Mortishian estreno a un chico X

Mortishian estreno a un chico X
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"Sports Injury" ~ A Father and Daughter find out that they mean more to each other. ~ Luke Sports Fitness Trainer and Personal Coach. Jenny Daughter in last year of HS. Sports Scholarship for Uni next year. Katrina Kat - BFF of Jenny since preschool and future roomie at Uni.

~ Luke is a single father looking after Jenny alone now, since his wife Carolina, a sports masseurs at the state college football club, was found to be giving her customers a "Happy Ending" with each massage. The divorce was ugly with yelling and screaming on both sides. Finally the Judge deciding that Carolina was an unfit mother and giving sole custody to Luke. Jenny was so shocked at the betrayal of her mother, she has not spoken to her since.

Jenny and her Dad get along better now that the divorce has finalized and have settled into an open and loving role where Dad works from home and Jenny helps around the house as much as her school and sport activities will allow.

She feels sad for her Dad and often sees him sitting quietly by himself, his mind off somewhere else. She made a decision that she would make him as happy as she can and be there for him when he needs her. Luke works from home out of his own custom gym where he holds group classes in Gymnastics, strength training and personalized fitness programs for individuals that can afford him.

It was his college football coach that suggested that he should start his own Gym and become a personal fitness coach and business has been so good that he now works sometimes 7 days a week. At 6'2", he has always been fit and reasonably good looking and with workouts and the training of customers he has maintained a trim physique. He employs three casual staff that are called upon as the work becomes available.

The Gym is isolated from the main house and sits behind the triple garage of the house and is twice as big as the house with its own parking area. It has a sauna/steam room, massage table, change rooms and a shower block with plunge pool and of course a fully equipped Gym and exercise area. Jenny, his daughter, and her friend Katrina or Kat, as she prefers, would make good use of the Gym and steam room as often as it was available after all of the customers were through with it and then they would help clean up the steam room and shower block when they were finished.

Gathering all the used towels and turning off the steam. Luke had caught the two of them in the sauna often, leaning back on the raised benches naked, the beads of sweat running down their young fit bodies, just enjoying each others company. Being seen in the buff was nothing unusual for this close family but Kat always squealed to Luke's delight and hurried to cover herself.

But she was coming along and wasn't in such a hurry to duck under a towel as she was. He couldn't help but notice that both girls had a neatly shaved their pubic area leaving a short landing strip above a bald pussy. Life moved on and soon they found that High school was nearly finished and Jenny would be off to Uni after summer break.

It was a University town and Jenny would be able to commute to class everyday and still remain living at home with her Dad and stay close to her friends. Jenny has grown into a stunning young lady and Luke openly admires her and is constantly amazed at the length of her shapely, tanned legs, her slim waist and lushes, firm breasts. She has caught him staring time and again and blushes and giggles. Luke knows she likes being looked at and doesn't discourage her from wearing as little as possible at home.

Luke always had a shower at the Gym after giving a class and closing up. Knowing this Jenny would on occasion pop her head into the shower block catching him in the buff, openly admiring his fit physique, supposedly to tell him that dinner was ready, or some other excuse but would stay and stare until Luke would run her off with a flick of his towel and a yell.

She would yell 'No, don't,' or say 'Don't you dare.' and squeal, laughing as she ran off. Jenny has a soccer match today and shouldn't be back till 5 in the afternoon, so after locking up the Gym, Luke was working on the treadmill and working up a good sweat. He could feel the muscle burn begin, and decided to take a dip in the pool. It being after normal hours he dropped his gym shorts and muscle shirt beside the pool and dove in.

He wasn't there long, doing slow laps when, just as he was getting out Jenny called out to him as she came through the Gym doors limping and being supported by her best friend Kat. He grabbed a towel and wrapped it around himself, but not before giving both girls an eyeful. Luke smiled at the stairs of the two young girls and slowly wrapped the towel around his waist enjoying the thrill of exhibitionism.

Still dripping he helped the girls to a bench seat by the pool. "Oh My God Daddy I've torn a muscle or something in my legs at the game today and coach said I was to go straight home." "Yes Luke." said Kat.

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"She was sprinting down the field then tripped, did a cartwheel and ended up doing the splits right there in the middle of the field." "Well lets clean you up first and get all this mud of you so we can see what needs to be done. Can you make it to the showers?" "I'll give her a hand, I could do with a shower myself." said Kat.

"Can you help me get her there?" "Sure. In fact as you're only small, Jenny I'll carry you there." I picked Jenny up and slowly walked carried into the next room which had the showers and lockers. I stopped at the first shower stall and bent over to place her on the change bench outside the shower when my towel dropped to the floor.

Having an arm full of daughter I couldn't do much but try and laugh it off. As I sat her down and stood back, her face was level with my cock. She naturally looked at it and said, "OMG. You get full service at this Gym." 'Giggle.' We all laughed, but she kept on looking at my cock and Kat at my ass. Kat had the opportunity to pick up my towel, but as I turned around to get it off her she pulled her hand back and said.

"I'll do it." and holding on to the towel wrapped her hands and arms around me and tucked the towel in to my waist pushing her hips and pussy into my groin and hard cock. She held on to me, arms around my waist and rested her head on my shoulder for a while till I gently pushed her back a bit. The towel was tenting so much that it threatened to pull apart and fall again. "Leave my Daddy alone, at leased till he can fix my broken bits." said Jenny with a devious smile.

More giggling from the girls with hands over their mouths trying without success to suppress their laughter at my obviously aroused member. Trying to take control of this embarrassing situation, I adjusted my towel as best I could and asked if Kat could assist Jenny with her shower while I go and setup the table for a massage. I got back into my shorts and shirt, and, while not clean after my workout, weren't to bad.

I thought as I was getting all the necessary bits and pieces for a massage that the two girls were taking a bit long, especially as one of them was in pain, so I ducked into the next room. The girls had finished their showers and were at that moment bending over to pick up there discarded sports gear from the floor outside the showers. I coughed and as they spun around and faced me I said. "Oh, nice pay back girls." "Daddy.


Not fair. You could have knocked!" They hurriedly held up their towels in front of them which only covered one of each of their breasts down to mid thigh, leaving a view of their slender legs and curved backsides and tiny waists. "And where would be the fun in that?" I laughed so much I had to hold the door frame.

"If I could stamp my foot in annoyance I wood, but I'm hurting Daddy and I need you." I bent over and kissed the top of her blond head and both Kat and I helped her into the massage room and up onto the padded table. She lay face up on the table with her towel over her breasts and thighs, as I arranged the towel so that it wouldn't be in the way of an inspection of her injuries. I couldn't help admiring her toned body and long legs.

She had trimmed her pubic hair and smooth shaved legs. She was biting the tip of her thumb in a most adorable way as I openly admired her body.

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I gathered my thoughts and asked, "Just were is it that you are hurting?" She pointed to her lower belly and inner thighs. "Probably just muscle strain, but I'll know for sure in a little bit. If you've torn a ligament then we'll go to the hospital and see the doctor." "I hope she'll be OK." said Kat, who had wrapped her short towel around herself, the towel only just covering her round butt.

"It sounded awful when it happened. She screamed and swear like a sailor and everybody just stood around and did nothing until coach came." Kat was hopping from one foot to another and wringing her hands, looking very worried. So I asked her to help and get the oil and another towel.

While she was out in the supply room I asked Jenny if it was OK to take the towel away so as I could get a feel of the affected area and the muscles involved.

She nodded and closed her eyes saying, "This is soooo going into my diary Daddy.

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He He He." I had to laugh. She was trying to make light of the situation in spite of her pain. This wouldn't be the first time I had seen her naked, but the first time that I had the opportunity to put my hands on her tiny body and give her a massage. This was taking our Father/Daughter relationship to a new level. One I was, in a way, eager to reach.

I took the towel away and was shocked at the amount of bruising on her hips and waist. I warmed some oil in my hands and slowly felt her belly and waist. I saw her grimace occasionally and noted the areas for further treatment. Kat had returned and gasped at the sight of all the bruising, going up to stand near my daughters head and lovingly stroke her hair.

Her upper thigh muscles were the most bruised and I slowly worked these muscles until she said that the pain had lessened. I moved my hand up further until I was touching her pussy mound with each upward motion of my oil soaked hands, she slowly began to spread her legs apart until her ankles were on the edge of the table and her knees bent to give me greater access. Her pussy opened like the petals of a flower, shiny with a combination of her natural juices and the oil. Her natural scent filled the air causing my manhood to once again raise his head, this time poking above the waistband of my shorts.

I glanced towards Kat and caught her looking at my cock and biting her lower lip. Our eyes met and she blushed. I gave a shrug and smiled. She smiled back and winked. I was pressing down on the top of Jenny's mound and working the lower abdomen muscles when I noticed that Kat was giving Jenny a shoulder massage and moving down to the top of her breasts and pinching her nipples.

Jenny had her eyes tightly closed and was moaning quietly while this was going on. I caught Kat looking at me and I smiled and gave her a nod. She gave me a huge smile back and enveloped my daughters breasts in both of her hands kneading them and making Jenny shudder and have a small cum. While I manipulated her sore muscles I had moved closer to the table and my daughters outstretched hand. I first felt her touch when I lent over her to get to her far side.

She delicately touched then rubbed her hand along my exposed knob then slowly squeezed the head forcing some Precum out of the end.

I sighed and enjoyed the experience. I noticed that Kat had stopped and was licking her lips at the scene in front of her. I slowly moved away from the table with a sigh and tried to concentrate on helping my daughter.

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I gave Jenny a thorough check up and asked her to roll over onto her front and that I'd finish with a back rub. Kat helper her roll and she said that she only felt a small amount of pain now. Laying on her stomach she immediately spread her legs as far as she could on the table. I started with her ankles to give her a massage but looking back along her legs to her now swollen and glistening pussy and her taut young ass. I just had to pause and admire how much she has grown into a desirable young woman.

I moved up her legs and stood at her side to manipulate her upper thighs and firm backside. Kat was now rubbing Jenny's back down to her waist with oil.

She moved around to stand next to me, shoulder to shoulder, hip to hip. While I did Jenny's Glutes and upper thigh muscles and she did her lower back. She had lowered her towel down so that it was now only wrapped around her slender waist, she had small but lovely cone shaped breasts with a scattering of small freckles on them. The towel was only just hanging on to her slender hips and with a hip wiggle, it dropped to the floor. With both of us now completely relaxed with being nude in front of each other I looked and admired her flat tummy with just a hint of little girl roundness on her hips to make me drool and want to lick her down there.

I loved that she was a true red head. I've always favored the look of red pubes on a girl with a nice trimmed bush.

Jenny had her hands down by her sides and palms up. They were level with my cock head that was poking over the top of my shorts about an inch. Every time she moved her fingers, they would brush against my cock head that was leaking Precum and soaking her fingers. Kat came to stand behind me pressing her tits into my back. She took hold of my t shirt and pulled it over my head. I was feeling very warm by now and didn't stop her.

I could feel her hard nipples then brushing against the muscles of my back as she slowly pushed my shorts down to my ankles. Her hands came around to my front and started stroking my 7 inches with her oil covered hands, pressing my cock head over my daughters outstretched hand and fingers.

I could only moan giving myself over to the manipulations of these two beautiful young girls. I moved my hand down and across my girls tight bum and pushed a finger slowly into my daughters soaked pussy, and heard her give low and long moan. Her inner pussy lips puffed out, swollen and greedy for the kind of attention that only a girl in heat would crave.

Her slit leaked little drops of her juice as I inserted another finger and drove them deep into her sex. I had never dreamed of doing this with my daughter, but I felt that if it was going to happen then now was a perfect time. I felt for her G spot and rubbed around her clit, shortly bringing her to a shuddering climax. I felt Kat shudder behind me having a small cum in sympathy, knowing she was probably diddling her slit as I brought Jenny off.

She stroked my cock over the top of my daughters hand and Jenny gently griped the head, moving her fingers around and spreading the Precum. With both girls working on me now, I couldn't hold back, I came sending two big shots of cum over my daughters delicious looking backside and another two into her hand.

Feeling weak at the knees I turned around and leaning back against the table, took Kat into my arms and kissed her with passion, our tongues dueling and our bodies pressing hard to each other. I reached around and squeezed her pert little arse with both hands rubbing a finger across her rose bud and down to her pussy, just sliding the tip of a finger into her hot opening and rubbing around her outer lips.

I lowered my hips til I could slide my slowly deflating cock between her thighs and along her warm and dripping pussy.

I noticed that Kat was smiling and looking around over my shoulder at Jenny, I saw her, still face down but supported on her elbows, licking her fingers and hand where I had left my baby batter. She blushed and held out her hand to Kat who took up the offer with a squeal and a giggle.

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Sucking my daughters fingers with glee. Watching these two perfect and naked teenagers, I felt another hard on forming, so before I got carried away I pulled up my shorts and handed the girls there towels. As we each caught our breaths, I asked if Jenny was feeling any pain now, I noticed that due to the manipulation of her muscles the bruising had lessened some.

I then asked them if everyone was OK with what had just happened, they both stood on shaky legs and hugged me and assured me they were more than OK. I kissed them both on the tops of their heads and squeezed there bums. I was a little embarrassed and lost for words after all that had happened so I quietly said that I would order some Pizza for dinner and I'd see them in the main house in a few. The girls took longer than I expected but they arrived, dressed in shorts and T's, at the same time as the pizza.

Jenny said that Kat was a little pent up so they both had another shower and fixed her problem. No wonder they both had a glow about them. They both broke out into giggles and hugged and kissed each other before sitting down and devouring the pizza. Jenny was still walking with a slight limp so I advised her to take it easy for a bit and just laze around the house for the next few days.

Any strain on an already saw muscle might exasperate the trouble and take her longer to recover. Kat who had organized to stay over for the weekend with her parents had bought an overnight bag with her and both girls walked gingerly to Jenny's room.

Leaving me with the cleanup of the Pizza boxes and general kitchen tidy-up. Being a single Dad I seemed to be constantly on a tidy-up around the house.

It wasn't that hard. I had a commercial company come and get all the linen from the Gym and had them pick up the household towels and sheets also, leaving me with only our clothes to wash. I went to my room to shower and dress down for a night of sitting in front of the Box. Maybe watch some Netflix or a video. After a quick shower I put on some cutoff sweats and a muscle shirt. I picked up my clothes hamper intending on putting on a load of wash overnight and stopped by the girls room to get Jenny's hamper.

I was about to knock on the door when it was opened for me and the girls were standing there in their Baby Doll nighties. Jenny's was light blue with a the top only just disguising the fact that she had the most perfect set of tits, it came down to her navel exposing her frilly, see through panties and 2 inches of flat tummy. Kat had on a similar Lingerie but it was white and framed her red hair to perfection.

I could see through her white panties to the darker red of her pubes. The look on my face must have been amusing to them. They both burst out laughing.

Jenny said. "You should see the look on your face Daddy, a mixture of shock and lust." and they both gave me a hug. "It's OK Dad that's just the reaction we were hoping for." said Jenny.

They both walked down the hall towards the Den both overdoing the hip swaying and bumping hips as they went.


Giggling all the way. I had to smile. I loved that both girls had so much fun together and were such good friends. Looking into the Den, the girls had taken over the couch and had the throw rug covering them.


I yelled out to them whether they wanted a drink of some kind. "Beer. No scotch. No champagne." was the response. Then laughter. "Ha Ha Ha. Very funny. So hot chocolate it is then." I said. "Awww Dad." 'Giggle.' I brought the drinks in and sat them on the coffee table along with some Chock chip cookies.

The girls threw off the rug covering them and sat Indian style on the other side of the coffee table. The coffee table being glass provided me with an unobstructed view of their barley covered bodies. I could see clearly that both girls had moist pussy's leaving a damp spot on their panties and I wondered what they had been doing under the throw rug. I shifted on my couch to hide the Boner that was now tenting my shorts.

I placed a throw pillow on my lap as if to use it as a table for my cup and cookie plate. I didn't think for one minute that I was fooling either girl, but I felt I had to put in some effort. Shortly the girls asked about watching some movies and hopped up to select something from the library under the TV.

As expected they bent at the waist in front of me and slowly sorted threw the selection. I was enjoying the view as much as the girls were enjoying being exhibitionists. I took note of their newly shaved legs, shiny with moisturizer and probably shaved pussies also, judging by the blurred view through their panties they were giving me.

My hard on was very stiff at this point and aching. Having selected a movie they didn't return to there couch, but joined me on mine, cuddling up on either side of me.

They smelled of sex and young girl. Jenny having garbed the throw rug draped it over us all. With their heads on my shoulders and my arms draped over the two of them, we watched the movie. I'm pretty sure we had seen it before, but that wasn't the reason for sitting here. We all were enjoying the closeness we now shared. First Jenny then Kat would lean in and kiss my neck or chest. Then I felt a hand resting on my thigh, just below the opening of my shorts.

More kisses were delivered and I returned them when ever a precious face was close enough. Both the girls slid further down along my body until they had their knees were on the floor in front of me. Their faces resting on my hips and their hands resting on my hard cock. The blanket discarded.

My breathing was coming in short, sharp gasps now. My cock was as hard as I think it had ever been as they lowered my shorts till my cock sprang out of the elastic waist of my shorts. I could feel their breath on the head and sides of my shaft as they kissed and licked it lovingly.

I was lost in lust. They start to stroke me and fondle my balls, then kisses on the head and shaft of my now pulsing cock. Suddenly a moist, warm mouth enveloped my knob and sucked. Just the warmth of the mouth nearly had me pumping my shaft down the throat of the young girl in front of me.

With one hand wrapped around my balls, gently fondling, and the other one working on my throbbing dick, stroking the full length, from my cum filled balls to the red, swollen head that leaked more and more Precum out with every pass of there tiny hands. I had a one hand on a blond pony tail and my other on a red pony tail, both heads moving in unison bringing me closer to a climax.

They both stopped and Jenny positioned us so that I was lying along the couch with Kat sucking on my cock and Jenny straddled my chest. I looked up into my daughters pretty face and the intense look of love and lust was amazing. She moved over my face and lowered her pussy on to my lips.

Her taste was sweet and tangy at the same time and I couldn't get enough of my sweet little girl. We moved as one to the music of our combined passion, closer and closer to a joint climax of our groaning and sweaty bodies. I was the first to reach a shattering climax.

My balls pulled tight to my body and began to push a huge load of hot cum up the shaft of my cock filling Kats' mouth. Jenny shuddered and ground her hot muffin into my mouth and released a torrent of her sweet juice onto my face and tongue.

"Ugh, ugh, ugh.ahhhhhh." Jenny cried and slumped against the side of the couch. I lay back exhausted and watched as the girls moved to the floor and into a lust filled kiss swapping my cum between them selves and finally moving into a sixty nine on the floor to continue their loving quickly bringing them both to a noisy and passion filled climax.

Again sitting on the couch we slowly we recovered and held each other until our breathing had normalized. After some kisses and cuddles, I said, "I know you girls will be dating and probable having sex with boys, but I want you both to know that I'll be here for you when ever you need me, someone who will make love to you and not just have sex with you to satisfy themselves." "Oh Daddy Boys are so Gross and clueless, none of them could come close to the love we feel for you.

Your stuck with us I'm afraid." My daughter had tears running down her face. I thought I'd done something to upset her. I asked, "is everything alright?" "Oh, of cause Daddy can't a girl cry without her Daddy man making a big deal out of it?" We gently kissed and cuddled, dropping now and then into a exhausted sleep, finally getting enough energy to head off to my bed for the rest of the night.

The three of us. And that's just the way it was until they graduated from University four years later, when they then secured jobs in Europe and met the men they would eventually marry, giving me 4 grand kids and a house full of laughter when ever they came to visit Granddad. ~~~