Alex is a muscular big cocked jock who loves masturbating

Alex is a muscular big cocked jock who loves masturbating
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Heather sat on her bed. She was almost laughing. I didn't see anything funny about Heathers mother catching us having sex. The awkwardness I'd felt earlier was back times 100. I jumped into my jeans. The blood had drained from my cock immediately due to embarassment. Heather stepped into a pair of panties and a tank top. She walked out of her room and I followed. Heathers mom was in the kitchen. "I thought I was gonna have to get the hose." Her mom said. "Sorry, mommy." Heather said with a grin.

"Bret just can't keep his hands off of me." "I noticed." her mother said. "Bret, are you leaving?" "Yeah. I need to get home." I said. "He's coming back later. Right, Bret?" said Heather. "Of course." I said. "I'll keep that in mind." Her mother said. Heather walked me to the door. "Alright.

I'll see you later." I said. "Okay.

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I'll miss you." she said. "I love you." I said. "Love you too." She answered. Heather wrapped her arms around my neck and I wrapped my arms around her waist. We kissed. I ran my hands down to her ass and gave it a farewell squeeze. We let go and I walked out the door. From then on, Heather and I had a beautiful relationship. We spent everyday together. We were inseparable. I would spend days at a time staying at Heathers house.


I woke up there, hung out there, and went to sleep there. Every night was filled with passion. Her mothers accidental intrusions continued, but it stopped bothering me somewhere between the time she caught us in a 69 and the time she walked in with me balls deep in her daughters ass. She remained solid in her decision that she didn't mind it in her home.

Nowadays we didn't even flinch. We just kept on going. I didn't see much of Kay, but Brianna remained obsessed with me. She'd been pissed the night I'd left her mid-fuck, but got over it and still craved my penis. I avoided her as often as I could while I was at my house, but every so often she'd corner me somewhere outside and try to seduce me.

I explained to her so many times that I was in love with Heather and couldn't imagine being with anyone else. She was very persistant, though.

The months wore on and before I knew it, school was about to start. It was time for Heather and I's senior year of high school. It was the beginning of August. In the Midwest, that means you're looking at the last and hottest days of Summer. On particular afternoon, the heat was God-awful and I decided to go for a swim. My parents had installed an in-ground pool many years ago.

We weren't rich, my parents just wanted a pool. I stepped out of all my clothes and into my black swim trunks.

I walked outside and jumped in the pool. It felt great. This was the first time I was totally alone in a long time. I couldn't even tell you where Heather was at this time.

The cool water reached just under my pecs and engulfed every inch of my body. I dunked my head a few times and pushed my hair back. I leaned my back against the wall of the pool and closed my eyes. I stayed that way for a long time. The sound of the water sloshing and wind blowing gently filled my ears.

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Soon enough, the silence was shattered by the sound of footsteps. I opened my eyes to the site of Brianna standing there wearing a green bikini with white polka dots.

"Hey, Bret." She said. "Hi." I replied. I closed my eyes again. "Whatcha doin'?" She asked. "You see it." I answered. "Oh." she replied. "What you doin'?" I asked, not wanting to be a TOTAL jerk. "Oh, nothing. It's nice out so I've just been laying in the sun working on my tan." she said.

"I see." I answered. "Oh, God. It's so hot out." She said. "Yup." I answered. "Mind if I join you?" She asked. I knew it was coming. "If you want." I answered.

I opened my eyes to see Brianna smile to herself and climb in slowly. God damn it.she still looked hott. "Ohhh. This feels nice." She said. I put my hands on the edge of the pool and pushed myself out. I sat on the edge with my legs dangling in the water. "You're done already?" She asked. "Yup." I said. "That's a shame. I wanted to play." She said. I watched Brianna glide through the water. Her tan skin cut through the clear water like a knife.

She made a jump, and took a small dive, her butt coming up and out of the water. I felt my crotch begin to stir. Brianna did this multiple times. She knew what she was doing to me. It was strange knowing I'd fucked that ass before me.

It was strange knowing I'd fucked her and here she was. My wet trunks now had a noticable tent. I laid my arm down in a way to press it down. "So you hear about Kay?" She asked me. "Nope." I answered. "She's moving out with mom." She said. "She'll start school there." I nodded my head and didn't say anything.

Brianna swam to me. "But I'm not going anywhere, don't worry." She said, winking at me. I tried not to make any indication of emotion. Brianna swam so that she was directly in front of me. She crossed her arms on my knees and stared up at me. "What's on your mind, Bret?" She asked. "Nothing." I said. "Really? Seems like something to me." She said. "Nope." I answered. "Why don't you come swim with me, Bret?" She asked. "I'm done." I said. "Come on." She begged. "No." I said.

"Please?" She asked. "No." I said. Brianna grabbed my arms and tried to pull me in. As my arm left my lap, my cock sprang to attention. "Oh, Bret." she said with a smile. By now there was no hiding it. Not much point to it to begin with. Nothing she hadn't seen multiple times before. She reached out and rubbed the bulge in my trunks. "Stop, Brianna." I said. "Oh, Come on, Bret.


Just let me see it." "No. Stop." I said. Her hand sent electricity through my body. "But why?" She asked. "It's not right." I said. "No one has to know, Bret." she said. "I'm not gonna cheat on Heather." I said. "How is it cheating if it makes you feel good?" She asked. "Because you're not her." I said. "Then I'll fuck you instead of you fucking me." She said. "Brianna.I." I stammered.

"Come on. I just wanna see it again." She pleaded. I looked at her for a long time as she kept rubbing me. I hesitated for a moment before letting my horniness take over. I pulled the front of my trunks up and grabbed my cock. I yanked it out and let it stand.

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I leaned back and supported myself by my extended arms. "Oh, wow." She said. "Better than I remembered." Brianna wrapped her cold fingers around it and started to pump. Heather couldn't have been further from my mind. "Brianna.maybe we shouldn't." I started. "Shh. Just let it go, Bret. We both want it." She said. My balls felt smashed, so I just pulled my trunks off the rest of the way. Brianna brought herself up and sucked my cock into her mouth.

She hadn't missed a step. Her soft tongue swirled on the underside of my shaft and came up and passed over the top. With my cock in her mouth, Brianna slid her bikini bottoms to the pool floor. She kept pumping my shaft and moved her mouth down to suck my testicles. It was great. As she brought her head up to suck my cock once more, I held my hand out and stopped her.

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I slipped into the pool and got behind her. I pressed the front of her body against the side of the pool. With my cock pressing aginst her ass, I ran a hand around her waist and fingered her while I planted kisses on her neck.

I used my free hand to tug her top up and off over her head. Brianna rested her arms on the edge of the pool. I reached down and grabbed her thighs. I lifted them up and rested her legs on my shoulders. She looked like she was laying in her stomach, head and arms on the edge of the pool. I creeped in closer to get a look at her beautiful pussy.

I planted my face into her. The cool chlorine did little to mask her intoxicating feminine smell. I gave her a good licking and released her legs. She grabbed the edge and pulled herself up, facing me. I rest my arms over her legs. I planted kiss all over her pubic mound. I gave her pussy a further lollipop treatment.

I pulled her into the water.

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Our naked bodies collided with one another. I grabbed the floating pool noodle and stuck it under my arms behind me so I was floating on my back.

Brianna swam to me and climbed on top of me. My cock slipped right inside of her and we were fucking. She wrapped her legs around my own and pulled me in deeper. She repeated this motion several times. My cock slid in and out of her with ease.

I let go of the noodle and switched positions with Brianna. I grabbed her waist and rocked my hips back and forth. The water resistance made it a little tougher, but we pulled through. "Oh fuck, Bri." I said, feeling the awesome sensation from my crotch. "We waited too long." She said between breaths. "No shit." I said through clenched teeth.

Brianna let go of the noodle and wrapped her arms round me. I ran my hands under her ass and lifted from there. Briannas breathing increased dramatically. I did my best to speed up the thrusts to a great pace. I felt her pussy clamp down on my cock. "Ohhhh! I'm cumming!" She announced. I felt my own balls tug. I held her tightly and moaned into her neck. "Ah fuck!" I said. My cock exploded in the confines of Briannas pussy. I let go of Brianna and fell back into the water.

What a great fuck. I rested against the wall of the pool and a smiling Brianna swam over to me. "So what are you doing tonight?" she asked. "I dunno." I said. "Wanna spend the night?" She asked. "I can't." I said. Brianna looked so disappointed. I had to make it right.

"Why don't you stay with me tonight instead?" I offered. "You can stay in my room with me." Brianna smiled. "Sounds great." She said. Brianna and I drifted in the pool, cooling our bodies down.