College blonde with big tits hard fucked

College blonde with big tits hard fucked
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Hello Sir, Master, Daddy Please forgive me for using all your chosen titles, I am saying them out loud as I type each one, trying to decide which one feels right, but it is so hard. They all mean such different things, for example, calling you Sir means I respect you, I am showing some reverence to you. Master makes me think of dominance, of having no control, of being totally yours.

I do like that thought. Daddy gives me all different emotions. This still has the dominance but also humiliation. I did imagine meeting your friends and having to call you Daddy, I blushed, even here, but also got wet! Do I really have to choose one, cant you please be different things at different times? For this letter Sir, that is what I am going to do, call you what I feel at that precise moment (Oh Master, that thought made me shiver, partly with desire and partly with fear, am I really allowed to make my own decisions?

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I suppose if not, I ll be punished! mmm there is that shiver again) I m trying to imagine what it will be like to be owned by you, to help, I ve tied some string around my neck, I dont have a collar here, and that priviledge belongs to you, I feel like a straynot belonging, on a bit of old rope, waiting to hear whether someone (you) is willing to take me in.

It is a terrifying wait Master. You do have a sexy voice Sir, I noticed that from the first time we spoke, I wanted to obey, to please you, to hear the smile in your voice, I havent heard the anger there yet, although as you say no one is perfect and I know that time will come. That frightens me, and excites me too. Oh Master, you have no idea how much I want to feel you, to be tied helpless, blindfolded in front of you, waiting for the slightest touch, will it be a stroke, or a smack, I crave the stroke of your fingertips equally as much as the thrash of your cane.

Do you want to mark me Master?


Put your brand on your property? Mmmmm my juices really are flowing now (You said I couldnt cum again, but didnt say if I could touch, I dont want to do anything against your wishes so I am sat here writing my feelings, my desires, but not touching, this really is the sweetest torture) Helpless surrender Master, that term just popped into my head, but seems so appropriate, you can make me or break me, what power!

You asked if it would turn me on knowing you are looking at my body, the honest answer is I dont know, I m not confident Master, I am curvy, too curvy, lacking confidence and self belief. If I m truthful the thought of spending the weekend with you collared but naked terrifies me. Having my holes plugged, especially my dirty hole is all new to me, and yet when I think of being on my hands and knees, your hand in my hair forcing your cock deep in my throat I cannot control the squirming.

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I am hairless Sir, I am sure that fact will please you, I trim daily, my pussy ( I cant use the C word) is smooth and soft and I long to show you, even though I will be shy and scared. The hair on my head is another matter, not too long, shoulder length, but thick and ideal for wrapping your fingers in, forcing my head back as you fuck me hard!

(Wow, where do these images come from) How will I feel when you want to show me off though? Only time will tell there.

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You kept asking me questions in your letter and my mind is full of ones of my own at the moment, will you deliberately show me off, knowing it will humiliate me, that I feel would definately be a Daddy moment. Have you done that with your other subs?


One thing I learnt about myself from your letter, I have very green eyes, the fact you mentioned your other subs sent me into a spiral of jealousy, I dont like to share! (I feel I am probably giving you ammunition here Daddy!) I am hoping I will be one of your favourite toys for some time, I want to belong to you, to obey you, I suppose ideally I d love to get under your skin, make it you thought about me all the time, maybe then there would be no talk of being released.

You havent even accepted me yet and I am dreading the day you let me go. As I said, I am new to this, but want it so much, I want you to touch me and tease me, until I am begging for release. Much as I am struggling wiht your name Master, I am wracking my brains at one you can call me, you havent given me anything to go on, do you have a theme? If I am collared is it an animal theme I wonder? You did keep calling me pet after all.

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Oh no how degrading if you see me as a dog, and call me that too. Please I am begging you, be kind with my name Sir, I hope I will please you with this letter, looking at the clock, I have 20 minutes to go sir, not bad considering I had an earth shattering orgasm and needed to clean up before I started.

I imagined you standing over me Master, I could hear your voice saying 'Now, come for your Master NOW Slut' and I did.

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As I cleaned myself Master, I felt humiliated, I d just orgasmed because you had told me to in a letter, but so free, I do so want to serve you and I await your response on bended knee. Your ever faithful, every obedient slut ps I am extremely horny, very wet, my juices leaking onto my thighs, I am begging you Sir, please please please give permission for me to cum soon.