Diminutive legal age teenager takes huge cock porn

Diminutive legal age teenager takes huge cock porn
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Dixie put two fingers in his mouth and whistled loudly, getting everyone's attention. He saw the sky beginning to brighten, and it was time to leave. He pulled his pants closed and shrugged into his leather jacket. "Come on, assholes, time to go!" he shouted, and kicked Boinker's feet as he went through the door, waking him up. He went outside under the purple sky and kicked his chopper to life with a snarl and a roar that alerted everyone inside.

He saw Tommy come running out with his pants flapping loose and the redhead over his shoulder. She was buck naked and mostly unconscious as he sat astride his bike and kicked it alive.

The girl was sitting facing him, and he tucked her legs up behind him to keep them off the exhaust. That was kind of him, Dixie noted. Alfa had his pants and leather on, but he had two girls over his shoulders as he came out. "Here." he said, handing one of them to Boinker when they reached their rides. "We ride!" he shouted. The little brunette held tight against his back as he put it in gear and spun out in a semi-circle before hitting the road.

The rest of his pack was right behind him as they roared down the road, eating up the miles. About noontime, Dixie spotted a pullout and blasted his engine three times with the clutch in, letting everyone know they were pulling over.

The only other vehicle there was an older RV, with a family of three in it, husband, wife, and teen age daughter. The husband gathered his women close to him by their picnic table as the bikes roared in. "Honey, those girls with them are naked." Judy Patterson said to her husband Earl. "Don't look, Becky." her father instructed. "Nobody look at them. Don't give them an excuse to come over here." They watched the bikers park all together, the the girls on the bikes were all injected with something that made them smile as they went to sleep.

"Howdy folks." Dixie called out, and Earl gave him a little wave as he ushered his family back to the RV. "Where ya headed?" "Gotta go!" Earl called out, but Mickey and Joe were standing between them and the vehicle. "Hey mister, before you go, could you maybe spare a little gas?" Mickey asked, stepping closer to them.

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He was off the sidewalk and onto the grass border now. Joe went around the other side of the RV and out of sight. "Uh, sorry, I don't have any extra." Earl said. "How about if I give you a ten and you can buy some at the next station?" "Not sure I can make it that far, mister. That's why we stopped here." Mickey told him. Earl shrugged, put his arm around the waists of his wife and daughter and started back to the RV. "I'm sorry, really I am, but like I said, we can't help you. If you'll excuse us." Mickey stepped in front of them, blocking their way.

"You gonna leave me here stranded?" Mickey asked. "That just ain't right, man." "Well, what am I supposed to do?" Earl asked. "I don't have any gas in a can for you, and I offered you money. Please just let us leave in peace." "I'll tell ya what you're supposed to do. If you was to be a good guy and all. A good guy would let me siphon some outta your tank. A REAL good guy would offer to share some of that fine pussy you got under your arms." "You want. I'm not a good guy, I guess." Earl said angrily.

"Good day, sir!" As Earl tried to walk around Mickey, the biker punched him right in the nose, breaking it and sitting the older, heavier man on his ass beside the picnic table. "Yeah, I ain't a good guy, either." Mickey said, laughing.

"Hey, bitch, where YOU going?" He reached out his arm and snagged Judy around the waist, catching her as she started to bolt for the RV.

"Becky, RUN!" Judy screamed at her daughter, startling the girl out of her shock. Becky darted to the side, then made for the driver's side of the RV. She was behind the wheel when she realized the keys were in her father's pocket. She saw Dixie appear in the window, grinning at her.

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"What's your name, sweetie?" he asked her in his most charming voice. "Becky." she told him, hesitantly. "Please don't hurt me." "Hell, I ain't gonna hurt you, little girl. Unless." "Unless what?" she asked fearfully. "Are you a virgin?" he asked her. She nodded, biting her lip. "Then it's going to hurt a little." he admitted, grinning again.

"Please no!" she begged, beginning to cry. "Please, anything but that!" "Anything?" he asked her. "If I promise not to take your virginity, will you suck cock for me?" She swallowed hard, considering, then nodded. "I've never done it before, but yeah, I'd rather do that than have you.

fuck me." "Come on out of there, then. Come on out here and get on your knees." he said, opening the door for her. "Come on, unless you've changed your mind. I don't mind dragging you out of there and taking your asshole first. Not a bit." he said, grinning. He stepped back and gestured to the ground in front of him, inviting her to step outside. "All you have to do is suck some cock, and I won't fuck you in the ass. Deal?" Her face looked grimly determined as she hopped down.

"Deal." she said. He took her hand and led her around the front of the RV, back over to the picnic table, where her father was just beginning to come around from Mickey's punch. His face and shirt were covered in his blood. There was no sign of her mother or the other bikers. "Where is my mom?" she asked. "Daddy, are you okay?" Dixie grabbed her arm and prevented the girl from going to the stricken man.

"They're both fine." Dixie told her, pulling around to face him. "Now, I believe you have some cock-sucking to do." "No, wait, not in front of my fath-" Dixie slapped her and cut her off. "What, you think I'm going to leave him here by himself so he can escape? Don't be so stupid, slut.

Now get to sucking, or I'm taking that little asshole first.


I already told you that." He pushed Becky to her knees roughly, pulling his pants open with one hand. "Show your daddy what a good whore you are." "Let her go." Earl said weakly, struggling to get up on his elbows. He could see his daughter on her knees in front of the biker. One fist was holding her hair, the other was pointing an enormous erection inches from her face. Rage filled him, but his body would not obey his brain's commands just yet. "Daddy, I have to." Becky said, pleading with her voice.

She tried to turn her head to look at him, but Dixie tightened his grip in her hair and forced her to face his cock again. "No, you don't Becky." Earl gasped weakly. "Let her go, you animal!" he said. "Do it, Becky." Dixie encouraged her.

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"Come on, baby, show your daddy how good you can do it. Show him, and I promise I won't do that other thing." "I'm sorry, Daddy, I have to." she said miserably, then opened her mouth and took him in willingly.

"No, no, baby, no, don't do that!" Earl sobbed. He tried to get up, but he was too dizzy and ell back down. "Let her go, you bastard!" "Ohh, yeah, baby, you suck it good. Have you done this a lot?" Dixie asked, moaning. Becky took her mouth off him and shook her head.

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"No, this is my first time." she said honestly. 'You really think I'm okay at it?" "Hell yeah!" Dixie agreed heartily. He looked at her father and grinned.

"No way is this your first time, baby. I bet you've done this to dozens of boys in your school, haven't you? I bet your quite the little slut when your daddy's not looking, aren't you? The only shame you have right now is that daddy IS looking. He's watching you suck my cock right now, Becky, I can see him." Dixie let go of the girl's head, and she kept going all on her own, bobbing her face up and down, sliding her lips all along his length.

Earl was livid with rage, but helpless to do anything but watch. "Oh, yeah, he can't look away, Becky. I'll bet he wishes it was HIM your were sucking off right now." he said.

Becky jerked back in alarm, looking over at her father. "I didn't tell you to stop, slut." he said, grabbing Becky's hair again and stuffing his cock back in her mouth. "Don't worry, I'll tell you all about what he's doing, Becky.

We sure have HIS attention!" "Please let her go?" Earl begged. "Please? I'm begging you." "OH MY GOD NO, TAKE IT OUT OF MY ASS!!!" they heard Judy scream from the woods a short distance away. "No, Judy-" Earl said, struggling to get up again. "Oh, Judy, no, no." Dixie pushed Becky back onto her ass and took two long strides over to where Earl lay, then kicked the man as hard as he could, right between the legs.

Earl screamed and doubled up. "Oops." Dixie laughed. "Just when it got all hard, thinking about lil 'ol Becky's mouth. Well, maybe she can kiss it better for you." "How about it, Becky?" Dixie said, turning back to her. "Kiss it better for your poor old daddy there." She cast a terrified glance at her father, then shook her head. "No, I. I can't! It's wrong!" "Becky, run!" Earl gasped, still doubled up.

"If she runs, I'll kill you." Dixie said, looking right at Becky. "She has exactly one minute to get over here and start kissing you better." "No, please no!" Becky begged, but Dixie just crooked his finger at her, beckoning her forward.

He pointed at her father's groin, a stern expression on his face. She shuddered and crawled over. "Get his shorts off, honey." Dixie ordered her. Becky blanched at the command, a stubborn look on her face. "Get his shorts off, or I'll kick him again. Do you want that?" Becky paled and shook her head quickly, reaching for her father's waistband. "Show him your titties." Dixie told her, after she had pulled her father's Bermuda shorts down to his knees. "He needs something to get it hard again after I kicked him down there." He drew his foot back, threatening another kick, until Becky obeyed his order.

Becky sat up on her haunches and unfastened the top three buttons on her blue sundress, then pushed the short sleeves down her arms and let the top half fall to her waist. Dixie whistled appreciatively as she bared her breasts. "Damn, girl, I don't know if it's working on him, but it sure is on me!" he laughed. "Come on girl, bend back down there and get to sucking!" She turned and looked up at Dixie, her eyes brimming with tears.

"Please don't make me do it to my Daddy. Can I just do it for you again instead?" Dixie knelt down next to her, grabbing another fistful of hair at the back of her head. Her hands flew up to ease the pain of his grip, which did awesome things to her titties. He pushed her down into her father's groin. "I told you to suck the cock, slut!" he said, forcing her face to touch Earl's soft penis lying flaccid against his thigh.

"Take it in your mouth and suck it! NOW!!" he roared. Becky squirmed in his grip, trying to free herself of his painful grip and trying to ignore the heat of her father's dick pressed against her cheek.

Earl was trapped, Dixie's free hand was gripping his throat and holding him down. Every time he tried to struggle, Dixie would tense his grip and strangle him, until Earl quickly learned to just lay still and not struggle.

"In your mouth, you little slut, get that cock between your lips!" Dixie ordered the girl, moving her head into position. Becky obediently opened her mouth and took it in, hearing her father choking.

Earl was a devout Baptist, and had been all his life. He didn't hold with "perverted" sex, and had never considered asking his wife Judy to do that to him. He would have thought less of her if she had ever expressed any interest in doing it, too. If she had tried when they were courting, he would have broken it off right there. When he felt the mouth of his daughter close over him, softly sucking, his body responded to the stimulation, much to his horror.

Dixie was moving her head up and down, and grinned into the man's face.

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"Tell her when you're about to come." Dixie told him. "Give her some warning, so she can get ready for it." "No, please, don't make her do that!" Earl gasped. "Becky, baby, I'm so sorry, Daddy's so sorry, baby girl, Daddy's sorry!" he cried.

"Please, sir, I'm begging you, let her go! Don't make her do this!" "I'm not making her do anything. Sucking cock was her choice." Dixie replied.

"Do a good job, Becky, make that cock you are sucking on cum in your mouth. Swallow every drop, and I'll keep my promise to you. You have my word." He let go of her hair, and to his great surprise and horror, Becky kept going, sucking his cock with renewed vigor. Dixie had both hands on Earl's chest now, physically holding him down. "Becky?" Earl gasped, panicking. "Becky, stop that! Stop that right now! Becky, I can't." He fell silent, gasping, trying to distract himself, but failing.

"Becky, baby, stop it, I'm sorry, baby, I'm. I'm so sorry!!" Becky felt torrents of hot, sticky saltiness coating the insides of her mouth suddenly. "Swallow it, Becky." Dixie commanded, so Becky obeyed. A few more spurts erupted, and she swallowed those, too, then let her father's cock slip from her lips as he finished. "I'm so sorry, Becky, can you ever forgive me?" Earl whispered miserably. "It wasn't your fault, Daddy.

He made us do it." she whispered back. "Enough." Dixie said, pulling the girl to her feet. "It's my turn now." "No wait, you promised!" Becky wailed, resisting his grip on her arm, but he was much too strong for her and dragged her back to the RV. "You liar!

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You promised!" "I promised not to fuck your asshole first, and I won't." Dixie said, pulling the back door of the RV open. "Not bad." he said, looking around the big room inside. "Let's get this the rest of the way off." He pushed her sundress down over her hips, letting it fall to the floor at her feet. "And the panties. You won't be needing these on any more." He peeled them down off her hips and let them fall, as well.

"No, wait, I." she said weakly, covering her crotch with both hands and hiding from his sight by turning slightly. She looked up at him. "Could I just. could I suck it again?" she asked shyly. "Actually, I didn't mind it so much. Not really." "You want to do it again?" Dixie chuckled. Becky nodded shyly, hesitant to admit it. "Are you willing to beg for it?

Talk to me dirty, and beg for it?" he asked her. She got on her knees and nodded. "Please? Please let me s-suck your cock?" she stammered. "I don't know." he mused. "I think you'll have to suck off three cocks to escape spreading your legs for me.

Are you willing to do that?" She blanched, but she nodded. "Yes. I'll suck off three cocks." she told him. "And swallow all the cum?" he asked. "I'm warning you, if you spill even one drop of it, all three of us will fuck you, starting with your asshole first." That made her remember the taste of her father's come, and she nodded again, grimacing as she unconsciously licked her lips.

"I'll swallow it all." she promised. Dixie saw the look on her face and laughed. "You little slut, you liked it, didn't you?" She shook her head.

"Of course not." she said. "You made me do it. I never would have done, otherwise." "Of course you wouldn't." he agreed. "You were a prissy little goody two shoes before tonight. But that doesn't change the fact that you enjoyed doing it." "But I didn't!" she protested, whining.

"You made me do it!" "I didn't make you like it, though, did I?" he asked, smirking. "I didn't like it." she said sullenly. "Well, when you suck the three cocks to fulfill your end of the bargain, you better make me BELIEVE you like it." he told her. "Stay on your knees and pretend to like it right now. Beg me to let you suck my cock." "Okay." she smiled.

"You were right before, when you said I enjoyed it. You were right, and I lied to you. I did enjoy doing it." she said. "I liked sucking your cock. I even liked sucking my daddy's cock, once I got going on it. I liked it when you moved my head up and down with your hand in my hair, too.


I liked that you were MAKING me do things." "Did you now?" he muttered under his breath, but she heard him anyway. "Yes, I did." she said.

"You want to know something else? Secretly, I want you to make me do more things, too. If I HAVE to, if you are MAKING me do it, then it's not my fault, right?" She looked up into his face eagerly, looking for approval. "You little slut." he laughed. "Come here. Come over here and turn around." She got up and went over to him, a little fearful. She kept trying to look at him over her shoulder as he spun her around.

"Look out the window." he told her. He put her hands on the back of a chair, then changed his mind and had her bend over, putting her palms flat on the cushion instead.

The top of the back of the seat was right against her lower belly, holding her up as he gently kicked her feet apart.


"Oh, what?" she grunted, feeling him grope between her legs with his fingers. "What are you doing?" "Shut up." he told her. "You have no choice in this." She felt something hard probing between her labia, then it entered her, making her grunt with the sudden pain of being stretched open down there. "No, no, wait!" she cried out, but he ignored her.

She felt him pushing steadily inside her, the brief sting of her hymen tearing bringing tears to her eyes. "Ohh, no, why did you do that?" she wailed. "You promised!" "I told you to shut up, slut." he said, beginning to fuck the young teenager trapped under him.

"Don't worry; you're going to like this part, too." "Unngh, I. it's already begun to feel good." she moaned, feeling his big cock moving inside her. "Do it a little faster!" "Like this?" he asked, increasing the tempo of his thrusts. "Are you going to come on my cock if I keep doing this?" "Ohh, YES!" she wailed out. "God, don't stop, don't stop! I'm, I'm.

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UNNGH! OH GOD!!" she screamed, spasming so hard he had to use both hands to keep her in place. He pulled his cock away and let her go as she finally settled down. "Hey, there you are." shouted Rocky, pulling his bike into the pullout.

"I was passed out in the back room. Thank god I found you guys! Did I miss anything? "The usual." Dixie told him, clapping him on the back. "Since you got to sleep in, you get to gas up all the bikes before we pull out of here. Siphon it out of this rig here." Dixie slapped the side of the RV and went back inside.