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Tight brunette babe DPed by black boner
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When the young Mormons arrived back at their apartment that evening, they hadn't said a word to each other for the whole bike ride back, except for Seth complaining once that the bike seat hurt his tender bum.

They each showered and Seth gargled mouthwash for a long time to get the taste of cum out of his mouth. Then they tucked themselves into their single beds with matching looks of trauma on their faces. They couldn't stop thinking about what had happened earlier that day. James pictured himself tied up to the chair, getting his dick sucked by his companion, who right now, was laying right beside him.

It seemed like it wasn't him there, it was someone else. The real James would never do anything like that, but he also always listened to what adults told him to do, especially powerful members of the church. To disobey the Mission President would be even more crazy than to follow along. Seth had been very quiet that evening, having gotten the worst of Victor's punishment. James thought he should console his companion.

"Are you okay, Seth?" he turned over to face his friend.


Seth paused to think. "Yeah, I guess." "We don't have to talk about what happened." said James cautiously. "I'd prefer it if we don't." and the boy turned over to go to sleep. That night was the first night since they arrived that Seth didn't masturbate before bed. Maybe the President was right about fulfilling our desires on each other after all, thought James.

The next day it was business as usual, though Seth didn't say much to James, and barely met his eye when they did talk. But then something amazing happened. When they went out on their mission, a woman in her mid 30's actually invited them into her apartment to discuss the teachings from the Book of Mormon.

She admitted that she was going through a rough patch in her life and was looking for a sign from above, when the two angelic boys rang on her doorbell.


They ended up chatting for a long time, explaining to her about the teachings and the sense of community they got from being part of the faith. They left her a few copies of the book on the way out and felt certain that they had found a new convert for the church.

James was starting to believe that, though the President's methods were questionable, maybe he was onto something. They had never been so determined in their cause as they were that day, perhaps it had something to do with the fact that they felt guilty or unclean about what happened the night before.

Whatever it was, it seemed to work. They left a few more copies of the book at other houses around the block before calling it a night. "Great job today, Elder!" said James over Mac and Cheese at home. "People are finally starting to listen to us." Seth cracked a smile. "Yeah, you too. You were really on fire with that one woman." "Thanks. I did my best." James paused before continuing. "Do you think it has something to do with what happened last night?" Seth sighed.

"Maybe. I mean, I do feel more focused on what we're doing. You know, God's work." James was happy that his companion was feeling better, but he couldn't help remembering what the President said to him, about how he had 'something in store for him later'.

This made him think that Victor's odd punishments were far from over. He was nervous about that but also strangely excited. He couldn't help but get turned on by getting dominated by the sexy man. James never thought of himself as gay, in fact he never thought of himself sexually at all before, but now that he had a taste of a strong, powerful, older man; he knew he wanted more. He had also loved the feeling of being helplessly tied up and he wondered what other kinky tricks Victor knew.

"I mean," said James, "Technically we're still pure. We didn't actually lose our virginities." Seth smiled. "You're right, we didn't. Truth be told, I always kind of wondered what it would be like with a guy. Now that we're in New York and no one knows me, I feel pretty different than back home." "Yeah, me too." said James, who was the perfect angel back home with mom and dad. The only bad thing he had ever done before was masturbate to a men's fitness magazine, but when his parents found the magazine later, they just thought he was getting some fitness inspiration.

Later that night James was thinking about everything that had happened recently; how he felt like a totally different person than that little innocent boy back in Utah.

The streets were very noisy that night and he was boiling hot in the wet heat, so he couldn't sleep. He was so overwhelmed by all these new feelings that he started to cry softly in his pillow. Seth woke up from the soft cries and turned to face James, who was facing the wall. "Hey! Are you okay buddy?" "Y-yeah. I just… miss home, that's all." James sniffed.

He heard a bed creaking and he flinched as he felt someone touch his arm.

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Seth had come over into his small bed to spoon him. James felt immediately comforted as Seth wrapped his strong arms around him and nuzzled his head into the back of his neck. Seth was wiggling his hips around to try and get comfortable, but teenage boys don't need a lot of stimulation to get hard, so it wasn't long before James felt a half-chubby pressing into his back between his ass cheeks.

James felt lightning bolts shoot to his crotch from this, and he was instantly turned on. He started playfully wiggling his ass around Seth's boner, trying to make it harder.

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Seth picked up his lead and started grinding his hips along to James' rhythm. Their breathing started to get shallower, but this felt tame compared to what they had already done to each other. James grabbed Seth's hand that was around his waist and guided it down between his legs. He brought Seth's hand under the waistband of his Mormon underwear towards his hard cock. Seth wrapped his hand around the shaft and started stroking it while James moved his ass crack up and down on Seth's dick, teasing him in the same rhythm of the handjob.

Seth started out with slow strokes but then he tightened his grip and picked up the pace while James cried out in pleasure. Seth kissed James neck tenderly. This was a very different scene from the night before. The boys were gentle with each other, exploring their bodies on their own terms for the first time. James could feel himself coming close to an orgasm.

"I'm. I'm close" he breathed. James grabbed a tissue from off the nightstand and managed to catch his cum in the material as his hips bucked and his head was thrown back in climax.

He was still feeling the aftershocks when Seth whispered, hot breath on his neck "Next time put it in my mouth." James was feeling so horny from what just happened, he flipped around and grabbed Seth's face to pull him into an intense kiss. The two made out fiercely on the bed, pulling each other closer even though they were already totally smushed together.

When James had regained his ability to think, he started tracing kisses down Seth's neck, then down his chest, and finally to his raging boner. James took it in his hand, it was so stiff from his grinding and teasing. James had never sucked a dick before, but at that moment he really wanted to. He grabbed Seth's thick dick in his hand at the base of the shaft. He started by gently licking the tip, and Seth's breathing hitched. Then he put the full head in his mouth while stroking up and down along the shaft with his hand.

He was trying to remember what the President had shown him the night before. James took a breath through his nose and pushed his head down until he could feel Seth's cock in the back of his throat.

He bobbed his head up and down, drooling on Seth's cock while his roommate moaned in pleasure, and was grabbing fistfuls of James' blonde hair. James took the dick out of his mouth and flicked his blue eyes up to his companion.

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"You like that?" he asked, eager to please. Seth had his eyes closed in pleasure.

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"Yes! Don't stop. Please!" James dragged his mouth along the side of Seth's fat dick, and then dragged his tongue slowly up along the underside of the shaft, only to shove the whole thing down his throat again once he got to the top.

He bobbed his head faster and faster on it while Seth moaned, until suddenly Seth grabbed his hair with both hands and cried out loudly, and he felt something hot and salty spew into his mouth.

James was loving being a slut in that moment, so he licked Seth's dick clean, catching every last drop of cum in his mouth before swallowing the load. He moved himself up to make out with Seth again, who was already familiar with the salty taste of jizz on James' lips.

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The two boys fell asleep with James cuddling into Seth's arms and a satisfied smile on both of their faces. --- The next morning the boys woke up, James' head resting on Seth's chest, feeling refreshed from a wonderful, refreshing sleep they both had.

The morning's activities went on as usual, but the only difference was that before they left the apartment to start their missionary work, James grabbed Seth behind the neck and pulled him in for a quick kiss.

They smiled at each other and walked out the door, knowing that this kind of behavior would have to be kept secret from the rest of the world. They had another pretty successful day, managing to talk with a few people and making plans to return to discuss the Book further with others. On the way back home James remembered that he needed to grab some more socks, so they dipped into a Target. They found the section and the socks, but on the way to the checkout line something caught James' eye. It was a pack of white jockstraps that made him stop in his tracks.

Inspired and titillated by all the rule breaking he had been doing lately, he picked up the package, and it wasn't until they got to the self-checkout line that Seth noticed.

"What are you doing?! What if someone sees?" Seth whispered frantically. "Everyone's gonna see if you keep making a scene," James whispered back, "besides, it's not like it's the worst thing we've done." And he shot Seth a knowing look.

It was sweltering hot in their apartment as usual, so when James got home he ripped off his clothing, and the package of jock straps, to put one on for the first time. Seth had already seen him naked, not to mention sucked his dick, so this was technically more tame James reasoned. He looked at himself in the bathroom mirror and thought he looked pretty cute. The straps in the back framed his perky ass and the front part made him feel a little less exposed than being totally naked.

He shyly stepped out of the bathroom. Seth had been cleaning up around the apartment and when he looked over he silently took in James' body with his eyes. James covered his face and laughed. "Seth, you're staring!" "Sorry!" said his mission companion, "you look really cute. I won't tell anyone about. those." And he pointed to the underwear. "It's just so hot in here, you know." James said, trying to brush it off. "Yeah," breathed Seth while beads of sweat ran down his back, "so hot." Seth bit his lip and went back to cleaning up.

James started helping him, but every time he bent over to pick something up, he could feel Seth's eyes on his ass. This turned James on, teasing his roommate like that, so he started intentionally posing and arching his back in a way that made his bubble butt look juicier.

To James' surprise he quickly felt comfortable and cool wearing almost nothing. They were both on their hands and knees washing the kitchen floor. James looked over at Seth scrubbing the floor and got a mental flashback of Seth on his hands and knees in the President's office, bobbing his head up and down on his dick. Seth looked up at him, breaking his sexy daydream. They locked eyes and James crawled over to his roommate, who was sweaty and wet from the cleaning. His usually perfect hair was disheveled in a very alluring way.

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James flicked his eyes on Seth's lips as he inched forward until they were face to face, and then on all fours the boys started making out. James reached a hand up to wrap behind Seth's face but in doing so he slipped on the wet floor and fell on the ground, pulling Seth on top of him.

The boys laughed and then starting making out more fiercely than ever before, hands running everywhere on each other's bodies. Seth straddled James and started grinding his hard-on onto James' matching one, which was covered only by the thin piece of white jockstrap fabric. Seth sat up to undo his tie and unbutton his shirt as James rubbed his thighs from below and drank in the sight of his sexy companion sitting on top of him.

Seth threw off his undershirt and went back to kissing James, both of them topless now. Seth used one hand to steady himself and the other to rub James' dick through the jockstrap material.

He broke the kiss to cheekily say "I want you to leave these on." and went down to kiss James' neck, tasting his delicious, salty sweat. James moaned in pleasure, he had no idea sex could feel this good. He started unbuckling Seth's belt and pants with a little bit of fumbling, and eventually managed to pull out Seth's dick.

Both of them started stroking each other's hard cocks on the wet kitchen floor while feverishly making out, moaning and panting with pleasure. Seth suddenly broke the kiss to say "Get on all fours." James was confused but intrigued, and he found he really liked following orders. He got on all fours like a dog, and even wiggled his bare ass in the air.

Seth licked his finger, as he had seen Victor do during their punishment, and slowly slipped it into James' asshole. James wasn't prepared for this, and he was tight.

"Just relax." said Seth.

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James, who was comforted by this boy that he had grown so close to, obeyed and relaxed his hole. Seth spit on James' asshole and started pumping it and out of his blonde roommate, who started very much enjoying the motion it seemed.

James put his face down on the wet floor so he could look back and watch his hot companion fucking him in the ass with his finger. "Another finger." whispered James, craving more of this sensation. Seth spat on the pink asshole again and slipped another finger inside, making James cry out. Seth pushed his middle fingers in slowly at first, but picked up the rhythm and angled them in the same way that Victor had done to him at the office.

Seth grabbed James' underwear from the waist strap as a harness so he could fuck him deeper and harder. James couldn't help himself, he started crying out. "Oh yeah! Fuck me! Fuck me hard!" James grabbed his own dick with his other hand and started jerking it while Seth fucked him like a dog on the wet floor. He had never had anything in his asshole before, but he soon found out that the sensation of Seth's big fingers on his prostate was the best feeling ever.

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"I'm close!" he cried. Before he knew what was happening, Seth flipped him onto his back, legs in the air, and started frantically sucking his cock. James felt the warm mouth on his dick while Seth's fingers crept back into his asshole. Seth was finger fucking him and furiously sucking his dick at the same time.

James was lost in ecstasy and the sensations took him over the edge. Seth's warm mouth trailed up and down over his shaft while the strong fingers hit his g-spot over and over. He bucked his hips up and came so hard into Seth's mouth.

He looked down at his roommate, who looked up at him with a smile in his eyes as he swallowed James' cum, without flinching this time. Then Seth stood up on his knees and started jerking his own rock hard cock. Seconds later James felt a shower of hot sticky cum rain down on his body as Seth tilted his head back and screamed out in pleasure. Seth dumped such a big load on him, James looked like a Jackson Pollock painting.

James rubbed Seth's cum sensually over his body as his roommate was still twitching with pleasure over him in the aftershocks of his strong orgasm. Seth collapsed on the floor next to James and the two shared a sweet post-orgasmic kiss.

They both started smiling at first, then laughing, then screaming together with laughter. They were a mess of sweat and cum and water, but they were free together in their apartment in New York. The next morning, as they stepped out of the apartment to start the mission for the day, both happy and refreshed after a quick morning blowjob; James noticed something in the mailbox.

It was a letter from the Mission President addressed only to him. Part 4 Preview James goes to visit the Mission President on his own.