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She had to do it-second part Karen woke up from her petty sleep. She vehemently pushed her blankets aside then wore her flip-flops and hastily walked through the hallway to the shower. As she undressed, she remembered exposing herself to her chemistry teacher, letting him play her most sacred of parts.

A sudden flood of emotions came over her; she felt the shame, the unease that came with the thoughts. She stepped in the middle of the warm stream of water pouring from above her. Her eyes closed as the water ran smoothly through her hair, through her lips, cleansing any evidence of her debasement by the evil man.

She moved around letting the current touch every single part of her body he touched and every single part he tasted. The sound of water hitting the floor and going down the drain gave her confirmation that every trace of his sin has vanished.

She wondered if he will ask her to do it again, she feared he might want more, she feared that she could not resist. The uncertainty troubled her, her only comfort was that she did what she had to do. She took a shower longer than usual, hoping to redeem her decency. After taking a shower, she headed to her bedroom and leafed through her wardrobe for her least favorite clothes. She wore them hoping that to appear unappealing to Mr. Hoffman. She did not know that she looked astounding no matter what she wore.

She leisurely went down the flight of stairs to the dining room. She found her family seated enjoying their breakfast while listening to her brother's stories. Karen and her brother, Brandon rarely get to spend time together even though they went to the same school.

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Brandon is either doing football practice, out on a party or hanging out with his friends or on a date with one of his girlfriends.

He is always too busy, just like his father. Their father though, does try to make up for his non-appearance by driving them to school occasionally and buying them expensive gifts. She faked a smile then pulled back one of the seat at the table and sat near Brandon. "What happened to your table manners…chatting with food in your mouth?' she announced as she poured some milk into her cereal, she was talking to no one in particular. "What's with you today?" Her mother inquired after a long stare.

"What do you mean?" She asked as Brandon continued telling his father the rest of his story. "I mean, you said you hated that pair of jeans, and that blouse also." Karen looked at her clothes as if she was not aware she had worn them. "You said they were loose-fitting and they made you look chubby." "It's no big deal, am just trying on a new look." She reassured as she dipped her spoon into the bowl of cereal then into her mouth.

Brandon shifted his attention to his sister.

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"I hope you are not trying on a fat look. Because that is how you look, fat." Brandon breathed to her sister who was just next to him.

Karen knew the best weapon against his brother was to ignore him, so she ignored him and watched Brandon's grin slowly fade away. "Hey baby girl, if you are short on clothes, you can always tell your mother to take you shopping." Her father declared trying hard to show some concern. "No dad, I think I have enough clothes." She dipped another spoonful into her mouth then stayed quiet for a couple of minutes as she listened to herself chew.

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As much as she tried not to think about Mr. Hoffman, she found herself wondering if he has a family or a girlfriend. She tried not to think about the consequences if the story of what she did got out.

It may perhaps leak to the press. She, would disgust the world. Everyone would hate her, including her family, her best friend. She shuddered at that thought.

"Mom is it okay if I don't go to school today?" she asked looking somewhat distressed. "I don't think so honey, why is it that you don't want to go to school?" Her mother returned.

"Is anyone bothering you?" She asked gently, and then looked at Brandon with admonition. "Brandon, didn't I tell you look after your little sister?" "Mom, no one is bothering me, I just don't feel like going to school." She replied speedily to avoid any further scolding. "I don't think that is a reason enough sweetheart, you have to go to school." Her father grunted and her mother nodded in agreement.

"Well, am off to school." Brandon muttered after checking his phone. Everyone then woke up and went in separate directions, as if Brandon had dismissed them.

Karen grabbed the bowl of cereal and gobbled up the rest of her cereal. She grabbed her bag and followed her mother to her car.

"Hey honey, can I ask you something?" her mother asked without taking her eyes off the road. "Yeah mom, you can ask me anything." "Do you have a boyfriend?" "No mom, I don't." She replied feeling embarrassed by her mother's interrogation. "Good, that's good." she said. "Not that I am against you having a boyfriend though." "Okay." Karen whispered back feeling even more embarrassed. "Are you having sex?" "Mom!" she shouted.

"Is that a yes?" "No! Now I know why you offered to drive me to school." "I offered to drive you to school because I can see something is bothering you. You do know you can tell me anything right?" She said as she reduced her speed. "I know mom, and I also know that you are slowing down so that this conversation would last longer.

Speed up; I don't want to arrive late" Her mother reluctantly obeyed, they both remained silent until they arrived at the school. Karen grabbed her bag and opened the door ready to get out but her mother stopped her. "Where is my goodbye kiss?" She asked as she motioned her right cheek towards the passenger seat. "Mom, everyone is watching." "So what, it's normal." She insisted.

Karen gave her a quick kiss on her cheek and darted out of the car She found her friend Katie waiting for her at a distance. She approached her. "Hi girlfriend, what's up?" Karen greeted her. "Nothing, I was just waiting for you." She said then studied Karen carefully. "You…you look hot." "Really…damn it." Karen said.

"Yeah, you look bigger; you know bigger boobs and ass. Why…what's wrong with being hot?" "I feel uncomfortable when people keep staring at me." Karen breezed through the morning classes without worry, she had thought of telling Katie the truth but she was afraid of her reaction so she was mostly quiet the throughout the day, avoiding anything that would trigger her recollection of that fateful day.

Katie and Karen had a chemistry class in the afternoon and it was the last lesson of the day. She should have been excited about her dad buying her a car but that was not the case. The car came at a high price, a price that is about to become higher. Finally, though not anticipated, it was time for the chemistry lesson. Karen heart gradually raced up when he saw Mr. Hoffman enter the class with a speed not witnessed before. He looked around the class then her eyes stopped when he sighted her.


"Good afternoon class." He said as his deep voice resonated around the room. His voice would be the first thing you notice if you met him for the first time, his neatly trimmed beard that covered his jaws gracefully would come in second, his dark brown eyes that looked small under his thick eyebrows would take third place.

If you are good at guessing people's age, you might say he is thirty, thirty-five maybe forty. He took huge powerful steps when walked around the class. He taught today as he always does but he occasionally glanced at Karen and her friend.


He had covered more than half of the 50-minute lesson, when he grew quiet and looked around the class once again. "I want to congratulate Katie and Karen, they did exceptionally well in the recent chemistry exam. I would also to applaud those of you who improved their grades." He proclaimed, not at once smiling, he kept his lips shut and only showed his teeth when talking. Katie smiled when she saw that all had gone well. However, she wondered how Karen managed to convince him not to report their cheating.

Karen on the other hand just sat there as if in a staring contest with her chemistry teacher, she was no longer afraid of him. She only feared that he might use his authority to destroy her if she did not do as he pleased. "Ms. Page, can I see you in my office, I want you to help me with something." He said then grabbed his books and left for his office.

The class filled with chatter when he left. Most of the students were talking about boyfriends, girlfriends, and other stuff that Karen and Katie deemed unimportant. Karen smiled and suddenly happiness flowed back into her. Mr. Hoffman had forgotten all about her. Maybe a blowjob was enough for him. So she thought. Katie, with a smile on her face went to Mr. Hoffman to his office. She found him arranging his desk.

She looked around, obviously surprised by how neat his office was. "Take a seat Mr. Page." He said. "You can call me Katie, so…what can I help you with?" she asked. "I don't want you to help me with anything; I actually want to talk to you about something.

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I hate to bring this up." Katie's smile faded, her heart began beating faster by the second. "Uh…what is it." "It's about the exams; you involved yourself in cheating by helping Karen…" She did not wait for him to finish.

"Please…please don't report us. I swear I will never do it again. Please." She begged while putting her palms together as if praying to him. "I know you won't, and I won't report you, but I want something in return." "I don't have money on me now, but I can get some." she insisted almost pathetically.

Mr. Hoffman just looked at her like a hungry leopard stalking an antelope in the African Sahara. He woke up and walked around her, slowly closing the door. "I want something that you have, something that's more valuable than money." He slowly went behind her, laid his hands on her shoulder, and massaged them, letting his actions infer the meaning.

Katie panicked went it hit her. She did not know what to do so she just sat there like a helpless infant. Mr. Hoffman interpreted her immobility as the awaited green light. He, slowly and carefully moved his hands downwards groping her breasts feeling her soft nipples and letting his fingers pinch them. Katie instead of being turned on felt like crying.

Tears were building up behind her eye lids awaiting realize. He grabbed her breast with both hands enjoying their tenderness, their youthfulness. He liked that they filled his big hands; he kissed her neck as his hands explored her body. Katie could feel him breathing on her neck. She felt his rough beard tickle her neck; his warm saliva wet her neck. He turned the chair around with strong arms.

He brushed her brown hair with his palm, as he got lost in her gorgeous sapphire eyes. He moved towards her and lightly caressed her soft lips with his. His left hand moved to her skin-tight jeans and he slowly made its way up from her knee. Their kissing grew more aggressive as time passed; Katie was showing him that she has done this before. His cock was growing slowly beneath his pants.

His hand slid from her inner thighs and touched her pussy. Katie whimpered when his hand touched the spot. Slowly and against her will, she felt that she was getting aroused.

Her breast grew a little and her nipples erected. She grabbed Mr. Hoffman's hand and pressed it between her thighs. She has never been this turned on when making out. She was not using her brain, she was using something else to think, maybe her breasts.

Mr. Hoffman grabbed the edges of her top and pulled it off. He reached behind her and freed her tasty breast from her bra. He groped them and it felt better this time. He lurched forward and kissed her left breast then her right, trying to see which tasted better but he could not decide they were both glorious. He amazed Katie by his suction; it felt heavenly, sending a prickling feeling down her spine to her clitoris.

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Her vagina felt prickly, it needed some sort of penetration. She moved her hand down and rubbed her clitoris through her jeans. Mr. Hoffman lowered his pants then lowered his briefs that barely contained his large erection. Katie grew frightened by the breadth of his penis. It resembled a cylinder, it girth was the unchanged from its base all the way to the head.

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Mr. Hoffman lifted her to his desk and laid her on her back.

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He pulled her jeans off and threw them away. He pulled her black panties off and sniffed them then threw them on the chair. He gazed at her pussy as if it was a Leonardo Da Vinci's painting.

It was a work of art. He touched the wet pussy and it was amazingly soft. A softness that came not from a shaved pussy, but from one that has not yet grown hair. He felt immensely proud that he would be the first to take her. He inserted his forefinger into her delicate pussy and penetrated her with it. He inserted his second finger and moved them in and out. He increased his movement just so he can hear her moan louder. He removed his fingers from her then moved between her legs and readied his rock hard cock for penetration.

Katie knew what was about to happen and she did not want to see it. She laid her head on the desk and closed her eyes; she prepared for the worst but still hoped for the best. She felt a sharp sting on her vagina, his cock shattered her hymen, yet still the pain did not go away. His huge cock was tearing her apart.

She clenched her teeth and pinched her nipples hoping the pain would go away but it did not. Tears flowed down her face and fell on the desk. Every thrust was hell for her. The pain then started subsiding slowly, which gave her hope.

After a few more of his powerful thrusts, the pain became rather tolerable and she began to take pleasure in it. Her tears tried up and her sobbing quickly changed to moaning.

She locked her legs behind his hips encouraging him to fuck her even faster. She closed her eyes and bit her lip. She felt his hands touching her breasts squeezing them roughly.

Every single thrust, every touch sent ripples of pleasure to her clitoris and it was building up. The pleasure was too much, she felt herself collapse on the desk, and every muscle was weak. All her energy consumed by her pussy to give her the greatest orgasm ever. It was her first orgasm and she immediately regretted not doing this before.

Mr. Hoffman felt Katie's pussy contract, squeezing his dick inside her tight pussy. He was about to come; he doubted he had the power to pull out. Katie knew what he was about to do so he pushed him out of her and a jet of cum squirted from his bloody cock and went all the way to her face. Mr. Hoffman collapsed into a chair next to him as he poured the remaining cum on to her panty.

Katie felt ashamed, she felt like someone close to her died. She had lost her virginity. It took her a while to come to terms with that, what made it worse was that she enjoyed it. With a shameful feel, she quickly collected her clothes and saw her panty soiled with his cum. She left it. She wore her jeans without it; she left Mr. Hoffman there, alone and drained of energy. She heard the bell rang and she grabbed her bag and dashed out of the class. She went home alone. She did not know if she could ever face Karen or Mr.

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