Besten Freunde Mutter erwischte mich Rucken

Besten Freunde Mutter erwischte mich Rucken
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DracMorair: Nude in all things here. Mind, soul, heart and body yet to enforce it, though it sounds fun. if you come with modesty in your heart, mind, soul or body there will be fines. Read the description and ask if you have anybody else that will enjoy the freedom: Love without boundaries, Unconditional Love. This idea you can accept or leave. Modesty is the first limit anyone needs to get passed if there attempting to be a free spirit. if your not a free spirit your a slave one.

this room is open, not public DracMorair: Greeings love BIOSH0CK: hello,how are you? BIOSH0CK: so i take it i should get nude?

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DracMorair: I never know how I am, life is a fucking miracle. DracMorair: In all ways Bio BIOSH0CK: ok,hang on DracMorair: And I remind you to save a nude fit so you can easily switch next time your in here BIOSH0CK: i will,ill just have to save one without the trigger cock DracMorair: leave it on DracMorair: I have one to, I'm a futa DracMorair: ~~pats the bed~~ come, get comfortable, I dont bit unless asked DracMorair: or provoked BIOSH0CK: think is i like being bit.but futas are hot.just havent met one thats a "bottom" so to speak DracMorair: Because futas by there nature are both master and slave of there own bodie DracMorair: We are primal DracMorair: Baphomet BIOSH0CK: thats true.but im neither dom nor sub.just a bi top : chuckles : DracMorair: Do you enjoy fighting for your dominane?

BIOSH0CK: never had to i suppose DracMorair: care to make an attempt to?


DracMorair: I respect dominance if it can be shown BIOSH0CK: i can i said,im not dominate.closest i get is rough sex DracMorair: But prefer the top DracMorair: right?

BIOSH0CK: yea.well since i am a top acually DracMorair: good DracMorair: So DracMorair: harder question DracMorair: Who are you without a name, the superfiicial or title DracMorair: ? BIOSH0CK: neither,im just myself DracMorair: You dont know, or lack knowledge of yourself in the mirror? BIOSH0CK: i do know,i just have no title,just myself and my name,thats all i am. i refuse to give myself something as a title,im just me DracMorair: and your purpose?

DracMorair: in life BIOSH0CK: to be myself. to live how i want,be it through sex,electronics or reading and to survive DracMorair: What I find most curious is the seed of a being. From the outside when it sprouts it's perceived as destruction, rather than creation. And with infinate possbilites remind a being they can grow. that;s my being, that's who I am.


"Sometimes when you're in a dark place you think you've been buried, but actually you've been planted." - Christine Caine DracMorair: A free spirit then ? DracMorair: Enjoying the experience? BIOSH0CK: yes i am DracMorair: is very few I meet such as yourself DracMorair: Most have a purpose they have defined. DracMorair: or atleast one DracMorair: that allows for infinate possibilities DracMorair: rather than just being the observer like you BIOSH0CK: so does letting fate take you werever and enjoy the ride DracMorair: Right.

DracMorair: exactly BIOSH0CK: ^wherever DracMorair: Not concerned how it comes about DracMorair: So another question DracMorair: Your Intention for life? BIOSH0CK: ive only got a few short years in my life.

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i have to live it as i see fit. and my intention in life is to enjoy what time i have on here. doing what i love,what i find fun and being around people that i enjoy DracMorair: ~~wanders a paw across hs chest to touch that long mane of hair unable to resist~~ Beautiful. And what is it you love doing ? BIOSH0CK: to be honest: gaming,meeting new people to talk to,hang out with and have fun with; sexually or otherwise.

: he scoots closer to her,giving her alot better reach justi n case DracMorair: ~~gives a playfull giggle~~ I think I've probed your soul as far as it will go, you are completely transparent to me. As I you. ~~creeping my knee up his thighs to masauge my knee into his tate~~ BIOSH0CK: makes it alot better to get to know each other dont you think?

: smiles over to her,his hand moving down to her leg,caressing the thigh DracMorair: Yes, being able to reconize my happieness ness isn't dependent on another being seeing me for anything I am not.

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DracMorair: pure accaptance DracMorair: ~~Adjusting myself I roll to my side for his hands to wander to my shaft,balls,puss and ass, whatever he chooses to play with opening my legs and propping a knee up as an offering~~ BIOSH0CK: : he moves his hand to his mouth,licking his palm slowly while watching her. he reaches down to her shaft,gripping it slightly as their eyes lock as he begins stroking," takes a long time to get to know a person good thing im patient." he says as he parts his legs slightly,offering her the same thing DracMorair: No it does not if they know who they are completely.

only zombies stop at the cheshire grin of who are you ~~wandering my paw to his ass playing with the rose bud with a slight giggle~~ BIOSH0CK: thats very very true : chuckles and lets out a soft moan as he slowly twists his wrist with each slow stroke DracMorair: ~~returning moan for moan as our conciousness meet here in this place and time a grin reaching my lust and blood lust filled eyes~~ What is your darkest desire? BIOSH0CK: mmm.hmm.i have a few.nothing very kinky,sometimes its acually tame compared to some.mostly public sex with a transexual or a futa.or a furry futa : he says with a chuckle,moaning as he strokes her shaft a bit faster,letting his pinkie tease her open pussy DracMorair: ~~wiggles a bit under his fingers with a giggle at his response~~ Thats your present now, what is at the top of your imagination?

BIOSH0CK: as of right now? to be honest my cock buried inside your mouth,ass,and pussy : he chuckles,glancing over to her DracMorair: Turn around, find the dot DracMorair: ~~wiggles off the bed kneeling at the bottom waiting for him to adjust as I let my forked toungue roll out and work his shaft to erection with a hum ~~ BIOSH0CK: mmm.i think its safe to say already that you and i are going to get along nicely : he says with a moan,his shaf throbbing then thickening slowly to its full 9 inches DracMorair: Hello love.

are you still mad at me? LittleFallenAngel: I'm not mad at anyone.

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:i LittleFallenAngel: :o* DracMorair: ~~wandering my forked toung lower along his anus tickles it between talking to the new arival~~ DracMorair: You seemed upset, wantting to get rid of AP and all BIOSH0CK: : moans but bites back a bit so he doesnt disrupt them,listening to the convorsation LittleFallenAngel: Hmmm no nothing mad I just didn't want to be parented or anything DracMorair: So you dont need me is a domme, what do you need darling?

LittleFallenAngel: Close friendship :o DracMorair: And remember this is nude in all things here Araa DracMorair: I dont ship friends, nor do I accept fiends, nor fryed ends.

I only do lovers.


Lore Ve (latin -truth) Lore of truths. Can you accept that? LittleFallenAngel: I guess so. DracMorair: such a cute brat you are LittleFallenAngel: Should I change avi before getting naked DracMorair: Yeah, something that both me and bio can enjoy LittleFallenAngel: Should I change avi before getting naked LittleFallenAngel: Since this is a toddler avi DracMorair: Something in the teen range DracMorair: no need to break a smaller form DracMorair: ~~lifting up off my knees I go to her~~ DracMorair: I was terribly worried that you might have not grown.

LittleFallenAngel: Grown?. DracMorair: yes. sometimes DracMorair: when I force, or bend another's energy DracMorair: it canhave a rubber band effect DracMorair: I aim to snap that DracMorair: But sometimes it can put you lower than you were in frequency DracMorair: you follow?

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LittleFallenAngel: no but I think it's best I probably just like leave. I'm a bit. sick feeling. DracMorair: Come on Angel DracMorair: let the shit out DracMorair: puke it out DracMorair: Dont hold back LittleFallenAngel: Puke what shit out DracMorair: Whatever is in your gutt telling you something aint right DracMorair: put a name to it DracMorair: and expell it LittleFallenAngel: That i'm on a plane LittleFallenAngel: and there's nude photos everywhere.

DracMorair: go on LittleFallenAngel: I don't think there is anything more to go on about. LittleFallenAngel: I'll let you and bio get back to it LittleFallenAngel: Enjoy your time. DracMorair: dam it Angel DracMorair: dont just quit now DracMorair: Ah. the frivoulous youth DracMorair: its a pain in my ass BIOSH0CK: tell me about it DracMorair: still hard, here and behind the screen?

BIOSH0CK: mhm.both DracMorair: then come here DracMorair: misc2 DracMorair: ~~straddles up reverse cowgirl above him looking over my shoulder~~ adjust your cock to which you want next. DracMorair: ~~lifting my tail to show him my fuck holes with a giggle~~ BIOSH0CK: : moans as he grips her hips and guides his cock to her open pussy first,".just so you know.i can last." he winks as he slides slowly into her DracMorair: ~~reaching between my legs to his balls I squeeze hard~~ you like a bit a pain?

BIOSH0CK: yes i do baby : he moans as he partsh is legs wide for her,looking at her round ass DracMorair: Cant get that image out of my head about that plane, I think she lives in norway, a hub for child trafficing BIOSH0CK: mmm.well damn.that sucks DracMorair: yeah I braught out her demon earlyer DracMorair: facing her shyness with pain DracMorair: got her to accept it DracMorair: And not view herself as evil DracMorair: But from there DracMorair: Twang, rubberband DracMorair: Such a pain in my ass DracMorair: ~~As I drive my fingers in to his~~ BIOSH0CK: : he moans as he begins thrusting upwards into her pussy as he partsh is legs,".mmmm DracMorair: ~~nearly orgasming on the spot as I squeeze his balls in one paw an drive three fringers to my palm in his ass begin fucking like a bowling ball~~ BIOSH0CK: : he begins thrusting back on her fingers as the head of his 9 inch cock rams against her gspot over and over again DracMorair: ~~As he begins thrusting I use the momentum mid stride to lift up off his cock and slamming it up my ass with a howl as I squirt from my punani down his legs~~ BIOSH0CK: : groaning as he feels her juices leaking over his thighs as he rams faster,moaning louder as his cock throbs,".im going to cum." DracMorair: ~~diging my talons into his tate letting go of his balls to expell as I slam hard wet slaps of my ass cheeks kissing his stomach and naval~~ BIOSH0CK: : he gives one last rough slam into her as his cock throbs as he begins to erupt,his cum flooding into her with thick spurt after thick spurt DracMorair: ~~as the pressure swells in my anal cavity I grown and slowly cum up my breast my futa expelling as well across my white and bloody demon fur~~ DracMorair: groan* BIOSH0CK: : still gripping her waist as he keeps grinding and pounding,feeling her cum as he keeps bouncing her DracMorair: ~~As the hard cock slams up me I use my fine motor control in my musles to milk it from shaft to head~~ BIOSH0CK: god yes.your pussy is fantastic.: he says as he looks to her open asshole DracMorair: [btw I post my adventures on, can I use your name or shall I replace it with something?] BIOSH0CK: (i dont mind,and you can use my name) DracMorair: The little one is is the TheLittleZombie Now TheLittleFallenAngel in the story I'll get ya a link DracMorair: ~~looks over my shoulder at him with a chuckle~~ That isn't my puss darling ~~lifting up a bove him putting my hands on my hips peter pan style~~ So whats that imagination telling you now?

BIOSH0CK: mm ok hehe .and my imagination is telling me we are going to get laong really well baby DracMorair: ~~chuckles heartidly~~ without a doubt