Ficken Eine Transparente Liebespuppe

Ficken Eine Transparente Liebespuppe
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Lucy was only seven years old. I had picked her out almost immediately, she was the prettiest kid with the most possible-potential. With her long, brunette locks and her big, mossy-green eyes, she seemed also perfect. Not only was she beautiful, she had the tiniest, most fragile body i'd ever seen in a child, making the experience more thrilling.

I was dropping my son, Jake, off at school. He was in the same class as Lucy, and when i asked him of her, he said she was quiet but was really sweet. I had the feeling Jake had a crush on Lucy, but that didnt stop me.

I stood in the playground amongst the other parents, waiting for Jake. I saw Jake emerge from the schools heavy wooden doors and run over to me.


I also saw Lucy, sitting on a bench near the wendy-house, obviously waiting for her mother. I saw the perfect oppurtunity.

"Jake," I said, managing to take my eyes away from Lucy. "You're staying with your mother tonight. I have a lot of work to do for my big presentation tomorrow, okay?" He looked down, obviously upset. "Okay," he mumbled. I put my hand on his shoulder and walked him to the car.

I got in the drivers seat and drove him as fast as i could to his mothers house. When i got to the door i said "Sorry, Jane. Is it okay if he stays here tonight?

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I have a lot of work to do." She was clearly pissed. She sighed, "Come in Jake. This better not happen again, Robert. They shouldnt have split custody, i knew you would do this all the time." I apologised and told Jake i'd drop him off at school in the morning. He hugged me and i got back in my car, not wanting to waste a second. I drove off, dirty thoughts of Lucy whirring round my brain. When i got to the playground, it was empty aside from Lucy, still by the wendy-house.

I was shocked that a teacher hadnt been concerned. Still, i got out of my car and walked over to her. When i got to her, i crouched down to her level. "Hey, is everything okay?" She looked up at me with her tear-soaked eyes.

"My daddy didnt come for me.he's always late!" She said, through new sobs. I rubbed her arm softly. "Aw, honey. Its okay." I said, comfortingly. "Hey, why dont you tell me where you live and ill drop you off, huh?" She looked at me hesitantly.


"No, its okay.Im sure daddy will be here soon." I wasnt about to give in that easily. This could be my only chance. "I tell you what, we can stop by the sweetie store on our way back." Her eyes lit up. Worked like a charm, just as i suspected. ".Okay," she sniffed. She got up and took my hand as i led her back to my car. She got in the back seat and when she was seated, i slyly locked the doors. I started to drive out, and she told me where she lived. It wasnt too far from my street.

When Lucy saw i drove past her street, she started to panic. I said soothingly "Shh, sweety.its okay.

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Your daddy told me he was going to wait at my house." She seemed unsure, but eventually bought it. I pulled into my drive and got out of the car. I walked around to her door and took her hand as we walked up the front steps. I unlocked the door and we went inside. "You can take off your coat if you like, your daddy will be about a half hour getting here." As she was unzipping her coat, the zip got stuck. I helped her get it off, and when it finally budged, i slid it off her shoulders.

I saw her little chest under her white t-shirt. I rubbed her back and told her she could go upstairs into my room and i would bring her some of Jakes toys to play with while she waited. She nodded her head and i watched her tight little ass walk up the stairs. I walked up right behind her and when we got into my bedroom i locked the door.

She asked what i was doing and i told her it was okay, it was for protection from the bad guys. I told her to sit on my bed and i sat next to her, rubbing her back. My hand slowly went down to her bottom. She cringed. "Daddy said no one's allowed to touch me there." I told her her daddy meant anyone but me.

She didnt buy it and tried to get away.

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Silly Lucy. I grabbed her and flung her onto the bed. She started to cry. I told her to shut up and slapped her across the face, making her howl. I grabbed her by the neck and watched her face go red, my other hand frantically ripping her clothes off. I ripped down the seam of her little blue jeans and tore off her white t-shirt. All that was left were her tiny blue panties, which came off easily.


I stared at her for a minute, my cock suddenly hardening at the sight of her tight, bald pussy. I let go of her neck and flicked her nipples, squeezing and tweaking them. She cried out in pain, my erection all the while getting harder. "Shh, its okay sweety.dont worry.shh." I hushed her. I kissed her on her little titties and kissed down her belly till i got to her pussy. She wasnt wet, but i licked her anyway.

She stopped sobbing, but begged me to stop. I told her "No," and continued licking. She started moaning, then realised what she was doing and tried to cry out. I got her little panties and gagged her before continuing to lick her. I could hear her moan through the panties.

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"Yeah, thats right honey. Doesnt that feel good, you little slut?" I slapped her thigh, making her flinch. She still nodded. " you're going to suck my you know what a dick is, sweety?" She shook her head. "I'll show you." I got out my cock and started to rub the shaft. I took the panties from her mouth and shoved my dick in, making her choke and splutter. "NO!" she tried to scream through gagging, but i just shoved it in further. I told her to lick the top of it and she did it, not wanting me to hit her again.

I felt myself about to cum so i shoved her away. I picked her up by the armpits and threw her onto the floor, knocking the wind out of her lungs. I lay her on her back and put the tip of my cock to her tight little pussy. I lay on top of her, almost crushing her. I shoved my cock in, making her scream in agony. I covered her mouth with my hand and rammed her, blood pouring onto my cock. I never expected so much blood.

"Oh, yeah.yeah baby.

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Im going to pound you.fuck yeah!" I shouted over her screams. The excitement of fucking such a tight pussy made me want to cum inside of her. I started to quicken my pace, until my cum exploded inside of her. I pulled myself out of her and dropped down next to her. I propped myself up on my elbow and watched her sob.

"Come on, " i said, picking her up. I took her through to Jakes room and got her out some clothes for her to put on. When she was dressed i took her downstairs and put her coat on her, not caring about wiping the blood off her pussy.

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I handed her her school bag and took her out of the door. I picked her up and wrapped her legs around my waist while we walked to the car. I lay her down in the backseat and drove away to the bad side of the town.

I stopped by a graffetti filled alley and dropped her into the alley. She started crying again, asking why i was leaving her. "I have no further use of you" I shrugged, before driving away home to clean up the mess.