Bi ho tasted and fucked

Bi ho tasted and fucked
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SMACK! I slap my mom's big round ass, causing her to squeal. She is nude and on her way into the bathroom to shower. Yesterday I had set us on the first steps to her being my submissive whore.

This morning I could sense her resistance mounting. So I pulled off the t-shirt I had allowed her to sleep in. Revealing her beautifully curved body.

Pale and dotted with freckles. Right there in, what had been her, master bedroom I spanked her ass for a couple minutes.

Pushing her face into the pillows as I dominated my own mother. Then I made her suck my dick. She had to prove she remembered her place.

The next few days would be crucial. I had to keep her off balance. She could not be allowed to take the upper hand. Otherwise this whole venture could fail. Mother would become my sex slave. She must fully accept her role. I had made an online order for delivery from the big box store down the street.

A vibrating cock ring, a cucumber, and some lube. I listen as I hear the shower turn on. If I timed it right, this should be a good morning. Sure enough, a few minutes later the doorbell rings. I open the bathroom door and call in, "Mom, you got to go answer that." "I'm in the shower Brian." She calls back.

"No, you don't understand." I say with a stern voice. "YOU, have to go answer the door." She turns off the water and steps,dripping, out. "Oh. I.I see." She reaches for a towel.

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"You may take the towel with you, but you can't wrap it around your naked body." I order her. She hesitates. Then she nods, walking past me. She heads down the stairs, towel in hand. I follow, but stop just beyond the living room. I watch as Mom approaches the door.

She holds the towel up to her chest with one hand, presumably covering her most precious spots. But it leaves her legs, hips as sides bare even from the front. From behind I can see her long red/brown hair, now plastered wetly to her back, her beautiful thick thighs, and her bare round ass, water still glistening on her delicious cheeks.

Taking a deep breath, she opens the door. "I have a del.oh! Oh my! Um, a delivery. Uh, for you. Ma'am." I can hear the voice of an older gentleman. "Oh thank you." Mom tries to act cheerful. Like she answered the door partly covered in a towel every day. "If you would just hand it over." That last bit sounded a tad desperate. Now the surprised man's voice sounds gleeful, "Oh no ma'am. First I have to make sure I brought you everything you.need." I can hear the rustling of a bag.

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"One bottle of lube. One jumbo vibrating cock ring." Mom lets out a little gasp at that. "And one large cucumber." Her voice a bit shaky, "Uh, yes. That's all correct." He hands her the bag. "You must sign here ma'am." I can hear the smile in his voice. She turns to set the bag down, flustered and forgetting the state of her near nudity.

I can hear a light smack, as the man slaps mom's bare ass, now turned toward him. She gasps and jumps, spinning back to face him. Then she leans forward. Presumably signing with one hand, while desperately trying to cover her shame with the other.

"Looks like a fun day for you." The man teases. Quickly she shuts the door on the dirty old man. Leaning her back against it. I can see her face is flush with embarrassment, as I walk into the room. "Why?" She asks me with pleading eyes. "You have to learn your place as a whore, mother." I tell her, yanking her towel to the floor.

"I have many lessons for you." My dick twitches in excitement as I freely grope her big bare breasts. Tweaking her hardened nipples. I shove her up against the door, pulling her hands above her head. She gasps as I reach down and shove my manhood into her. I fuck her against the door as we kiss. I give her nipple a pinch when I cum inside her. "Now lets get dressed. We have some shopping to do." I pinch and drag her upstairs by a juicy nipple.

Mom hissing in pain the whole way. ——- Back in the bedroom I pull out a white tshirt for mom. "Cut the bottom half of that off." I order her as I continue searching through her drawers. A lot of ugly mom jeans and some slacks. Finally I pull out a pair of blue sweatpants. "And cut the legs off these." Mom does as she is told. "Great, now try them on." She pulls on what are now shorts. They look a little baggy. So I have her cut a little more off, and roll down the waist.

When she is done she basically has booty shorts. The bottom of which flares so much that you can just see where her ass starts to swell from her thighs. "W.what about underwear?" She asks. I just shake my head no. Unhappy with the result, but resigned to her fate, mom reaches for a bra.

"No." I say. "Just the shirt." With a frown she pulls on the cutoff tee. It covers to just barely below her tits. Leaving her round tummy exposed. Also I can make out the shadows of her areola through the shirt. Looking at herself in a mirror mom says, "Brian, I look like a." "A whore?" I ask. "I was going to say tramp." She says nodding. "Good. This is how I want you to look mother. It pleases me." After dressing myself I lead her down to her car.

Then out into the Sunday sun. ——- As mom drove I ponder the first time I'd seen mom whore herself. My parents had been pretty religious as I grew up. My asshole dad even more than mom. We spent a lot of time at the small church we belonged to.

Some time back we were there, mom and I. She was putting together flower arraignments for the next mass and I had been goofing off. It was late, and we were nearly the only ones there. I had creeped under some bushes to spy on mom through the basement window of the church. I did that a lot. Puberty had hit me hard, and sometimes I was able to catch a glimpse of her naked at home. There she was, looking beautiful.

One pink flower in her dark red hair. She was in the craft room in the basement. I was watching in a bush, through a window. "Ah, Amanda. It is so good to see a servant of god happy in her work." The pastor had walked in. Pastor Chuck, or as the kids called him 'Pastor skeleton'.

He was skinny, tall, and old. He was super nice and everyone loved him. That's probably why mom didn't think anything of it when he came up behind her and put his hands on her shoulders. Lightly massaging as he went on, "We all must do our part. To come when called by the lord. Or by his servants. It is important to be willing. To be Dutiful. Submissive." I nearly gasped when his hands slid down the front of mother's long dress.

Cupping her big beautiful breasts, and squeezing. "W.what are you doing?" Mom said, slightly panicked. She probably would have hopped up, but she was somewhat trapped between the old man and the table. "Only what the lord calls upon me to do. And he calls you too my dear." She moved her hands up to grab his wrists, but didn't pull his hands away, as he continued to squeeze my mom's tits. "Pastor." She moaned.

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"Now, now my dear. A woman must be obedient." He grabbed her by her beautiful hair and yanked her head back. The pink flower fell to the floor as he kissed my squirming mother full on the mouth. When he leaned back for air he had such a smile on his face. "Ah! As sweet as the roses." He said. Mother scrambled out of her chair. Tangled in her dress she fell to her knees before the bony old man. She stared at his crotch in horror as he pulled out his big hard dick.

"Accept the will of the lord." He told her. As she looked up at him, the word 'no' forming on her lips, he casually slapped her across the face. "A woman's place is to be obedient." He told her. Disappointment in his voice. He rubbed the cock on her cheek. "Suck it my dear. Be a good sheep." With a look of disgust on her face, my mother opens her mouth. The pastor slid his dick in. One hand grabbing my mothers hair.

As she sucked I could tell she wasn't that good. I'd seen enough porno by then to tell a bad blowjob. But then she had probably never done anything sexual beyond missionary. Mom slobbered on the pastor's dick for a few minutes. Then he pulled out. "The lord requires more of you Amanda." Mom was on her knees shaking her head and breathing heavily. "Oh yes. You are a woman of sin. It is only through suffering that we are truly cleansed.

For you it shall be old testament suffering." He pulled mom to her feet by her hair. Then forced her to bend over the table.

He lifted her dress all the way up, revealing her big round ass covered in big ugly flower print panties. With a smile he begins spanking her. Mother's ample flesh jiggling. "Are you ready to confess your sins?" He asked as he spanked. "Y.yes?" She answered. swat! swat! "You have lascivious thoughts." "Mmn, yes. Ooh!" Mom answered. "Thoughts of men, and women." swat! swat! "Ooooh! Yesss." Mom answered. She rested her cheek on the table.

Her eyes were closed, face turned toward me. She almost seemed to be enjoying herself. Then the pastor took off his belt. His pants falling around his feet. Hard dick like a flagpole. Still glistening from my mother's slobbery blowjob.

"You need your impurity punished. Don't you?" He demanded of her. One hand resting on her ass. "Mmn. Yesss." Mom whispered. Her eyes still closed. She didn't know about the belt. Not yet anyway. His bony hand yanked her panties down.

Mom let him. Happily I think. Then.CRACK! Mom's eyes went wide and she howled with the first strike of the belt across her ample ass. She struggled to reach back to comfort the red line across her rear, but the preacher easily grabs her wrists. He held her hands behind her back as his other hand, his belt hand, rose up. "We will punish your impurity. Punishment you truly need." He swung. CRACK! The strike brought tears to her eyes. Over and over that belt kissed my mother's tender ass as she squealed.

Finally the old man relented. Letting her drop sobbing to the ground. "Are you a sinner?" He asked. "Y.yes. Yes, I'm a sinner." She said through her sniffles. "Confesses your sin." She was breathing hard. But her sobs had subsided. She looked up at him. "Lust." Was all she said. He began tugging at her dress. Frantically my mother helped our pastor take off her clothing.

She stood to take off her plain white bra. As the cloth was pulled away her big beautiful tits flopped down. The pastor smiled and slapped her again. Harder than the first I think. Leaving a red handmark on her cheek, as she stood naked before him. She didn't look happy at the treatment, but she did look excited. Her breathing came fast, her thighs quivering.

The old man lifted my mother up to sit on the table. Then he obscenely spread her legs apart. "Stick your fingers up your sinful twat." He told her. Obediently she does. Two fingers, deep up my mother's own hairy pussy.

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"Now taste it. Taste your sin." "W.why?" SMACK! He slaps the other side of her face. Leaving a matching red print. "Whores don't ask why.

They just spread their legs and take it." She put her slimy fingers in her mouth. Moaning as he plunged his dick into her wet cunt. She sucked her fingers as the pastor fucked her. Her legs wrapped around him like one of the whores on my videos. His bony hands mauling her big freckled tits.

——- I come out of my reverie as mom parks the car. "Are you really going to make me go in her here dressed like this?" She asks.

I just give her a big, shit eating grin and hop out of the car. We were at the mall. One of the biggest in the area. One of the most crowded. Mom needed a new wardrobe. Something suitable for her role as my whore. But I didn't plan on getting anything here. The mall was just another lesson. We walked through the parking lot.


A car honking at one point. Though if they were honking at mom I'll never know. As we walk in mom definitely turns heads. A mature slightly chubby woman in her late thirties. Long auburn hair falling well past her shoulders. Wearing blue booty shorts, and a white cutoff. Obviously not wearing a bra.

Her areola visible, and her big tits jiggling around under her shirt.


She looked like a whore. And people noticed. I made her go into some upscale clothing stores. I watched as the shopwomen gave her disdainful looks. I watched as teens giggled and pointed. As men obviously lusted after her. "I've never been so embarrassed." She told me after I made her get food at the food court. "Yeah. People are really staring." I agree as she sits.

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We had ordered soup from a specialty shop. When she reached for her spoon I grabbed it and tossed it away. "No. Drink it like a dog." I order her. With a look of surprise, "Here. In front of everyone?" "Yes, and pray I don't want anything else." So she leans in and starts lapping up her soup like an animal. A group of teen girls laughing and pointing at her a few tables over. Mom sits up, soup dripping from her face. I can see the humiliation in her eyes. My cock is as hard as a rock.

Shamed, my mother leans back in. Over the next few minutes she finishes off her soup. Her act on display for everyone to see. Other patrons either looking away in disgust, staring with lust, or laughing at mom's humiliation. She finally wipes her face clean as one of the girls walks over. I think I've seen her walking around campus. She was a cute eighteen or ninteen.

With freckled cheeks, orange hair, and tits that looked bigger than even my mother's. She looks at me for a second, almost as if seeking approval. I nod. Smiling she dumps her soda on my mom's chest. "Oops." She says, insincerely. "I spilled my drink." My mom looks horrified. Her shirt is basically see-through now. And a lot of people are doing the seeing.

Mom looks like she is about to stand up. Get angry.

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One look from me and she deflates. To the girl's great satisfaction. "Here, let me help." The redhead grabs some napkins and presses them to my mom's chest. Quite obviously groping her big tits. "Lets just get these nice and clean, you old whore." The teen tells my mom. Flipping up her shirt.

Big dangling tits now completely bare for everyone to see as the girl squeezes and jiggles them with her handful of napkins. Mom gasps when the girl pinches her nipples. Cruelly pulling them away from her body and letting them snap back. Tit flesh wobbling deliciously.

"Well that's as good as your saggy jugs will ever look." She tells my mom. Then, giving me a wink, walks back to her friends. I stand, and help my mom up. She looks on the verge of tears. "We better go. Before you get arrested." As we reach the parking lot, after plenty of people got a good ogle of her wet-T, I tell her, "You'd best get used to being treated like that, whore." We get into the car.

Mom grips the steering wheel before starting the engine. Panting. In anger? Fear? Then, without being told, she leans over and pulls my hard cock out. As she starts to suck my hard rod she slides a hand into her shorts. Moaning as her fingers dig into her wet twat. The outing was doing exactly as I had planned. Teaching her to be turned on by the humiliation. After mom gobbled down a mouth load of my spunk, and sucked her fingers clean of her own juices, I gave her directions to our next destination.

——- We pulled up to a large Victorian style house. Mom hopped out, almost seeming eager for her next humiliation. The place was simply called Rachel's, online. It boasted a unique clothes shopping experience for the adventurous woman.

Inside the place was packed with racks of clothes. Much of it lingerie, or sexy costumes. There are also plenty of regular clothes as well. As we entered we were met by a short, old, Asian man. "I am Roger. How may I help you?" He asked with only a slight accent.

"I uh, understood from the website, that is." I start. "Ah, you were hoping for Rachel, perhaps?" I nod. "She is not here today. She can rarely be found without appointment.

I assure you, I am happy to help." He looks my mom over. "More like this? Or a mix of slut and respectable?" He looks at me. "Well a mix of more acceptable clothing. But with an eye toward sluttiness." I answer to his smile. "Good. Strip." He tells my mom.

" front of everyone?" She asks. There weren't many shoppers, but there were probably half a dozen from where we could see. Mostly women. "Yes. We are a private club. Nudity is welcome." He says. Mom quickly strips her moist top off then drops her shorts. "Do you want to take care of that too?" He asks. Pointing at mom's bushy cunt.

"Uh.yeah. Yes." I say. Warming to the idea. He leads us to a raised platform. Turns out there are no dressing rooms. The only mirrors are on these platforms. Basically small stages. With mirrors on the ceiling, I notice. "Lay down." He orders her, pointing to a padded bench. Rushing off. When he comes back he has a shaving kit. "Spread your legs." Nervously, but obediently, she does.

The old man stands between my mothers obscenely spread legs. He begins to spread lather with his expert fingers. Mom moans at his intimate touch.

I can see the other shoppers watching the show. The ceiling mirror gives an especially erotic view. Roger begins shaving my mother's pussy bald. She squeaks and moans as he works.

Biting her knuckles to stay quiet. Finished, he pours a little water on her crotch. Then buffs her cunny with a cloth. Like you would to shine up a gold trophy. He motions at her newly bare cunt.

Like he was selling a favored fruit. I nod my approval. Her pussy looks even cuter than before. Then the old man leans in and begins licking mom's cunt. She squeals and grabs his head in shock. But quickly lies back and squeezes her big tits as he expertly eats her out.

She doesn't last long. Her body trembling as she has an orgasm there in the shop. Other patrons watching. After she has a short rest, Roger pulls mom to her feet and hands her a wicker shopping basket.

He leads us through the racks. Picking out clothes for her to try on. Mom completely nude. She can't stop caressing her newly smooth pubic area. When the basket is full he takes us back to the stage and she starts trying on outfits. She blushes as she puts on the first one.

This is a more active role in displaying her nudity. The first outfit was simply a white sheer gown, with black lace underwear underneath. Complete with garter and stockings. "Spin around slowly. Let us take a look." The Asian man orders her. Mom obediently obeys. My cock getting hard again at how sexy she looks.

"Good. Now face the mirror. Bend over and grab your knees." Mom poses as ordered. "Great, great. Now on your knees, hands behind your head." The submissive pose causes her tits to jut out beautifully.

"Good now strip." Soon she moves on to the rest of the basket. Dressing and undressing for our pleasure. As well as the entertainment of anyone who wants to watch.

I set aside the stuff I like. Roger takes away the stuff I don't. When she had gone through that basket we go and fill another. Then a third. Finally we sit down in some big comfy chairs to go through my keep pile and make my final selections.

"You should order her to take care of that while you decide." The old man advises me as he heads back to his counter. I smile. "On your knees, bitch." I order her. Mom quickly kneels before me. She dutifully opens my pants and takes out my stiff dick.

"Slowly." I instruct her. She gently, lovingly starts kissing and licking my dick. I sort through the clothing, paring the outfits down to a final keep pile. My mother's head slowly bobbing in my lap. Before I finish with the clothes I feel my orgasm coming. I grab her dark red hair and order her, "Now swallow it all, whore." Then I cum. My mother quickly gobbling down all my jizz. I make her put back on the slutty clothes she came in.

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Then we go to the counter to pay. We walk out to the car with two big bags of 'appropriate' clothes for my mom. "Doing good whore." I tell her when she is behind the wheel.

I reach under her skimpy shirt and give her tits each a squeeze. Then I give her directions to our next destination. ——- I think I saw when my parents marriage ended. I can't help but think of when I saw that asshole slap her as we drive.

I had been catching my mom more and more in the nude. Since that night in the church. I didn't even have to try. Her towel would accidentally drop. Or she would rush to the kitchen in the nude to get something from her purse. I doubt she even knew she was doing it. I'm sure now part of her wanted to be caught.

To be seen. My peeping on her had found her masturbating on more than one occasion. Something I'd never seen her do before. I had found that mom left the adjoining door to the master bath open when she took a shower. If I snuck into her bedroom and hid in dad's closet I could see all the way through to the shower. Then have a great view as she got dressed. That day I was watching from my usual spot. This time I had a special treat. Mom had come home and said she was going to take a shower and a short nap.

I was able to sneak in before she even got to her bedroom. I watched as she stood before her vanity. Unbuttoning her ankle length dress. Slowly revealing more and more of her plain with bra. Then she shimmied out of her dress. The cloth dropping to the floor. Mom stood there only in her underwear. I'd seen sexier online, but this was right in front of me. Her big round ass was turned mostly to me, but I had a good view of her chest in the mirror. She reached behind her and unclasped her bra.

Her big tits flopping out as she pulled it off. Then she quick, pulled down her panties. A strip show just for me. She looked so cute turning this way and that. Checking her naked body out in the mirror. Lifting up her big tits and squeezing her asscheeks.

Then she walked into the bathroom and started the shower. Stepping in when the water got warm and closing the glass door that offered no privacy. I watch as she lathers soap all over her body. Her hands caressing her breasts, rubbing her ass, exploring her crotch. Did her fingers linger just a bit too long at her cunny? She pulled down the shower head to clean the soap off. Spraying all over her body. Then returning to her crotch. I watched as she put one foot up on the shower bench and placed a hand on the wall to steady herself.

She moaned as the shower head sprayed its water directly on her cunt. She played in the shower like that for a couple minutes. When she could take it no more she shut the water off. She didn't even hang the head back up as she rushed out. She spread a couple towels on the bed. Then grabs something from her underwear drawer. She lifted it up to her neck, I couldn't see at first. A dog collar! Mom was putting on a dirty dog collar!

She held the leash in one hand and a vibrating dildo in her other as she walked to the bed. She hooked the leash on one of the bed posts and climbed up. Mom got to her hands and knees. Practically looking right at me. Her beautiful tits dangling down. She pulled back so the leash was taut, but not strangling her.

As if someone held it. She reached between her legs with the vibrator. I couldn't see what she did, but I knew when it entered her.

Mom's whole body shivered, and her face lit up. She began to rock slightly as she fucked herself. Her cheeks beginning to flush from the pleasure. She began to tremble as her orgasm approached That's when dad walked in. "What in the name of god are you doing?" He blurted.

"Ted! Oh no!" Mom tried to stand but was still chained to the bed. She simply flipped to her back. "Amanda! You whore!" Dad yelled. "No! I.I thought you would like it." She unhooked her leash from the bed and scooted to the edge.

Her eyes downcast, mom offered him the handle of the leash. "I.I'm your little slave girl. You can do whatever you wish to me." She got caught. Now she was laying it all on the line. Vulnerable. Offering her deepest desires to her husband.

He slapped her. Not like the pastor. Not like I would later, out of ownership and love. He slapped her with disgust. Then he simply walked out. She fell on the bed crying. Later when she had fallen asleep, I snuck back out. ——- We pulled up to our next stop. A dirty looking strip mall.

There was an 'under five bucks' store, a liquor store, a tattoo shop, and a sign that simply read Bud's. We head into Bud's I notice the windows are blacked out. Only local band flyers to break the monotony. We step through the double set of doors into the interior.

A large showroom of sex toys. The walls were covered in dildos, fake pussies, whips, chains, just about anything you could imagine. What wasn't on the walls were on the rows of shelves.

Or on the counter near the door. Toward the end of the room there was space set aside for floor models of sex swings, a bdsm pommel horse, and a stocks. A fat, greasy man stood behind the counter. He gave me a grin, and mom a leer as we walked in. Near the counter another fat man was molesting a girl my age. He looked like a pudgy rat. She was cute. With blond hair and nice pair of breasts under a grey T-shirt. Like mom she was braless. I could tell because the fat man behind her had her shirt hiked up revealing one D-cup tit that he was groping.

As he drooled on her neck, his other hand was crammed down her grey runner's shorts. I could see the movement of his fingers right at her crotch. For her part she seemed to be getting off from the ugly guy's attentions. There was also a fat woman stocking the shelves. Probably three hundred pounds. With short blond hair. She wore a lace thong that revealed her whole wide ass. An ass topped by a tramp-stamp. Two naked fairies held up a banner that said 'whore wife'.

She also wore white stockings, and a see through tube top that showcased her massive tits. G-cups probably. "You Brian?" The guy behind the counter asks. "Yeah, you're Bud?" I answer. "Yup. Go ahead 'n look around." He tells me. "Girl, best stop playin with Harold and help a pay'n customer." The teen pushes the rat-faced guy away and heads over to us. "I'm Tammy. If you have any questions I'm happy to help." She motions to the nearest wall of sex toys.

We slowly make our way around the room. Tammy explaining how stuff is used. In graphic detail. Often with an anecdote about a customer using it on her. Mom was scandalized by Tammy's stories.

We finish our tour around the room. I turn to my mom. "You will go pick out four toys. Something to fit your whore needs." She looks me in the eyes.

I can see that she knows this is her next test. Another step to her permanent status as mommy-whore. Part of her knew all along that today was about training her to accept her proper place. It feels like we look at each other for a while, but it was probably just seconds. She loses the test of wills and looks away first. Wandering off to pick something out. Tammy rubs her hot body up against me.


I happily put an arm around her and grab her cute ass as we watch my mom. As everyone watches my mom.

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Rat-faced guy wiping drool from his chin, as he rubs his crotch. Finally she comes back. "I picked these out, sir." The title sending excited shivers through my body. She holds her hands out, with her head lowered. She had a dog collar and leash.

The word slut engraved in the leather. There is a leather wrist cuffs, a leather paddle, and a set of anal beads. "Very good." I tell her. She looks at me with a slight smile. I take the items and set them on the counter. "Now, while we are here, why don't we try out that stocks." She looks at the other people nervously. But follows obediently to the back of the shop. The fat woman is there waiting. She lifts the top half. "Just settle yourself right in honey." She tells mom.

She hesitates then lowers her head and wrists onto the cutout holes. The fat woman lowers the top and locks it in place trapping her. Mom's head and hands sticking through the wood. Leaving her completely vulnerable.

I sit on a couch in front of her and slightly to the side. Straight in front is a large mirror on the wall. Set so that the prisoner in the stocks can see whatever is being done to the rear of them.

Specifically she can see the greasy shop owner stepping up behind her. His fat wife grinning at my mom. "B.Brian? Please." Mom begs as Tammy comes to sit next to me. "Please what whore?" I say frowning. I can see the realization on her face. Her head drops as she says, "Please use your whore as you wish." I grin as Tammy slides a hand in my jeans. Mom moans slightly as bud yanks down her shorts. She obediently spreads her legs as he reaches between her thighs. I see her flinch when his fingers grab her pussy.

"Mmm, nice. Already wet. Your bitch is really responsive." He says. Unbuckling his pants and pulling his dick out. She grunts as he shoves his cock into her. "Look up mother. I want you to watch him fucking you. I want you to see what a whore you are." I tell her. Tammy softly stroking my rock hard cock.

She looks up, her body shaking as the fat man thrusts into her. With a grin he reaches beneath her. His hands moving under her shirt to grab her dangling tits. She seems mesmerized by the sight in the mirror. The sight of her being fucked by a stranger. Tammy has pulled my dick out and now her face is in my lap. Sucking and licking my hard rod. "May I?" The big fat blond woman asks. Motioning to mom.

"Be my guest." I tell her. She smiles and pulls off her thong. Her fat pussy as bald as my mother's newly shaved cunt. She pulls a little stool in front of the stocks. Then she steps up one foot on the stool, the other on a little ledge jutting from the side of the wooden contraption. She grips the stocks above mom to steady herself. Then she thrusts her crotch in mom's face.

"Start licking bitch." The blond orders. Given the way the fat woman moans, mom must be dutifully pleasuring her with her tongue. Shoving it submissively into that fat cunt. I grab and yank off Tammy's shirt. She gasps excitedly and bites her lip as I pull at her shorts.

I find her pussy is nice and shaved too, as her shorts move down her legs. Tammy spreads her legs for me. I grin at her then lightly slap her pussy. She closes her eyes and moans as I punish her twat.

Not rough, just enough to sting. I smile when I hear mom crying out in orgasm. "Unh! Oh god! Fuck! I'm a whore! I'm a mommy whore!" She cries. Then I can hear her slurping the woman's fat cunt again. I shove a couple fingers up Tammy's wet twat to make sure she is ready for me. Not that there was any real question.

I pull the teen to the edge of the couch, and drop my pants. She squeals happily as I thrust deep into her tight fuck hole. I grab her neck, not squeezing just giving her a bit of pressure. Then I slap her tits with my free hand as I thrust.

The blond girl grabs her own hair and moans her pleasure loudly. I can hear Bud behind me. He grunts as he shoots a load of cum in my mom. Tammy starts shivering as her own orgasm hits her. About the same time her big fat whore mother cums while my mom eats her out.

Looking over my shoulder while I fuck the blond teen, I see the big woman step away. Cunt juice glistening all over my whore mother's face. Bud steps in front of her with his soft, slimy cock. "Clean it up bitch." He tells her.

She dutifully licks and sucks cum off his dick. The rat-faced guy comes over. "Hey bud? It ok if I get a piece?" The big man motions to me. "Ask him. She's his whore." "Sure. Knock yourself out." I say. I can see mom watching me as I fuck Tammy. I grin at her before turning back to the teen.

I hear a couple spanks as the ugly man slaps moms ass. Then she moans as the repulsive Harold fucks her. No doubt she is watching her own degrading sex. Better than any video on the internet. I moan as I cum. My jizz filling Tammy's cunt. When I pull out she drops to her knees and sucks me clean.

Breathing heavily, I watch as mom is fucked by Harold. Her disgust for the man palpable on her face. But so was her rising orgasm. She grimaces as he squeezed her tits too hard. Still her face was growing flush. "Oh! Oh god!" She orgasms to the awful man's attentions. Panting as he continues fucking and abusing her. Slapping her round ass when he isn't pinching and tugging on her tits. I walk up to the counter to pay for the toys mom picked out.

Adding a rubber flogger, and a blindfold to the mix. Tammy said it would sting without hurting too much. I pay with the nude teen hanging off me her hand under my shirt caressing my nipple. Bud grins at me as he rings me up. "Satisfied customer?" He asks. I can hear my mother gasping at the end of the store as she is fucked.

"Very." I grin back. Soon we are back in the car. I let mom sit in the passenger seat while I drove. She looked exhausted. ——- I remember the divorce. Mom couldn't find what she needed from dad. He went to stay with his brother when they split up. I was eighteen so there wasn't going to be any trouble about splitting me. But mom was going to get nearly nothing. She had been masterbating every day.

I was often able to watch. One Saturday afternoon she had this look on her face. Like a hunger. She told me she was heading to church. Taking a chance, I hid in the back seat and waited for her to go in.

She must have sat in the church parking lot for ten minutes. I snuck around outside until I found a window that looked in on where she was.

The pastor's office. She was sitting and talking to him. Probably about the divorce, I thought. Then they both stood and he walked around his desk. He made her bend over. Her elbows on the hard wood desk. When he lifted her dress there were no big, flower print panties this time. She had sexy red lace underwear. A black garter, with matching thigh high stockings. The bony old man rubbed her big ass for a bit before grabbing his ruler.

I could hear her yelps of pain through the window as he spanked her with it. The look on her face was joy. Happier than she had been since that day dad had caught her. He pulled her dress all the way off, revealing her red lace semi-cup bra. Too small to cover her nipples. I could see he was talking. No doubt berating her as he pinched her little buds. Mom gasping at the pain. Me with my hand in my pants in the bushes. Slowly I jerked my cock as the pastor abused my mom in the way she needed.

Slapping her, pinching her, spanking her, and calling her names. I jizzed my pants when he came on her face. Mom kneeling before him, licking up his cum. After that she visited church a couple times a week. She was so much happier. Then pastor Chuck passed away. Mom was devastated. I did what I could to help her out of her funk, but it wasn't until we started looking to a place to move to that she got better. Throwing herself into the search. And now? Now her journey would be complete.

She would be my mommy whore. ——- When we got home I told mom to take another shower. Then I made a call. Teddy was a kid from the neighborhood. I'd met him when we were moving in. He was playing with a radio control car in his driveway, and couldn't take his eyes off my mom. Sweaty in her clinging clothes. He was nerdy and pudgy. Fifteen and seemed like an ok dude. Horny of course.

"Yeah get a couple of your friends together. Sure anytime." I told him, then I hung up. When she was dry I made my whore put on a little blue silk nighty. Her D-cup tits practically spilled out the top, and it didn't quite cover her ass. I also had her put on a matching blue thong. I led her downstairs into a living room full of teens. —time at home to explore her new lingerie —-gang bang next day There were seven boys. They had been told to be quiet or there would be no fun and games.

Mom looked at me. "How. how old are they?" "Fifteen, sixteen." I shrug. "Crawl to each of them and pull out their cocks and give their teen dicks a kiss." I order her. She looks mortified at the sinfulness of it. But she gets to her hands and knees.

Crawling to the nearest teen as the boys laugh and cheer. I grin as she opens the boy's pants. Her thong covered ass basically bare for our viewing pleasure. "Oh yeah!" The boy says excitedly as my mom takes a long lick of his teen dick.

She kisses the tip a few times before moving to the next boy. The second boy gets the same treatment. The third boy gives her ass a good swat as she crawls away from him.

Causing her to yip! in surprise. The boys laughing at her humiliation. As she finishes kissing and licking dicks, I grab a chair from the dining room. Along with her leather cuffs, and the blindfold. "Ok, whore. Take off your nighty." She pulls the silk cloth off, the boys cheering. "Now sit." I motion to the chair.

When she does I gently pull her hands behind the back. Shackling them together. "Brian." She says nervously. "Whores don't ask why. They just spread their legs and take it." I tell her, slipping the blindfold over her eyes.

"Alright boys. Time to touch some real titties." The boys move in. Mom shakes her head back and forth, but can't see anything. The boys reaching out and squeezing her big breasts. She starts to moan at their touch. Obviously turned on at the attention. "Go ahead and help her with her panties." I tell them. The boys joyfully yank her thong off as she gasps. She spreads her whore legs without being asked, I notice. "How's your first real pussy, boys?" I ask them.

To a round of 'great! Awsome!' My mother looks flushed in her excitement. These boys can do anything they want to her. She has no say in the matter. "Go ahead and touch her like you want to touch all those girls at school that won't let you." I tell them.

Subtly implying they can get a little rough with her. She gasps as their teen fingers grope her. Squeezing and pinching her big tits. One boy tugs on her dark red hair. Someone reaches under her to squeeze her ass. She squirms as unfamiliar fingers toy with her pussy.

They rub her twat. Pinch and tug at her pussy lips. Finally Teddy sticks a finger in her wet cunt. "Dude! I'm finger banging a slut!" He says excitedly.

"Uunh! Not so rough." Mom says. "Sometimes you gotta slap a whore to remind her of her place." I instruct. With the tacit permission, Teddy gives my mom an open hand slap on her freckled cheek.

"Shut up, slut!" He tells her excitedly. "Stick the fingers you were fucking her with in her mouth. She will suck on them. She will taste her own pussy." I tell them. Teddy does so. Another boy sticking his fingers in her twat. Mom sucks the teen's fingers obediently. The boys take turns feeding her pussy juice. Everyone jamming their digits into her wet cunt and then her mouth.

Finally I help the boys pull her off the chair. We make her kneel in front of the couch. Her arms still behind her back. I let teddy go first. Joyfully he rams his cock in my mom's pussy.

Her face pushed into the couch cushion as he fucks her. He doesn't last long. Filling her with his slimy jizz.

He is quickly replaced by the next teen. "That was awesome." He tells me. I smile. "Good glad you enjoyed yourself." Mom has an orgasm on the third cock. "Unh! Unh! Oh god! Oooh! Yes! Fuck your slut!

Fuck my filthy cunt!" The boys all laughing at her. "Hey I'm getting hard again." Teddy mentions as we watch the last boys turn. I check the time. "I got a little over an hour. Go to town." I tell him. "If you sit in front of her she'll suck you like a professional." I head upstairs as Teddy sits and pulls mom's face into his lap. I take a long shower and rest for a bit.

I can hear mom groan and squeal as the boys abuse her downstairs. Then checking the time, I head back down. There were only three boys left. Teddy, a fat kid, and an Asian. They had worked mom over without my supervision. She was on her back on the floor. Covered in sweat and cum.

Her pussy was gaping, jizz leaking out. Her tits were bright red from slapping. As was her pussy, and presumably her ass. She looked exhausted.

As I came in Teddy was standing over her. Cum drizzling from his cock onto her face. "This was great man thanks." He says. "Yeah, But I have stuff to do." I tell them.

They quickly get dressed. "Sure, sure. Hey if you ever want to party like this again give me a call." I follow them to the door, then turn and look at my mom. Not matronly now. Now she was just gutter trash. My gutter trash, and I loved her. I took her upstairs and helped her into the shower. Washing the boys' filth off her. Then I lay her on the bed and massaged her back for a while. We slept in the nude with her snuggled up to me.

——- The next day was Monday, but mom had taken the week off to get the new house in order. I marveled as she sat up and stretched. "How do you feel?" I ask her.

A little concerned. "Like a well used whore." She smiles at me. "No gangbangs for a few days? Please?" She asks moving to stroke my morning wood. "Sure mom." I smile back as she starts to suck my dick.

After she has swallowed my load she puts on a sheer crop top shirt. With no bra. A short skirt and a silk thong. "How do I look?" She asks me doing a giddy little twirl. "You look great mom." I tell her. She leans in and kisses me. "Great. I want to make you so happy." She flips the back of her skirt up, showing off her big round ass as she steps out of the room. Causing my dick to twitch. "I'll start breakfast. Come down when you are ready, sir." My dick twitches again at the 'sir'.

We eat eggs and bacon. "I've got class, but be ready to go out when I get back." I tell her. "Is this appropriate to go out?" "Best put on a bra. Don't want you arrested today." She moves up to me, giving me a very un-motherly kiss. Our tongues entwining as she slips a hand in my pants.

Tugging me to hardness before twirling away. "Have a good day." She says sweetly. My classes were fine, but all I could think of was my mom's sweet submissive ass. She had cleaned up some. Though there were still a few moving boxes to put away. She had put on a red lace bra under her sheer shirt. After a passionate kiss I say, "Ready to go out?" She nods happily.

We eat at a chain restaurant. The waiter has trouble taking our order, due to his ogling mom's tits. Then we head back to the same strip mall from yesterday.

Mom looks at me surprised, but doesn't say anything. I park in front of the tattoo shop. "It's time for you to fully accept your status as my slave." I tell her. She nods silently. "Do you accept your place as my whore?" "Yes Brian. I am completely your whore." I smile at her and we get out of the car. The artist we had an appointment with is a sweet, pierced woman. I have mom strip completely, and she lays on the table.

Over the next couple hours she is given a trampstamp to my specifications. Taking inspiration from yesterday. Mom's tattoo is a pair of nearly nude slavegirls holding a banner between them. It says 'Whore Mother'.