Nayara Macedo dando pro Coroa

Nayara Macedo dando pro Coroa
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"Hey, what's up? Did somebody die?" I'd just come home from hanging out with some friends. Mom and my sister were sitting at the kitchen table looking pretty unhappy. "Your sister had herself tattooed," Mom replied. "Cool! Can I see it?" "I can't understand why you and Dad are so upset," said Bernie. "Tattoos are in." Her name is Bernadette but I just call her Bernie. She prefers that anyway. "Go ahead and show him," said Mom. Bernie stood up, turned around and lifted her top.

She displayed a nicely designed tattoo that covered her lower back. She must have been saving up for it for a while. The tattoo artist took pride in his work at least. "Nice tramp stamp." "What did you call it?" Mom asked. "They're called tramp stamps." "They are not," Bernie exclaimed.

"Why do they call them that?" "From what I've heard any girl that gets that kind of tattoo is announcing to the world that she's a slut." "It's worse than I thought," said Mom. "I think I need a drink." "He's just making that up, Mom.

I know he is." "I'm not making it up. Just google tramp stamps and you'll see that I'm right." "Well, I've had my say," said Mom. "You're going to have to live with that for the rest of your life." She got up and walked out of the kitchen. I assumed she headed for where the booze was kept. "Why did you tell Mom that? That was mean and you just made things worse." "Mom and Dad would have found out sooner or later.

Better to get all the bad news out now so they can get used to your new decoration." "So that's what it's really called; a tramp stamp?" "Just like I said.

I take it Allison talked you into it?" Bernie nodded her head. Allison is Bernie's best friend. Mom and Dad adored her like Allison was another daughter and I liked her plenty too except as another sister. I guess they've known each other since kindergarten. It's easy to figure who the dominant one is in that friendship.

Allison can talk my sister into practically anything. At least it's monkey see monkey do. Allison had her tramp stamp first.


The same thing happened with their piercings. They're both 18 years old and recent high school graduates. "Well, I don't care what people call it. I'm not a slut. I happen to still be a virgin." Not for long I thought. "You should ask why people call girls with tramp stamps sluts, shouldn't you?" "Suppose you tell me." "I'd be happy to do just that. Now, as I see it the girl with one of those tattoos has to show it off, right?

What does she wear? She wears those low riser jeans with her thong straps showing and a crop top for maximum exposure of the tattoo. Now that happens to be the uniform of today's street hooker in any town in the good old USA you care to mention. Is it any wonder why people will think of you as a slut?

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It's like saying, 'Come fuck me. I'm available.'" I could tell my explanation was having an effect on her. Naturally it was stuff she never considered before. I was having a ball fucking with her mind. She was two years older than me but I swear she was as gullible as a child. "I don't have to wear that stuff." "No, you don't have to but do you think Allison will let you get away with that?

She'll have you outfitted like a whore just like herself." Bernie didn't deny it. I think she realized how much sway Allison had on her. "Anyway, you'd have to rid of your bikinis and wear swimsuits designed for old women." Bernie looked horrified. "Then what should I do?" "I don't think there's anything you can do except look on the bright side." "There's a bright side?" She sounded hopeful.

"Yeah, now you'll have plenty of guys coming on to you." "That's never been a problem for me." I could believe that. My sister was quite an attractive girl. "Well, now there going to lots more guys coming on to you. But now they won't even pretend to respect you.

They'll just walk right up to you, grab some of your tit flesh and give it a squeeze." "They better not," Bernie exclaimed. "They'll get their faces slapped." "Heck! I'm thinking about doing it myself. There's something about that tattoo that just brings out the animal in a guy." "How can you say that? I'm your sister for Pete's sake." "Who gives a shit?" I grabbed at her like I was really going to do it. She squeaked in terror, dodged out of my way and raced up the stairs to her bedroom.

I imagined she'd be looking up tattoo removal services on her computer. I fixed myself a snack and went upstairs to my room.

I wanted to listen to some music before dinner. I wasn't up there very long when I heard a knock on my door.

I yelled for who ever to come in. It was Bernie and it looked like she'd been crying. "It's true," she said. "That's what they're called; tramp stamps." Oh shit! I didn't mean to make her cry. "I was just teasing you, Bernie," I said. "You were? But that's what it says on the internet so it must be true." "Yeah, they're called tramp stamps, but all the rest is just bullshit." I got off my bed and gave my sister a brotherly hug. "A lot of people our age are getting tattoos. Heck! I might do it when I turn 18.

That doesn't say anything about them one way or another except that they have a tattoo. It certainly doesn't say a beautiful woman like you is a slut just because she's wearing one." "You think I'm beautiful?" "You've always been beautiful and now you're sexier than ever." I was finally getting a smile out of her. "You think I'm sexy too?" "I sure do." "Do you want to fuck me?" "What!" That sure came out of left field.

"Do you want to fuck me?" I was sure by now she was just bullshitting to get back at me for teasing her. I decided to play along. "Anytime and anywhere," I replied. I felt my woody coming on even though I was sure Bernie wasn't serious. "How about tonight after Mom and Dad are asleep? I'll come back here and we can do it." "That.that sounds fine. Uh, Bernie? I don't how to say this, but I was wondering--" "You're probably wondering why I asked you to go to bed with me.

Am I right?" "Yeah, you're right." "Allison and I were talking and she says sex between a brother and a sister has to be the most beautiful sex there is." "Allison doesn't even have a brother, Bernie.

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How does she know?" I should have known it was one of her girlfriend's harebrained ideas. Now I had the feeling Bernie was serious about letting me sleep with her. I didn't want to, but I thought maybe I'd better put a stop to this before someone got hurt. "I know that. That makes her so sad.

She asked me if she could pretend if you were her brother and I said okay, but I have to go first. It took me a while to get up my nerve to ask, but you were saying such nice things to me right now that it just came out." "Allison wants to sleep with me?" That wouldn't be bad.

At least she's not my sister. "Uh.maybe we should wait until I can buy some condoms. I wouldn't want us to have an accident." "Allison and I are both on birth control pills so you don't have to worry there.

Jeepers! I can hardly believe I'm about to sleep with my little brother. I'm so excited. Aren't you?" She took my hand and placed it on her tit. She kissed me on the lips, smiled prettily and then left the room. My mind was in a muddle the rest of the afternoon and evening. Was Bernie being serious or was she putting me on?

Every time I chanced to look her way she would always smile so that didn't help. If she was serious I'd be getting rid of my hated virginity.

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If it was just a joke then nothing would happen. Hey, that was easy to figure out. I'd just assume nothing was going to happen. Tomorrow, Bernie would expect me to be all whiney and disappointed but I wouldn't even bring it up.

Yeah, there's no way my sister was going to pull a fast one on me. I went to bed at my regular time and even managed to get to sleep without fretting too much about Bernie trying to trick me. Two could play that game. I don't know what the time was but I woke with the shifting of the mattress. "Huh?" I was having this wild dream and I wasn't sure if this was part of the dream. Holy shit! She showed up. "Sorry I'm late," Bernie whispered.

"I was talking to Allison and I lost track of the time. She wants all of the details." "You told her what you were going to do?" "Well, of course I did you silly Willy." My name is William, but I prefer to go by William. Not Bill, Billy, Will or Willy.

Try telling that to my sister. It seemed pointless to protest. It would have been a hypocritical protest anyway. If Bernie wanted me to fuck her then I was going to fuck her. Besides, her bare tits were pushing against my bare chest and her hand was wrapped around my rapidly inflating prick. I glad I hadn't neglected my evening jerk-off session.


Otherwise I would have cum right away when she touched me. We kissed and caressed each other for a few minutes then she pushed me down and straddled my waist. She guided my prick in and lowered herself down.

I felt a slight resistance and then the rest slid in easily. We were ex-virgins. "You feel so big," Bernie said.

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I'm huge actually; all six inches of me. I was relieved she felt that way. I'd been reading those stories where any guy with a dick less than nine inches in length with the girth of a beer can was considered dinky. It was enough to give a guy built like me a complex.

My sister started making a rocking motion and I was experiencing new sensations. If this is what fucking was all about I wondered how anything else in the world got done. After a few minutes Bernie sped up her motion and I heard her gasp.

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Her vaginal muscles clamped down on my prick which caused me to spurt a wad of cum into her snatch. She leaned down and kissed me. "Did you like that?" "I sure did.

How about you?" "I loved it." "Can we do it again?" "We can do it as much as you like." We fucked two more times that night before Bernie returned to her room. We tried missionary position and doggie style. I think I liked doggie style the best but I wasn't going to insist on that position exclusively.

Bernie said Allison would be by in a flash to try me out once she heard how things went. It sounded good to me. I could hardly wait. Bernie was as good as her word. The next evening Allison came over to spend the night with my sister.

"Hi, Willy," Allison crooned.

"So you're going to be taking care of me tonight?" "I'm certainly going to try," I replied. I made it obvious I was ogling her. "And just how are you going to take care of Allison," Mom asked as she walked into the den where we were sitting. "Willy has promised to play some games with us tonight," said Bernie. "Haven't you, Willy." "Just keep the racket down so your father and I can sleep," said Mom. I'm glad she wasn't curious about what kind of games we were going to be playing.

"We'll be in the basement so you probably won't hear us at all." Allison was wearing a short skirt. She lifted up the garment and flashed me. Jeeze! She wasn't wearing panties.

I was freaking out because Mom was looking Allison's way an instant later. I wouldn't be any good to her if she gave me a heart attack first. Mom left and I was ready to jump Allison's bones right there, but both girls told me to calm down and there would be plenty of time to fool around later that night.

They went upstairs to change into their night clothes and I jumped into the shower to make sure I was nice and clean all over. I never wear pajamas in the summer so I put on some walking shorts and a t-shirt. The basement is outfitted as an entertainment center/guest bedroom. There was music playing and snacks were laid out. Also laid out was Allison on some pillows and dressed in a flimsy negligee. I felt my stiffy coming on. "Where's Bernie?" "She's giving us a chance to be alone, little brother." I remembered Bernie saying Allison wanted to pretend we were committing incest.

"I hope she's keeping Mom and Dad occupied." Allison giggled and I lay down beside her. We were soon kissing and caressing each other. "I don't think I want to wait," said Allison after about five minutes of making out.

"I don't either." I was ready to pop anyway and I wanted to do it inside Allison. Allison pulled down her negligee panties and I did the same with my shorts. "Get on top of me. I want your full weight on me and don't be gentle." I'd heard of women who liked it rough.

I didn't realize Allison was one of them. I gladly complied. I'd done my best to be gentle with Bernie so this was a new experience for me. I lined up my prick and shoved it in. "I love you, little brother," Allison gasped. Since we were playing rough I decided to answer rough. "I know that you stupid slut." She just smiled and rolled her eyes as I pounded her between the legs.

I wanted to last longer but it wasn't to be. I felt that now familiar prick tingle and swelling. A moment later I shot a healthy dose of my seed inside the girl's snatch.

"What the hell is going on here," a voice behind us bellowed. We both froze in fright. I turned around and found Bernie doubled over stifling her laughter. She was trying to sound like Mom and did a pretty good job. "I'm going to get you for that." I didn't see anything funny about it and was really pissed. I made a rush for her and grabbed her easily. She didn't expect that. I pulled my sister over to a couch and pulled her over one leg and held down legs with my other leg.

I swatted her butt as hard as I could. Bernie's laughter immediately turned into shrieks of pain and protest. I gave my sister five swats on each butt cheek. Her thin panties were scant protection. My palm started aching so I stopped and let Bernie up. Her eyes were filled with tears and the look of total humiliation.

I expected the evening was ruined not to mention any future sexual relationship with my sister and probably her friend too. I was going to retreat to my room but Bernie jumped into my lap and started kissing me. "Gosh," exclaimed Allison. "Can you do that to me too? Please?" That's how the summer started. It's been the best ever so far; fucking each other brains out and always mixing in a bit of male domination and corporal punishment.

It even got better later on. I heard giggling outside my room and the girls burst in. "We got you a new girl, Willy," said Bernie. "She's has a tattoo just like us." Calling me Willy always earned them a swat but it didn't do any good. It only encouraged them. "She's a slut just like us, Willy," Allison added. "When we told her about what we have going she wanted in on it too. She knows exactly what to expect. Come meet her." "Where and when?" "She's waiting right now in my bedroom," said Bernie.

I had to check this new girl out. I was always up for a little variety. I opened the bedroom door. She was standing with her back to me displaying her tattoo but I saw her face in the dresser mirror.

"Nice tramp stamp, Mom," I said.