Latina big sex toy milf masturbation EXGF solo video

Latina big sex toy milf masturbation EXGF solo video
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A FAMILY AFFAIR PART ONE: ON THE ROAD I was driving up from the West Country to London as a favour to a favourite aunt who wanted to visit an old friend. I had time on my hands and she offered to pay for the fuel and I'd get a pleasant and interesting drive, something I love doing particularly if someone else is paying for it and the same in about a month when I went back to drive her home.

Now, although I called her 'Aunty', she was in fact my cousin, but because she was about 20 years older than me, putting me on a generation level as a child with her own children, she had always insisted on this title.

However, she was tall for a woman at 5'10 (her father, my uncle, had been a 6'6" policeman) and a buxom blond and I had fantasised about her since puberty. She had long shapely legs, a large bust, a large bottom and shoulder length cornfield golden hair. She always dressed very smartly and in traditional style; the sort of look you see in the classy women's magazines. She usually wore skirts and dresses rather than slacks thus presenting her legs to maximum effect. She did have a weight problem, a family failing I'm afraid and was usually on the latest 'fad' diet, but I letched and lusted after this woman from my early teen years and ever since I had developed an interest in spanking, those fantasies had been tending towards spanking that delectable bottom.

At this time, I was around 40 and she around 60. She had married a man 20 years older than herself when she had been around 20 and now, of course he was in his eighties; still very fit and active but nonetheless in his eighties. He had his hobbies and interests, mainly concerned with cars and F1 motor sport, not a subject which 'Aunty' had much interest in.

One other thing, for many years, I had stopped calling her 'Aunty' although I still thought of her in that way from time to time. Nowadays, I called her 'Jilly'. So, there we were, driving up the M4 motorway in an easterly direction (as her father might have said) towards the capital.

My original plan was to have driven her to London in my car but at the last minute a problem had developed with it and it was 'off the road'. Not to worry though as I also owned a motorhome and it was in this that we were driving up to town from her home in Exeter where I had stayed the previous night.

We were now between Bristol and Bath having driven up the M5 and crossed over to the M4, talking easily of this and that.

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The driving position in a motorhome is at van height so passengers in saloon cars cannot see directly into the cab. She had relaxed in her seat allowing her pleated A-line skirt to fall down from her knees exposing an area of tan nylon covered thigh which acted like an 'eye magnet' to me. She glanced in my direction with a strange expression on her face and then looked at the front of my trousers where there was an obvious stirring, but said nothing; just looked out of the side window with an enigmatic smile on her face.

With my pulse racing I placed my left hand on her right thigh and then moved it a couple of inches upwards.


Still she said nothing. Her only reaction was to move that leg an inch or so towards me and in doing so, part her thighs a tiny but so significant distance. With this movement on her part, the hem of her skirt rose a very short distance upwards. I moved my hand further up her thigh at which she turned and smiled at me, parting her legs still more so that I caught a glimpse of her white knickers.

'You are a very naughty boy' she said, placing her right hand over the now obvious bulge under my fly zip. Throwing caution to the winds, I pushed my hand between her thighs and she parted them widely to allow me full access. 'I just wish', I said, 'that you were wearing stockings, not tights; I've always fantasised about you wearing stockings!' 'Well' said Aunty, 'if you look in my case, you'll see some stockings and other bits and pieces you might find interesting'.

I suggested that she slipped into back of the van and showed me what she was talking about. She climbed into the galley/dining area and fetched the case which she placed on the front passenger seat and leaning over the seat back, opened it. When she had moved the clothes at the top aside, I saw not only several pairs of nylons, but suspender belts, knickers and bras.

I also saw certain items at the bottom of the case which took me completely by surprise. These included vibrators, a two tailed tawse, a flogger and a long, whippy, crook-handled school type cane which was fitted around the corners of the case.

Although this gave it a distorted shape, I got the impression that as soon as it was taken out, it would spring back to its 'working' shape pretty quickly! 'See anything you like dear?' she breathed quietly. I said I'd like to see her in sheer tan stockings, white suspender belt with matching silk knickers and uplift bra. 'A 'wonderbra, if you have one' I said with a catch in my voice. At this time, there was a high publicity advertising campaign nationally and everywhere you went there were enormous posters showing a girl with huge tits in this make of lingerie.

'I don't want you to have a heart attack while you're driving' she said, smiling at me over the seat and then disappearing back into the van to carry out my requests. I moved my mirror so that I could see her dressing but with a sly little smile, she took herself off to the bathroom at the rear of the vehicle and shut the door. When she came out she was dressed as before in outward appearance but when she sat down in the passenger seat and allowed the hem of her skirt to fall up her thighs, I could see that she was wearing stockings not tights and when she raised her bottom up from the seat and pulled her skirt up further I could see her suspenders and knickers as well.

She playfully reached across and squeezed my hard cock through my trousers and at the same time, spread her thighs wider. I responded by placing my hand on her thigh and sliding it up over her stocking top, fondling the suspender clip en route and running my probing fingers up to the crutch of her knickers. As my fingers lightly touched her here, her thighs parted wide enough for me to see the stray edges of her pussy showing under the knicker legs. I was just about to tell her that she needed a shave when she spoke.

'You're a very naughty boy' she said, 'getting so excited about your old aunty like this; I think you should have your bottom spanked' 'Well Aunty', I replied, 'that's just what I had planned for you, but you can spank mine if I can spank yours! 'Well dear' she said sweetly, 'I was hoping it might go further than that'.

'Oh, I think you can count on that', I said, 'but I am puzzled at your choice of luggage for a visit to Heidi' 'Heidi and I go back a long way, we have similar tastes but up to today I'd no idea that anyone else in my own family shared them. I think Heidi will be very pleased to meet you. You might even consider staying with us for a day or so!' As a reply, I placed my hand over her fanny and gave it a squeeze through her knickers.

She pulled my zip down and shortly after I signalled to leave the motorway at the Swindon exit, and headed into the countryside towards Lambourne. Nice place Lambourne; lots of wide open spaces and racehorse training stables as anyone reading the novels of Dick Francis will know.

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Wide open spaces provide places for a motorhome to park up without comment and it was in such a place that I switched off the ignition. By this time, my aunt's deft fingers had found their way into my boxers and my stiff cock was now rearing proudly over the elastic waistband.

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Without further comment, I got up from the driving seat and lead her by the hand into the diner and pulled down the blinds. The bench seat pulled out into a double bed, on the small side but large enough for what I had in mind.

I kicked my trainers off, slipped my Levis down and kicked them to one side. My cock was still poking out from my shorts and I didn't want it to get tangled up in clothing later so the shorts followed the trousers.

No point keeping socks and shirt on in the circumstances, so they were soon on the floor. 'I haven't seen you in the all-together since you were a baby' she said. 'I've never seen you in the all-together, but that's going to change before long, isn't it Aunty dear'. 'Oh I do hope so' she said as I sat down and pulled her over my knee. 'We haven't discussed who goes first' she said.

'Always ladies first' was my reply as I pulled her skirt up over her lower back and smoothed her white silk knickers over her wonderful bottom. God, I'd fantasised about this for so long, I couldn't believe it was actually happening. I reached underneath her and undid her top and deftly unhooked her bra allowing her magnificent breasts to swing free. In answer to my unspoken question, she murmured 'thirty eight double D'.

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I thanked her and asked if she liked having her nipples played with, 'what do you think?' was her short response. I told her she would have to wait for that but gave her breasts a little squeeze anyway. Her buttocks clenched at my touch. I began spanking her, firmly but lightly, over her knickers; one cheek and then the other, alternatively. I made my target area her entire bottom and as her cheeks were larger in area than my hands, it took three or four spanks to cover each one.

Occasionally, I deliberately targeted the bare thigh between stocking top and knicker leg on each side and so had a good idea what colour I should see on her buttocks when the knickers were pulled down; and we both knew that pulled down they would be before long.

However, that was in the future at this time and I paused in my attentions to smooth the white silk out once more and to gently ease her thighs apart slightly. In doing so, I was aware that there was wetness between her legs and probing further with my finger tips found that her pussy was so wet that I could part her labia effortlessly though stickily, through her gusset, with two fingers.

Curiosity got the better of me and I pulled her knickers down to her knees in one sudden movement. My cock rose stiffly against her belly at the sight of her bottom, which was slightly swollen and a deep cerise pink, suffused over both buttocks and thigh tops. I placed my spanking hand directly on her hot flesh and moving it between her cheeks fingered her flooded fanny which opened without resistance allowing two fingers to enter her through the thick bushy forest of blond pubic hair.

In return, she reached underneath and grasped my throbbing cock and gave it hard squeeze. Not to be outdone, I reached down with my other hand and caught her swinging breasts and fondled them paying particular attention to the nipples which were stiff and erect and then having moved the fingers on my other hand from their sticky hidey hole, I inched them forward to the position where I could take her clit between thumb and forefinger, roll it between the two and give it gentle squeeze which drew from aunty a shuddering groan.

Without a word I pulled her knickers down to her ankles and dropped them on the floor and having pulled her thighs apart so that I could see her glistening pussy, gently cupped her entire furry mound in my hand. She moved languidly under my touch as I reached down and picked up one of my trainers from the floor and gave her six hard swats, three on each cheek followed by two on each thigh top and then caressed her flesh.

She said, 'I don't like being slippered with those; they're not flexible enough. When we get to London, Heidi has some leather soled carpet slippers which will do the job much better. and I think you'll find you'll have two bottoms to use them on'. I apologised but she said there was no need for apology and then drew my attention to a two tailed leather tawse in the case.

I took it out and laid it across her bottom. I had expected her to flinch but she just settled herself more comfortably over my lap, the movement causing my erection to get even harder. 'Start me with a dozen please dear and then we'll see'. She opened her thighs even wider and pulled herself wickedly further across my lap so that the swollen head of my cock was actually straining against her pussy. I cracked the tawse down over her bottom.

'Oh harder than that, love' she said, 'that's just a practice stroke. doesn't count'.

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I cracked the leather down again making a noise like a gunshot. 'Better but still only a practice stroke. you're not spanking some silly little girl now. you're spanking a woman. look, I'll show you what I want' And with these words she got up from my lap and with one swift movement, took the tawse from me and told me to bend over. I hadn't been beaten since my schooldays and when she spoke of spanking me earlier, it hadn't occurred to me that it might be actually going to happen.

but there was nothing I could do or say and so with a massive hard-on I stood with my legs apart and gave her the target area to aim at.

She gave me six full bloodied strokes with that tawse and I could see why Scottish girls (and guys) who I'd known in my adult life spoke of the tawse with such respect. 'Thank you dear', said aunty when she'd finished, 'I needed that' and turning towards her I could see that she was breathing hard and her eyes were shining. I held her close and kissed her, my cock grinding into her fanny. 'Yes', she said, 'I need that too and soon but first leather my arse like I've just leathered yours' 'Kneel on the bed then' I ordered and standing behind her gave six welts as she had given me followed by six almighty welts which rang out and made her stagger although she was kneeling, legs wide apart on the mattress with her arms splayed in front of her.

She made to get up after the twelve but I ordered her to stay in position and gave her another half dozen, three on each thigh top at the same strength. 'I'm going to finish you with the cane' I said pleasantly 'so just stay in that position while I fetch it.

I made ready and remembered something from my schooldays. I was in class when a master in another class had taken two boys out into the corridor to cane them. More room for a good swing in the corridor than in a classroom.

The two boys were well known 16 year old hooligans, sons of rough parents who were regularly beaten at school. One was the ringleader and the other his 'deputy'. The master said to the first one 'You deserve six, but you're getting four; bend over.' Shortly after there came four hard strokes over a tightly trousered bottom. No sound came from the recipient. The master then said to the second boy 'You deserve four but you're getting two'.

The same sounds followed also followed by silence. I was given the cane many times at school but never more than three strokes and I couldn't imagine what four strokes from this very strong master would be like.

but thinking of this, I said 'You deserve ten strokes but you're getting six' . and so saying I gave her six hard stokes across her bottom trying to make them about an inch apart. The fifth one was just where the bottom overhangs the thigh and the sixth almost for lack of room, overlaid it. Aunty cried out a little at that and asked if she could rub her bottom. I gave her permission but then got behind her and pushed my stiffly throbbing cock between her bottom cheeks and into her soaking wet fanny.

I reached under her and grasping her breasts pulled her back to the edge of the mattress and pounded into her. She reached underneath herself and frigged her clit as I fucked her hard.


The van must have been rocking so that anyone passing would have no doubt what was happening in it, but neither of us cared. Suddenly I knew I was coming. 'Over your back or inside you' I gasped. 'Just fucking come' she said rubbing herself frantically.

I came inside her with great spurts and she came at the same time. I backed away and looked at her watching our mutual juices dripping out of her pussy and running down her well thrashed thighs. I knelt down and kissed both bottom cheeks and then buried my face in her fanny and kissed that as well. Languidly she rolled over onto the mattress and pulled me down with her, and moving down my body took my cock into her mouth and licked it clean.

I showed her how the shower worked and she freshened herself up and I did the same and then we sorted the van out and carefully (she more than me) lowered ourselves into the cab seats and resumed our journey towards London. I had suggested to her that she didn't need to wear any knickers for the journey and that she could put her feet up on the dashboard if she liked, and let the cool air from the vents find its way to areas where she would appreciate it.

She looked at me and suggested that I just wanted to be able to get my hand between her legs and I admitted that this was so but pointed out that I hadn't put mine back on and she was at liberty to check this out if the fancy took her. Once we were back on the M4, she took out her mobile phone and called Heidi to explain that we would be late and saying enigmatically that she'd explain why when we got there, but that Heidi was in for a treat.

She was stroking my cock very slowly as she made the call. I was driving very slowly A couple of hours later saw us getting close to Heidi's home in Hampstead and soon afterwards we were parked up on her driveway and there was the lady herself waiting at the door. Continued.