Louise Cliffe Takes a Bath Naked

Louise Cliffe Takes a Bath Naked
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My name is Nicole. I'm 18 years old. I am 5'4", fair skin, blue eyes, and long blonde hair. A couple weeks ago I woke up trapped in a warehouse where I was put through a series of sexual trials. It was apparently designed to get me ready for sex and real life. I'm not so sure if it worked. All I can say is that it was a hell of an experience!

Here is my recounting of what happened When I woke up I was in a bathtub, in what looked like an abandoned warehouse.


I was completely naked and my arms and legs were both restrained to each other. As I was looking around I noticed cameras in each corner of the room near the ceiling, a door in the far wall and there was also a TV on one wall. The second I looked at the TV it turned on to show a little porcelain doll.

After a couple of seconds of looking at this doll, a very soft, strange voice emitted from the TV.

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It said: "You may be wondering why you're here. Well I cannot tell you that, the only thing I can tell you is that you will have to go through a series of trials involving your mouth, pussy, and ass.

If you finish these trials then you are free to go. If you don't then you are stuck here until you do. Now, let's begin.

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This first trap is quite simple. The tub you are sitting in will slowly fill with cum.

All you need to do is keep the cum below the black line for ten minutes. There will be two vibrators, one in your pussy, and one in your asshole. If you fail to keep the cum below the line then you will be pulled out of the tub by robotic arms and even bigger vibrators will be inserted into your holes. A clit stimulator will be added, vibrators will be added to your boobs, and a large dildo will be forced down your throat. This will all take place while you are 15 feet in the air.

This punishment will last 10 minutes, then you will be put back in the tub to try again, but you will have to keep the cum below the line for 15 minutes instead of 10. If you fail again then the punishment will be increased by 5 minutes and the vibrations will be increased. Do not fail this. Otherwise you will be in so much pain and ecstasy that you will not be able to complete the trial, therefore leading to you being trapped here for a very long time." "Oh shit, this is not going to be easy at all." I thought.

"There are not any vibrators in my holes yet, so maybe I get a little bit of time to prepare for swallowing all this cum." Just then, two robotic arms came out from the ceiling with vibrators in their hands. They went straight towards my crotch.


I tried to close my legs but it was no use. The restraints had a bar between them, preventing me from closing my legs.


"OH SHIT! Those things are huge! I don't know how I'm going to focus on swallowing all this cum with these two monsters in my holes." Then I remembered the punishment if I didn't succeed. "If I don't do this then it's going to get worse. It's no use though; I'm not going to make it! Who the fuck is doing this to me!" Then the tub started filling with cum. It was warm so at least I wouldn't freeze in it.

The cum was filling up the tub relatively fast, so I had to turn over onto my stomach and start eating cum very fast if I was going to have a shot at beating this.

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"Oh my, this tastes pretty good. Maybe it won't be that bad after all." Then I realized that I still had about 9 minutes to go, and the cum was filling the tub faster than I could swallow it down.

"Crap, I'm not going to make it, and it's only going to get harder and harder." "Shit! There's only one inch of space before it hits the line!" Finally I had to give into the pleasure of the vibrators in my pussy and forget about the cum surrounding me.

If I was going to lose then I might as well have an orgasm doing it. "Mmmm, that feels so fucking good, especially with the cum all around me. God these vibrators are huge! I don't know if I can handle the punishment. I'm going to have to beat this challenge the second time otherwise I won't be able to finish at all." That's when the cum reached the line.

I wish I had tried to finish the challenge. Those robotic arms were not very comfortable. My wrists and ankles were already sore from the restraints but now the robot arms were gripping them so that I couldn't move them an inch.

More arms came down the remove the vibrators already inside of me. I only got a few seconds of grace before they were replaced with the bigger ones the doll had promised. Then the clit stimulator was placed directly over my clit, not touching it yet, but I knew that it would be touching it when the vibrations started.

Next up were the vibrators for my boobs. They were strapped in by a harness that went around my chest, which forced the vibrators into my boobs, creating mass amounts of pleasure for me. All of this was way too much to handle. I felt as though I was going to pass out. There was simply too much pleasure coursing through my veins. I noticed that there was still one thing missing, the big dick for me to deep throat. I was hoping that whoever was controlling all of this had forgotten about it.

Alas it was no use. Only about a minute after the boob vibrators were added, I saw the big dildo that was heading straight towards my mouth. I tried turning my head away but again it was no use. Nothing I tried to do seemed to help anything. My captor had thought of every last possible outcome and found a way for it to still work. The dildo was huge.

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There was no mercy from the robotic arm. It pushed the dildo all the way down my throat until it was nearly impossible for me to breathe. I think nearly is what my captor was going for. It was still possible for me to get breath into my lungs, but at the same time the dildo was down my throat. I wasn't going to be able to breathe properly once the dildo came out in 10 minutes.

Therefore hindering my ability to swallow all the cum that would soon be filling the bathtub again. Anyways, all these stimulations coming from all the different points on and in my body were sending me into orgasm after orgasm. I was literally shaking from all the orgasms that I was having. This just made it harder for me to breathe. Every possible stimulation point on my body was being stimulated.

I was having the best orgasms of my life and it was all because I didn't swallow enough cum. I was thoroughly enjoying all of this. However I knew that I wouldn't be able to go through another round of the punishment.

I had to start thinking about the cum I would be forced to swallow. The 10 minutes seemed to drag on. With each orgasm, my body came closer to shutting down. I didn't know how long I would be able to stay conscious. I think the captor somehow knew that I wouldn't be able to last any longer than 10 minutes. That's why I had to last just before then. He knew where my breaking point was. Somehow he knew. Finally, after countless orgasms, the robotic arms came back to remove my torture devices.

They replaced the big vibrators with the smaller ones, which didn't seem all that big anymore since both my holes had been stretched wide open during my punishment.

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Then I was lowered back into the tub which was still slimy from the cum that hadn't drained yet. My restraints were put back into place and everything was all ready for the cum to begin again, everything except for me. I was still trying to regain a normal breathing rhythm in order to try and complete this 15 minutes of cum swallowing.

This time, when the cum started flowing, I really noticed what it felt like on my skin. I had never actually seen cum before. Nothing like this had ever happened to me before. There had been no dildos or anything like that inside my pussy until now. I didn't know why the person keeping me here was doing this; all I knew was that if I didn't start eating this cum fast, I would be here for a very long time.

I soon got into a rhythm, which worked quite well for keeping the cum down. I barely noticed the vibrators that were still lodged in my pussy and ass. They were just a minor distraction from the cum. God how that cum felt good flowing all around my body, slipping past the vibrators and into my holes. I was doing well. The cum was well below the line and I was estimating that there was about 2 minutes left.

I just had to make it that last little bit. The only thing I was worried about was the fact that my stomach was filling up fast. I don't know how much cum I had swallowed but my stomach was not enjoying the experience as much as I was. "FUCK, I have to make it!" I screamed in desperation. There couldn't be that much time left. I was still doing well, keeping the cum well below the line, just in case I couldn't swallow anymore, I had some leeway. "Congratulations, you have finished the first of many trials." said the doll-like voice.

'I can't believe this is only the first trial. I hope the next one doesn't involve any swallowing, my stomach can't hold anything else.' I thought. Once the voice had finished congratulating me, two robotic arms emerged from the ceiling and removed the vibrators that were still lodged in my pussy and the restraints holding me down. When the arms had moved out of the way I was finally able to stand.

It was weird, to be able to stand again. I instantly noticed that I was really cold. There seemed to be no heating in the building. At least the cum that was still covering my body was giving me a little warmth. I wondered if I would be allowed to get any clothes on, but looking around there was nothing so I just headed towards the door which swung open when I was about a meter from it.

I didn't know what I was in for. All I knew was that I wanted to get out of this place.

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