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Sexy slutty babe christy mack fucks her ex bf
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CHAPTER 9: ANTICIPATION Several days passed. Claire entered the containment room, bringing in breakfast for Lauren. Gruthsorik had taken up residence in the front corner of the cell near the outer entry door. Lauren stuck close to the walls whenever she moved between the bunk, the toilet/shower area, and the inner entry door in the other three corners, constantly keeping an eye on the demon.

Right now she was still asleep in the bunk. Gruthsorik was awake, however. Claire paused to speak to him. "You haven't gone after her again yet." "Oh, she knows it's coming," he said. "She's constantly on edge, expecting it at any time.

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I'm waiting for her to relax a bit, to think, 'He hasn't so far, he's still going to, but probably not today.'" "You can tell so easily?" Claire asked. "I know fear the way you can smell dinner in the oven," he answered. "You don't really need to wait for her to drop her guard, though," Claire said "Oh, no, not at all, it's just far more fun that way," Gruthsorik grinned. Claire suppressed a laugh and shook her head.

"You really are cruel, aren't you." "I do try," he said, completely serious beneath the sarcasm.


"Although I still don't like the idea of using her until there's nothing left. Neither for the sake of your studies nor as a substitute executioner." "I know, it's the thing you've always avoided. I told you before, I'm not keen on it either. But I have my orders. She's all you're getting until she's burned out.

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And don't go to any trouble trying to prolong it. My superiors like to see results sooner rather than later.

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As morbid as that happens to be in this case," said Claire. - - - They didn't have to wait much longer after all. Claire heard Lauren yell out over the camera feeds.

She turned to watch the monitors.

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Lauren must have been headed to the door for her meal, now she was scrambling back towards the other corner, with Gruthsorik crossing the cell towards her, tentacles fully extended.

She grabbed hold of the toilet just as Gruthsorik grabbed hold of her ankles. "Let go! Leave me alone, you monster!" Lauren shouted as she started to lose her grip. Of course he did neither, and once the tentacles pulled her away from the corner the others quickly moved in.

Soon she was fully wrapped up and off the ground, dangling in fleshy bondage. Lauren begged, "Please no, don't, stop," again and again as a tentacle made its way into her pussy. Her protests soon became interspersed with groans, however. Once she realized it, she looked into Gruthsorik's glowing eyes and asked, "W-why. why does it feel good this time? I don't want it to." "Two reasons, mainly," he answered.

"One, you're not really trying to fight as hard as before, because you already know it's not going to do any good.

Two, you're not actually as frightened now since you know everything that's going to happen to you." "Nooooooo!" Lauren yelled as she realized the futility of her position, including the pleasure that was being forced on her, but it turned into a moan as the tentacle drilling into her increased its pace. As the next tentacle took her ass, she gave up shouting but still chanted, "Stop it, stop it, stop it, stop it." Even that gave way to moans as she started to lose control.

Once the tentacles were fully fucking her pussy and ass, as well as teasing her nipples and clit, she was struggling to maintain any composure at all. She tried to keep her mouth shut to the tentacle that was poised waiting to enter, but a loud moan escaped through open lips, and the tentacle went right in, completing the trio of holes getting pounded by the demon members.

It wasn't much longer before her body shook with her orgasm, followed by Gruthsorik's and the outpouring of his spunk into and onto her body.


- - - The following day, Lauren sat on her bunk, throwing furtive glances over to Gruthsorik. Reluctance and desire showed on her face, and her hands kept drifting to her pussy and her breasts.

Finally desire won out, and she stood and crossed the cell to where the monster sat. "I'm sorry for everything I said to you before," she said hesitantly.

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"Would you please. fuck me again?" "My dear, I would be delighted to," Gruthsorik answered.


"Any time you want." Lauren moaned in anticipation as the tentacles already started to coil around her. - - - Claire entered the cell and walked to where Lauren lay on the floor asleep with a big smile on her face, demon cum drying on her skin and the floor around her.

She prodded her awake.

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"Oh, it's you," Lauren said groggily. "Why didn't you tell me it could be like that?" "I wanted to observe an honest response, untainted by foreknowledge," said Claire. "But you knew, didn't you, that after the first couple times, I wouldn't be unwilling anymore," said Lauren. "That was the general expectation, yes," replied Claire. Lauren closed her eyes again, ran her hands across her breasts, and moaned softly. "Thank you for tricking me into coming here." "Don't mention it," Claire said.

"So I assume I'll have no more trouble from you?" "Not one bit," promised Lauren while pinching her nipples. "Good," said Claire. "Now get up and get cleaned off. It's time for your first weekly physical." Continued in Chapter 10: Threesome - - - This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.