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Blonde teen amateurs pro bj for stepbro
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It has been a little over 7 months since Dylan and I broke up and I couldn't be happier (still pissed at Tracy and Dylan for doing that to me, but I was happy). I met Ben about 2 months after Dylan and I broke up, and we have been together ever since, he says that he loves me and I hope that he means it because I love him too. I wanted to make sure that he was "the real deal" before we had sex so I made him wait 2 months before he even got a hand job, but he didn't complain and he didn't pressure me once.

But when it happened it was amazing. it was October 9th when Ben and I first had sex, I called him and told him that I thought someone was outside of my house, (Of course I was lieing, I just wanted him over ASAP) he rushed over and as soon as he walked in through my front door I grabbed ahold of him and started kissing him passionately.

He picked me up and carried me to my room, when we entered my room I slammed the door right before I was slung onto the bed. He immediately climbed on top of me and kissed my neck. I pulled of his shirt revealing his muscular, tanned, abbed, completely gorgeous body. He, in return, ripped off my bra (seeing as that was pretty much the only thing I was wearing to begin with) and flung it accross the room. He put his mouth over my nipple and started nibbling on it, as he pinched and squeezed the other one.

It felt wonderful, I needed this and I figured that he deserved it. He reached into my panties and started rubbing my clit with his thumb and he fingered me with his middle finger. I was so wet, I was wet when I called him and told him about my "intruder", I just wanted to fuck him so bad, the suspense was killing me, waiting for so long but I had to be sure and trust me I was sure.

I moaned a soft moan as he fingered my tight pussy, I ran my fingers through his blonde hair, which was styled in a crew cut (he had just recently left the Army).

He sat up and took off his pants and Family Guy boxers and started jerking off. I slipped off my lacey red panties, that matched my lacey bra which was already on the other side of the room.

He looked at me and smiled. "You trust me baby?" he asked me. "More than you know." I said to him with a loving smile. He spread my legs apart and lifted my ass off of the bed and rested it on his legs. He put the tip of his dick at the enterance of my pussy and started rubbing my clit. I moaned and started running my fingers through his hair again. He slowly inserted his cock into my pussy, he started out slow and then began to pick up speed.

His 10 and 1/3 inch dick thrusting in and out of me with great force felt so amazing, and was no comparioson to Dylan (or Butch). "Yes.yes.yes.oh my.oh.YESSSS!!!!!" I screamed as I began to cum. "I love you Brooke.I love you so much baby." He mumbled as he continued to thrust into me. "Oh fuck.Im gunna.Im.gunna.cum, OH FUCK!!!" His cum squirted into me, he pulled his dick out of my pussy and watched his cum flow out of me like a waterfall. He layed next to me and put his arm over me.


I looked at him and kissed him, I then reached down and grabbed ahold of his cock and started jerking it off. I made my way to his dick and started blowing him, I sucked him off for the longest time both of us moaning and groaning at the extreme pleasure. I then mounted him and gently stuck his cock into my ass. He fucked my ass so good, I can barely explain the way that it made me feel. He grabbed my hips and repeatedly pounded me.

I screamed so loud, I then noticed that I was squirting, my cum landed on his pelvis. "Keep cumming baby," he said, "thats my girl." I stopped after about 5 minutes and literally fell over and landed next to him. He sat up and leaned over my chest, he started jerking off again and within a few seconds was cumming all over my stomach. I loved it when guys did that to me.

I started rubbing the cum in and I could feel the warmth. _______________________________________________________________________________ But that was our first time, and definitely not our last.

Its now Febuary and our 5 month anniversary is tonight, I thought that I would surprise him with a home cooked meal followed by sex, but to my surprise when ever I called him to ask him when he was coming over he told my that he wasnt, that he was taking me out to dinner, a movie, followed by a romantic night under the stars.

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He picked me up around 5 P.M. and we drove to Regal Cinemas Westview (a theatre in Mount Airy, Maryland) and watched a scary movie (though I really cant remember). We left the theatre around 6:45 P.M. and went to Jilly's Bar & Grill and ate the most amazing dinner in my life (that much I could remember).

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After dinner (around 8:53 P.M.) Ben drove me to Ramblin Pines Campground, where we spent the night in his black and white 2009 Dodge Ram. The next morning, after the most exhausting sexual experience of my life, we drove to the Mount Airy Shopping Center where we saw none other than, Dylan and Tracy holding hands in Victoria's Secret.

I decided to have a little fun, I grabbed Ben's hand and pretended like I didn't even see them. I walked into the lingerie department and started giggling rather loudly.

Dylan and Tracy bolted there attention towards me and when they saw me both of their mouths dropped, I again pretended that I didn't notice them. I walked up to a rack and grabbed the first piece of lingerie I saw and held it against my body.

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"What do you think of this one?" I said to him in a sexy voice. "Hot." He said as he walked up to me and put his hands on my sides and started kissing my neck. I started giggling as I threw my head back.

"Of course, when we fuck its not like you gunna have it on for long." "Hmmmm," I said to Ben winking, "then why bother buying clothes at all." Just then I saw Dylan rushing in my direction, I was kind of worried about what was going to happen next, and WOW is all I have to say about that.

"What is going on with you two.are you to like a thing or something." Dylan blurted out. "I still love you Brooke, I wanted to marry you, now Im stuck with that," he said pointing in Tracy's direction (I couldn't help but laugh), "dont you want me back baby?" "Who the hell are you?" Ben exclaimed stepping in front of me.

"I'm Dylan, who the hell are you?" "Ben, and Im Brooke's boyfriend so why dont you scram, and take "that" with you" He said pointing to Tracy.

Just then Dylan took a swing at Ben, but Ben being so incredably awesome missed the first swing without a problem. Ben retaliated as quick as lightning punching Dylan in the chest, followed by groin, jaw, and chest again.

Dylan fell to the floor, he didn't move for several minutes, I thought maybe he was dead but to my relief he picked himself off of the floor. Ben looked at him and smiled, he pushed him back to the ground and said, "Stay down pussy, its for your own good.and as for Brooke she is my girlfriend now so back off." and with that said he took ahold of me, dipped me and kissed me.

He then kicked him in the stomach and held my hand as we walked out of the store and headed for home. "That was hot babe." I said to him as soon as we hit the high way. He chuckled and put his hand on my thigh. He started rubbing my thigh up and down, it felt great. "Why dont you let me finger you while I drivin' like you used to, its been so long and I really miss it." I smiled at him and pulled of my jeans and panties and spread my legs for him like a flower opening up for the sun.

He stuck his index finger into my pussy and slid it in and out several times.

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Then he inserted his middle finger too, I threw my head back from the pleasure, he started moving faster and faster, it felt amazing. He pulled into his drive way and opened the garage, still fingering me, he drove in and shut the garage behind him. Once the garage was completely closed he tore off his shirt and climbed on top of me, he waisted no time at all with kissing or sucking on my nipples.

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I could tell he wanted me, and he wanted me BAD! He had my clothes off in record time and was already plowing me. I was screaming and moaning and digging my nails into the dash. It was exhilarating, he was fucking my pussy and all I could say was, "Harder baby.oh yes baby, fuck me just like that. Harder.harder.oh yes!" Within 4 minutes I was squirting all over his leather interior, and their was still more on the way.


He turned me around and started fucking my ass with great force, tears rolled down my face (it didnt hurt it just felt so good that I had to express it with tears), he tore threw me like paper taking our relationship to the next level. He pulled me to my feet and bent me over the seat and again inserted his monster dick into my ass, this time fucking me even harder and 3x faster, I was screaming at the top of my lungs (I was pretty sure that the neighbors had called the police thinking that I was getting murdered.nope just plowed like a fucking feild), moaning as loud as I ever had before.

"Fuck! Im gunna cum!" he screamed still holding onto my hips and holding the front thrust position. He slowly pulled his cock out of my ass, he was still cumming becuase some of it landed on the window and on the floor.

By now their were tiny holes in Ben's leather seats from me digging my nails into them from being fucked so good, they matched the tiny holes on the dash. Cum (from both of us) was all over the floor, seat, and even a little on the window and wind sheild. We layed down together, me on top of him, both of us covered in sweat and completely exhausted. Both of us panting and breathless. I grabbed onto his dick, which Im sure was tender from him fucking me so hard and so damn fast, and started slowly jerking him off.

I was still laying there on top of him when he started cumming again, it shot up like a geyser landing on his chest and on mine as well. "I love you." he said to me looking deep into my eyes I kissed him with such passion and continued to jerk him off.

"I love you too." I said to him in between kisses. We looked at each other as a smiled that I had never seen before apeared on his face, "Marry me?" He said.

"Yes," I said with a smile, "I thought that you would never ask."