a little shock as she started kissing the side of my face and hugging my neck with her arms, then feeling me all over.

Now my pants were tenting real big with a full hardon. It was real big now. She slowly moved herself around on it& my breathing was heavy along with hers.

My arms went around her and I told her what a great mom she was and she told me what a great son I was. &hellip.The tension was getting to great for me and I said I had to get up and do…something. I got up, turned to hide my tent hardon and headed to my room upstairs. I gave a quick glance back and saw her still laying on the couch with her eyes closed. She was slightly rubbing her own tits and pussy. I caught my breath as I still wondered if it was me she had been thinking about last night.

I soon found out. I had never tried anything sexually on her. &hellip.Guys will fantasize about having sex with their moms, but I quickly got over that, finding some of my buddy's went "Ewwww…sex with your own mom?"…and others said privately how they would like to. I was with the 'Ewwww' crowd on the outside, but I thought about it a lot secretly.

--------- The voice in mom's head began to talk to her… &hellip.What the hell are you doing!

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Your molesting your own son&hellip.and you like it?&hellip. and look at you. Your all turned on. Maybe you shouldn't masturbate fantasizing about him anymore like you did last night&hellip.he's gonna think your just a horny pervert& don't care anymore do you,…you want, what you want and that's it&hellip.I know I know…but I can't help it, he's so sexy and I love to feel him and get all horny&hellip.I know he likes it too…I just know it by the big erection he got when I felt him up a just a little.

.Rubbing my pussy while thinking about him is sure no crime and other mothers have told me that they have done it too. Soon he'll be gone on his own and I may never get the chance to feel him this way again. My friend told me she talks her son into coming over and having sex with her and he finally does it when his dad is at work.

I'm not cheating like that&hellip.I just want him so bad and there is no good reason why we couldn't…maybe… have sex privately as no one will ever know. &hellip.I bet he's up in his room right now stroking that big erection…and I cant even watch him do it&hellip.well my wet pussy is going to get a nice finger fucking again tonight, and that's final. Maybe he'll make a move on me&hellip.I won't turn it down…I just couldn't do that and if he makes that final step&hellip.oh god…(moan)…I better move off this couch or I'll have a big wet spot where I've been laying…wow&hellip.

I just now had a good orgasm…whew&hellip. Erick… &hellip.Mom and had now taken our showers and were just waiting and thinking about the 'backrub' coming up.

What if she wants more that just a backrub? Can I resist her? Do I want to resist her? Are we going to step over that taboo line? Is it to late to back out of giving her beautiful body a backrub? You know you want to, and where it might lead…that's the 'unknown' part& mind would not stop thinking about watching her masturbate herself.

… It was the hottest thing I'd ever seen and stayed in the front of my mind all the time now. Maybe I better find a way out of this&hellip.but&hellip.that's not working& it.

Why couldn't she be ugly…or gross and leave me alone…but she is beautiful and oh so sexy. Story teller&hellip.

… seems we have a very aggressive mom, who is very determined to have 'guilt free' sex with Erick. Poor Erick is having a conflict about having sex with his mom… She has set a little trap for him, hoping he gets so turned on giving her a back rub, he'll make a sexual move on her&hellip.thus making her 'guilt free' of his advances on her. Temptation at it's finest&hellip.

Laura&hellip. …I was lying on my stomach, naked under the sheet on my bed. I put on sexy perfume to temp him to make that move on me I wanted. I hear footsteps and feel the bed move as he got in position. I moaned a 'oh thank you Erick so much.

Feel free to remove the sheet…your such a sweetheart'&hellip. Erick&hellip. …"I actually like massaging you mom. Your body is very pretty and I hope I do a good job." I said. She jumped a little as I put my warm hands on her back. She started moaning softly. I had on my boxers and already had a big boner.

I had an 'ok' to pull that sheet down and I wanted to see her cute little butt naked. I looked at her tits bulging our her sides. I could look all I wanted with her head turned. My boner became rock hard. I got brave and strattled her legs.



My boner now rested on her butt crack. She wiggled her butt and giggled quietly. I let my hands go lower and lower and now I was massaging her butt. She immediately opened her legs some. My boner was now just inches from her pussy.

She was breathing hard as I found I could take no more. I let my boner out the front. I slowly pulled her hips up and laid down on her back.

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I let my boner slip it's way to her pussy entrance. She moaned and reached under her and guided it in her pussy&hellip. Laura… …there finally…that's what I wanted. He feels so good in me. He made the first move and now to enjoy some hot sex with him. I reached and guided his hands to my tits.

I moaned for real, no faking needed, I was hot and turned on to the max. Oh Erick…fuck mom good.go ahead and give it to me hard. We're committed now, and this is just the first time. We'll have a lot more fucking to do now. He's fucking me faster&hellip.oh yes! All the way deep Erick…I'm feeling him so big in me&hellip.I'm building a big climax…go Erick, go!&hellip. Erick&hellip. …oh my god&hellip.I never thought she would be this hot and good.

I'm in her now, so I'm going to blast her good. Wow, can she fuck good…It's cumming Laura&hellip.I&hellip.oooo my godddd…I felt my balls pushed to their limit and shoot huge shots in her&hellip.she bucked back as he moaned real loud. She move my hand around on her tits as we both squirmed and moaned.

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I kept fucking her as I wanted this to last all night. &hellip. …Laura… …oh yes!, baby…that's way more that I ever had with his dad&hellip.and he's still going…oh my god&hellip.oh my god…now that's a climax to the max. Don't stop Erick…I want more! Story teller&hellip. …They fucked like kids with a new toy. At anytime or anywhere in the house. An instant fuck on the floor, in every chair, couch, beds or just standing up.

They fucked, sucked, felt themselves up all over the house. They even play a new game now called…'chase me naked' but with much quicker results&hellip.