Hot Guy Taking His First Cock

Hot Guy Taking His First Cock
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It was a warm spring afternoon and Danielle McGregor had just gotten home from an afternoon with her best friend, Carlie. She placed her shopping bags next to the door and walked back to her closet to dress down for the night. Dressing down usually meant changing out of her Calvin Klein pants and Guess button-downs and into a tank-top and jammie pants. She walked over to the porch door and opened it all the way to let the warm spring breeze in. Her hair waived back with each gust of wind as she took a deep breath, relaxing after a week of hard work.

"Ugh. Thank God this week is over," she said to herself. She had spent the week pouring over pages of text, trying to come up with a topic for her literature class. As she walked down the hallway once again and into her bedroom, she could hear her boyfriend Jake walking up the stairs, talking with someone. The door opened, "He's just a moron.

I wouldn't let it get to you." "Yeah, I know you're right. It's just that he's been on my ass all week, and now he wants me to come in tomorrow to clean this whole mess up," the stranger said. "I have it right over here." Jake walked over to his entertainment console and picked up a DVD case. "Here ya go. Thanks. It was hilarious." "I'm glad you liked it.

My brother and I just about bust a gut laughing," the stranger said. "By the way, you don't know who won the Duke-UNC game, do you?" "Is that tonight? It might still be on." Jake picked up the tv remote and turned it to the basketball game. "Yeah, they just came out of halftime.

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Nice." Jake looked over at the door and saw Danielle's shopping bags. "Dani must be home," Jake said. "You don't think she'll mind if we watch the rest of the game, do you?" the stranger asked. "I doubt it. Lemme find out." Jake sat down on the couch and yelled, "Dani, you home?" "I'm on the computer," Dani yelled back. "Do you mind if we watch the rest of this basketball game?" Jake replied.

Dani got up from the computer stand in their room and walked down the hall, into the living room.


"Oh, Dani, this is my colleague Mike. Mike, this is my girlfriend, Dani." Dani and Mike exchanged smiles. "I'm just gonna be on the computer, goofin' off for a while," Dani said.

"Yeah, that's cool," Jake replied. Dani walked back down the hallway, past the kitchen and back into the bedroom. She sat down to the computer consol when something strange caught her eye. It could have been the fact that she had just met her boyfriend's hansome friend from work, or it could have been her overactive imagination, but among the titles of folders she had just seen pop up on her computer screen, the words "naughty vixen" had just caught her eye.

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"It couldn't have been," she muttered to herself, "you're just in lust after meeting that Mike guy." Dani scrolled her eyes across the screen again. "There!" she said to herself, "I knew I saw it!" There on the screen was a list of document titles all having to do with adult-themed stories: The Horny Housewife, Me and My Three Girlfriends, and The Tales of the Naughty Vixen.

Dani couldn't believe what she was seeing. She paused a second, mouth agape and thought about what she was looking at. Could this be her boyfriend's hobby late at night, writing sexual fantasies? She scrolled back to the first story to catch her eye, The Tales of the Naughty Vixen.

She sat there staring at the screen for a moment, wondering if she should open her boyfriend's story. "I mean, this is sort of private, right?" she thought to herself. "I kinda wanna know what this story's about." Dani opened the story and started reading. Page after page went by telling the story of a girl with a large appetite for exciting sexual fantasies: the more outrageous the scenario, the more the 'naughty vixen' would enjoy it. The first of the four tales was about a girl who decided to try pleasuring two men for the very first time.

She initiated the threesome by walking up to two male friends of her's wearing a short skirt and no panties, sitting on a leather chair in the corner of their reckroom, and letting her skirt come up just far enough to expose her wet vagina. Her two male friends immediately noticed her spread legs and walked over to her, jaws gaping wide open. Dani read on, incredibly intrigued by the fantasy. By the end of the story Dani looked down, to her surprise, to see her hand running down the front of her pajama bottoms, her fingers doing circles around her clitoris.

She dropped her fingers a bit further and felt her vagina, wet with excitement. Just then Dani got an idea: she would be the 'naughty vixen' for her boyfriend and his buddy. She walked to her closet and put on her shortest skirt and removed her panties. She looked through her closet for a seductive shirt. She found one that she knew Jake liked. It was a pink tank-top that tied tight around the back of her neck- no bra, of course.

Mike and Jake were sitting in front of the television set watching the basketball game, talking sports. "But if they ran a full-court press the whole game they'd have to tap into their bench too early, and they're just not that deep!" Jake stated. "Yeah, I guess. But don't you think UNC would crack under that sort of pressure?" Mike replied.

"I don't know," Jake said back as he looked up to see Dani walk down the hall. "Hey. What's up, babe?" Jake asked Dani.


She didn't reply. As she walked into the living room her walk changed from a normal walk to a slower, more seductive walk. Jake, now puzzled, looked down to see Dani's long bare legs. He turned his head to Mike who looked back, puzzled, at him. Dani made her way to the television set and turned it off. Just as Mike and Jake were about to yell at Dani for turning the television off, they noticed her hands slowly make their way to the back of her neck like a swimsuit model and undo the ponytail in her hair, shaking her hair back and forth as the men once again turned to one another, puzzled.

"What are you…" Jake started to say as Dani pushed a finger to his lips to quiet his complaint. Without saying a word, Dani began to raise her skirt, slowly revealing her upper thighs. As her skirt line began to approach her vagina, she stopped and turned her body around repeating the process with the rear side of her skirt, exposing her back side to the two confused men. At this point, having gotten their full attention, Dani gently ran her hands down the sides of her warm, sleek body, placed her hands on her knees, and leaned her body forward to reveal her shaven vagina to Mike and Jake, whose confusion was beginning to turn to anticipation and desire.

Dani turned her head and looked back at the men to see each man's eyes focused on her underside. Dani stood back up and turned forward, raising her arms once again to the back of her neck where she slowly undid the knot that held the upper half of her top up. As she let the strings of the shirt go, she could feel the front of her tank-top fall down, exposing her creamy white breasts and hard nipples to the two men.

Dani's eyes stayed fixed on her boyfriend Jake's. His eyes were fixed on her breasts at first, but after a few seconds they moved to make contact with her's. She could tell he was enjoying the show, but even more, she could tell that he wouldn't object to her playing the part of the 'naughty vixen' 'he would have said something by now,' she thought.

The look on Jake's face went from a look of disbelief to a look of excitement. Mike sat on the couch with a similar look of confusion, but seeing Jake's smile made his heart pound a little faster, as he knew that it wouldn't be long before he was caressing Dani's beautiful, silky body himself.

Dani relished the moment a bit and walked a little closer to the men. She stood with one of her legs between Mike's legs and the other leg between Jake's and bent down a bit. To excite the men a little more, Dani rolled her shoulders forward to squeeze her breasts together, and began shaking her upper body, jiggling her breasts in front of the men.

In her bent position the men could see just how soft and full Dani's tear-shaped breasts looked as they jiggled. Jake didn't hesistate; he put one of his hands on the back of her waist as his other hand made its way up from her navel, cupping her right breast. He gave it a gentle squeeze, which made her nipple protrude a bit.

He brought his mouth up to her nipple and gave it a warm lick, followed by an all-out suck. Jake turned to Mike and gave him a nod, pointing to Dani's other breast. Mike didn't hesitate either; he placed his hand on the back of Dani's thigh and brought it up to her ass, giving it a squeeze.

Mike moved his other hand into a similar position to Jake's, raising Dani's left breast a bit, into a position to be sucked, and placed his wet lips over Dani's nipple, licking softly with the occasional gentle suck. The two men worked together to remove Dani's skirt from around her waist, each pulling his respective side of the garment to the ground. Dani felt powerful with the two men beneath her, each pleasuring her. She knew if she were to end the adventure right now both men would grovel on their knees for her to return—the power, she felt, was exhilarating.

Dani ran her hands through the men's hair as they sucked on her warm, soft breasts, feeling like a goddess with servants bowing before her. She tilted her head back, eyes fixed on the ceiling and moaned. She looked at the open porch door and thought, "Fuck it!

I don't care who hears!" After belting out her terrific moan, she could feel the men's sucking intensify. She could feel her vagina getting dripping-wet and was about to direct Jake's hand to her crotch when Jake, as if reading the moment, placed his middle finger in his mouth to wet it, and ran his hand up her smooth thigh, and inserted his finger into Dani's vagina. Dani opened her mouth to moan once again but for some reason could not.

She meerly stood bare-breasted in front of the two men, feeling joyous pleasure as Jake's fingers moved in and out of her body. Dani looked down at the two men and reached her hand under Mike's chin. Faithful to her boyfriend in any other circumstance, Dani couldn't help but think that this might be the one chance she might have to kiss Mike, consequence-free. Dani lifted Mike's head up to her's and kissed him on the lips, locking immediately.

His hands had gently grabbed the back of Dani's head as the two kissed. Dani reached down with her right hand and brought Jake's head to her level also and kissed him with their warm lips locking tight. As Jake and Dani stood kissing, Mike felt compelled to remove Dani's shirt to make the experience a bit more intimate.

As her shirt moved it's way up her torso, Dani and Jake broke lips for a moment to let the shirt move over Dani's head. This pause in the action prompted Dani, heart now pounding and slightly panting, to look down at the men's pants. As if feeling the power she held at that moment Dani uttered her first words since the threesome began.

Taking a deep breath, she said, "Shirts off pants down." The men, like trained seals, stripped their shirts off, almost in synchrony and undid their belt buckles, almost panting like dogs. Dani, naked herself, could hear the intensity of Jake and Mike's breathing; the men taking short, powerful breaths. Mike's pants came off first, exposing his large upright penis. Dani couldn't help but stare, her mouth open with surprise. Her eyes looked up to briefly make contact with Mike's.

Jake's pants dropped next, his penis as erect as Dani had ever seen it. The smile on Dani's face said it all as the 'naughty vixen' made a slight moan in anticipation. Dani dropped to her knees and instinctively grabbed both men's penises, one gripped tightly in each hand. Dani took a moment to glance at her situation. Both of the penises she was about to suck were as hard as rocks and extended way beyond her grip- what a lucky woman she was.

She started by sucking Jake's penis, about three or four slow, wet strides down and up his throbbing shaft. As her mouth made its way up Jake's penis one last time, she began fantasizing about the penis she was about to suck.

She couldn't wait. She moved her mouth to Mike's penis and sucked hard, moving her head up and down, letting Mike's penis run past her warm lips to the back of her throat.

Mike ran his hand through Dani's hair and moaned loudly, making Dani feel proud. She then moved back and forth pleasuring the two men, one at a time. While she sucked on one man's penis, she was running her hand back and forth along the other's. Dani was gushing with the excitement of pleasuring two men at the same time and surprisingly found herself belting out a schoolgirl squeal from time to time. She could hardly believe that Jake was okay with this, but then again, by the story she had read, this was just what Jake was into.

As she was thinking about the situation, Jake reached his hand down and, as a sort of reassurance, gently grabbed Dani's breast, gave it a squeeze and ran his fingers along her nipple, giving it a slight tweak. Dani threw back her hair and looked up at the men. 'Oh, how the power has shifted,' she thought as she now knelt beneath the two men.

Mike and Jake looked at each other and Jake motioned to the couch. Mike nodded along. The two men reached out a hand, helped Dani to her feet and escorted her up to the couch they had just been sitting on.

Jake walked up behind Dani and gently escorted her up to the couch. The two men bent her forward over the back of the couch, raising her ass into the air, exposing her wet vagina. Dani, aware of what Mike and Jake were planning, looked around behind her and smiled, beaming with excitement. "What are you boys gonna do to me?" Dani asked.

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"We're just gonna have a little fun. Don't worry, you'll love it." Mike answered with a swagger. Mike walked around to the back of the couch, while Jake drove his rock-hard penis into Dani's wet vagina. Dani moaned loudly as Mike walked up to her and kissed her lips. Their kiss broke and Dani made her way down to Mike's penis and threw her lips around it. The immense power she had at the beginning of this adventure had now been completely handed over to the two men.

Jake pumped his powerful legs back and forth, thrusting his penis in and out of Dani's vagina from behind, while Mike moved his hips rhythmically thrusting his penis deep into Dani's throat.

At times she didn't even move. The men entered her body from front and behind and at times seemed to be trading thrusts back and forth, as one man's thrust sent Dani toward the other, who would thrust Dani back.

Dani couldn't help but feel like she was being taken advantage of by the two men, but it felt oddly appealing to her. She felt as if she were the main attraction, the center-of-attention, everything revolved around her. She could hear Mike and Jake mumbling something. What? She couldn't make it out. Just then Mike pulled his penis from her mouth and Jake pulled his penis from her vagina. She could feel Mike's hands grab her hips from behind as he inserted his wet, warm penis into her vagina!


She was a bit taken back by this, letting out a slight 'oo-ooh', but couldn't help feeling incredibly overcome with excitement. 'I am a naughty vixen,' she thought, taking in the situation. Mike took about nine or ten strides, thrusting his long, thick penis in and out of her gushing-wet vagina, and pulled out.

Jake then inserted his penis in and began fucking her. The two took turns fucking Dani, who occasionally looked back, smiling at her two men. After a minute or two, she just lay her sweaty body bent over the couch while getting fucked and closed her eyes, forgetting which of the two men was doing the fucking.

Sometimes positive she was being pumped by Mike, she would turn around to see Jake pressed up against her bottom, and other times she would think Jake but see Mike. Dani felt like such a toy—a slut!, being taken advantage of by these two strong men. She couldn't believe how much she was loving it and wondered why she hadn't done this before. 'I hope Jake wants to do this again this rocks!' Dani thought. Jake took out two condoms he must have walked to the kitchen to get and placed one on his penis and gave Dani one last fuck.

Harder and faster he fucked her, each hand holding tight to Dani's hips, until finally he came with pleasure, gushing into Dani's vagina. The two moaned in pleasure. He pulled out and Dani turned around to smile at Mike.

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Mike smiled back with a wink and started his final fuck of Dani. Mike entered from a bit steeper angle hitting the back of Dani's vagina with his penis—she could tell his was a bit larger by the way it struck.

Dani moaned as he pumped his hips towards ejaculation, finally feeling the surge of Mike cumming into her. As Mike pulled out, Dani rolled over and tried to get up. Her legs were shaking from being bent over for so long, her vagina red hot. All she could do was lay down on the floor, followed by Jake and then Mike.

The three lay on the floor, tired, exhausted and full of an overwhelming feeling of excitement. The 'naughty vixen' lay between her two men, drenched in sweat, having fulfilled both their fantasies and her's. She kissed them both on the forehead and returned to her room to shower. Mike got up and turned the game back on. UNC won.