Girlfriend shows off her cock sucking skills

Girlfriend shows off her cock sucking skills
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As I looked in the mirror I appreciated my figure, my long legs, a somewhat shapely but not fat ass, a rather thin waistline and my perky C cup breasts, with a head of long blond hair to top it off.

My pussy was adorned with a short neatly trimmed strip of public hair and already dripping in anticipation of what was to come. My name is Emily and I was 23, I had always liked the way I looked the kind of classic beauty that men would stare at if I walked past.

The mirror was in the changing room of a high end designer clothes store in a shopping center on the rich side of town. I hadn't really paid attention to what the stores name was only the expensive looking dress I saw in the window the tag on it read $960.

This was the newest in a long series of stores I had visited to steal from, a habit I had picked up as a young teenager and never quite grown out of, if anything I had grown into it. The thrill and the adrenaline of it is what I live for, the fear of getting caught, the increase in heartbeats whenever someone walks by the changing room. It was enough to drive me crazy. But as time went on simply stealing wasn't enough, my actions got bolder and as I began exploring my body in my younger years, so too did I explore my habits taking risks in public places and masturbating in the change rooms I stole from, my tastes branching out to further feelings of exposure and depravity.

One such time about 2 years ago, almost by complete accident I had discovered something that gave me even more of a thrill than stealing and masturbating. I had set out like normal, having had a large lunch, I set out to a store within the shopping center, chosen something nice and set off towards the change room. There was only one changing cubicle and I stepped in quickly making sure none of the sales girls saw what i was wearing before I went in.

My normal activities ensued as I stripped off taking my time and savoring the moment, the feeling of vulnerability and risk of exposure as I began touching myself. Stroking a finger in a circle around my clit, I looked through a crack in the door at the people walking past the changing rooms, going about their day completely oblivious of the girl masturbating before she walked out with $120 with of clothes. I slowly began probing into my quickly moistening pussy, with two of my fingers working myself up to a familiar rhythm.

It was about then that I noticed how full I felt, the meal I had before included a large coke and it had already made its way through my body.

Not wanting to have to stop I ignored the rising tension in my bladder. Looking out the crack in the door a large middle aged woman was approaching the change rooms, the kind of woman who looks like she complains to the manager at every opportunity. She walked up directly to my cubicle and knocked on the door, my face mere inches from her hand.


This was the closest I had gotten to a person in my escapades, the idea of being discovered and the wrongness of what I was doing was enough to make my hands work double time, quickly and roughly thrusting into and out of my dripping cunt. Stifling a moan, I felt warmth emanating from my crotch as my body began to tremble and tingle in orgasmic bliss. It was at that point, my body at the height of pleasure, with a grouchy looking woman standing almost in front of me so close to discovering me that, the pressure in my bladder finally broke through.

With all the sensations going through my body I could no longer keep control of it. First a little squirt came out as I tried to staunch the flow, but it was to no use, the little squirt was joined by a second and a third and suddenly it was a stream. I had no idea what to do I was bent over naked, shaking from the best orgasm of my life and pissing all over the walls and carpet of the change room. All I could do was stand there and wait for what felt like an eternity for the stream to end, I felt like crying, I felt like running, I felt more vulnerable and alive than I had ever been.

Surely at any moment the woman outside would hear the fall of water and call the manager to check, or look between the crack in the door to see my shaking form bent over pissing all over the place. The woman was still waiting outside the door as my stream of pee ended. I quickly, swapped the tag from the new stolen dress to the one I had worn in. I threw the new dress on, and looked around the room to see some splatters of clear urine on the walls and dark marks on the carpet of the floor. Rushing out of the change room I dropped off my old clothes with the new tags on a shelf and darted out of the store before the grouchy woman could raise an alarm.

That had been the first of many days like it, I had tried to go back to other stores and just steal and pleasure myself like usual but it wasn't the same, there was something missing and I knew that deep down I had loved the experience.

Despite knowing that the mess I had made in the store was wrong and disgusting, it was the most exhilarating and humiliating thing I had ever done, and I craved more. I had passed a point of no return in my life. Over the past two years I had visited hundreds of stores often visiting two or three a week, pissing in every change room I could. I couldn't get enough of the thrill and excitement I felt at doing something so dirty and wrong.

I began not only craving the adrenaline and vulnerability I felt from being in such a public place, but also the thrill and depravity I felt at making such a filthy mess, there was something so right about doing something that would make others despise me as a disgusting animal bent on masturbating in her own filth. I began drinking as much as I could before my shopping trips, often holding onto it for as long as I could so that my piss turned a lovely golden shade, this of course increased the smell which only heightened how dirty I felt.

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I had pissed on walls, mirrors and chairs inside changing rooms, making sure I made as much mess as possible while I masturbated and urinated. Each time the adrenaline, vulnerability and deprivation of the act giving me the mental push to orgasm as my hands worked my pussy. I still stole things it was very much a part of who I was at that point, not that I needed the clothes.


Some I kept, some I sold online for a quick buck, or to pay rent and such and some I gifted to friends and relatives for birthdays and such. No one the wiser of how I had acquired them or how much pleasure it brought me to do so.

Recently there had even been a local news story about all the stores I had been to, complaining about a serial shoplifter who ruined stores changing rooms by urinating all over them and left with stolen goods. The news had dubbed the thief the pee bandit and had alerted people to report suspicious behavior as the bandit had racked up quite a cost.

The night I had seen the report I had been frightened off of my habit for a while.

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But as time wore on I couldn't help but become frustrated by my aching pussy and the lack of excitement in my life. I found that without the stimulation of the dirty acts I had grown used to it was almost impossible for me to cum. Eventually I gave in, I needed to get off and I planned on doing it in the most dramatic and dirty way possible to make up for weeks without.

That's how I found myself to be in the expensive designer store today. Finishing observing myself in the mirror I made sure my clothes were set aside and swapped the tags early, a lesson I had learned over time as often it could be tricky to untie and retie them. In preparation for today I had drunk as much water as I could stomach the night before and held onto it all morning, drinking some more before I set out, by the time I arrived at the store I was about ready to burst.

With a wicked grin I sat on the ground, hurriedly scooching my butt to the side wall of the cubical. With some effort I lifted my legs and ass up so that they rested on the wall above my head with my shoulders and upper back supporting me on the ground. Deciding to try and take it slow to add a little extra torture I began fondling the folds of my pussy, spreading them apart and lightly rubbing my clit in circles.

Slipping a finger into my already wet opening while continuing to rub my clit with my thumb I shivered in anticipation. Then I began peeing as I rubbed myself. The piss began in spurts as it collided with my hand, dribbling down my body onto my breasts as I relieved the massive pressure in my bladder.

Soon I had to move my hand out of the way and spread my pussy lips to allow the torrent of dark golden urine to shoot over my head and onto the other side wall of the cubical in a somewhat loud splatter.

The strong sour, musky smell of the golden fluid heightening my arousal as it sprayed across the small room, several large splatters landing on my chest and I even managed to catch a couple drops on my tongue.

The taste of my own urine had never bothered me and in fact i had grown to quite like it. Even after holding onto it for so long that it turned to the dark golden color it was now the salty, sour mix set my pussy aflame with new arousal.

As the stream began subsiding I began furiously rubbing my pussy blocking the rest of the low stream and forcing it to dribble down onto me as a rubbed harder, slipping several fingers into my now piss lubricated cunt.

I could feel a heat rising through me as I fucked myself harder and faster with my hand. Covered in my own piss with the taste of it heavy on my tongue I had never been in a dirtier position and the thought of being in such a public place like this thrilled me to no end.

My hands began trembling as my legs wiggled and twitched as my body convulsed in orgasmic bliss, a light gasp escaped my mouth and my body banged against the wall a few times uncontrollably. Taking deep breaths I attempted to regain my composure, as I removed my hand and began rubbing my chest spreading the yellowed piss across by breasts and teasing myself as waves of warm pleasure emanated from my crotch.

I began licking off my fingers covered with my piss and juices, savoring the sweet, musky taste of my pussy and the salty, sour taste of the urine.

I lay there for what felt like forever but was surely only a few minutes. Standing up on trembling legs I began pulling myself together, using my old clothes to dry myself off I quickly put on the new stolen designer dress.

Looking around the room I saw the absolute mess I had made. The mirror I was previously admiring myself in was now covered with drops of golden fluid and a large puddle was seeping from the carpet in the cubical out under the door. Smiling to myself at the thought of one of the poor cashier girls having to clean up the filthy miss I had made.

I tied up my hair and prepared to walk out of the store, the ordeal not yet over as I had to leave with the stolen dress. I opened the door and began making my way out of the store, gingerly placing my damp old clothes on a display table. A gasp of surprise, followed by a loud exclamation of "ewww!" Sounded behind me as one of the store's cashiers opened the door to the changing room I had just left.

She turned around and pointed towards me shouting "stop that woman, she's pissed all over our store!" I began running towards the front door as fast as i could, only a few feet before the door, a large imposing security guard appeared in front of me. His large arms wrapped around me and I struggled and thrashed to try and get loose. But it was to no avail. His arms felt as solid as bricks and I couldn't loosen them a bit.

The the girl who had opened the change room door caught up to us while I was struggling and began using a ziptie to bind my hands behind me. The ziptie bit into my wrists as my struggling forced it closed tighter than it should of been, the girl didn't seem to mind causing me discomfort. "Hey this is one of our dresses, it costs over $900!" Exclaimed the girl.

"Oh wow your in trouble, and what's that smell?" Replied the security guard. "I think she pissed all over the change room and herself." The cashier answered. At that the security guard loosened his grip on me but held my hands tight behind my back. "Come this way, I'm going to call the cops on this one. Find the clothes she walked in with so you can get this expensive dress off her. The cops will need it as evidence." Instructed the security guard as he began pushing me towards the back of the store towards what locked like an empty storage room.

He pushed me into the room and locked the door. Everything was black and I heard him calling the cops. I had no idea what had just happened, never in my life had I thought I'd be caught, and never had I thought I'd be covered in my dry piss when I was. After a few minutes the door to the storage room opened up the guard and the cashier girl were standing there.

"The cops are on their way, they have informed us that you may be the pee bandit the news was talking about, if that's true your in a whole world of trouble," said the guard as he turned on a light, walked into the room and began cutting the ziptie around my wrists.

"Now you are going to do what your told, and take this stolen dress off," he continued on.

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"What no I'm not stripping in front of you, you perv." I protested. One of his large hands collided with my cheek sending a loud wack sound through the room and bringing tears to my eyes.

"You will do as your told, we can't have you walking around in this fine dress that you have stolen." he replied. "But I," *Wack* another hand met my cheek even harder and I yelped out in pain. After that I just started taking the dress off there was nothing else for it, the through of being made to strip for this large, imposing man was scary and humiliating in ways I had never imagined, I couldn't help but feel turned on, a light tingle running through my body and heating my crotch as I removed my clothes in front of him and the girl still in the door.

The dress fell to the floor, revealing my naked body underneath. I hadn't bothered wearing panties or a bra today knowing that they would just get left behind and, even then I enjoyed the freedom and thrill of going without.

The guard whistled as I stepped out of the dress, adding to my humiliation and causing my already stinging red cheeks to blush to an even deeper shade of red. "Hey come pick up this dress and leave her old one on the floor.

I have an idea to punish this filthy slut." Instructed the guard to the cashier girl. The girl stepped out of the doorway and into the room locking the door behind her. She walked up to me and picked up the stolen dress dropping my old still damp one on the floor in its place. As I went to pick it up eager to get dressed, the guard grabbed my shoulder and forced me to my knees. "Just a minute slut, first I'm going to teach you a lesson." He said as he pulled out his cock and began pissing onto the dress on the floor.

His stream was a dark gold almost to a brown and the smell of urine was so much stronger than the mess I had made earlier. The cashier girl understanding what he meant to do began removing her panties from underneath her skirt.

She then lifted it up and knelt down on the other side of the dress before unleashing a stream of her own to the soaking puddle that was now my dress. Her stream was much lighter almost like water, which I am thankful for as the dress already smelled overpoweringly of piss.

As I knelt there watching my captors urinating on my dress, the arousal I had felt earlier at having to strip for them grew.

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Being so exposed in front of two people who wanted to torment and punish me was exhilarating my body was shivering in anticipation and I could not hold back any longer. I moved a hand to my dripping pussy trying to be a as subtle as I could and began fingering myself while they pissed. At the first touch it was like lightning through my body the build up of arousal had grown so strong in the past few minutes that barely touching myself was almost enough to bring me to the edge.

I quickly thrust two fingers into my pussy and began roughly fucking myself my pussy well lubricated from all the past stimulation and my current situation. The guard was the first to notice my actions, "hey get a load of this slut shes getting off on this." He said as he directed his stinking stream towards me. The piss hit my chest splattering it's dark almost brown golden liquid across my breasts, he aimed the stream up to my face trying to get it in my mouth and eyes, as I squirmed trying to avoid it but not daring to try and stand after he had hit me earlier.

"What a fucking slut," replied the cashier girl finishing her piss on the dress and getting up. She walked behind me and pulled my hair tight while pushing down on my back forcing me to lean my face into the guard's piss. At this point I couldn't take it, my fingers working my dripping cunt like never before, the rhythm and pace building up so much that it was intolerable, causing my body to become stiff and shake as waves of pleasure assaulted me.

I felt like some sort of animal on show for these people humiliated and debased beyond anything I had fantasized, a toy for them to play with and ruin.

Iit was so much that I almost started crying again. Yet there was something so arousing in pleasuring myself while being treated like their toy, that I couldn't help but lavish in the moment, even if my treatment was closer to that of a toilet.

"Open up bitch," she said pulling my hair even harder, interrupting my blissful pleasure. I couldn't help but cry out in pain at the rough treatment, and as I did, the dark piss landed directly in my mouth, shooting straight down my throat. The taste of it was so stale and sour that it alone would of been enough to make me gag, regardless the fact that I had basically inhaled it.

I broke out into coughing and spluttering as the foul taste permeated my mouth and I struggled to get air into my lungs. His piss tasted nothing like my own and the foulness of it almost made me throw up as I struggled to breath. The pleasure of my orgasm combining with the pain of the girl pulling my hair and me gasping for air was too much, everything went black… A few seconds later I awoke the taste of the guards stale piss still on my tongue, and my breath still short as I struggled to pull myself together.

The guard was zipping up his pants as the cashier leered over me. "Put your clothes on slut, the cops will be here in any minute." Said the guard kicking the soaking wet dress in my direction. "Won't they ask why she's so wet?" asked the cashier. "We will just tell them we found he like this, who are they going to believe the us the respectable employees of this shopping center, or the infamous pee bandit, caught in the filthy act covered in her own piss." The guard replied with a devious grin.

With that the left the room, locking me in the room and turning off the light, leaving me in near complete darkness to fumble with my dress. My dress that was now soaked to the core with their now cold urine.

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It was somewhat difficult to figure out which side of the dress was what, and when it came to putting it on the cold wetness of it made me shiver, the smell of the stale, sour piss from the guard overpowering the less potent contribution of the cashier girl. Wearing the dress was disgusting beyond belief, but it was better than awaiting the police stark naked. Despite how the taste of the guards urine had almost made me throw up, the foul scent of it was deeply arousing.

Wearing the dress drenched in their piss was quickly becoming one of the most satisfying and arousing things I had ever done. Each movement I made resulting in a different part of my body being hugged by the filthy garment, each shift leaving wet patches on the floor and soaking me to my core with the golden stinking liquid I had spent so much time spraying over walls and floors of stores.

Part of me was horrified at my situation but the rest of me craved more. Even though this was undoubtedly my lowest point yet, the filth and humiliation I felt only fueled my desire for more.

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Soon enough my hand started wandering back to my aching snatch. Rubbing my most sensitive areas and probing between my lips. With my other hand I lifted the edge of my dress to my nose inhaling deeply the foul odor of my captors filth. Losing myself in the smell and desire of my depravity I lost track of time my mind distant as I pleasured myself, willing the moment to last a lifetime as I savored the mess I was in and, the mess that I myself was.

The door opened abruptly to admit two police officers. Barely hesitating a second they instructed me to lie face down with my hands on my head. Caught by surprise in my mindless state of pleasure, it took me a few seconds to comply. As soon as I did handcuffs clicked on my wrists and I was hauled up to my feet.

The first police officer started telling me my rights, listing them off one by one, I barely heard any of it dazed by how things had turned out and struggling with my arousal at the helplessness and humiliation i felt in that moment. "We are taking you down to the station, if your who they say you are your in big trouble. Try not to slip on your mess while we walk out to the car." said the first police officer.

And with that we began walking.

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