Her BF leaves and she gets fucked by his bro

Her BF leaves and she gets fucked by his bro
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Chapter 7 It was lunchtime by the time I made it back to camp. Our beach community was taking shape, with a couple of shelters started, including one for the "infirmary", a fire pit complete with a ring of airplane seats around it, and a couple of piles of salvaged gear.

Our food was being stored in some of the suitcases to keep the animals out. Several groups of people had made individual campsites scattered along the quarter-mile stretch of sand upon which we had the good fortune to wind up. Our beach was protected by the reef, which enclosed a decent lagoon of perhaps 200 yards across, with a single passage through the coral to the open ocean.

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The inland side of the sand was fringed by palm trees which gradually merged with the dense jungle. To the north rocky cliffs tumbled down from the inland heights and met with the reef at the water. To the south, the beach stretched to the small rocky outcrop behind which the stream emptied into the ocean. Beyond that was more beach, with heavier surf as the reef seemed to be less continuous beyond our lagoon.

The island itself appeared to consist of two peaks connected by a central lowland, sort of a saddle-shape. The northern end was rocky, the southern peak veiled in clouds and mist at present. Sharon and Rodney had managed to inflate the life raft, so we had our own fishing fleet of one. I noted several passengers combing the tide pools for edible critters. I began to feel a little guilty wasting the morning in carnal pleasure, but then again maybe I could be considered the morale officer?

I decided to do something useful and check up on our one prisoner. 50 yards north from the fire pit, which marked the approximate center of our settlement, was a finger of vegetation that projected out into the sand.

Within this shaded area sat our friendly neighborhood terrorist. She was still in her burka, tied to a tree with both hands bound together with cord. It was hard to tell with her body and half her face covered with black cloth, but she seemed to be about 25 or so. She had the typical light brown complexion of her people, with a few strands of black hair trailing from under the head covering. She sat silently in the shade, studiously ignoring the activity around her.

I approached warily, recalling our last meeting, which had included facial scratches, a head-butting incident, and several deaths, ultimately. "I am a doctor," I said to her. "Do you have any injuries you need treated?" I wasn't sure what we were going to do with her, but I figured I would try to behave in a civilized manner. Maybe we would have some sort of trial? It turned out my civility was for naught. "You infidel pig!" she snarled at me.

"I would not accept your help if I were dying. You have prevented us from carrying out Allah's plan." "If Allah is so great, I'm pretty sure he doesn't need the help of a bunch of homicidal maniacs in black robes to get the job done," I said wryly. "He can probably handle things on his own." "You know nothing, dog. You should martyr me now. If you keep me alive I will swear I will do everything in my power to hurt you." Talk about your noncompliant patients!

"Fine," I said. "Have it your way. I'll bring you another cup of water later." I walked away, shaking my head. I headed into the trees at the extreme north end of the beach to take a leak.

I had my dick out and in hand, whizzing away, when I spied a flash of color near the ground in front of me. About 20 feet ahead, amongst the trees, a flash of skin shone beneath a pink shirt. I couldn't see who it was since her face was downturned, but it seemed to be a young woman, squatting down. I wasn't sure if it was one of the field hockey players, one of the cheerleaders, or one of the my own students.

I stood motionless, and was rewarded by the sight of a stream of piss shooting out from between the crouching legs. The golden jet foamed as it hit the forest floor, and I could hear the wet spattering noise it made over the muted roar of the surf on the other side of the beach and my own flow of urine.

She looked up slightly, and I recognized one of the cheerleaders. I couldn't remember her name (Natalie? Kaitlyn?) but she was a skinny blonde thing. Her shirt covered half her body, so I couldn't see much of her figure, but her twat was on display and it was a lovely sight.

I couldn't say whether she was a natural blonde or not, since her pussy was shaved smooth and hairless. Her narrow pink lips were spread wide, and the thin inner labia were now bisected by the yellow trickle emanating from their center.

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She suddenly looked at me, possibly in response to the noise my whizzing was making, or some instinct that she was not alone, and stared straight at me. I was standing there cock in hand, my mouth half open, not quite knowing what to do.

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The stray thought passed through my brain: At least you're still peeing so she doesn't think you're jerking off while spying on her. We both seemed to finish up at the same time, and my body went through its routine mindlessly, my hand shaking off my dripping dick while I stared at her.

She watched me as the last drops dripped out of her naked snatch, and a small smile lit her face as she jiggled herself in order to shake off her own leftovers. She didn't seem embarrassed at all, just slowly stood up, eyes on my meat, and pulled up her shorts. I was still fixated on that sexy young body, and more than a little disappointed when her pretty pink slit was again under wraps.

She walked directly at me, and I stood there like an idiot, mouth still half open. I must have looked like I was mentally challenged, frozen in this position. As she passed me, her eyes finally left my prick, which was still hanging out, and caught my eyes with a humorous twinkle. "You better put that thing away before you hurt someone, Doc." And with that she was past me and gone.

I looked down, a little embarrassed to find I was already sporting half a boner just from that brief encounter. God, I seemed to be horny all the time lately! I shook my head at the ridiculousness of the situation, and tucked away my juvenile delinquent of a penis. The rest of the day was spent in relative peace. I couldn't believe I was actually grateful for a few hours without sex! I organized our limited pharmacy, which more than doubled when Joelle and Falani returned from their hike, toting what seemed like bales of medicinal plants and bark.

The friendly coal-black woman, her two children shyly peering at me from behind her, instructed me on some of the uses of the plants she had found. Joelle had a head start, and seemed already to know about most of them. The older Korean gentleman, Do Hun, shuffled up to the fire pit with a string of fish. It seems he had been quietly dipping his line all morning, and had quite a seafood haul to show for it. Everyone gathered to help prepare a meal, with coconuts, breadfruit, a salad of some edible greens collected by Anjali, the Indian woman, and a few small crabs.

We were delighted when the hunting team returned with a pig in the middle of our repast. Using sharpened bamboo spears, they had cornered it by some rocks and managed to kill it. The African women, assisted by Horace, volunteered to gut and clean it, evidently having some experience with this process, while others brought food and water to the tired but triumphant returning heroes.

I congratulated Mary and the girls, secretly impressed that they had been successful on their first hunt. Now we had meat for several days. Janie arrived from the plane shortly thereafter. She sat with Joelle and me while she ate and rehydrated. "I think we finally have everything useful off of the plane," she informed us tiredly. "I will be so glad not to have to scramble or swim out to that damn thing any more." She gladly accepted my offer of a back rub, and soon was fast asleep on the sand under the shade of a palm.

I wandered over to Horace, who was by now working on the infirmary shelter, and volunteered some unskilled labor for the rest of the afternoon. He and I, Patricia, and the hippies finished that project, and made good headway on the second one before knocking off for the day.


I checked our patients, two of whom were no longer "inpatient", having hobbled their way to where their friends were setting up shop. Dkembe was still sleeping soundly in the infirmary, now shaded by the new shelter. I was beginning to wonder if this was more of a psychological withdrawal than a head injury. I had been told he had lost his sister in the crash, and after a terrible night of near drowning in the dark trying to save her, he may have withdrawn into some kind of fugue state.

Only time would tell, I guess. I just hoped we could keep his body healthy while his mind was processing the trauma. Danielle was in the middle of the hunters, listening raptly as they breathlessly described the Great Pig-sticking Adventure.

She assured me her leg was feeling fine after a little Advil and lunch. There seemed to be no neurological issues on my quick exam. Connor was in what we had started calling Boy's Town, where the male Tae Kwon Do students had created a ring of logs around their own small fire pit.

They were playing cards and laughing, and I marveled at the way these kids bounced back from the tragedy that had befallen them. I sat with them for a while, and after a minor brainstorm suggested that the next day we have a little demonstration of martial arts for the whole settlement.

They got excited with the idea, and began planning what flashy kicks they would perform. I suggested that we could have daily or every-other-day classes to keep in shape, maybe even drawing in some of our neighbors as new students. I ambled over to Girl's Club, the sister camp formed by our female students.

They had managed to decorate the place with some shells and hanging blankets. Clothing was strung up on lines to dry, as the girls were actually keeping themselves and their clothing fairly clean. I had to tear my eyes away from the line of patterned panties dangling in the air, including a couple of very tiny thongs, which got me speculating as to which lovely young thing favored pussy-floss under her clothes.

I ran my idea for introducing Tae Kwon Do to our community by the girls. They were also very excited at the prospect of not only a demonstration, but also regular classes, and showed their enthusiasm by cheering and clustering around me, clinging to my legs and climbing onto my back.

This was fairly typical behavior for our students, and I laughed as I trudged away, dragging a giggling girl from each leg for a good 15 feet before they finally had mercy and let go. Through common consensus, we had all agreed to have a rotating kitchen detail that would provide an evening meal for the camp. The hippies had volunteered to go first.

The rest of the meals would be catch as catch can, with each person fending for him or herself. The plentiful fruit allowed for easy snacking even for the kids. As the evening drew closer, the cooks announced that our pork roast was ready.

The castaways gathered around the fire pit as the carcass of the pig, roasting in banana leaves under coals for the last few hours, was unwrapped. Succulent odors wafted from the meat, and a line quickly formed as heaping servings were distributed.

Even with dozens of hungry people, there was still plenty left over for tomorrow. I spent a pleasant hour with Joelle, eating and talking. She asked about Janie, and I carefully explained our relationship as basically friends with benefits. I assured her Janie and I had no commitments to each other and that there would be no issues if Joelle and I continued to have romantic encounters.

She seemed a little confused, but reassured. We parted with a kiss, and I wondered when I would get to experience her lovely body again. The ball was in her court; I just had to wait until she was ready.

I made my way over to Janie's "house", where she and Jared were playing checkers with rocks and shells in the sand. I watched as she let him win, then showed them how to play Mancala, an African game that used small stones and could be played in the sand with no equipment.

After we had played a few rounds, with me letting Jared beat me, but losing fair and square to Janie, it was getting dark. Jared asked if he could sleep at Boy's Town with his friends, and Janie agreed hesitantly.

I assured her he would be safe. There seemed to be no natural predators on the island, and there were 5 or 6 boys, including 16 year old Christopher, who would be there to keep an eye on him.

I laid down with her in her favorite spoon position. In order to distract her from her worries, I started talking about Christopher, a handy topic. "You know, I've been impressed with his leadership abilities. He's a natural born teacher, and the younger kids really look up to him. When he leads class, even the adults don't mind learning from a teenager." Janie agreed.

"He's grown up so fast in the last couple of years. Before you moved to our area, he was this skinny little kid. Now he's this strapping young man with muscles and self confidence." I was beginning to suspect that she had a little crush on him.

"He's certainly grown into a handsome young man. I guess he must have his pick of the girls." "You'd think so," Janie mused, "but he doesn't seem to have a girlfriend.

I've seen him around some of the older girls at the dojang, and he seems fairly shy around them. Maybe his confidence only extends to martial arts and teaching." I began to get a naughty idea.

"Maybe he needs a little help," I said innocently. "What do you mean?" "Well, we're stuck on this island for God knows how long, and we are going to need to rely on Christopher to be a leader. It would probably do wonders for his self-confidence around the ladies if he had some experience with them." She rolled onto her back and eyed me suspiciously.

"What are you getting at?" "Well," I replied, "when I was his age, I sure had a crush on an older woman—my friend's mom.

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If she had ever taken the time to teach me a few things, I would have been a lot more smooth around the girls in school. I've seen the way he looks at you—he thinks you walk on water.

Maybe if you paid him some attention, it would help." "What kind of attention are we talking about here?" "The kind every young man needs. A grown woman's guidance in the ways of love. I know you think he's cute. I think it would be good for you, too." "Oh you do, do you?" I held up a hand. "Don't get riled up.

I just mean that you and I aren't built to be monogamous lovers. We thrive on variety. I'm getting all the variety I need around here, but I'm not sure you are. Your choices are a lot more limited." "Exactly what kind of variety are you getting?" Now she was intrigued. She propped herself up on one elbow. "You mean Joelle?" "Well…" I filled her in on Joelle, Gabrielle, Sharon and Jill. "Damn, Dave!" she laughed. "Aren't you the stud.

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Maybe you're right. If all of these chicks are draining your balls, I may need to seek attention elsewhere. You may not be able to fulfill my needs anymore." "Oh, I think I can fill something," I said in a low voice, slipping my hand under her shirt and fondling one stiff nipple. Obviously my description of my sexual escapades had gotten her motor running. Certainly reliving the morning had gotten me hard again. She gave a murmur of contentment and slid her torso on top of me, planting a deep soul kiss on my mouth.

She pulled off my shorts while I stripped off my shirt, then slurped my dick into her mouth for a deep sucking. Just when I was sure I couldn't take any more stimulation, she set my swollen prick free, and shucked off the tiny shorts she slept in. She straddled my hips, sliding her dripping wet snatch up and down my boner as it lay on my belly. "Ooooh!" I groaned in ecstasy. "Shush!" she said, smacking my chest lightly.

"Don't wake up the neighbors." The realization that we were surrounded in the dark by people, some of them kids, and many obviously still awake and talking, excited me further. I grasped her slim hips and lifted her slightly. She pointed my fuckpole at the sky and eased herself down on it, purring happily. Her thick lips kissed the base of my cock as she reached bottom.

Those incredible pussy muscles began to work their magic, churning away on my meat like a roller pump. "Damn, woman, where did you learn to do that?" I whispered hoarsely. Janie laughed. "Believe it or not, I took a belly dancing course. They taught us now to control the abdominal and pelvic muscles. I took a pole dancing course once too, just for fun. I may have to show you my moves some time." She continued her marvelous dick massage, and slowly began unbuttoning her blouse. She tossed it aside, then ran her hands through her hair, leaning back with her eyes closed.

Her sculpted form gleamed in the moonlight, her pert tits and erect nipples silhouetted against the starry sky. I reached up to fondle her firm boobs, and she held my hands in hers as she used them to caress herself sensually.


She was using her whole body now, rocking and twisting her pelvis on my throbbing cock. "Tell me more about your morning," she said breathlessly. I went into great detail about my first foray into adult breastfeeding, and Gabrielle's lovely young body. Janie was obviously getting more and more excited by the story, and let go of my hands. She began pinching her nipples with one hand and reached down to where her muff met my groin and began massaging her clit.

By the time I was telling her about Jill's sopping wet pussy and giant tits, she was panting and grunting with each thrust, impaling herself on me with increasing intensity. We were both getting close to climax, and I brought out my secret weapon.

"I can imagine what you're going to do with Christopher tomorrow," I said with an evil grin.

Her eyes opened, and I saw them shining in the moonlight. "Like what?" she asked expectantly. "Like you're going to slowly unbutton his shorts and slip his smooth young manhood out. He's going to have a woman holding his cock for the first time. You're going to cup those swaying balls of his in your hand while you slip your tit into his mouth." Janie was humping me like a demon now. "Oh, God, yes! I'm going to suck his teenage dick and show him how to eat pussy.

I'm going to spread my legs and let him fuck me! I want to feel his jizz filling my cunt!" And just like that my jizz was filling her cunt, as I exploded into her frothing pussy. She began bucking her hips wildly, biting her lip to keep from crying out as her orgasm swept through her body. She fell to my chest, trembling, as my spurts and her contractions slowly faded.

She kissed me once more, and I could see her teeth shining in the night as she smiled. "You are my kind of man, Dave Connor! A body built for sex and a mind full of naughty ideas." "And I think you are the perfect partner, Ms. Scarlatti. Ditto on both counts." We fell asleep in each other's arms as the tree frogs piped away the night. To be continued.