Bulky soldier jerks his dick and cums

Bulky soldier jerks his dick and cums
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Free Kittens I'm thirty-seven years old and I have found a new way to meet women. I like kids too and that's a plus when you are my age. You see when you're this old and still single you cannot find any women that are really available. If the women get to this age and are still single it's because no one else wants them. So every woman that is available has been married and divorced or has kids. So now how do you find them? If you go to bars you find the drunks that the other guys wouldn't put up with.

If you go to church you really can't find anyone that would be fun to hang out with.

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Now hanging around playgrounds is usually taken the wrong way and people think that you are after the little girls. That brought me to the "Free Kitten" idea. Little girls love kittens and little girls have mothers that are perfect for me.

I can get all of the kittens that I want from the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals otherwise known as SPCA or from ads in the newspaper. I got six lovable little kittens and put a sign out in my lawn. I bought kitty litter pans and put a bag of kitten food, a bag of kitty litter, and two bowls in each one just to get them started. If daddy or an ugly mommy came to my door I simply asked them if they were one of the people that had called me about my ad in the newspaper.

Of course I had not put an ad in the newspaper so they couldn't possible have called me. But it gave me an excuse to tell them that I had made promises to several other people. However I would take their names and phone numbers and get back to them if the other people didn't show up. Now if mommy was pretty I was all smiles. I would bring them in and show them the kittens.

When the little girl or boy picked out their kitten I would give them a litter pan full of goodies to get them started. They almost always asked me if I wanted anything in return for payment. I would just tell them that I didn't need any money but that sex or a date would be great. Then I would laugh it off and carry the litter pan to their car while the kid tried to strangle their new kitten.

Occasionally the woman would get pissed off at me but she would take the kitten and stuff anyway. Sometimes they would tell me that they were happily married.

And sometimes they would just smile and give me their phone numbers. With a batch of six kittens I was almost always guaranteed two dates.

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If they didn't pan out I could always get more kittens. I would give them a day or two and then call them up and ask them about the kitten.

I would offer to take the kitten back if it wasn't working out. Yeah! Right! As if you can take a kitten away from a kid. Then I would politely remind them about their promise of payment with sex or a date. If there were two women one would almost always say sex while the other one would say date. It was a toss up and really didn't matter because the date always ended in sex too. No mater which way it went I still got laid.

The mommy that replied sex asked me to come over. When I arrived I remember her all right. She was the pretty blonde that reminded me of Farrah Fawcett from Charlie's Angles. She was as cute as hell, had shaggy dark blonde hair, and a killer body. The day she came for the kitten she had been wearing a short skirt and had allowed me a couple of glimpse of her white panties and a couple of shots down her blouse too.

She had been working me as much as I had been working her.

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She had been showing me her body on purpose. She wanted me to bite and I did. Now she was reeling me in. As I looked at her I was entirely impressed. Her hair was loose and flowing, she was braless with a white shirt that was only tied under her breasts.

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She had magnificent cleavage. She had on a pair of Daisy Dukes that were cut so high that I could see just a hint of her white panties in the front and the bottom of her ass cheeks in the back. I knew that she had put on that outfit just for my benefit and I loved it. We talked as we kept an eye on her five-year-old son and his new kitten. I had brought him a few toys for his kitten to play with.

Then I told him that the kitten would probably love the box that I brought it in better. Then I tied a string to the loop on the back of his pants and told him to walk around the room. The kitten chased that string like crazy. The more the kitten chased him the more the kid ran and the more tired he got. His mother was impressed that I could tire her son out an hour early and that she got to put him to bed.

When she came back to me she had untied her blouse so that it was hanging loose and she had lost her shorts entirely. In only that loose white shirt and her white thong panties I would follow her anywhere and anywhere was to her bedroom and into her bed. She sat on the edge of her bed as I undressed and joined her.

I slipped her shirt off of her shoulders and kissed her, pushing her back on the bed as I did so. Then I kissed her pubic mound and bit the waistband of her panties.

Then without using my hands I removed her panties, inhaling her aroma as I did. She was so sexy that her aroma was radiating out of her pores. Her pheromones were secreting enough scent to send me up the fucking wall. I couldn't get my aching cock into her fast enough.

She had me so worked up that I felt like Superman. She took everything that I gave to her. I slipped it in, I slammed it in, and I rammed the hell out of her too. I hadn't been that excited in quite a while. It was a sexual high that was off the scale. When I hit her cervix with my cum I thought that I would shoot holes in it. My sperm was off and running. If she used a diaphragm those little suckers would go right through it. If my sperm ever caught up to her egg it wouldn't stand a chance.

After that I just cuddled her until she fell asleep and then I slipped out leaving her a love note. When I contacted my 'date' girl I suggested a whole day of it starting with her three-year-old daughter and the local zoo. Then we could drop the kid at a sitter and enjoy a nice sit down meal and perhaps a movie. April sure liked the idea a lot. When I picked April up she looked different to me but I couldn't put my finger on it.

She had on a pair of white shorts and a pretty pink shirt. April had on a bra and her breasts were poking out very nicely. But still, something didn't look right. Her shorts were tight against her crotch and she looked wonderful. She reminded me of a Sunday school teacher that I had once.

April was short, petite, and adorable. Something was still wrong! But what!

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Then it finally dawned on me! April's tits were too big! I pointed at her very attractive B-cup breasts and asked, "Are they real?" April blushed a very deep red and covered her breasts with her hands, "No! My twin sister made me wear it to impress you! It's really her padded bra!" I asked, "Would you mind very much if I asked you to take it off?" April smiled and replied, "No! Not at all! It made me very self conscious anyway!" She went into her bedroom and removed it.

When she came back out her tits were a very cute A-cup and her nipples were tiny hard buttons. April saw me staring at her hard nipples and looked down herself. Then she said, "Oh my! Maybe I should put another bra on!" I said, "No! Please don't! I like you just like that! Now tell me more about your twin sister!" April said, "Well May is four minutes younger that I am, we are both divorced, and we both have three-year-old daughters!" I asked, "Is she seeing anyone at the moment?" April said, "No!

She is our sitter latter so you will meet her then!" I smiled and said, "Have you two ever dated the same guy at the same time?" April smiled and said, "No! But we did have a threesome once with her ex-husband!" I smiled and said, "Can you get another babysitter and talk her into coming along with us?" April called her twin sister May. There wasn't another babysitter available but she liked the idea and was sorry that she couldn't come along. I called the Farrah Fawcett look alike and asked her to baby-sit for us.

She said that after our sex the previous night that she would do anything for me. Great! I had a babysitter. I took April and her daughter over to pick up her sister. May had asked April what she was wearing and had put on a pair of white shorts and a pretty blue shirt.

Other than the color of their shirts they looked alike. Their daughters looked alike too. When I asked about their names April explained that she had been born two minutes before midnight on April thirtieth.

Then May explained that she had been born two minutes after midnight on May first. Interesting! The kids loved the zoo so we took our time. Every guy there checked out my two dates. I must say that I checked them out too just as often as I could. It was interesting that neither one of them was wearing thong panties because I could see the edge seams on their regular panties. Actually they looked good because I don't see many panty lines anymore.

When the two little girls had enough fun it was time to drop them off. My tall shaggy blonde was dressed very sexy and just for me to show the twins what they were up against, I think. Introductions were made and the girls played with her son's kitten. As we were about to leave she said to me, "They remind me of Haley Mills and Haley Mills from that movie Parent Trap!

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They are adorable! Do you suppose that you could talk them into letting me join you guys in bed sometime!


They make my tongue hard!" I laughed but the thought was making me hard too. I took April and May to dinner. It was a seafood place where we could eat out on the veranda and watch the boats come and go. They helped me drink two bottles of wine. When I suggested a third bottle April told me that it wasn't necessary and that I didn't have to get them drunk to get them in bed. The only question left was whose bed. They chose mine. However when I suggested our babysitter's bed they got even more excited.

They loved her big tits. I told them that she loved their tiny tits. It was a deal.


We headed toward her house and the kids. Farrah or more correctly Jenny was delighted to see us. I told her that we needed the use of her bed and that she could join us. She lit right up. The three girls gave the kids everything that they could possibly require like a cartoon movie, cookies, and drinks. Then we headed into the bedroom. I decided to start things out and undressed for the girls.

April liked my penis and Jenny told her that I could do unbelievable things to her with it. May undressed easily and took off her blue shirt, white shorts, and her white panties too. Jenny smelled her damp crotch and May smiled then Jenny handed them to me to smell. April undressed and again Jenny smelled her panties before I could. Then it was Jenny's turn to undress. The twins couldn't take their eyes off from her big tits as they came into view.

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The twins fought over her panties to see who could sniff them first. April won, then May smelled of Jenny's panties followed by me at the end. Hell all of their pussies smelled good enough to eat. The three girls got on the bed together while I watched them. The twins sucked on Jenny's big breasts for a very long time then Jenny sucked on theirs too. They got into a triangle with their heads in another's crotch and ate pussy till they had enough.

Then they turned around and did it again. Both twins got to eat Jenny's pussy and she got to eat both of their pussies. Finally April begged me to fuck her. I was surprised that that sweet little thing just wanted me to shove my cock into her without any foreplay. Well I guess she had enough foreplay already from the other girls. I shoved my cock into her just like she requested and fucked her hard and fast for several minutes. I was surprised that I stayed hard afterwards. Jenny told me to fuck May next since I had done such a good job on her the night before.

She also knew that I would give her the reward that she deserved even if it wasn't that night. We spent several hours in that bed making love to anyone that was willing and available. The girls took turns checking on the kids until they were all asleep.

Then it was just the four of us for the entire night. I managed to make love to both twins twice each. Jenny got her fair share of the twins too. For sweet little ladies they were nothing like what I had expected. We got a different babysitter and then repeated that night every Saturday for several weeks. Then I just dated the twins for a few weeks more. Finally April and I were the only people that we needed. I had to eventually replace April's kitten because it disappeared.

However, other than that I was out of the kitten business. The End Free Kittens 118