Black on white gay bondage and fisting porn movie old men Ashton is

Black on white gay bondage and fisting porn movie old men Ashton is
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This is a true story about me and my then gf at highschool. I was 16,a sophomore and was dating one of the hottest chicks in my school.


Her name was Rachael.She was 15,blue eyes,dirty blonde hairs,36C boobs and long shapely legs that met at a beautiful round ass. She was perfect in many ways.She not only was hot as hell but also always had straight A's but she had only one shortcoming;she was a very non-sexual person. We had been dating for about a year but she never let me get any farther than kissing.Once,while in our homecoming dance,i felt her ass and boobs but she interrupted me and that was it.Of course,she was a virgin but she wasn't even planning on losing it anytime soon.I did tried to convince her to have sex with me on my b'day but she was adamant and we ended up fighting.

I on the other hand,was a handsome with a very toned body. Unlike Rachael,i was not a virgin.I have had sex couple of times with my ex-gf but she was nothing compared to Rachael.I always wondered how Rachael might look nude or how to fuck her but i knew that if i insisted her to have sex with me,she would broke up with me.I didn't wanted to lose her. Although,we never had sex she always used to talk about sex with me.One day,she told me that her bestfriend kelly just had oral sex with her bf and she couldn't stop bragging about how amazing it felt.Rachael said to me that she wondered if its actually that great or she's just making it up.

It was going to be Rachael's 16b'day the next week and i was still thinking about her b'day present but after that 'oral sex talk',i knew what i would give her.I wanted to eat her out.Now,the problem was not only to convince her but also the fact that i had never done it before,so i didn't knew what the fuck to do.

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In order to learn the art of oral sex,i watched a hell lot of porn and took tips from my friends who had done it before. Rachael's b'day was on 26th dec,the very next day of christmas.Her parent's were taking her to grandparent's place where they would celebrate christmas.She would then return the next day with her cousin as the b'day was at her parent's house.It meant,once all the guests left the house after the b'day party was over ,she was going to be all alone.Moreover,i had convinced my parent's that i was going to stay overnight at one of my friend's place after the party.The plan seemed perfect and it just needed execution.

Finally,the D-day came.I called up Rachael and wished her.She sounded very happy and excited. I reached her place around 8,that was the scheduled timing for the party.We danced,kissed and enjoyed a lot at the party.She asked me that where's her b'day present,i asked her to wait.I said i would give it to you later in the night. I waited for everyone to leave.Around 11, the party was over and everyone had left leaving just me and Rachael in her house. She was looking gorgeous as usual.We talked for a bit before i leaned in to kiss her.I put my hands around her neck and kissed her.As the kiss grew more passionate,i let my right hand to descend stopping only after reaching her boobs.I gave it a firm squeeze,she moaned and broke up the kiss.

For a moment,i was scared that my plan was in shatters but i took a long breath and told her that i wanted to try oral sex with her.

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At first,she was reluctant but i told that i won't insist her on having sex neither do i expect a blowjob in return.She looked at me in quite disbelief and asked me why do i want to do it then?? I replied that i just wanted to make her feel good and special as it was her b'day.I also said that i want to give her very first orgasm experience.She was amused by my answer and said'okay'in a very low,almost inaudible voice. I was ecstatic because i knew once she's completely naked its gonna be difficult for her to resist.

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We were standing quite close to each other,i grabbed her hips,drew her closer and started kissing her.I fondled her boobs very passionately before pinching her nipples over her dress.My hands went to her back and squeezed her firm ass.I let my hands go up on her back and unzipped her dress.She broke up the kiss and pulled out her dress before removing her high heels.Now,she was only left in her black strapless bra and red cotton panties.I went close to her and undid her bra revealing her beautiful,round boobs with pink nipples just in front of my eyes.I picked her up in my arms and laid her on the bed.The only clothing left on Rachael's body was her red cotton panties while i was completely dressed.I hadn't even taken my shoes off.

I leaned on her and kissed her lips,neck and boobs. I sticked my tongue out and licked her nipples bathing her small pink nipples in my saliva. I took her left nipple in my mouth and sucked on it while pinching the right one with my fingers.I could feel her soft nipples growing hard in my mouth.Rachael was moaning in pleasure.I sucked her boobs one by one.While i was still working on the right boobs i let my hand go down outlining her flat tummy only to rest over her panties.I rubbed my hand over panties.I could feel her thin bush through the thin fabric of her panties.I rubbed my middle finger along her slit and tried inserting it,in order to tease her.Then,i turned my attention towards her clit.I rubbed her clit in circular motion over the panties.Rachael gasped for air as i kept on playing with her clit.I hadn't left her boobs out of my mouth yet.

After sucking on her boobs till my heart's content and playing with her clit over the panties for a while,i decided its time to have a look at my treasure. I left her now bathed and fully erect nipple out of my mouth.

I moved down on her kissing en-route.I give small pecks on her tummy until my mouth was just above her panties.I kissed over it.Rachael twisted her body crazily as i did that.I stick my thumb in the waistband of her panties and pulled it out through her legs throwing it onto the floor.I was excited to notice a wet patch on her panties.

Now,Rachael was lying completely naked in front of my eyes and i must say she was looking more beautiful than i could ever imagine in the wildest of my dreams.

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I looked at her pussy,it was covered by small blonde pubic hairs that looked trimmed.She had an average clit but the tightness of her pussy amazed me.Her pink pussy lips were so close together,just the thought of inserting my dick in it gave me a raging hard on.

I lifted her right leg which gave me a view of her perfectly round and firm ass.I kissed her ankle,legs,thighs and then the inner thighs ever so lightly. I kissed on Rachael's pussy which sent shivers down her sexy body.I inserted my index finger in her tight lovehole,it could hardly get in.Once it was inside upto the third knuckle,i stroked her.Her pussy was wet with her juices so stroking wasn't that big a problem.I added another finger to her intrusion shortly followed by a third one.I was rubbing her clit with my other hand.My fingers were drenched in her juices.

I took her clit in my mouth and sucked on it as if my life depended on it.I was stroking her with my fingers and sucking her clit too.


I stick my tongue out and ran it along the lenght of her slit.Rachael raised her hips and moaned in pleasure at that touch.Her virgin pussy tasted salty and it smelt nice too. Actually,to be honest,i hadn't expected her pussy to taste that good.My experienced friends have told me that it won't taste good but you have to do it.

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I inserted my tongue into her lovehole and licked her insides while playing with her clit. Rachael was moanting loudly now.I don't know if she did it purposely or was it just her reflexes but she shoved my head with her hands onto her pussy.I didn't mind it as i wasn't planning on leaving so soon.

I was getting tired of eating her when i felt her pussy walls around my tongue convulse.She raised her hips wildly and moaned very loudly as Rachael had her very first orgasm.I tongue fucked her harder and moved away only when her body had calmed down. I stood up and looked at her,she had her eyes close.She opened her eyes and i asked her" how was it??" to which she replied "amazing!!.just like you". I leaned on her and kissed her again.She broke up the kiss after a while,i looked into her deep blue eyes and she said"i want to do it".I wasn't really expecting it,i had thought it would need some convincing on my part before she would agree to do it so i was shocked and asked her"you sure??" to which she just nodded her head with a smile on her face.

I undressed myself getting completely nude just like Rachael.I had a very toned body. My dick was fully erect and i caught Rachael staring at it as i stripped. I leaned on her and rubbed my dick along her slit before starting to push it.Rachael moaned in pain as my dick invaded her tight pussy.I would stop after every inch and kiss her passionately.Once completely inside her,i waited for a few moments to make her relax but starting to hump her.Her hot pussy was flowing with her love juices which really made the strokes easier.When i felt her pussy convulsed around my cock i increased my speed as i knew she was cumming.In a moment was my dick was drenched in her cumm as Rachael had her second orgasm.I felt my balls twitch and i came inside her.I kissed her lips and pulled out my manhood from her.Rachael had told me that her mom had put her on pills a few months back so i wasn't worried about anything.

I fell on her side and turned my head to look at her. When she looked back at me,i winked at her and said"happy b'day!!"She just smiled back at my shyly and mock punched me on my arms.

We slept together peacefully and naked for the rest of the night.I was hard again after some time but i didn't wanted to push my luck.I woke her up in the morning with a kiss.When she stood up to get dressed i had a nice view of her ass.She had a beautiful butt and i couldn't help but stare at its brilliance.She caught me staring at her butt and said"next time,babe"with a wink.

I smiled back at her and said"Sure"

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