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Angel in latex dress gets wild pussy and anal prodding
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Hellison burned out the engines of the transports flying back to base. With all but 1 of her marines dead and 12 civilians gone, she decided to call for a early pick up. The closest ship was 5 weeks away at best speed.

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Until the ship arrived, Hellison ordered everyone to stay inside the base and wait for rescue. She had one of the transports repaired and began to fly search and rescue missions over the island hoping to find other survivors. She continued this routine for 3 weeks with no sign of any of her team members or the creatures. She was flying on her 9th pass with Dr.

Platt when they got a broken message from the base. The message was very garbled and hard to make out. Hellison turned the transport for home and flew a full speed trying to reestablish contact.

They were 10kms out when they saw a smoke cloud over where the base is. As the approached, they noticed that all the lights were dark and the 2nd transport was a burning wreck.

Hellison circled the base several times but saw no sign of anything unusual outside of the burning transport and the lights. The women landed and Hellison grabbed her rifle and gave Platt a sidearm and then they disembarked the transport. The women headed into the base and strait to the communications room. When they arrived, the found a man sitting at the table with his head laying on it with his arms dangling at his sides.

As Hellison lowered the light on her rifle toward the floor, she could see a small pool of blood under his chair. Platt moved up to the body and gently tried to lift him up to see who it was when his head dropped off and landed on floor rolling under the table.

Both women jumped as the head fell off and rolled away. Platt reached for it and saw it was Dr. Morfied, the base atmospheric expert. Hellison checked the radio and saw that the back of it was ripped out and the circuits crushed on the floor.

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The women left the room and continued the search. The next room they entered was the marine barracks. The door had been ripped off the hinges and pushed in. They entered and found 2 bodies laying on the floor with their throats ripped open and their was only small amounts blood on the floor. As the continued through the room, they found the body of Pvt.

Glennann laying between to cots. Unlike the 2 men, she had shown signs of being raped. Her cloths were torn and shredded and had deep gashes and cuts all over her body. The worst of it was around her waist and chest.

As Platt rolled her over, Glennann's pussy and breast had been ripped up and even discovered seamen on her pussy. Her throat had been ripped open and like all the other bodies, their was little blood on or around. Hellison nervously handed Platt a rifle laying on a cot.

Her and Platt left the barracks and were making their way to one of the labs when they heard the sound of breaking glass coming from the medical rooms.

They headed that way with rifle safety's off. As they approached, they could hear the sounds of something being slammed against metal and light screams. As they neared the doors to the medical area, they saw the doors had been scratched and covered with blood.

Hellison peered through a small gap between the doors and saw Bowmen laying on top of a metal table with cuts all over her face and body. The look of terror and fear was in her eyes. Just then, a long arm reach in and grabbed a hand full of her hair and yanked her up of the table. Hellison moved more closer to the gap to get a better angle to see in and that's when she saw Lackman.

His body had been changed by the animals on the island. His skin was now a rusty brown color and his fingernails had grew longer and were now more like claws. Platt tried to move in closer to see what was going on and stepped on some broken glass. The crunching sound made Lackman turn toward the doors and he saw the women looking in through the gap. He glared at them and then proceeded to finish with Bowman.

He slammed her back down on the table and rammed his dick into her. His thrusts made her cry out with pain as her body was being tore from with in. Lackman continued his savage violation by reaching under her and pulling her up with his hands clinched on her breast.

He dug his nails deep into the flesh and causing blood to shot out and making her scream. Her whole body was torn and she was losing conciseness from the blood loss.

Hellison and Platt, finally shook from their shock began to prepare to attack Lackman but just as they entered the room, he released his load deep into her and then with a smile, tore out her throat.

He then threw her body on to the floor and turned to Hellison and Platt. The women both fired their rifles at him and he feel to the floor. They took a brief sigh of relief and began to approach the bodies when Lackman began to twitch. He then jumped up and slashed Platt across the face leaving deep cuts and taking out her right eye.


Platt feel to the floor screaming as blood squirted from the wounds. Hellison knew their was nothing she could do for her so she ran out of the room as fast as possible. She heard one more scream before it was muffled out. Hellison mad her way down to the lower level where the main power room was and that's when she noticed the long trail of blood. Their was to much blood to be from just one or two people, but several. She was scared of what she may find up ahead but kept going. Finally making it to the power room door, Hellison saw that it was scratched up and had blood all over it.

Taking a deep breath, she kicked the door open and walked in with her rifle at the ready. The room was light by a dim single light hanging from the ceiling. The air was humid and foul.

Hellison moved slowly through the room making her way to the small fusion reactor that powered the base.

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She was going to overload it and destroy the base, Lackman and the virus that changed him. She made her way across the room and reached for the control panel, when she was grabbed by the collar and pulled backwards. She felt her feet leave the ground and tossed into the air. She landed hard on the dirt floor knocking the breath out of her. It took a few seconds for her to recover and then turned over and tried to get to a firing potion with her rifle. As she got to her knees, her rifle was yanked from her and tossed into the shadows.

Hellison went for her sidearm but that to was slapped from her hand. She stood up to face her attacker and was eye to eye with Lackman. Knowing she was about to die, Hellison made one last effort to get to the control panel for the reactor. She took two steps before Lackman grabbed her and threw her down. With the last of her strength gone, Hellison was all but helpless. Lackman reached down and tore off her uniform and underwear, leaving her bruised and naked.

Hellison opened her eyes to see Lackman standing over her with a evil glare in his eyes.


He got to his knees and pulled her up to him. He spread her legs wide and shoved his dick deep into her pussy. It was to much for her to take. Hellison screamed aas the pain of the penetration shot through her body. Lackman just smiled as he began to thrust hard into her. Each thrust caused horrific pain and Hellison could do nothing to stop it.

Her mind finally snapped as the realization of her failures began to take hold.


Her team was dead. Her body destroyed. And worse of all, Lackman would still be here waiting for the rescue team and they would bring the virus back home were it would only spread. As these thoughts passed through her mind, Lackman released his load into her.

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The pain once again caused her to scream out as his seed found it's way into her womb. Lackman pulled her limp body up till their eyes meet. "Kill me" was the only words she could mumble out. Lackman smiled.

He opened his mouth to revile his fangs.

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Just as he was about to rip her throat open, a load sound echoed into the room followed by Lackmans head exploding.

Hellison feel to the floor coved in his blood. She turned her head towards the door way and saw a figure standing just inside the room. As it approached, Hellsion could make out that is was Platt. Some how she was still alive. Platt walked up to her and kneeled down at her side. Hellison smiled and reached her hand up to touch her face. She could feel the tear marks in her face. She was able to lean up just enough to put her head on Platt's lap when Platt leaned down to where the light could now illumination her face.

Hellsion could now see the deep cuts and tear that took her right eye. Platt leaned down further and kiss Hellison on the lips. Then she opened her other eye.

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Hellsion started to cry, as Platt bit down on her throat causing a massive geyser of blood to shoot up and cover the floor. Platt had been infected and their was nothing she could do. As the last bit of life was leaving her body, Platt lifted her head and said "I love you".