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I met Trudi when she was young. Her family joined our church and became active in the youth program. Over the next few years, I watched her grow from a child to a lovely young woman. She was always quiet and rarely interacted with any of the other members of our youth group.

Although I was concerned, I passed it off to her being the only child and her mom pampering her like she was still a baby. Shortly after her 16th birthday, she asked if she could talk to me. I told her yes, and motioned for her to go to my office while I had one of the older youth take over the group.

I opened the door to my office and walked in. Trudi was looking at the pictures on my wall and didn't turn when I entered. As she stood there, I could not help but notice her tight little butt, snug under her skirt. She was a dancer, and her calf muscles were much defined. Each time she shifted, her muscles would tighten. I shook the naughty thoughts from my head and walked over and sat behind my desk.

At this angle, I could see her profile. Although she was dressed in a modest blouse, I could make out her round breast as they rose and fell with her breaths. "What's up?" I asked as I sat back into my chair.

It seemed my words broke a trance she was under and she turned to face me with a smile. For the first time, I really noticed how pretty she had become. She had an angelic face with her blonde hair forming a halo around it. When she smiled, my heart skipped a beat. Her blue eyes sparkled, and her smile was the sexiest I had ever seen. When she smiled, her nose wrinkled a little and her eye seemed to squint.

I felt so bad about the thoughts running through my head and asked her to sit. As she began to talk to me about her problem, it was not anything I had not heard before.

She told me how she had began to develop and that the boys at school and church, had noticed as well, and she did not know what to do. She said she had talked to her mom, but her mom took offense and would tell her that the boys were only after one thing and she should concentrate on her dance and school and not give the boys a moment of her time. As she talked, I watched her. I could tell that she was not pleased at her mother's advice.

Like most girls I had talked to about the subject, Trudi was intrigued about boys and wanted to be a teenager. When Trudi finished talking I started to lean back in my chair to give her my advice, but when I did, I noticed that a bulge in my pants had formed so I leaned forward putting my arms on the desk, instead. The words I was going to tell her were the words I had told many other teenage girls her age. "What you are feeling is normal." I began as she leaned forward attentively.

"You are going through changes, your body is maturing and your mind is trying to comprehend the new feelings you are having. You are a smart and beautiful young lady Trudi, just remember what you have been taught and follow your heart." She smiled at my advice, and thanked me, then got up and left my office.

I stayed for a bit longer getting the image of her beautiful face and body out of my mind, before rejoining the group. My mind would not let me stop thinking about her. I knew that she was off limits, and I could in no way fulfill the carnal desires that had formed in my mind. Over the next few weeks, things went on as usual in the youth group. We met on Sunday and Wednesday nights, had our services, then we always ended our nights with a meal.

Trudi was at almost all the services, but apparently my talk had worked, because I noticed her interacting with the other kids, especially the guys. I kept a close watch.

I knew all the guys in our group and knew that they had been taught how to respect girls, but I was also a guy, and I knew how a pretty girl could flood out all good judgment. Everything seemed innocent enough and I was relieved every time I saw Trudi leaving our meetings with her parents.

It was not long until school was out and our summer programs began. I tried as hard as I could to have the kids a safe place to hang out during the summer. The youth building was always open during the summer months with a lot of activities planned, whether anyone showed up or not. We also took trips through out the summer.

We would raft down the river, go to a theme park or just visit a park and have a picnic. One of our members always threw a pool party during the Fourth of July week and it was always a lot of fun. It was the night of the party.

I was busy with the details of getting the fireworks set up and making sure there was enough food prepared. By the time I had everything in place the party was in full swing. I looked around the pool, kind of taking roll in my head to figure out who was there. I was pleased to see that everyone had dressed modestly, with out being told to.

All the girls were in one piece suits with cover ups, and the guys were all wearing t-shirts or tank top with their trunks, even the ones in the pool.

Then I saw Trudi. She too was modestly dressed, but her one piece left very little to the imagination. The tight fabric clung to her youthful, athletic body. She was sitting in one of the loungers, with a boy on each side and one at her feet. She was smiling and talking, I noticed how each time she would laugh; she would squeeze her legs together. I could not help but watch her.


Then I noticed a slight dampness forming in her suit. When I tore my eyes away from her bottom and looked back at her face, she was staring right at me with the biggest "fuck me" smile I had ever seen. Embarrassed at my extended gaze, I immediately went back to making sure things were going according to plan. The night went according to plan; everyone seemed to have a good time.

Each time I would look over the crowd, it seemed I would catch Trudi looking my way. I would immediately look away and go about my business. The food arrived and everyone lined up. Hot dogs and hamburgers were placed on the table along with chips and soda. The group lined up and we blessed the food and they swarmed in like hungry vultures. Once everyone had been served I fixed my plate and sat at one of the picnic tables with a group.

As we sat and talked while eating, I noticed that Trudi had joined us and had included herself in our conversation. As we all talked I glanced over at her and she smiled the cutest smile. The next time I looked her way, she had taken her hot dog from the bun, and whether by accident or on purpose, when I looked, she provocatively stuck the pink wiener into her mouth. I saw her red tongue cup the wiener and she took about half of it in before closing her mouth.

As she chewed, she smiled at me. I could feel the drool escaping my mouth as the image replayed when she took the other half of the wiener into her mouth. After eating, we sat off the fireworks and it was time to go. I sat patiently as one by one each member of the group had left.

I helped our host with some final cleaning and then walked out to my truck to head home. On the way, I saw flashing lights ahead of me and as I neared, I recognized Trudi and Alexis, another girl from the group so I pulled over to see what had happened.

Alexis informed me that the steering had stiffened and the car was getting hot. I looked under the hood and confirmed my suspicion that the belt had broken. I told the girls to get into my truck and I would take them home. Trudi climbed in first and then Alexis and we were off.

While driving, Alexis called her father and informed him of what had happened and that I was bringing her home. Initially, I had the impression that Trudi was staying with Alexis, I was informed that I was wrong when I pulled into Alexis's driveway and she got out and Trudi didn't.

Whether the signals I had been receiving from Trudi were a figment of my imagination or not, I immediately became nervous as I backed out of the driveway.

I was convinced that I was exaggerating the flirtation, but for the first time in my life, I felt weak. Here I was, a 30 year old, single, youth leader alone with a 16 year old, hormonal imbalanced angel, I was being tested.

As we drove off, I began making small talk, trying my hardest not to look in her direction. I felt that if I was to look into those blue eyes, I would not be able to control my carnal desires. Everything was working fine.

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We talked about the party, school and her friends. She told me that she thought there was a boy in the youth group that liked her. We talked about her feelings about that. Then I called out the names of the guys that I had seen around her earlier and asked if one of them was the guy. She denied it being either one of them so I changed the subject. As we drove and talked I could see her moving around in the corner of my eye, but did not dare look to see what she was doing. As I approached a traffic light, that was about to turn red, She asked "Mr.

J can I ask you a question and you be totally honest with me? "Of course, Trudi, you can ask me anything," I answered as I pulled up to the traffic light and stopped. "Do you think my breasts are too big for my age?" She asked I could not believe my ears, and due to the shock of the question, I turned to scold her for asking such and inappropriate question.

When I looked at her, she had pulled the straps of her swim suit off her shoulders and the prettiest and perkiest breast I had ever seen were inches away from me. They resembled two half melons mounted on her small frame. Her pink areolas were beacons on her pale skin. Her eraser sized nipples were erect and begging to be sucked. "Trudi!" I scolded, trying not to let the drool drip from my lips. "What are you doing? That is inappropriate and you could get us in big trouble.

What were you thinking?" My words cut through her like a knife, and she began to weep. I felt worse than bad. I had told her she could ask me any thing, and when she did, I scolded her. My conscience tormented me. One part of me was saying that she was a member of my youth group who looked up to me. The other part of me wanted to turn down a dirt road and show her how much I liked her breast.

I tried to console her. I took her arm and pulled her closer to me on the seat. I placed my arm around her and apologized to her for snapping. Then tried to explain that I was not the person she was supposed to be having this conversation with, and how I could loose my job if someone was to find out about what she had done. The whole time I was talking to her, she had her head buried into my chest and was sniffing. I held her as we drove and eventually she stopped crying and apologized for her actions and sat up.

"I know what I did was wrong, I really didn't even think about it before I did it." She confessed. "But being I have done it, can you answer my question?" I felt all the blood in my body rush to my face as I blushed. In my mind I knew that I should not answer her question, but I needed to show her I was not upset.

So I tried to think of a way to tell her the truth without telling her the truth. "Trudi, your breast are fine, but you should not worry about your appearance, true beauty comes from inside, not from how you look." I smiled at my response, and looked at her.

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She smiled, and pushed a strand of her hair behind her ear. "I knew you liked them." She said in her angelic voice. "Oh you did?" "Yes sir. When you pulled me over to you, I could see the bulge in your trunks." I almost ran a stop sign when I heard those words.

If she thought she had seen a bulge before, she would be amazed at the tent forming between my legs. Immediately my conscience went out the window and my thoughts became very inappropriate. "What does a sweet girl like you know about bulges?" "Lots" She responded. "Ever since my breasts have developed, I have noticed that when guys look at me, and them, that bulges begin to form.

Alexis says that it's because they want to do bad things to me, but I actually like the way it make me feel." "How exactly does it make you feel?" "I get this warm feeling through out my body and a tingling between my legs. Then I get a little wet." "I think I noticed that tonight when you were talking to Brad, Jeremy and Todd." "Yes sir, I didn't know you could tell.

They were really staring at my breast and I was so hot. That is why I stayed in the pool so much, to help cool me off." During our conversation, my cock was throbbing. Here I was in my truck talking to this girl about how guys liked to look at her breast, and how she liked them to look. I could see her nipples poking through the thin material of her swim suit as we talked.

I thought for a moment, that I could smell the aroma from her sweet sex, as we talked. I was confident she was wet by the way she kept opening and closing her legs. I honestly could not wait until I dropped her off, so I could go back to my apartment and for the first time since I joined the ministry, relieve my aching cock.

Unfortunately, things got worse before they got better. "Oh gosh, Mr. J, I can't believe how wet talking to you is making me" She said breathlessly.

When I turned my head toward her, she had placed one leg on the seat and her legs were open. There was a definite wet spot in the crotch of her swim suit.

It was bigger than the one I had observed at the party. My first instinct was to scold her again.

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As I began to open my mouth to let it spill out, she hooked the small piece of material between her legs and pulled it to the side. Her swollen vulva appeared into my view.

She rubbed her hand over her glistening slit, and her finger landed on her engorged clitoris. She had done this before, I thought to myself. The aroma from my black ice air freshener was soon over come by the sweet smell of a woman in need. I could not say a word. I would look at the road, then over at Trudi as she played with herself. Sweet and innocent moans would escape her lips each time her finger would graze over her clit.

The whole time my cock was throbbing and about to tear a whole in my trunks.

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Her head was pressed back against the side window as her fingers rubbed up and down her sloppy slit. Soft moans escaped her pretty mouth. My balls ached, I had never wanted to ravish someone as bad as I wanted her. She stretched out her left leg and placed it in my lap. I almost came in my trunks when her petite foot began to rub my harden shaft. It was a blessing in disguise when I pulled into the driveway of Trudi's house. Almost like a light switch, she turned off her seduction.

She adjusted her swimsuit and leaned over toward me. I was frozen. I knew her parents were in the house and there was a good chance looking out the window to see who had just drove up in their yard.

She placed the hand that she had been rubbing her pussy with against my lips and rubbed her sweet nectar across them as she kissed my cheek. "Thank you for bringing me home Mr. J. See you at the car wash in the morning." Then she opened the door and pranced into the house. I calmly backed out of the drive way and drove as fast as I could to my apartment.


As soon as I opened the door, I pushed my trunks down and took hold of my still aching cock. I gripped it and began pumping while thinking back on the most erotic and sinful 15 minute drive I had ever taken. It took only about seven or eight pumps, and I shot a string of cum halfway across my living room. That shot was followed by several with similar velocity. Then realization set in. Everything that I had stood for was all gone.

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All I could think about was the little vixen that had turned me on like no other woman in my life. I didn't know how I would be able to conduct myself in the manner that my job required. All I knew was that I had to have her. There was no doubt in my mind that she knew exactly what she had done; I just hoped she was ready to suffer the consequences of her actions.