Hart auf dem Bett reifen gefickt

Hart auf dem Bett reifen gefickt
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Hi, my name is Rohan let me briefly tell you about myself. I'm now 27 years old, 5.95 feet height, athletic body and average looking. I have my Own Business and I'm a Martial Arts and Yoga Trainer in Bangalore, Hyderabad and Chennai gyms. (Why so many places you will know in the stories. I actually got this opportunity to share my stories with an unfortunate car accident which I have recently met in Hyderabad with a drunker girl - friend. She was a little high that day for getting selected in her auditions for a ramp.

Her sister, her cousin and I were the victims as the car toppled I had a minor leg fracture. This happened 8 days back. Since I was getting bored, with a friend's suggestion I started reading erotic stories for trying out new ways and knowing experiences but after reading a couple of hundreds. I thought to post my real experiences and then I'm here recollecting all my stuff and posting it here after making some calls to few friends taking their permission to post those real experiences we had and are having.

Well let's start and I'm a trader and have to roam all these places once in every month to look over my business and going to the gyms whenever I'm at the respective places. I know Telugu, Tamil, Hindi and English and I can understand Kannada a little. This would be the biggest story which you have ever studied and never have studied as this is real which you will accept soon as someone says when you wish for anything desperately you will get it and so my dear romantic and erotic readers and please be patient with my stories.

People who like to read long stories would definitely enjoy reading them. People who may know me might study these stories so I want to keep my identity undisclosed. I'm writing these stories with the permission of few ladies with whom I'm in contact with. I had Sexual encounters with aged, middle aged, married and many sex starved women who were between 20 and 48 as they are the highest and the least aged in my list coz below 20 are considered as kids in my view.

They might reach puberty or mature by 13 or 14th year but a little matured body would always be good to make love J. According to my understanding with so many females in my life I would like give a free advice to guys and men, hey brothers when it comes to sex it is all about a women when she don't want IT don't force her and because that is considered as rape and not making love to a women. Satisfying a woman in her way is the best thing you could do in your life and if your woman loves rough sex then go for it and many women love to have conversation and some likes to have it with moans and please don't sleep like a dog after a romantic session.

I believe no women or a girl likes that understand her needs and act accordingly and all the best Okay let me start the story: I was born in Rajahmundry (real) and was brought up in a nearby town Mandapeta. Not a very big town but was quite enough for so many schools and so much of crowd, sometimes with traffic jams by bullock carts in the middle of the roads.

Basically one of the business center of EG District People at home and neighbourhoods used to call me bujji and in school by my name. That might be a funny nick name but they named it as I had a fat ass. I remember myself since my childhood as a kinky idiot and a kind of sex maniac which I have learned in 6th standard. Why I'm telling you this I always liked to sit on a females lap, hug them tight, watch my Anglo-Indian teachers (Gracy (mom), Lucy (First Daughter), Lana (Second Daughter) underneath their skirt.

Gracy never used to wear underwear.

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Because I Used to Watch Her Mostly Every day after her nap in the class which will be after our lunch break. There were other teachers too but to show some international standard to parents, schools used to recruit Anglo Indians instead of the real. Only these three used to come in western wear to school and the rest used to be sarees and salwars.

There were some hot sarees too, I'll tell you about them in the later stories. But my beginning somehow started with Gracy and her pussy ;) She never saw me observing her as we had pencils, erasers and sharpeners to drop on the floor and sit under the bench for some time and watch all the exposed region of hers from inner thighs to her swollen pussy and I used to enjoy the view and laugh. I don't know anything about sex or what I was doing, nothing at that time.

But there was something in my mind about women beauty. All I know was I was enjoying all those scenes. I remember I was studying first standard and I was 7 years old. I had a younger brother who was 2 years old. He was little weak and dull. He will laugh once in awhile. Most of the time sleeping I don't remember books and rhymes but I remember the best moments I think and I liked them were much were my play ground games and sex games. Gracy might be 5 feet tall, nice shaped boobs and a swaying ass.

Statistics and heights will be approximate as I might be only 2.5 to 3 feet that time. I don't say she was fat but when she used to take the pupil in the class to give a hug every day I used to feel her very soft. I used to like that Gracy, Lucy and Lana was working in my school as teachers for classes up to 5th standard.

My Mom used to send my younger brother and me to learn rhymes and some math in the first class when my brother was not even kinder garden. Since childhood I always like to stay in someone else's house mostly where girls and more women were there or outside the house I mean the play ground than our house. After the tuition my brother used to sleep, and all my classmates and everyone used to rush their home and but I like to stay there for few more time as Lucy and Lana Used to go for bath one after the other and they used to come in shorts, night gowns, skirts, night pants and sometimes shorts.

I used to enjoy seeing them in that stuff as that's a town no one else other than some marwadi girls used to wear those kinds of dresses. Sometimes I used to act that I'm in a sleepy mood and used to put my hands on their ass, boobs, shoulders, thighs, legs and wherever and whenever possible. Gracys husband was an rtc driver and most of the time he was not at home. Lucy and Lana were unmarried. They were 19 and 18 at that time I guess but they used to talk to some men who used to come on scooters in our area and near the school sometimes and sometimes they used to come when Gracy was not in the home.

Lucy used to go and talk to them and Lana used to handle the tuition and sometimes vice versa. I have never given much attention about those guys anyways and I was also angry because they used to tease us and hit us on the heads in front of Lucy and Lana but sometimes I also liked that because when they hit us I used to cry and to make me calm Lucy and Lana used to hug me to their breast and saying "sorry bujji and sometimes they used to kiss me on my cheek as I told you.

I was a fat ass and not exactly fat I should say fluffy in my childhood. Most of the females used to squeeze my cheeks. If I like the girl or women doing it I immediately used to give a hug being a kid nobody used to mind that and that was my good fortune after that they used to become close. Some women who were reluctant for lying hands on them, they used to tell me that I should not do that Lucy and Lana used to take very good care of us even Gracy.

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More over my mom used to send fruits, sweets on all occasions. They used to go for shopping in the town. Our tuition fee was on time and sometimes extra if they need more I mean in debt I think. We are also one of the well off families in town. There will be another character introduced in the first part i.e., Uma aunty. Full name Uma Maheshwari Devi Avasarala. My sex advisory: She stays in our adjacent house. I got attracted to her by seeing her naked everyday when she takes bath in the morning and evening or whenever she takes bath.

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They don't have an attached bathroom. It was a typical village bathroom which will have a door, and sides covered but the top left free. We were in a two floored house and I used to take my brother to one corner on the terrace and we used to see her naked daily. I mean we almost watched everyone in their family taking bath naked but our Preferable time was when Uma aunty taking bath.

My brother don't know anything he just used to accompany my pranks. Uma aunty was also my mom's friend. She was also married but I think she was very younger than my mom. She was a physics graduate from Andhra University.

She was doing her PhD at home when I was first standard. She used to teach me Vedic math sometimes when I go her home.

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She used to give puzzles and asked me to solve them. Uma aunty doesn't have any kids. Her Husband was a government employee. I was also close to Uma aunty as she knows me before even I know her and I also used to visit her house, hug her, and kiss her when she asks our brothers to kiss her for a chocolate. We take chocolates form her and used to return the favor with kisses. She also used to kiss us saying sweet kids. She also used to tease us holding our dicks in the bathroom as my brother used to pee wherever he wanted.

So she used to ask me as well to come to loo for peeing lol. My great problem in the childhood was we used to wear knickers and they will have button fly. It was easy for me to remove those buttons but I never learned how to lock them till I was 4th.


So after peeing in her loo she used to clean our dicks with water after that wiping with towel and she used to button us.

Sometimes with my brother I also used to sleep in her house next to her on the other side pressing boobs and touching her belly and waist without knowing what they are and what I'm doing. I should say I liked touching females and be with them. She also knows that we watch her sometimes from our terrace because sometimes when she raises her head up she can see us and my brother used to tell her shame puppy shame and I also used to laugh with him saying the same.

So she never gave much attention to our terrace watches as we were kids. She just used to signal us by keeping one finger on her mouth saying shhh and used to wave her hand at us to get lost from that place with a serious smile. She never bothered changing her saree in front of us before taking us to movies and a nearby park in the evenings.

So many cleavage shows, thigh shows when she is washing clothes and mopping the floor.


Summer holidays were the best time to stay with all the aunties around my house. Everyone treated me like a small kid by them never knew my intensions. There were many aunties who used to come to our house for chit chat with mom and granny.

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Uma aunty used to spend most of her free time with my mom. I have reached 3rd standard and I was nine and my brother was 4 but he was still little dull and moody all the time. He was reluctant going to school. My granny used to say that he was born on new moon day, that is why he is like that and crap. Max time he will with granny or with mom drinking milk or sleeping. He used to play with me. He likes coming out with me but max he used to stay away from unknown people.

I was growing at good speed. I might be between 4 to 4.3 feet every morning dad and I, will go to the club. I have joined martial arts there. Sometimes I used to go to yoga sessions with dad. Many used to like me as I never tried to harm anyone neither verbally nor physically.

Everyone treated me like a good going active kid. My granny used to teach us Ramayana, Mahabharata, Bhagavad-Gita, and Pedda Bala Siksha. My brother used to sleep in her lap after listening for some time, as I like listening to stories I used to eat her brain for some time with stupid doubts. She was patient enough to tell me everything she knows.

I was getting knowledge from everywhere. Funny but true, kids have a biggest problem of grasping everything around them and blabber about them with everyone. Some will like that attitude and some gets bored. So my life was going that way and all those hugs and kisses were going good with Uma aunty, Lucy and Lana as they were.

One day like a routine after the lunch break I was watching the naked thighs and pussy of Gracy when she was sleeping in the chair in the middle of the class. Suddenly, I was caught by my ear and was dragged outside to the lunch rooms.

It was Lucy, I was saying sorry miss; sorry miss when she was dragging me. She slapped on my face saying idiot and scolding in Telugu, manner less, what is your age and what are you doing etc. I was horrified and was literally crying saying sorry miss a hundred times. She took my Diary book and wrote something in it and made a note on it that needs to be signed by mother. I don't know whether she told this to anyone or not but Lana was acting fine with me in the afternoon class.

That day evening I didn't go to Gracys Tuition and went to municipal playground with my brother. We came back, had dinner and slept. I didn't show the Diary to my mom that day, but next day morning while going to school she asked me about the Diary and I lied that I have forgot that in school. She asked me to show that in the evening.

All day I was escaping from Lucy's eyes. I noticed her looking at me with a sick face. She might not have forgotten what I did yesterday after lunch Lucy called me to staff room and was asking about my Diary. I told Lucy that I forgot in Uma Aunt's house.

She slapped me again for lying and warned me that if I don't show that to my mom she will do it. I was literally peeing in my Knickers. I don't know what to do it was too much for a boy. That day also I did not go to Gracys tuition but went to Uma aunt's house with my brother after eating some snacks in her house my brother slept after sometime I started crying in Uma aunt's lap.

She didn't understand why I was crying and started asking me "why are you crying bujji, what happened? Did mom say anything? Etc. I left her in the bedroom and went to hall to get my Diary from the school bag. I handed it to her and started crying again. She took it in her hand and took me close to her breasts consoling me.

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Though it felt good fear was the first thing which I had in my mind. She opened the Diary and I noticed her changing expressions and she was loudly reading the note in the Diary your son is getting into wrong stuff or something in the school; please take care of him, Lucy. Uma Aunty didn't understand anything and asked me bujji what are you doing in the school. I didn't know what to answer her and continued crying. I didn't tell her anything though she asked me couple of times then she told "bujji if you don't tell me I'll have to ask Lucy about this."My cries were increased.

She felt pity on me and taken me into her lap with my face near her bosom. Her boobs were brushing one side of my face. They were like spongy melons, smooth and soft. It felt very nice and I wanted to stay like that for some more time. My cries automatically stopped. I forgot to tell you about Uma aunty very nice shaped boobs and ass, fair, beautiful eyes and lips totally a very sexy and attractive Brahmin lady. She lifted me up made me sit in front of her and asked me what happened.

I was negatively nodding my head indicating her that I don't want to tell. She took me to kitchen, offered me chocolate, sweets she also hugged me saying "my nice bujji no, please tell me what happened, what you did and I will not tell anyone and I'll sign your Diary also. I was exactly till her breasts when she hugged me to console in the standing posture.

I've also hugged her back tightly giving her an impression that I was afraid. I rested my head on her saree covered breasts. I don't know what happened to me but I started feeling her hug very comfortable and nice, all my cries were gone and I was just enjoying her body by pressing myself to her tightly.

I got some confidence with what she said and asked her for a promise. She promised me kissing my forehead and cheeks that she won't tell anyone. I told her "sign first then I'll tell.

She signed my Diary and Anirudh was still sleeping ooops I forgot my younger brothers' name is Anirudh. After signing the Diary she said okay bujji now I have signed your Diary and I have promised also. Now tell me what you did in the school." With the confidence she gave I told her pointing at her pussy that Uma aunty, I have seen Gracy madams this (I mean her pussy) sitting underneath the bench and Lucy miss caught me" and I have started crying in the kitchen again.

Her expression was changed a little but looking at my condition hugged me again to her breasts and started consoling me "okay okay don't cry bujji I won't tell this to anyone.

Don't worry. Okay secret and she started squeezing my cheeks and trying to make me smile but I was still in the same mood. She took me to the bedroom where Anirudh was lying and she sat on the bed. She asked me to rest in her lap and tapping on my head and on my back to stop weeping. My cries were already stopped when she signed my Diary ;).

I think I was acting to get sympathy. I rolled on her lap turned my face purposefully towards her belly and buried myself into it to know how it feels. As I was crying she didn't give much attention to it and she was pressing my head into her belly consoling me not to cry. Her boobs were brushing my face smoothly on her blouse and after I stopped crying she took me to bathroom to wash my face and she asked me to go to loo if necessary.

I felt a little shy and told her I'm fine. She told me nothing happened bujji why are you crying, I'll talk to Lucy tomorrow don't worry and I won't tell your mom and I was completely relieved by her words and hugged her tight and given her a kiss on her cheeks without taking chocolates this time.

She was happy as I stopped crying and I woke up Anirudh, washed his face and she escorted us till our main gate and left giving us a smile.

Next day morning mom asked for the Diary again. I told her that I have lost it somewhere. She wrote a letter to school and asked me to get a new one today. I told this to Uma aunty before going to school. She asked me to bujji do one thing keep this progress here and take a new one in school and I'll talk to Lucy regarding this. I got a smile on my face and thanked Uma and left to school.

Uma told that she will come to school in the afternoon after completing her household work. I showed the diary in which Uma signed to Lucy and told her Uma aunty wants to meet you. Lucy asked me why, but I told her I don't know.


Uma came in the noon and spoke to Lucy in the lunch room and Lucy gave her a new Diary for me. Uma gave me the new diary and took the original with her. Lucy's expression didn't change but she didn't tell me anything that day and she asked me to come to tuition in the evening and I fearfully nodded Okay Lucy Miss.

That afternoon I didn't attempt to view Gracys pussy evening I went to tuition with Anirudh and everything was normal. I think no body other than we three knows about that issue. Lucy was also behaving normal with us. Few days passed and Gracy had to go to some marriage.

We had some talent competitions going in school so Lucy and Lana were helping us out with essay writings and elocutions 2nd day after Gracy left one guy whom I used to see with Lucy has come to their house after tuition was over.

Lana was helping me to mug up essay writing and Lucy left with that guy to other room. They were sitting in the living room and I could hear their laughs and gags but I couldn't understand anything. Lana asked me to mug up the essay and told me that she is going to market for groceries and left.

That guy was Lucy's boyfriend when I came to living room for asking water they got separated from kissing position. I couldn't understand that completely but I understood that there was something fishy happening. Her boyfriend came to me and asked what I want. I told him water. Lucy was still sitting in the sofa watching us. He slapped on my face and caught my next and warned me don't say anything about what I have seen to anyone.

I nodded my head and started crying. He closed my mouth; meanwhile Lucy brought me water and asked that guy to leave. That guy left, she asked me to drink water and sit on the sofa next to her She told sorry bujji sorry for what Vinay did, he might not have slapped you.

Don't cry ma then she hugged me. Not a complete hug, we can say a half hug which will be used for consoling. Lucy and Lana were shorter than Uma Aunty so when ever hey used to give those half hugs, my face used to be between their necks and breast. It was good when I was short because when they hug me, my face used to be at their breasts. Sometimes height will be a disadvantage so when they hug me, my upper portion of my chest used to feel their boobies both had nice pair of boobs and in tight T-shirts they used to look much more beautiful.

She made me to sit with my head on her shoulder and she asked me don't tell this to your mom or anyone saying while smiling she kissed on my cheek which Vinay slapped. More than the slap I was enjoying the kiss. She asked me to sit in her lap and consoling me. She also warned me that bujji if you tell this to anyone, I'll tell what you did in the class that day" I've became numb again and started worrying. Looking at me she hugged again and said "don't worry bujji I won't tell that to anyone.

She offered me chocolates and made me smile with jokes. Lana has come back from the market and she asked where is Vinay? I told Lana Vinay Anna left as soon as you left" I think Lucy was relieved with what I said and gave me one more chocolate and a tight hug this time and asked us to leave.

Will Be Continued in the second part. My email address is [email protected] ladies and girls you are always welcome