Old hairy straight dude plays with dick

Old hairy straight dude plays with dick
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Sleeping With Sister Fictional, no one harmed in the writing of this story. For adults over 18 only. A brother and sister find strange sleeping arrangements when her room has a make-over.

It turns out beneficial to both of them. She was two years older than I, sixteen.


Dad was doing a full remake of Sally's room all the way down to the wall studs. That meant she had to find a place to crash nights. Neither one of us wanted any part of their idea.

But both Mom and Dad said she could sleep on the floor beside my bed in a sleeping bag. That went OK for the first few nights until she began complaining how uncomfortable it was. It was her idea; I was exceedingly distressed the first night even if we were facing separate ways, sleeping in a bed with your sister isn't all that cool. The second night sometime in the wee hours of the morning I awoke to find her body cuddled up against mine. At first I was about to push her away but the feeling of warmth from her was a little too enticing.

Then her arm wrapped around to the front of my torso scaring the shit out of me. From her movements I could tell she wasn't asleep which would have explained it. I was sure she was awake. Again I was about to push her away but her hand went downward along my bare chest not stopping until her fingers brushed against my pecker. Now I was becoming scared as she left it resting alongside it.

My mind raced; maybe she wasn't awake after all. I was fourteen, hormones raging like a bull my pecker enlarged in mere minute or two. At this point there was no way I was about to say anything when her fingers grasped it lightly through my boxers.

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"It's OK brother, just relax and go with it." Her hand slipped past the elastic hem creating skin to skin contact. "I know you're not asleep bother!" Then her grip tightened around the shaft as she rode up and down the length.

Not that I had a lot of it, I was a late developer, my dick wasn't some huge thing that hung between my legs but was on the smaller size. The back of my neck felt her puffy lips slide across it as her long blonde hair overlapped my shoulders falling to my front side.

Her actions on my pecker was taking its toll, the boxers were forced down as I was getting it on grinding forward with insignificant thrusts into her dainty hand when it happened. For the first time in my life I had an orgasm induced form someone else's hand other than my own.

I really never knew it was happening when the first wave boiled up from somewhere deep inside my body spilling out a vast rope of boy juice into her fingers followed by several more. She never once flinched or hesitated continuing her strokes as I stopped grunting with my body relaxing it's tightness of a minute ago.

For some reason I thought I had done something wrong but in reality it was her. "Hope you didn't mind brother, I just had to know." With that she rolled over leaving my wilting pecker and sheets wet with cum.


As I drifted between sleep and being awake I could feel movements from her as her own hand was diddling herself. The next day nothing was said about the experience but I feared going to bed that night. This time she didn't even wait. Both of us saying goodnight and a within a few minutes she was jerking me off again until I spilled my seed into her clutch. "It's warm and slippery and so much of it" She didn't cease as promptly as the night before, for minute I thought I was regaining my hardness when she did stop.

"Good night brother and thanks again. I'm learning quickly, aren't I?" This time it was me, just before the stupid alarm was to go off I found myself in a precarious situation, I have no idea how long I had been humping the cheeks of my sisters ass but I was. In conjunction with the annoying buzzer I creamed. Dazed and confused I reached over her body shutting it off lying alongside her, my boxers soaked.


I swore I heard a slight sigh almost of relief escape her. It was when I got out of bed I saw that her nightgown was bunched up around her waist, her ass shiny with a sheer coating of cum. Shit man; I was humping her naked ass. I didn't have any idea where this was going, again nothing was said, and nothing took place that night or for the following days to come.

Dad was nearing completion, Friday he painted the walls and trim and told Sally the room could be hers again the next night. Thank goodness for that, all this sex stuff had got me nervous and anxious. Friday night I fell asleep quickly from a hard practice at football that afternoon.

But her constant shifting and fidgeting I awoke to: "Just one more time brother, tomorrow night I won't be here. Hope you enjoy this as much as I do!" With that said her hand was on the bare skin of my pecker.

I never uttered one word previous when it happened, and tonight would be no different. But I wanted it to take a different direction, I was too wound up tonight, rolling over on my back she now had better access to it. Her hand went further cupping my balls and then rolling them around in their full sack. "Hmmm. they seem so confined in there, like it's full of fluid.

I'll fix that you brother." She contracted a little when I rolled onto my side facing her as she continued her grasp. I really wanted to ask why but didn't have the courage and actually afraid of what the answer would be. I tugged at her nightgown as Sally reluctantly twisted her body allowing it to be pulled over her head. Now both of us were naked. In the dim light from the window I marveled at the sight of her titties.

Aghast when I placed my tongue on a nipple tracing around the perimeter of the areola she pushed against my shoulders in an uncertain attempt to remove me. But the effort fell short on her account as a slight moan escaped her lips as the shove became a grasp on the back of my head essentially preventing me moving from my spot. Strange as it may seem it was OK for her to play with my pecker but when I tried to take the same liberties with her pussy it was met with stiff resistance.

All I got was a palm full of blonde bush. Sally gripped my pecker as I played with her titties our bodies contorting until she was facing away from me and as like that last morning I was humping her. "Oh brother, don't go this road, let me take care of your needs like the other night. Nothing more, OK?" I continued but I was forcing the head of my pecker into her clenched thighs.

With the pre-cum flowing it soon become effortlessly to fuck the tightly closed legs. I could only wonder if this is what it felt like to fuck a pussy.

But as I pressed my pecker head into her legs I was unconsciously pushing her onto her stomach. My pecker moved also as it was now lodged into the confines of her rounded ass cheeks. I felt her muscles clamp down tightly in an effort to prevent me access to them.

But that was quite OK with me as my pecker rode the length of her ass crack. I had to stop, I knew if I didn't I would cream.

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Sally's breathing had become ragged her head twisted from side to side. The room air was cool from the open window but our bodies were scalding with heat. Resting I reached under her torso latching onto her titties, my lips kissing the nape of her neck I felt her ass rise up slightly. Well the girl wanted me to continue. After a few minutes I did, but when I started her ass rose even more but she still had a vice like grip clamping her legs forcefully shut.

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"No brother, we shouldn't" But her body told another story with her ass high forcing my dick lower I was now lubricating with my pecker head journeying into uncharted territory. I was quite content; I wasn't fucking her pussy but was close enough to it.

I sought for the gash of her pussy probing the head around in the tight neighborhood next to it. It was dilemma for me, she kept arching her ass upwards but at the same time clamping her legs tighter, did she want me to force them wide and take her by rape or was she just playing hard to get?

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Either way it didn't matter. I was able to force between her body close enough that I felt warmth of heat and a spot that was extremely wet. I knew I was at the entrance to the Promised Land. My pecker head slid around in our wetness when I was over taken with hunger for full blown sex, I would take her virginity, if there was still a hymen in place it would be torn apart. The helmet was in the right spot, I felt the skin of her pussy lips begin to surround it, and it was in a happy spot.

I forced hard without success but with the last attempt it started boiling upwards until I was spurting seed out the slit.

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I thought I had intense orgasm before but this took the brass ring. My pecker jerked, quivered, convulsed and twitched all at the same time. I became light headed as my body released its payload of cum some of it actually squirting inside of her and some of it just squishing between us. Most times when you cum it seems to be over in seconds but this time it was in slow motion. Finally it was over, my body in a heap on top of hers laying there for a few minutes before rolling off to the other side of the bed.

We both laid there not saying anything, Sally rolling over to face away from me never bothering to clean herself from my cum. Surely it had gone inside her if not close enough it may impregnate her without doubt. The next night I had my bed to myself, Sally returning to hers.

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We never have mentioned the episodes of that week to this day, fifty years later. I am sure we both dealt with fear for a few weeks, but no she didn't get pregnant. Unfortunately I never had another chance to complete what we started but what I did have was excellent fodder to jerk off to for many years. If enough interest I can modify for a second part.

Maybe she returns to his bed? Or he enters her new room for some more excitement. She loses her v-card? She gets knocked up?

Maybe he has a best friend over for a sleep over and they both get some?