Domination Wrapped Bagged Slave Music by dave love x

Domination Wrapped Bagged Slave Music by dave love x
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The Slut Tamer I had been in the swinging lifestyle for a few years and had met with three or four couples. One couple and I really hit it off and we became friends. I still go over and play with her once in a while. Her boyfriend likes to watch and takes pictures while we play. I always enjoy the conversations, the laughs, and of course the time I spend with her. She always seems to enjoy the time we spend playing in bed and they keep asking me to come back so I must be doing something right.

Together we have explored some fantasies that we both shared, but there are a few things she refuses to even try and I respect her enough to not push her. One day I was looking through the profiles on the web site that I frequent and I noticed that a lot of them commented on how much of a slut the wife was and how she would please any man, any way he wants to use her. I decided to take a chance and a new approach to the way I search for new couples to play with.

I opened another account and went by the name Slut Tamer. My profile simply read "If you really think your wife is a slut and she wants to be used like a dirty little Slut, just e-mail Me. I will use her like a real slut should be used and with out any mercy. Maybe we can work something out. She must be ready for anything, and I mean anything". I really didn't think I would get much response on that profile but what the hell, it was worth a try. To my surprise I got my first e-mail response three days later.

The e-mail said "Hi my wife and I saw your profile and she would like to know what you had in mind. She thinks she is a real slut and loves to try new things". I read the e-mail and quickly typed a reply "I only chat and make arrangements with the husbands or boyfriends. The women should not know what to expect and be willing to completely give up all control of her body to be used as my sex toy. If she resists or refuses anything I do or tell her to do then she doesn't want to be used, she just wants to tease and control.

That's not what I looking for. If she is willing to give up all control and be used any way I want then let me know and we can chat and make some plans". After that I didn't think I would ever hear from him again, but the next day I got another e-mail from him. The e-mail said, "I talked with my wife and told her what your e-mail said and she agreed. She just wanted me to tell you that she is not into anal or anything in the bathroom.

She also asked about a safety word incase she doesn't like what you are doing. Other than that she will let you do what you want to her". He signed it Jim and Jennifer. Again I typed out a quick reply. "If she wants to set limits or will not do something then we have nothing more to talk about. If she agrees and I am there she will have one minute to change her mind or refuse to cooperate, if she does I will leave.

If she agrees to give herself to me completely then her body will be mine do anything I want with no restrictions and no safety words. She has to give up all or nothing. A week later I got another e-mail from Jim.

"It took a lot of convincing, and she was very reluctant to give up completely but she is willing. What do you plan on doing" he asked? "If she is not sure about this then I will not waste anymore time." was my reply. Within 15 minutes I got a reply. "I told her that she had to make up her mind and be sure or you would not come.

She seems a little scared but also very excited". He also included his e-mail address so we could chat on IM and signed it Jim. After adding his address to my IM friends list an IM message popped up on my screen. He must have been waiting for me. The first thing I asked him was "where is your wife now"? He replied that she was taking a bath and he was in the living room. We chatted for about 30 minutes during which time he sent me 4 pictures of his wife.

In three of the pictures she was naked. Jim described her as a cute 26 year old woman 5 ft. 2 inches tall, 100 pounds with short brown hair. I looked at the pictures as he described her and I could see that she had small breasts, a small shaved pussy and an almost boyish looking face. She looked like a young, sweet tomboy and for some reason I couldn't take my eyes off her. He told me that she was coming so we agreed to chat again the next day to make plans and set a date to get together, then we signed off.

The next evening Jim signed on to IM and we started planning the night's events, it didn't take long. I wouldn't tell him what I had planned, I just told him how I would like his wife dressed and where she should be when I get there. I also told him that I didn't want her to know anything about me or even hear my voice until I wanted her to, he said ok. We continued to chat and determined a date and time for me to be at his home.

He said that he would have his wife ready and just the way I wanted her. He gave me his home address and then signed off. I looked his address up on the internet and got directions, they lived just less 15 miles away so it wouldn't take long to get there. We had agreed that I would be at his home on Friday night at 9:00pm so I left home at about 8:30.

I got there 3 minutes early. He must have been watching for me and saw me pull into the driveway.


When I got to the door I didn't get a chance to knock when the door opened. "Hi, Tom" he asked?

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"Yes, Jim" I replied? "Come in, I'm glad you could make it" Jim said. "I have her ready. She's nervous but ready and willing" he said. "Do you want to get started" he asked? "Sure, lead the way". I followed him through the living room and down a short hall to the last door on the left. The door was open and I could see this young woman lying on her back on the bed. She was fully dressed in jeans and A T-shirt.

She was also tied down with her legs spread wide apart and her eyes were covered with a blindfold just like I had instructed. I put my finger to my lips and indicated that we should be quiet when we entered the room.

As we quietly walked into the room I handed Jim a piece of paper. He looked at it and then began to read it aloud to his wife. I moved close to the bed and I saw her flinch in surprise when he began to read the paper. He read" I am here to use you like a sex slave slut.

You will do what ever I tell you to and you will take what ever I want to do to you. I will not shit on you and I will not beat or whip you. I am not into giving pain but if you refuse or resist anything I will roll you over and give you a good slap on the ass. The harder you resist the harder I will spank you. When I am done you will feel used and dirty. You will also feel pleasure and you will know that you have had a good fucking.

Your husband will have 3 jobs while we are together. * First I brought my own camera and he will be taking a lot of pictures of everything I do to you. * Second He will assist me. He may hold you down if needed or you may feel a cock in your mouth and another in your ass. You won't know who is where so you better be good to both.

* Third he will watch out for your safety so you will know that I won't hurt you. I will start by cutting and ripping your clothes off until you are completely naked. Then I will use you any way I want. Now I will give you one minute to change your mind. If you do I will leave and we will call everything off. If you decide to go ahead you will be used like you have never been used before. You now have one minute to decide".

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"I know that's you baby. Is he really here or is it just you? Oh I'm really scared." Jennifer said sarcastically.

I bent over and softly whispered in her ear "I am here, and you should be scared". I herd her gasp in surprise when she realized that I was really there and so close.

"Wha, Wha, What do you want me to do" she asked? I could hear the fear in her voice. At first she thought this was just another meeting with another playmate. But now she knew this was not going to be the same old thing and it did scare her a little. "All you have to do is say that you want me to continue or say that you have changed your mind" I whispered. She hesitated for a moment then she swallowed deeply and said "Ok, do what ever you want to me".

I looked at Jim, he looked at me and we both smiled. "Ok you little slut, you are my sex toy now" I said. In seconds all my clothes were on the floor except my underwear. I had my underwear in my hand when I stepped up beside the bed again. "Are you ready you little cunt" I asked her?


She swallowed and nodded her head. "Ok, open your mouth wide" I told her. I think she expected my 8 inch cock but instead she got my underwear stuffed into her mouth.

"I wanted to gag you so you won't make too much noise" I told her. She tried to push them out of her mouth but I held them in until she quit trying. "Jim have you got any beer" I asked? "Yes, in the fridge" he replied. "Great, can you go get me one? I'd like to spend a few minutes alone with your hot little bitch here. Please close the door on your way out" I said. I motioned to him to stay and just close the door so she would think he was gone.

"Ok Tom, I will be back in 10 or 15 minutes" Jim said. He was playing along. "Now it's just you and me baby, let's have some fun" I whispered. "First let's see what you feel like" I said as I slipped my hand up under her T-shirt and grabbed her small firm tit. Her nipple was hard and I pinched it hard. She flinched in pain and I herd a little muffled whimper. "That's a real nice tit you have there. Now let's see how sexy your body is" I told her.

I reached into my pants pocket and pulled out my pocket knife. "It's time for you to get naked my little slut, I hope those are not good clothes" I said. Jim quietly moved around and began to take pictures as I slipped the knife under neck band of her T shirt and cut it. I put the knife down and grabbed her shirt. With one good pull her shirt ripped open to expose her sheer white lace bra and firm belly. Her body quivered when I put my hand on her firm belly and slid it up and pushed under her bra.

"Now that is a sexy little bra and some nice little tits, too bad the bra is history" I told her and with another quick pull I ripped it from her sweet little body. The straps and the hooks ripped out and she was topless. I could see that she was trying to push my underwear out of her mouth again so I took her ripped bra and tied it around her head to hold the underwear in her mouth.

She mumbled, groaned and whimpered but the gag didn't come out of her mouth. Next to come off were her jeans. I unbuckled and unzipped her jeans. I could see that she was wearing sexy white lace panties that matched her bra. "Sweet" I commented. I couldn't resist myself and slipped my hand down the front of her open jeans and rubbed her pussy through the crotch of her panties. I could feel that her panties were wet. Again I could feel her body quiver as I pushed my finger around the leg of her panties and into her slick hole.

Just when she was starting to get excited I pulled my hand out. I grabbed both sides of the zipper on her jeans and ripped them open down to the bottom of her crotch. I took my knife again and cut through the seams on each leg of the jeans. One at a time I ripped the legs open until I could easily pull what was left of them off. Her tiny hips and small body looked incredible.

My 8 inch cock got so hard it stood straight up and slapped against her leg when I bent over to untie one leg and then the other. I've always liked something about panties, and I told her that I was going to keep them as a souvenir. With my underwear stuffed into her mouth and her torn bra holding it in she couldn't do anything but mumble.

After I slipped her panties off over her feet I retied her legs. Other than the blindfold and the gag she was now completely naked and she looked so helpless and ready to be used. Her body shivered with surprise when I placed my hand on the naked flesh of her flat firm belly. She knew that I was there and she thought her husband had left me alone with her, but she didn't squirm or resist when my hand began to slide down to her pussy. My fingers slowly pushed in between her soft pussy lips and began to work up and down her hot little slit.

Her clit was very sensitive and a jolt of excitement shot through her body every time my finger rubbed against it. I could feel her body begin to respond and her pussy started to get wetter so I pushed a finger into her tight little fuck hole, first one finger and then two. She felt so tight and wet I couldn't wait to fuck the hell out of her. I couldn't take it any longer and I plowed my face and tongue up between her wide spread legs to her smooth little crack.

Her pussy juice tasted so good on my tongue and I just licked and licked. Her body was already excited and with my tongue working its magic up and down her pussy and as deep into her as it could go she was beginning to moan. Her moans got stronger and I could hear her grunt and moan louder and louder with every stroke of my tongue.

I could see up over her belly and past her small tits, she was breathing harder and harder. I knew that she was ready to explode so I rubbed my finger into her slit and got her sweet juice all over it. All of a sudden I felt her body tense and a muffled moan escaped around the gag in her mouth. I pulled my finger back and pushed it against and then into her tight virgin asshole. Her moans got much louder and her body went from a ridged orgasm consumed body to a convulsing out of control sexual explosion.

I had my mouth opened as much as I could and I had almost all of her convulsing pussy in my mouth. Her hot juices went from oozing out of her hot pussy to squirting. I sucked, licked and swallowed, and then sucked and licked some more. I kept sucking and licking until her body went limp in my mouth.

I swallowed as much of her hot sweet juice as I could and it was all over my face and dripping off my chin. I couldn't get over how much pussy juice she put out. I tasted, swallowed and enjoyed every drop. When I pulled my face away from her pussy I noticed that her husband was right beside me and I saw a flash. He got a good picture of my finger buried deep in his wife tight ass and he had a very big smile on his face.

Jennifer was still breathing hard but beginning to calm down after her orgasm. When she had calmed down and regained control I moved up and removed the gag from her mouth. Before she could say anything I pushed my hard cock between her lips and into her hot mouth. She didn't hesitate, she just started sucking. I leaned over and pushed two fingers into her dripping cunt and one up her ass again.

I slowly began to slide my fingers in and out of her pussy and ass and it wasn't long before her sucking got a more intense.

Jim moved around and continued to take pictures. I shifted my position so he could get a good shot of my cock as it began to slide deeper into her mouth. I pushed in deep enough and felt her gag when my shaft hit the back of her mouth and against her throat. My cock pulled almost all the way out and then pushed back in again. Each time the head pushed against her throat. Jim was watching every move I made as I face fucked his wife.

I licked and fingered her as she sucked me like a wild person. The more she sucked the hornier I got and the pressure in my balls built quickly. My cock was easily sliding in and out of her sucking mouth and all of a sudden I stopped. I didn't want to give her all of my load in one shot so I let go before I lost control. With just the head of my cock in her mouth I let go and gave her a load of my hot sticky cum.

She pushed her head up and sucked harder but I had to pull back before she sucked my balls dry. I pulled my cock out of her mouth and watched my cum drip onto her lips and into her open mouth. I could see a puddle of my cum in her open mouth and covering her tongue before she swallowed, then licked her lips and then swallowed again. She started to say something but I quickly pushed the gag back into her mouth. She shook her head back and forth and tried to push the gag out but it didn't do any good.

I held it in place until I pushed her torn bra back into place to hold the gag in. "I warned you not to resist anything I do" I told her as I rolled her over to expose her firm sweet little bare ass.

A sharp Crack on her shapely ass caused a muffled scream. "Are you ready to continue now or do I need to give you another crack on the ass" I asked?

Without a sound she nodded her head in compliance. "Good, now I am going to untie you and move you into position where I want you. Don't resist or try to remove your blindfold or gag. If you do the next slap on the ass will be harder.

Do you understand" I asked? Again she nodded. I untied her ankles and then moved up and untied her wrists. She just laid there with her legs spread wide apart and her arms above her head in the same position she had been in while her wrists were tied. She didn't move a muscle until I pulled, pushed and moved her into position on her back with her legs spread and hanging over the side of the bed.

I pulled her arms up and tied them with the ropes on the other side of the bed so she was laid out and tied down side ways on the bed. It was a very erotic site to see this incredible looking little woman in this position, but I wasn't done yet. I wanted to give her the full treatment so I told her that I would remove the gag but she was not to make a sound.

If she did she would be punished with another slap on her ass. She nodded her head and I herd a muffled OK. After I had walked back around the bed near her knees I motioned for Jim to move around to the opposite side of the bed.

When he was in position I motioned for him to remove her gag. He untied the knot in her torn sexy bra that was securely wrapped around her head and holding my underwear in her mouth. Then he pulled it off letting my underwear fall out of her mouth. She licked her lips but never made a sound. She still didn't know that her husband was in the room. Jim held up the camera to let me know that he wanted to take a few more pictures and I nodded an OK. He moved around and took a bunch of pictures before he stepped back around by her head.

Using some hand gestures I let him know what to do next. Carefully Jim got up onto the bed, turned Jennifer's head and pushed his cock head against her lips. She didn't know that it was her husband Jim and she eagerly opened her mouth and sucked him in.

Soon his hips were beginning to rock back and forth pushing his 6 inch shaft in and out of her mouth. Now she was taking a face fucking from her husband and didn't even know it. I took the camera and snapped a few shots. When I knew that she was really getting into what was happening I stepped up closer. I saw Jennifer's body freeze in shock when I put my hands on her thighs and spread her legs a little more. All of a sudden she realized that we were both there and she didn't know who she was sucking or who was between her legs.

Her legs were spread wide apart and her little shaved pussy made her look younger than she was. I almost lost control just standing there looking at her. With my hand gripping my shaft I guided my rock hard cock to the threshold of her womanhood.

She was so wet that her tender pussy just swallowed the head of my cock and let the rest of my shaft slide in with ease. Jim's cock was deep in her mouth but I still herd her gasp when my cock slid in to the balls.

For a moment she stopped sucking. Jim pushed in and then back again to get her started again. Her pussy was so tight that I could feel her pulse pounding against my shaft as I let it just set there deep inside of her.

The warm, tight, wet grip of her pussy felt incredible as it held my hard shaft. I was just lost in the pleasure of her pussy when I saw a flash that brought me back to my senses. Jim had picked up the camera again and took a picture of my cock between her soft pussy lips and buried deep in her bald cunt. Slowly I pulled back and then pushed back in deep again and I herd her gasp again.

Jim and I worked her hot body together. When he pushed his meat into her mouth I would push mine deep into her hot pussy and she took an impact form both ends. Jim and I picked up a rhythm as we had our way with his blindfolded wife. The longer I fucked her the harder I pounded her pussy. Several times I pushed so hard that Jennifer was plowed forward, and Jim's cock was forced down her throat causing her to gag. She adjusted quickly and soon Jim pushed into her throat with every thrust he made and she eagerly accepted it.

She was taking both of us like a pro. I hooked my hands under Jennifer's legs and roll her hips up for better access while I kept pounding her pussy. Jim knew what was coming and grabbed the camera and got ready. We nodded at each other. At the same time Jim and I pulled all the way out of his wife. I rolled her hips up slightly and pushed my cock against her puckered little brown asshole.

"No, No" she began to whimper but Jim shoved my underwear back into her mouth. Jennifer's head thrashed back and forth in an effort to push the gag out of her mouth but it did no good. Jim held it in tightly as I pushed. She wiggled and squirmed but my cock forced its way past the tight threshold and the head of my cock slipped into her virgin ass.

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She began to squeal and breathe hard. I pushed harder and inch by inch my shaft pushed deep into her ass. Jim was clicking away with the camera and Jennifer was breathing hard.

She let out a muffled scream through the gag in her mouth when I gave her one last hard push and went in balls deep up her very tight ass. Jim was smiling and taking pictures as fast as he could. He had wanted to fuck her in the ass for a long time but she would never let him. He was enjoying the sight of a fat cock balls deep in her ass. He wanted to be next and maybe she would let him after I had broken her in. I left my cock all the way in her until she began to relax and her breathing had almost returned to normal.

I reached around and pulled my underwear out of her mouth. "Is that better" I asked her?

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"It hurts, please take it out" she groaned. "Not yet my little bitch, I want to give you a good fucking and maybe I will leave some thing warm and sticky in there for you" I whispered.

Slowly I started to pull back and my cock slid almost all the way out. She sighed but whimpered grunted and groaned when I pushed back in. She started breathing hard again and gritted her teeth but this time she didn't scream. Again I pulled back and then pushed back in. In and out, in and out, each time a little harder and deeper. At first she just laid there and took the punishment that her asshole was getting with a few soft whimpers.

After a minute or two the whimpering stopped and soon she began to accept what was happening to her. I started to slow down, I didn't want to blow my load just yet.

"Don't stop now, fuck me harder" she moaned. Jim looked at me with surprise and gave me a big grin and a nod. I didn't say a word. I just slammed back in to her asshole and she let out a loud grunt of pleasure. "OOOOOOHHHHH that's good" she moaned softly.

I could feel her ass tighten and loosen around my shaft with every stroke. "I have a better idea" I whispered as I pulled all the way out. "No, don't stop" she whined. I told Jim to untie her hands. He gave me a puzzled look but did what I asked. I grabbed Jennifer's hands and pulled her up into a sitting position on the edge of the bed. She squirmed and wiggled on her sore little ass but just sat there like I had left her.

"Stand up, and keep your hands by your sides" I ordered her. Her ass was sore and she gently eased off the bed as she carefully stood up. She stood there with her legs spread and she was squatting a little. "What's wrong with you" I asked? "My asshole hurts" she said. Jim and I chuckled silently. I sat down on the edge of the bed, grabbed Jennifer's hands and pulled her back. When she got close I let her hands go.

"Spread your cheeks and slowly sit down" I told her. "Wa, Wa, What are you going to do" Jennifer asked? "Just do as you are told or I will stuff my underwear back in your mouth and pull you down where I want you" I replied. Slowly and reluctantly she reached back and spread her cheeks. Her asshole was red and swollen but she slowly lowered her ass to sit down. I held my hard cock and guided it as her ass got closer. She jumped and winced in pain when she felt her asshole press against the head of my cock.

I knew she would resist so I grabbed her hips and pulled her down. "EEEEEEEEOOOOOOUUUUUUUUUUU" she screamed as she lost her balance and sat down hard. My cock shot up her ass. She tried to stand back up but I held her down on my shaft. She wiggled and struggled but I held her tight to keep her in place. "Relax baby. Just relax this will be over soon" I told her. She continued to struggle but soon she began to relax. I held her hips tight and guided her up and down my cock. She began to move up and down on her own and I let her hips go.

Her tight little ass sliding up and down my shaft felt so good I almost forgot what I wanted to do. Again I put my hands on her hips but this time I held her down. When she stopped moving I reached up and around and cupped her firm little tits, her nipples were so hard. I pulled her back so her body was lying on top of mine and I hooked my feet between her legs and pushed them apart. She was still blindfolded as she just laid there letting me squeeze and pinch her nipples.

My right hand slid down over her firm belly to her pussy. I fingered her clit and spread her pussy lips while Jim kept taking pictures. "Ok Jim, now fuck her pussy" I told him. She tried to sit up, but I held her down and her legs spread. She started to say some thing but I had expected her to complain. I was ready and stuffed my underwear back into her mouth and held it there. Jim stepped up between her wide spread legs and guided his dick into her wet pussy.

She tried to resist but quickly gave up when I gave her another slap on the ass cheek. She gave up her resistance and her body went limp. We were filling both her holes and we began to slide her body up and down between us. It was rough treatment and she would not admit it but she was really beginning to enjoy the double pounding that she was getting. "MMMMM, MMMMMMM, MMMMMMMMMMMMMM" she began to moaned the harder we fucked her. Her ass was so tight and the thought of what we were doing to her was having and effect on me.

The pressure was quickly building in my balls and I knew I wouldn't last much longer. I tried to slow down again but now she was doing all the moving on her own.

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She was sliding up and down our cocks and I could feel the muscles in her ass grip tight and relax with every stroke. Her moaning was getting louder and it felt like her asshole was getting tighter.

I had taken as much as I could and I was ready to explode when she stopped moving. I couldn't stop my explosion of cum but the muscles in her ass got so tight that it felt like she had a tight grip on my shaft and wouldn't let me cum. My mind was in a complete fog of ecstasy and I was in agony because the grip her asshole had on my cock wouldn't let me cum.

"AAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGGGGGGDDDDDDDDDDDDD" she screamed with each breath as she panted in her orgasmic release. Jim was still slamming into her cunt as hard as he could and she kept cumming.

I couldn't feel anything except the pressure that was still building in my cock and begging for her to release her grip. Her body was shaking wildly as one orgasm after another shot through her. Jim kept fucking her and every time he pushed in it made her body and asshole slide up and down my cock. I was done fucking her and just wanted to let go but the fucking continued and the pressure continued to build. After I don't know how long I couldn't take any more and I was about ready to scream.

Fortunately her orgasm was passing and suddenly Jennifer's body collapsed and went limp. Jim was still pounding away on her dripping cunt but the pressure was off and her muscles relaxed.

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My cock exploded inside of her and shot a huge load of cum deep in her bowels. I have never shot a load that big before and every time Jim pumped her again her body would slide on my shaft and I would squirt again. Jennifer and I were totally exhausted and just laid there while Jim kept fucking. My mind was beginning to clear when Jim pushed harder than usual and just froze there. He had reached his peak and was now filling his wife' cunt with his cum.

When he was done he pulled out and stepped back. Jennifer and I just laid there while Jim moved over and laid down on the bed beside us. My cock was limp but still in Jennifer's ass. I was still breathing hard and with Jennifer laying on top of me it was even harder to breathe.

I rolled over and pushed her onto the bed between Jim and I. We were all breathing hard and totally exhausted so we just lay there together for a long time. "I have to go pee. Can I take the blindfold off now" Jennifer gasped?

"No. It will stay on until after I am gone" I said forcefully. I stood up and was ready to pull her up but Jim stopped me. He spread her legs wide apart, then grabbed the camera and started shooting. Then he rolled her over on her belly and asked me to spread her legs and ass cheeks. "Can I go pee and get cleaned up first" Jennifer asked? I was surprised when Jim reached out and gave her a slap on the ass.

"Ouch. Ok, Ok. But I have to go soon or I'm going to pee and make a mess right here" she cried. I grabbed her ass and spread her cheeks open. Her asshole and pussy had been pounded and she had cum running out of both holes. Jim was quick to take some pictures. Then he nodded to me and motioned towards the door on the other side of the room.

I rolled her back over on her back and told her to stand up. I took her by the hand and lead her to the open door. Jim was taking pictures all the way and captured some pictures of the stream of cum running down her legs and dripping onto the carpet with every step she took. I turned the bathroom light on and lead her to the bath tub instead of the toilet. "Step in" I told her. "What do you want me to do in here" she asked?

"Squat, spread your legs and pussy lips and pee. I want to watch" I told her. She shook her head but didn't say a word. She squatted down in the tub and gently spread her sore pussy lips with her fingers. A big gob of cum fell out of her cunt and dropped to the tub floor. A string of cum was hanging out of her sore hole. "Are you ready" she asked as she let go and a stream of golden pee came shooting out and splashed on the side of the tub.

Jim was right there taking pictures up to the last drop. When she was done she stood up and asked what's next. "Now you can sit on the toilet and wait" I replied.

"Wait for what" She asked? "Wait for your husband to come and get you. I am leaving and when I am gone he will come and take your blindfold off" I said. "Will I be able to see and know who you are before you go" she asked? "No" I said bluntly. "But just remember, I will see and know who you are.


I may see you in the store, on the street, or any place you go, but you will not know me" I whispered. "Maybe I will send you some of the pictures that we took tonight just to remind you of just what I did to you and how much I used you" I continued. The thought that she would not know who I was and that I could be anyone in a crowd, and I would be looking and remembering what she had done and allowed me to do this night made her nervous and excited at the same time.

I gave her a kiss on the forehead, turned and walked out. I got dressed and left my underwear on the bed. I told Jim to give them to his wife as a reminder. We then walked to the back door and said good night. A few days later I sent Jim and Jennifer some of the pictures that we had taken, and a special note for Jennifer. I WILL BE WATCHING MY LITTLE FUCK SLUT. The next day I got an e-mail from Jim. Jennifer asked him to see if I would go back again. The answer May be another story.

If you are into water sports send me your e-mail address and I will send you a little that I left out.