Wild Sex Party in Puerto Vallarta

Wild Sex Party in Puerto Vallarta
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_ "So your not going to talk to me now?"Danny just looked ahead and at the road.


They slowly drove through the dense woods. Sandy watched out the window. Her arms were crossed, hugging her backpack. "Well, I can see how that's mature." After another long silent pause, "Com'n, talk to me, Dy. I know you're smiling." Sandy whipped her head around. "Do I look like I'm smiling?" She had a cruel look to her. Danny only took it as a little girl's pout. Inside he was smirking to himself. This time he had won.

They continued to drive in silence. A few moments later they were almost at the girls dormitory.

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"Look, Dy, I'm going home this weekend. Saturday? To see my mother so I was just wondering if you'd want to see your father." Sandy was still staring out the window, silent. "Its been a while you know.

Since you've seen him. I bet he misses you. Well, so Saturday I'm leaving here at about noon." By now Danny and Sandy were parked in front of the girls' dorm, but Sandy never got out. "Noon? Yeah, I guess I could go home. Your right, a long while." Sandy hopped out the car and headed for the doors, never looking back. Sandy crept into the heavy double doors of the old building, colonial style building. With eyes wandering side to side, making the coast clear, she snuck into the hallway, past the front desk.

Sandy darted for the stairs and when she got there.BANG! "Excuse me, young lady. Aren't you be coming a little late.?" Sandy swung around from the bottom step. Standing behind the counter was an overweight older woman with gray hair in curlers. She was squinting and snarling. "Sorry miss, I was talking to a teacher." Sandy looked up with her pretty pleading eyes. "Pass?" BANG The old hag was organizing heavy books on the counter roughly.

BANG "PASS?!" "Huh, what?" Sandy couldn't stop staring at the dime sized mole on the lady's chin. It would wobble with her loose skin as she waddled behind the counter. "Sorry Miss Thourp." "Do you have a pass, girl? From the teacher?" The hag was no longer working on the books, but on Sandy.

"No, Miss. I forgot to ask for one." Sandy blushed and looked down. She thought to herself that she didn't need this, not now anyhow.

Please let her get away this one time. "You know the rules, girl. Don't you?" Miss Thourp was now digging in a cabinet. "Well, come here, girl." Sandy dropped her books as if she had given up all hope. "Yes ma'm." She positioned herself with her hands on the wall, and her legs sholder width apart. The hag had in her hand an old small paddle.

It could have been for ping pong. She lifted Sandy's skirt and tucked it into the waistband. "Maybe this will help you remember." Miss Thourp strongly grabbed Sandy's panties forcing a wedge and creating a thong effect on Sandy's backside. SPLAT "I want my girls to be safe." SLAP "And to be safe my girls must be in there rooms by curfew." CRACK "Understand?" SPLAT CRACK "You hear me girl?!" "Ye-es miss-ss," Sandy yelped out, trying not to cry.

"Go, girl. Up to your room. I wanna hear you studying. Go!" The Hag backed away a bit so Sand could remove herself from the wall. She quickly pulled her skirt out, and started to speed to the stairs. SPLAT "Don't run." ________________________________________________________ PART 3 By the time Sandy was up the stairs and around the corner, she was jogging to her room.

She sped in and slammed the door, diving for her bed. "I HATE THIS!" "And I hate this. Calculus! What the hell." Brit turned her pencil around and frantically started to erase her paper. She was sitting at her desk, across from Sandy's bed. "Take a break." "No! I can't afford to fail another test. My grade is already low enough for my father to go ape-shit on my ass." Brit went back flipping into the depths of her book.

"Pleeeese. Com'on. I need lotion. Wanna rub lotion on me? Pleeeeese Brit. You know I'd do it for you." Sandy was laying on her stomach on her bed, with her skirt up, trying to rub the damage out of her.

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"All right, fine. I give up." Brit through her pencil down and reached for the lotion on the desk before turning around.

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"Holy shit. Mr. Lover-boy did that to you?" Examining Sandy's cheeks Brit saw red slouches randomly over a bright red backside and rows of stripes running in all directions. "Its just more red because of Miss Piggy downstairs.

He didn't give me a pass. Just more of a reason to be so mad at him.oh.I could just.OUCH!" "Sorry." Brit took out the thong effect and started to tug down on Sandy's panties. She helped kick them off. Soon Brit had the soft, cool lotion in her hands. Finally Sandy's ass was feeling relief. "Oh, that feels so nice. Don't stop." Sandy looked back giggling.

"Oh, please. Don't be just a big baby. We're leaving at10:00. You still coming?" "If we get caught, I don't think my backside can take it again. But sure. I deserve some fun." Sandy rolled off the bed and walked to the door, to examine herself in the full length mirror. "Ouch!" She was rubbing herself following with her small hand the stripes from the ruler. "I still cant believe him." "Don't worry about it.

He was probably trying to teach you a lesson. Or see you naked. Did he see you naked?!" Brit was sitting at the edge of the bed, eyes wide open. "No! Well, not really." Sandy dropped the back of her skirt.


"Just my ass. He was respectful. That's all. Yeah, that's all." Sandy was now trying to convince herself. "How is he 18 now? I still don't get it." "Well, he started school a year early so he was younger than everyone growing up. Then he finished high school in three years and same with college.

He's three years younger than the people he graduated with." "Weird!" Brit went back to her books, hating math just as much as before.

Sandy jumped on the bed behind Brit and lied on her stomach. "You know what else is wired?" "Huh?" Brit was trying to be more involved in her studies. "He use to like me. I think since we were little but I didn't realize it until junior high. Danny didn't have to be at school until later. He use to wake up early and sit at his kitchen table and watch out the window into mine to watch me get ready for school.

I don't know but for some reason that seemed less creepy than other things he would do. Whenever I would get into trouble my dad would take me up to the upstairs bathroom. Right across from the window was Danny's window over his desk in his room. He would sit there studying most of the time, but when my dad would make me strip and position myself against the wall for a strapping, I knew he was watching me.

For some reason, since I knew Danny knew what happened in my house since we were both born, that didn't make me uncomfortable." "But now he's your teacher." Brit was now giving all of her attention to Sandy, and not her books.

"isn't that creepy. He's seen you naked. You would think he'd be easier on you." "No, he's trying to be harder on me. And that was the point he wanted to get across to me today." Sandy was rubbing the sting out of her again over her skirt. "It wouldn't have been so bad if he would have remembered a pass." "Hmm, just yell at him after class Monday." "No, I'll see him tomorrow.

He was going to visit his mother and he invited me to go see my father. So I'll be home this weekend." "But your coming out with us tonight, right?" "Don't worry, Brit. I told you I would. Who else is going?" "You, me, Beth.

We are going together but the word soon spread that we were poisoning Miss Thorpe tonight so I think bunches of girls are breaking out too." Sandy and Brit continued to talk until to talk until the dinner bell rang.

They rushed downstairs to the dining hall along with the other girls. By now, the girls plan was already underway, almost complete.

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While the girls on the cooking shift prepared dinner, they slipped laxatives into Miss Thorpe's plate. Soon, she would be in the bathroom for most of the night. After dinner, the girls went back to there rooms to dress for an evening of boys and freedom. The girls were able to sneak out the front door, with Miss Thorpe busy with her own problems. The night of freedom flew by quickly. The girls met up with the boys and saw a movie together. Sandy couldn't of had a better time except for her sore arse.

She attempted to sit through the movie without fiddling, but Sandy's date still asked what was wrong. That brought a flush to her cheeks to match the flush on her bottom. The night of fun quickly passed and the girls returned to the dorm at the time they paid some underclass girl to open the front door for them.

Little did they know who was really waiting for them. When Miss Thorpe realized how sick she was she called a substitute to watch the girls for the weekend. After night time check, when the girls were found missing, the sub waited impatiently for them. "So you think you can just leave when you want.

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I'm very disappointed in you all." Sandy, Brit and Beth along with groups of other girls stood facing the wall showing their naked rear ends ready for their punishment. The sub wanted to wait until all of the 23 missing girls returned.

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Sandy and her friends were one of the later groups to show up so the only had to stand half naked for an hour or so. "Tonight you will all get an introductory punishment and Monday you will all report to the dean's office. She will decide your true fate ." The sub, a short young woman with short red hair paces back and forth scolding the girls and occasionally adjusting their stance.

Around the hour of 4:00 am all the girls were home, and ready for what they have earned. Each girl received at least ten excellent stokes from the ping pong paddle. And Sandy thought that her ass would finally have some relief.