Cariba Heine Blutsbrüder 2

Cariba Heine Blutsbrüder 2
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Lets open the door at Apt 103, its Friday afternoon and community college 19year old student Pete has just returned from his final class. Lets peak into his bedroom now where Pete is having fun with a 60 year old old hag. He gave her his house key and told her to be prepared when he came home. Nina Rogers is his married neighbour from next door ,collared, leashed & wearing spiked heels currently her head was bobbing & struggling trying to engulf Pete's massive penis.

She was hypnotized 2 months earlier & was now a trained sex slave. Who aways listened to Master Pete.

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Other submissives would soon be coming over but Pete wanted to get his rocks off quick so he was gonna spunk all over Nina's face & down her throat before he sent her on her way. Before she left he told her to go sit on her limp dicked husbands faceThat would be her way of getting her jollies tonight.

Chapter 1 Brenda Nelson had a wet pussy as she drove towards Pete's apartment she couldn't believe all the kinky taboo things her only son/master made her do. It had only been two weeks since Pete put her under,but since then he had fucked her in all her holes had her lick his ass, eat his cumdrink his piss& she had even had even begun eating pussy. As she got out of the car she knew she was dressed way too slutty& would never dress like this for her husband Philip.

But her Master/son told her to wear the 5inch hooker thigh high hooker boots ,along with her collar ,short leather skirt & red braalong with her fur coat. No one would know she was dressed to fuck til she reached Pete's place.

The 55 year old cum slut wondered if she would be the only one there tonight or had Pete planned a three or foursome ? Chapter 2 Joyce Evans had met Pete 3weeks earlier through her 20 year old daughter Holly, both had been hypnotized by Petebut Joyce was used more often by Pete.

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He'd have have Holly over only when he wanted to watch the old ladies lez out & eat Holly's cunt. Joyce was a married 50 year old redhead who did everything Pete wanted. last time they met it was at a motel & he had fisted hershe licked his ballsass& then she ate Nyomi's pussy before he fucked both of them in the ass.

Afterwards he proceeded to jizz all over their faces.

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Chapter 3 Nyomi Johnson was a black amazon, standing at 5ft 10 she was stacked with big tits & a fat ass. The 45 year old divorcee was a favorite of Pete's he loved covering her face with his white cum and pisshe would always tit fuck her & fuck her her ass & cunt. Unlike the others he kept her at his place for days& daysshe was no longer married so he kept her in bondage & would often put her in the human cage he kept in his spare bedroom.

Last time she stayed overhe had Holly come over & they both dominated herHe had Nyomi collaredleashed ball gagged & wearing 7inch thigh high hooker bootswhile Holly strapon fucked her with a 12 inch dildo up her ass .Nyomi screamed in pain and ecstasy but you couldn't hear a thing cause she was gagged in silence.

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Chapter 4 = The Party is On Brenda,Joyce and Nyomi were all in the the doggy style positionall wore their leashes .collars & heels waiting for Master Pete to make the first move. Brenda was the firstshe opened her mouth as her son began his face fucking odyssey glug glug glug Brenda responded as she deep throated the 10inch monster.

He motioned for Joyce, & they began to french kiss as Nyomi got behind her master and began to lick Pete's ass. Nyomi was the best at giving rim jobs Pete thought as he unloaded a load of jism down his mom's mouth throat.


Before he had Mom share his dessert with Joyce and Nyomi. Chapter 5= Let's Fuck Joyce was spread eagled on Pete's bed as he shoved his massive Wang up her pussymeanwhile Brenda was EATING cream pie out of Nyomi's pussyshe was cleaning the Nubian princess with her tongue and wondering when she could ride Pete's meat stick. She didn't have to wait long cause Joyce just received her cream pie & was now sucking her master/son's penis to stiffness. Brenda rode Pete cowgirl style while Nyomi & Joyce were sixtynining.

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Once Brenda 's pussy was full of his cream. Pete ordered Nyomi & Joyce to eat the cream pie & clean his mom's cunt.

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Chapter 6 = Shower Time All three old hags were on their hands and kneescollared, leashed, ball gagged & wearing spiked heels as Master Pete led them to the washroom for their cleaning. BrendaJoyce, & Nyomi knew what was comingthey all had been through this kinky ritual before.

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As the19 year old maledom let loose he pissed all over Joyce, Nyomi & even Brenda (mom ). He covered their faceshair ,tits & he even pissed up their ass holes.

After they were covered with Master Pete's urinethey thanked him for the experience. After they all got in the shower together & washed up with soap etc & lezzie french kissed. Pete became hard again while watching mom, Joyce & Nyomi feel each other up & make out.


He'd fuck them all again but he'd wait for another day !!!